And then, Frodo got kidnapped. Well, Strider wouldn't say kidnapped, since he trusted the lady…

Merry and I went and checked out the cool stone statues while Sam tried to take care of Frodo.

"Look, Mr. Frodo! It's Mr. Bilbo's trolls!" Sam said. He felt Frodo's forehead and called to Strider, "He's going cold!"

I looked over and asked, "Is he going to die?"

"He's passing into the shadow world," the human said. "He will soon become a wraith like them."

Frodo had sort of a panic attack as one of the Riders called out in the distance.

"They're close," Merry said.

Apparently they weren't as far as I thought.

Strider asked, "Sam, do you know the Athelas plant?"



"Kingsfoil? Aye, it's a weed."

"It may help to slow the poison. Hurry!"

Sam and Strider ran off, looking for the weed.

A few minutes later, an Elf lady came riding up on a big white horse. Sam and Strider followed on foot. Apparently the two found more than a plant.

The Elf got off the horse and walked over to Frodo. "Frodo, im Arwen," she said. "Telin le thaed. Lasto beth nîn. Tolo dan na ngalad."

I had no idea what she was saying. I said so. Everyone ignored me. The lady knelt down next to Frodo. So did Strider.

"She's an Elf!" Sam said.

"No, really?" I whispered, sarcastically.

Strider chewed up some of the Athelas and covered Frodo's wound with it.

"He's fading," the lady said. "He's not going to last. We must get him to my father. I've been looking for you for two days."

"Where are you taking him?" Merry asked.

Strider and the lady got up, Strider carrying Frodo.

The lady continued, "There are five wraiths behind you. Where the other four are, I do not know."

Strider put Frodo on the big white horse.

"Dartho guin perian," Strider said. "Rych le ad tolthathon."

The lady replied, "Hon mabathon. Rochon ellint im."

"Andelu i ven."

"Seriously! What are they saying?!" I said. I was ignored again.

"Frodo fîr," the lady said. "Ae athradon i hir, tur gwaith nin beriatha hon."

"Be iest lîn."

Strider and the lady held hands a second before she got back on the horse.

"Arwen, ride hard," Strider said. "Don't look back."

"Noro lim, Asfaloth, noro lim!" Arwen said.

The horse sped off.

"What are you doing?!" Sam asked. "Those wraiths are still out there!"

Strider didn't answer.