A story request by JusSonic I've taken to post on my site, & takes place in his MLP: Universe. This story takes place after 'Big Mac's Moment' & before 'A Dragon's Magic'. Now for many of you that are fans of Luigi's Mansion, best be ready for what surprises are in store in this uniquely made crossover event story. Till then, enjoy…

Fluttershy's Mansion

Chapter 01: Owning A Haunted Mansion?

The scene begins to open around Rainbow Castle, as everyone was apparently present, except for one... And soon we spot Fluttershy entering through the doors followed by Dexter, as if she was panting to have rush & was being very late here.

"Fluttershy, there you are. We were wondering if you were gonna show up today?" Twilight stated to welcome her friend in arriving.

"I'm sorry, but…I just received something by the Mail Pony today." Fluttershy stated to mention this that caught her attention.

"Really, what is it?" Spike asked in being intrigue to hear this.

"Well, it says here; 'Congratulation, You Have Just Won A Fabulous Prize within this envelop'?" Fluttershy stated in reading the piece of paper that was a note attach to this brown envelop.

"Congrats Fluttershy, what did you win?" Ben commented to give the meek mare some praise.

"Um, I don't know…I haven't opened it? I been too nervous to check?" Fluttershy meekly stated in being afraid to look inside.

"Well don't keep us in suspense, hurry up & open it." Rarity asked in liking her friend to go ahead & read what was inside the thing.

Fluttershy nods before slowly opening the envelop, & then opens the folded paper to find what it says.

"Oh my goodness! I don't believe this…" Fluttershy gasped a bit in being surprised in seeing what she was reading.

"What! What is it? Something good? Bad? What?" Pinkie Pie asked off in being unable to contain her curiosity.

"I won ah…ah…" Fluttershy was almost becoming speechless to finish.

"What is it?" Phobos asked off in being impatient.

"It says I won the ownership to become the new owner of…my own Mansion?" Fluttershy responded to say this from what she's won, her own…mansion.

"A MANSION!" The others responded off in great surprise & shock in having heard this; that's HUGE News!

"How in Equestria did YOU, of all ponies, win your own mansion?" Rainbow Dash asked off in thinking that was literally, an impossible matter for the shy & meek mare to get unless given a way to win it.

"Um, says here, it was from a sweepstakes?" Fluttershy stated to show that she won the mansion from a sweepstake contest.

"Which is weird, because Fluttershy doesn't recall ever entering any sweepstakes?" Dexter shrug off to state the puzzlement of how something happened when the mare never entered any sweepstakes.

"What could it all mean?" Nyx asked in what that could even mean.

"Fluttershy, does it tell you where to go & find your new mansion?" Starlight raised an eyebrow to ask the mare if she has the address, so they can find where Fluttershy's mansion is located.

"Right here?" Fluttershy held a map of where her new mansion is said to be.

"That's weird? I don't remember any buildings setup in that area?" Twilight looked at Fluttershy's map to find it's location, puzzling. "Everypony, we better go & investigate what's going on?" She stated in having a weird feeling about the mansion's location.

"Right!" The others responded in being actively ready to venture off.

"I memorized the map, I'll guide you there." Dexter stated in wanting to help as he can guide the rest from memorizing the map.

"Alright Dexter, help lead the way." Ben stated to offer the guy to help lead them where they'll need to go.

"Dexter…will you be alright?" Fluttershy asked in being concern for her love.

"Don't worry Fluttershy, we'll figure out what's going on soon. Until then, wait for us. But if we take too long, you can come find us." Dexter stated off to say about this much to say they will be fine, but if they are late, the mare can find them.

"Well….okay…" Fluttershy slowly nods in willingly being okay to letting the others check her new own mansion for her.

Soon everyone was going out of the castle in about to follow Dexter in where the mysterious new mansion was.



The area was close around the dark & spooky forest area known as Hayseed Swamp. The skies were covered by green clouds from the weird environment, & the creepy tree structures made it all the more terrifying with the crickets & frogs croaking sounds. And walking along the path holding a flashlight was Fluttershy who was slowly making her way cautiously through this creepy place. It's been several hours since she's heard back from her friends, so she decided to check where they were; at her recently claim mansion. The mare looked at her map showing she left Ponyville to enter this swamp, & that just pass a river & a bridge, a 'HERE' red arrow pointing at a blue mansion building. There was even a nice friendly looking mansion image on the paper.

"Hmm…according to this, it should be right about…here?" Fluttershy pondered off to say in being just about on top of where the mansion is.

But once Fluttershy lowered her map down, she saw the path & where it lead up to that left her shock & surprised. A deserted wheel cart on the right, an old shack with a light on the left, & a wall fence with a gate lead up to spooky old mansion on a hill; which got more terrifying from flashes of lightning & thunder.

"Gulp….I-I guess maybe this picture is a little more outdated? I think?" Fluttershy swallowed hard in thinking that her prize seem nicer on the poster then what she's seeing here.

Fluttershy cautiously went up to the mansion where there was light coming from it; maybe her friends were in there. The mare went pass the squeaky front gate while noticing…blue torches were lit by the wall-gate portions, & the front yard seem filled with…grave stones. There were crows crowing with crescent eyes of one looking meany & the other puzzled at the new 'victim' coming to this place. Fluttershy carefully walked up the front small steps to reach a spooky front door with a skull-gargoyle head ornament. Opening the door made a loud creepy squeak sound, as if it haven't been oiled in years.

"Hello?" Fluttershy called out as she peaked inside, before turning on her flashlight…thus she entered her new spooky & terrifying place of ownership.

Welcome…To Fluttershy's Mansion….

Area One: Foyer

Fluttershy looks around puzzled in seeing this must be the foyer of the mansion, but it was so dark. Only little lights from candles were lit & her flashlight gave the mare enough to flash around to find…the place was creepy: The only things to be noticed was it's a middle room with a big chandelier with two floors; the first door in the middle with a clock overhead reading 3 AM seem blocked by an unnatural thorn structure & up two flank of steps lead to other doors.

"Hello…Twilight…Dexter….anypony?" Fluttershy called out in treying to see if anyone was here, this place gives her a weird creepy feeling; & she OWNS the place!?

Fluttershy decided to walk up the steps to lead to the 2nd Floor of the Foyer, where she approached the main center double door. As the mare was about to try to open it, the knob made squeaky sounds as if being locked. But then there was some weird 'Who-who-woooaahh…' sounds of a babbling squeaky kid's voice.

"Pi-Pi-Pi-Pinkie Pie? W-W-Was that one of pranks?" Fluttershy gibber-gabber in feeling a bit worried, that sound she heard sounded a bit scary.

As Fluttershy was moving, her flashlight began to malfunction, as she tried to bang I to continue to work to give her light in this dark room. Fluttershy went thinks the 2nd floor doors are locked & need a key, which she doesn't know where to get one. As the mare went down to the first floor, her flashlight acted wonky, but from flashes of lightning to loud thunder, at the bottom of the room beneath the clock was…a floating gold key!? But when the flash of light ended, it was revealed the gold key was floating from a strange orange blur cloud mist; which in it's rotation, stop as if responding to noticing…Fluttershy's presence. Then without warning, the orange blur mist moves away while dropping the gold key, & heads up the stairs to sudden…blur through the center top double door above the Foyer.

"Oh my, I wonder what that was…still…it dropped a key?" Fluttershy came to inspect the drop gold key on the ground. "I wonder, maybe it'll open some doors?" The mare had a good idea, perhaps this can help her get into the lock doors of this mansion.

Fluttershy took the obtain key to the Foyer's 2nd floor, & slowly took the golden key out to fit it in the keyhole, turn it & then…the mare turn the knob. Slowly opening the squeaky door, Fluttershy entered a new area that was pitch dark. She entered a new area called; Parlor, which if one could see was mostly filled with furniture & portraits. Fluttershy nervously tip-toes in not knowing what was waiting her until..

"BLARrughh!" Then what should appear out of thin air, but took the form of orange color ghostly ghost with yellow eyes, making a scare on Fluttershy.

"GYAAAaaughh!" Fluttershy screamed in terror in being surprised by…a ghost! "A gh-gh-gh-gh-GHOOOPST!" Fluttershy stuttered to say while moving backwards in being caught to find herself face to face, with a spooky ghost.

But just before the ghost could do anything, something was pulling it away from the mare by…a suction of wind. Fluttershy turns to spot what looks like an everyday house vacuum with a red color, except instead of sucking dust & dirt, it's sucking in a ghost. And using the contraption was some unicorn stallion with tan gray color fur, white-gray color mane & tail, though not much left up top on the head it seems, & wears turquoise glasses with that held off his eyes. He appears to be in his senior years, wears a white coat, a black outfit with brown hoof-shoes. Right now, he seems to be struggling in vacuuming up the ghost as it pulled the old stallion around enough to drag the old geezer across the floor. Then without warning, the ghost delivered a punch that knock the old stallion back while it laughed off before vanishing.

"Ouch…Ooof…I sure take a lot knocks in this line of work." The old stallion ached to moan about his condition as he started to get up as Fluttershy approached the pony. "I'm getting too old for this ghost-catching tomfoolery." He stated about seeing that he's reach the point, his old age is getting to him.

"Um, excuse…sir…" Fluttershy spoke in trying to approach the old guy.

"Oh, where are my manners. Anyway, nice to meet you. I'm Professor E. Gadd." The old stallion spoke off in introducing himself to Fluttershy. "This house…I swear it seems to have more ghost every day! But what's a young mare like you doing around here, anyhoo?" As the professor talked about the mystery of the house, he asked what Fluttershy was doing here.

Suddenly without warning, three more orange ghost appeared out of the blue, & began to cause up some scares.

"Eeek!" Fluttershy yelps in seeing that more ghost appeared.

"Uh-oh! This looks ugly." Professor E. Gadd Exclaimed in seeing the situation here. "All right, youngster, look lively! Follow me, posthaste!" The old guy issued off that it's time they run for it.

Without warning, the two ponies began to make tracks & run out of the room before the ghost could catch them. Everything began to go dark around now before the ghost would catch their targets.

New Location: The Lab

The scene begins to a strange build lab theme setup. We spot the professor & Fluttershy after having escape the mansion, were now in a safe place.

"So your name's Fluttershy? I think our paths were destined to cross. Well, met, Fluttershy." Professor E. Gadd replied off in getting to know the mare here including of their encounter.

"Um, thanks…? I think…I mean, I hate to be rude, but what are you saying? And for that, where are we?" Fluttershy meekly spoke off in trying to figure out everything that happened when they meant & then escaped that mansion.

"Hmmm? Where's this, you ask? Why, these cozy quarters are where I do my ghost-studying. Professor E. Gadd's Ghost research laboratory! The Lab, if you're of a shortening mind." Professor E. Gadd stated off in introducing the place he does his work & such.

"Okay…still, why did I win such a scary & haunted mansion filled with ghost, in a contest I don't recall entering?" Fluttershy pondered off to say this much in finding everything so strange.

"Hmm? You won this mansion in a contest you didn't even enter? Sounds pretty fishy to me…" Professor E. Gadd held his chin to ponder this a bit in thinking there was something about that topic that was off. "So, you believe the mansion actually exists, then…Strange." He pondered to say this in what sounded quite strange to hear.

"Strange, why?" Fluttershy asked puzzled in why the guy said it was strange something exist.

"I've been living here since I was a lad of twenty or so, & I'll tell you: that mansion appeared just a few days ago!" Professor E. Gadd pointed out in revealing there was no building & no one built it, the mansion appeared out of nowhere.

"What! Only a few days ago? Then, it wasn't always here?" Fluttershy yelped upon hearing such information that was so bizarre.

"Nope, sorry to say this, but…The Spirits have fooled you!" Professor E. Gadd stated off to briefly mention this factor. "I don't know if it's a dream, an illusion, or what-all, but I surely wouldn't be too happy winning a haunted house!" He stated about what would happen if he was in a possession to get a weird prize like that.

"Ugh….I guess it was too good to be true of me winning a new mansion? I never was much a daring type like Rainbow Dash or my friends." Fluttershy moans in feeling that perhaps it was too good to be true of her winning a contest & owns a mansion that only such ponies ever dream of doing.

"Hmmm…Now that I get a look at you, I just recalled…Some young ponies around your age with baby dragons went up to the mansion without even stopping to chat…and they never returned. Were they a dream, too?" Professor E. Gadd stated off in looking at Fluttershy enough to recall seeing other young ponies with baby dragons that went in the mansion, but never returned.

"Wait! They had baby dragons…those were my friends." Fluttershy yelped in having heard that important statement.

"What? Those folks were your friends? Oh no! That's horrible!" Professor yelped a bit to exclaim in his own shock of having realized this matter. "They wouldn't stand a chance against those ghost without my help! You have to go after them!"

"M-M-Me! Go in there? With all them…Mean Gh-Gh-Ghost!?" Fluttershy yelped in hearing this to become a bit beyond words that scared her.

"Here's the plan: I'll teach you to deal with ghost so you can rescue your friends, Fluttershy." Professor E. Gadd stated in what he'll do to help out.

"Bu-Bu-But wouldn't it be better to get help?" Fluttershy yelped in thinking there was another way to seek out help other then her.

"Sadly, much like yourself & others…there's been a strange swamp fog lately. According to my research, it's causing unnatural side effects on the magic scale & hiding anyone within as if you look over it & saw nothing." Professor E. Gadd shook his head to state that there was a strange swamp fog that causes unusual effects to hid them & effect any magic. "Other such things means all magic are rendered inactive by this supernatural cause. Be it Unicorn, Alicorn, Element, Mystic, everything that is magic won't find us or locate us, & connections to the outside world just leads you straight back here." The guy explained that some supernatural cause will make all magic of any type ineffective, & they can't make any contact outside the fog that leads them back to the mansion spot.

"So then, we can't get out? And even my own magic crystals & my friends magic couldn't do anything when those ghost caught them?" Fluttershy asked off in realizing what this could mean, & that she has to do things as just a normal Pegasus pony; her.

"No, but fortunately, machines can work fine. But, even machines can't get escape out of this area's large outside fog. So, I was surprised when others finally came, but were not Stark employment?" Professor E. Gadd responded off to say this much about what they can still use, but only around the area then a means of escape.

"Stark…as in Stark International own by Armor Stark?" Fluttershy asked off in hearing this intriguing topic just now.

"Yes, I was once working under his father long ago when dealing with handling supernatural creatures & such when they cause any problems." Professor E. Gadd stated in handling the specter class with Stark base tech back in the day when he was young. "But after hearing most monsters & such left for the Underworld, I was puzzled…why ghost are causing trouble now?" He was very puzzled about this very matter without a doubt.

"That is strange?" Fluttershy thinks about it, since ghost are members of the monster society, why ARE they doing this?

"Okay, enough about that…time for your training." Professor E. Gadd waved off to say in pushing Fluttershy to head towards a door while the scene fads out.

Next Location: Training Room

The scene changes to what looks like a brick wall with ten pipe-works connected to some release vails. We find Fluttershy wearing a red vacuum on her back with a rectangular nozzle. The mare was in the label; Training Room, unknowing what she's about to undertake here. Fluttershy was also wearing a square video wristband that as she held it up; displayed a vid picture of Professor E. Gadd on it working as a com-link device.

"That's the vacuum cleaner I engineered to catch ghosts. I call it…this is genius…the Poltergust 3000! It can suck up all kinds of things. Let 'er rip!" Professor E. Gadd explained the tutorial explanation before asking the mare to give it a whirl.

"Um…okay…here goes?" Fluttershy stated as she pulled the nozzle off the attachment on her back to hold it out; then the vacuum was sucking things up. "Oh, it works just like a normal vacuum cleaner. But, will this really help me when even my friends who are stronger then me, fell to those ghost?" She was saying this while being concern if this vacuum will help her stop ghost, I mean seriously, it's a vacuum?

"Listen carefully Fluttershy. No matter how strong you think your friends are…Ghost are mysterious beings…They can't be caught using conventional means." Professor E. Gadd explained the matter that catching ghost is hard no matter how strong one's individual strength is.

"I guess so, we kinda learn that the hard way? Once, we tried to catch some ghost, but we weren't so good at it?" Fluttershy exclaimed in recalling her last experience in trying to catch ghost that didn't end so well; involving Calpepper & the Three Phantomteers.

"Precisely why you'll need my invention against the ghost. So you'd better use this! It's the only way to foil 'em! This is the only thing they fear!" Professor E. Gadd explained forth the only means to stopping the ghost is with his invention. "Or something to that effect…Ahem! Well, how's about we start your training?" The guy pondered off to say in second thoughts before clearing his throat on the subject that was distracting to focus on the training now.

"Okay…" Fluttershy slightly spoke in having heard that strange discussion now.

"Ghost seem to like darkness, & they avoid the light. So if you hit 'em with a flashlight beam all of a sudden, you can stun 'em monetarily! Then it's vacuuming time!" Professor E. Gadd explained the first basic front on what to do when one's in the dark. "Just give it a try. You'll learn more that way than just listening to me yap about it." He stated for the mare to give it a try then hear him chat away.

Suddenly before Fluttershy could respond, the lights in the Training Room went dark, forcing the frighten mare to yelp & hold out her flashlight. Just then, ghostly sounds were heard & there before the mare...the orange ghost from before was near; she was told they were label as Gold Ghost. So Fluttershy aim her flashlight on the ghost, which surprisingly…stun it & revealed a heart within it?! The mare was trying to get the nozzle ready to suck, but the ghost vanished after having enough time.

"What…what did I do wrong?" Fluttershy asked in thinking she already messed up

"Remember, as soon as you see a ghost's heart, that's your chance to vacuum 'em!" Professor E. Gadd explained forth to watch the ghost in seeing their heart & to weaken them to make a successful capture.

Fluttershy heard this, as she heard a ghostly noise coming behind her, but this time...the mare aim her flashlight that stun the ghost in which it's heart was revealed; the system read it's heart level resistance at 10. Fluttershy quickly used the vacuum, as she struggled against the ghost trying to fight & flea. The numbers were going down as Fluttershy kept her ground against the fighting ghost until it reach zero, & then that Gold Ghost was sucked into the vacuum.

"Did…did I just suck up a ghost?" Fluttershy asked off in being surprised in what she just performed.

"Yes, you did! When that ghost's heart appears, vacuum & keep yourself from losing it until it gives out for capture." Professor E. Gadd explained the important topic in what to do when trying to vacuum up a ghost.

Then near a bottom mechanical floor compartment, released a new Gold Ghost to come at Fluttershy. But the mare tried to be brave, repeat of stunning it with a flashlight to expose the heart. Then started to suck the ghost that was fighting to get away, but managed to suck it in the vacuum.

"Tilt the vacuum in the opposite direction quickly & respectively for the best results!" Professor E. Gadd explained the next topic in how to fully utilize in trying to pull a ghost more then let it drag out.

"Oh my, it almost feels like I'm using a fishing pole to go fishing, only instead of fish…it's ghost?" Fluttershy stated in thinking the subject was very close to fishing, a fish will put up a struggle unless the fisher out struggles the caught fish on the line.

"You have to get as close as you can before flashing the light. Surprise 'em with the light when they get close! Pow! Pow! The more, the better! Got it?" Professor E. Gadd also made another explanation here while throwing a few hoof swings & made sounds to be all action-like in the field work.

"Um….maybe?" Fluttershy slightly responded on the guy's strange way of explaining things.

Soon two more compartments glowed to bring in two more Gold Ghost, as Fluttershy had to wait for the target to approach; then struck with a flashlight & started to suck the first one in.

"Hey kid, shape up! You can't go looking for your friends the way you're carrying on!" Professor E. Gadd stated that the mare has to do better if Fluttershy wants to rescue her friends. "There! Here they come!" He issued off in more ghost were coming now.

Fluttershy yelps as more then one Gold Ghost was coming out to attack her, she tries to flash her light & use the nozzle vacuum, but she was reacting too slow, & the ghost vanished. The mare was keeping a distance while being on edge here, not knowing when the next ghost attack will appear next.

"Remember. Catching ghosts means using the flashlight & the Poltergust 3000 as a team, you get me, young mare?" Professor E. Gadd instructed Fluttershy on the vid-com in how to properly use her equipment. "That'll do!" He stated off to say this as if…finishing the training. "Well, how many did you get?" He asked off the number of catches from the mare's performance.

"Um, I think…four? I'm sorry if I did poorly?" Fluttershy stated off about the number count, thinking she did poorly.

"Hmmm…four ghosts. No so bad." Professor E. Gadd replied in thinking the young mare didn't do a half bad job.

"So….are we done?" Fluttershy meekly asked in thinking that was it.

"Fine, fine. Looks like you worked up quite a sweat there." Professor E. Gadd rolled his head back to respond in seeing Fluttershy managed to do a good enough job since she is a shy little pony. "How about a little cool-down in the gallery? I'm quite proud of it, you know…" He suggested in where they can go for the mare to cool off after having to deal with a new scary feature in her life.

"Gallery?" Fluttershy responded puzzled in hearing this, that doesn't sound too scary. "Well, alright…" She responded in agreeing to go & check out such a place.

"Off we go!" Professor E. Gadd replied off to say in coming over to take the mare to his Gallery.

New Location: Gallery

The scene changes to a new location, pass a metal door on the left side lead to gallery structure spot. Containing two statues of angels, & two hallways. We find the professor & Fluttershy were inside the place as it was lit up.

"Oh my…" Fluttershy responded in looking around these strange things.

"Welcome to the Gallery!" Professor E. Gadd welcomed the mare to this new location he brought her to see. "I once had 21 paintings in my Famous Ghost Collection, but now there are only frames. What a crying shame!" Professor E. Gadd explained this in stating how many paintings there were, now only the frames are here.

"Oh, that's…um…very nice to know?" Fluttershy lightly commented about the place, it's missing a few things, but she's being very kind.

"Unfortunately, there are only statues here now, but feel free to look around anyway." Professor E. Gadd spoke to allow Fluttershy to browse around as freely as she likes. "Be sure to search suspicious places extra well. You can check objects by expecting them, shaking stuff.." The guy spoke this out that sounded kind of odd. "Don't try that on the Angel Statues! Heh heh heh…" That last little chuckle had more suspicion then the last bit.

Fluttershy's curious mind tap the first statue, it's wings folded back & forward again.

"It's a statue…A very tall angel statue by the looks of it…" Fluttershy stated on the statue that was before her.

Fluttershy explored the two hallways in seeing the empty frames on the walls, before going through the first of the two large doors on the end. They lead to a golden theme structure with lamppost, gold angel statues, & up a flank of small steps, a large frame it seem to be placed. After feeling like she's seen enough, Fluttershy exit out one of the two doors to go down the hallway to meet up with the professor.

"Are you done appreciating art for today, Fluttershy?" Professor E. Gadd asked in how the girl was doing.

"It's nice, but…why is there a gallery here, &…what was once hang around then?" Fluttershy asked this puzzling question that was on her mind.

"As stated before. This is the gallery. This is where I hang all my paintings…ghost paintings, that is!" Professor E. Gadd mentions this topic off while unveiling one more surprise.

"Ghost…Paintings? But-but how? And why?" Fluttershy meekly yelped before asking, why did this guy have ghost paintings.

"When I was young, I designed a machine to turn ghost into paintings, & I traveled the world collecting 'em. Oh, it was glamorous, I tell you!" Professor E. Gadd smiled off in remembering his past youth & his time he spent.

"Um sure…I guess if you call it that?" Fluttershy shrug off to reply in not being rude.

"Well, then. Now I have to tell you…a horrifying story…" Professor E. Gadd signs as if sounding sad of what else he has to say here. "The last ghost I caught was No. 22, Spooklossus, but there are lots of Spookers, & Snicker rallied them all to take revenge upon me!" Professor E. Gadd mentions this about what he had witnessed that truly was something unexpected.

"Oh dear?" Fluttershy lightly gasp in hearing this all sounded bad; but the name Snicker, where has she heard of it before?

"They used my machine to free Spooklossus from the painting…then they went & turned all my other portraits back into ghosts, too!" Professor E. Gadd stated about what happened next that made Fluttershy yelp; the ghost paintings of caught ghost were all…free now. "As if that weren't enough, they built a mansion in front of my lab around Hayseed Swamp in the space of a single night, & then they all hid inside! If I told anybody else this stuff, they'd probably have me committed!" He stated that he told anyone about such a story, well…they through the old guy in the looney-bin.

"Oh, well…I believe you. After all, I saw everything first hand." Fluttershy stated in understanding what has happened was very real, it's no false tale.

"Yes! I'm sure my portrait ghosts are somewhere inside the mansion. I just have to get 'em back!" Professor E. Gadd proclaimed in knowing that if they find the free ghost, then they can capture them all.

"Well, I'll help, but…what about this GB Horror you name & gave me?" Fluttershy asked to show a strange rectangular cartridge device with a few buttons & a tiny screen.

"I designed the Ghost Broadcaster Horror as a communications terminal. It has all sorts of functions." Professor E. Gadd explained the basic function of that handheld device the mare holds.

"Really?" Fluttershy asked in being curious to hear more about it, it may come in handy.

"For example, you can see a list of the items you've picked up. Give it a try after you get some coins." Professor E. Gadd explained the basic necessity of the function device. "Of course, you'll also be able to see portrait ghosts there once you capture some." He brought up another subject to be heard here.

"I can?" Fluttershy asked in being surprised, so any ghost she catches, she'll see the portrait version of them?

"You can also use it to display a map of the mansion. The display will color the rooms as you visit 'em. Check the map if you ever get lost. Got all that, missy?" Professor E. Gadd explained the next thing the device can do to help one out when exploring the mansion.

"Um, yes….I think so. So, should we go back to the Lab?" Fluttershy responded to say while asking this next question.

"All right, then!" Professor E. Gadd replied off in agreement there.

Soon the professor takes Fluttershy through the door to now appear in the central location known as; The Lab.

Location: The Lab

"Alright then, where will you go now after seeing what you know is here Fluttershy?" Professor R. Gadd asked in being curious about what the mare will do.

"Well, I think…I'm ready to go back to the mansion, if you think it's okay?" Fluttershy stated in thinking, she's ready.

"Careful now, Fluttershy!" Professor E. Gadd stated to mention for the pony to be careful.

Soon the two exit the Lab, where lightning & thunder were seen above the dark clouds where the haunted mansion was. As Professor E. Gadd waved farewell at Fluttershy having flown over the mansion's front gate to begin walking up the steps made in the hill. After approaching the door, Fluttershy slowly opens the creepy front door as it makes the squeaks like before. Fluttershy aims her flashlight inside to give herself a fair shot of what to expect.

Location: Foyer

Fluttershy entered the Foyer, but this time as she entered & from a flash of lightning outside, the lights were…mysteriously on? The mare was checking the floor, saw how dusty it was before deciding…maybe a little cleaning with the vacuum wouldn't hurt. Just then, the vacuum caught a cloth to pull it until it was yanked off to reveal; a mirror. Fluttershy was surprised to find a mirror was covered, but decided to go up to the 2nd floor. Along the way, there were coins she found, & used the vacuum to collect them & cause some vases to wobble.

"Doesn't look like anything is left here, so…I guess I better go into the next room?" Fluttershy swallowed a bit of her fearful worries, & approach the center double doors to enter…the next room.

Location: Parlor

Fluttershy had entered the room where the first Gold Ghost surprised to scare her & meant the professor. It was dark, with purple lit candles, but there were a few coins lying around that the mare wonders…how did ghost drop so much or even need the money for? After vacuuming the stuff, the mare carefully taps on nearby furniture coverts, tables, draws, bookshelves, most of which she found coins to vacuum.

"Hello! Dexter…Twilight…anypony?" Fluttershy called out to see if anyone was around; no luck.

The mare didn't see much else to find, but the next door was locked, so maybe the next key was here. Fluttershy saw the purple candles, found them like a bad omen sign, & just as she put them out with a vacuum suction; giggling laughter was heard.

"WHO put out my candles?! YOU, Miss. Yellow Mare?" The portrait frame of an aristocrat old unicorn stallion was heard speaking in sounding terrifying.

"Um…gulp…yes?" Fluttershy swallowed hard in talking to some painting, then she heard the other portraits were wobbling.

"Well, dark rooms are dangerous around here…Yesss…" The a portrait of an aristocrat mare was heard stating this in a sly, dark & creepy claim.

"Oh…I, um…" Fluttershy meekly tried to say, but…

"THEY love the dark…& now THEY will get YOU! Bloo-heh!" Then the portrait of an aristocrat Pegasus was heard stating these scary facts that made the mare almost jumpy.

"M-M-M…Me!? Get me?" Fluttershy yelped in not liking the sounds of what she is hearing.

"Now you're in for it! Blugh-huh!" Then an Earth mare portrait wobbles her frame to state this scary fact.

"I am?" Fluttershy asked in not liking where this is heading.

"Just like them little ponies & friends before you…" The earth stallion portrait with the mustache exclaimed that the same thing is happening like before.

"My friends!?" Fluttershy responded in shock to hear this piece of news; then her friends were caught.

"May you wander lost in the darkness…forever!" The first portrait of an old unicorn stallion issued off this last warning to the mare. "Are you AFRAID of the dark, little mare? Are you? Huh?" He asked this off in wanting to hear the answer.

"Um, well…maybe a…little?" Fluttershy meekly spoke about being afraid of the dark.

"Blah-hah! Here THEY are now!" The old unicorn stallion portrait exclaimed that what has come for Fluttershy, is now here.

Suddenly, a Gold Ghost comes to sneak up behind Fluttershy, but recalling her quick training session, she reacted. Stun the ghost with her flashlight, then saw the heart before using the vacuum nozzle to pull the ghost in. But then when it seem over, another Gold Ghost appeared to creep behind the mare, but Fluttershy's reaction from her heighten fear senses allowed her to react & perform another light stun & suction action once more. Soon after vacuuming a nearby cloth off a table, a 3rd Gold Ghost appeared, but Fluttershy waited to then stun it with the flashlight, & began to suck it to lower it's heart rate to capture it. Then something began to happen, the lights began to turn on, it was no longer dark, & then a mysterious treasure chest appeared before her as the mare opened it to find…a gold key.

"Oh my, it's just like before? Maybe this will open the door to continue further?" Fluttershy pondered of her new find & what it'll mean later on.

The mare decided to test the theory to approach the next lock knob, place the obtain key inside the keyhole. Feeling a bit worried of what else she'll find, Fluttershy slowly turns the knob & prepares to enter...the next room.

New Location: Anteroom

Everything was dark when Fluttershy entered a new room, but soon the door grew silver vine thorns that made her yelp. Then another Gold Ghost appeared, the mare stuns it with the flashlight before sucking it in. But there was another ghost nearby, as she flashed it. But unlike the Gold Ghost, this one looks like a pink-purplish ghost with a cone head & yellow eyes & upon seeing the heart revealed it's got 20 Heart Rate points to lower. The ghost nearly punches Fluttershy if the mare didn't dodge in time before trying to suck it in the vacuum as it gave her some extra trouble until she managed to get it in.

"Oh my, that one seem a little more harder then the other one?" Fluttershy stated in what that new ghost gave her.

Then two more Gold Ghost appeared, Fluttershy had to be careful when they started to approach her. Carefully taking on one & a time, the mare stun them, & suck them in. But then another Gold Ghost followed by the new ghost dubbed: Purple Puncher, appeared. Fluttershy managed to flash her light on the Gold Ghost to suck it in quickly, but the Purple Puncher knocked her into a cabinet as it laughed at her.

"Ow….that wasn't very nice?" Fluttershy ached from what the mean ghost did in hitting her.

Feeling a bit mad, Fluttershy waited until the ghost reappeared, then stun it with her flashlight to suck it in with the vacuum nozzle. After successfully capturing that Purple Puncher, the entire room began to light up. The area resembles a thin hallway with a few vase spots & chandeliers hang above. After having checked everything & found some coins, Fluttershy headed to the door on the far left side.

New Location: Wardrobe Room

Fluttershy entered a dark room, she decided to check what she found was a wardrobe. Only to scream in terror as a new ghost popped out to scare her. This one almost seemed liked the Gold Ghost, but more light blue & speedy, hence it be called; a Speedy Spirit. Seeing it & two more Gold Ghost, Fluttershy ducks away from getting sucker-punched, & tries to stun a ghost alone & then suck it into the vacuum. But then Fluttershy slipped on a banana pill, as she found yet another new ghost that was large & green, & shape like a garbage can with three hair spikes & two yellow eyes; as it toss ate bananas on the ground.

"Oh my, another new ghost? And he purposely threw that banana on the ground?" Fluttershy stated in thinking this one might try something strange with them bananas.

Turning her flashlight to stun the dubbed: Garbage Can Ghost, it's Heart Rate was 40, so the mare struggled to wrestle as the ghost tried to escape. But after finally catching that one that drag the pony around, another Gold Ghost & Garbage Can Ghost appeared to surround her. Fluttershy had to take the Gold Ghost as if would be faster to take care of then a stronger type while avoiding the green ghost's slippery bananas it toss.

"Alright, that's it! I can understand scaring & hurting me, but littering for a good laugh is not funny!" Fluttershy lectured in vacuuming the toss bananas, some ghost have no respect for littering.

Then another Garbage Can Ghost appeared to eat a banana, but Fluttershy stun him with her flashlight & started to suck him in as she held on as best she could until she won. Then after checking the wardrobes, she found more coins to collect, but another Gold Ghost as well. After finally dealing with that last ghost in stunning & sucking it, did the entire dark room began to light up. Fluttershy saw it was the Wardrobe Room is small & as its name implies, has three wardrobes in it, also has a shoe rack, a hat rack, a chandelier, & a large mirror., & there was another mirror on the wall nearby too.

"Oh, so this is where one puts their cloths in? I think Rarity would be interested in making select choices? Hmm…" As Fluttershy was stating such things, she saw something above a cloths hook rack. "Another key?" Yep, she spotted another golden key that lay in wait for her.

Using the vacuum, Fluttershy brought the key on the hanging shelf down, as she got another gold key. She saw another door at the end of the Wardrobe Room, & Fluttershy ventured down that path; which began to open as it was not locked.

New Location: Balcony

It was dark, there was no light as Fluttershy entered what seem like a small balcony area of the mansion. Down over one area, lead to what seems to be a graveyard, the mare gulps from hating to find more ghost & ghouls in that place. But as the shy mare approach the edge, she heard a strange sound, Fluttershy approached with her flashlight out, & then…

"HMMMM-HRUUGH-ARRRughh!" That's when a mysterious pink creature with a scary face was flash upon by the flashlight.

"EEEEk!" Fluttershy screamed from finding something scary pops out at her.

Then without warning, Fluttershy aim her vacuum nozzle to start sucking; only for the thing's face to be stuck as it was muffling.

"Fluttershy, what is wrong? My invention is sending me feedback saying you caught something it can't suck?" On the vid-com, Professor E. Gadd was making a call to the mare to tell her something was up with the Poltergust 3000.

"There's a scary ghost here!" Fluttershy yelled off to say this in trying to suck in the ghost that scared her with that face in the dark.

"But according to this, that something…is still alive?" Professor E. Gadd stated in having to mention this fact.

Calming down a bit, Fluttershy opens her eyes to suddenly realize what she had was not a scary ghost but….the head of a pony in the vacuum.

"Oh my goodness! It's Pinkamena!?" Fluttershy yelped in recognizing who she was trying to suck in; the mare stop the suction at that time.

In that response, Fluttershy pulled the vacuum nozzle away as Pinkamena finally got her face free. Upon that moment, the balcony's lantern flare up to reveal the area. Pinkamena was by the edge near one of the two side potted plants. But noticed that the pink pony was tied up with chains…& they were of her own Chain Blades; just what happened to the pony. Fluttershy removed a gag from the pony to allow her to catch her breath.

"Ugh…I now suddenly feel like I know how it feels to have one's face nearly ripped out of yah?" Pinkamena groans to say this in what she felt was like her face being pulled right off of her.

"I'm so sorry for that Pinkamena, I thought when I saw your face in the dark, you…well…" Fluttershy tried to meekly explain about what she was doing at that time, & well…she got surprised.

"I know, I know…my scary face can scare the living daylights out of anyone when you least expect it?" Pinkamena rolled her eyes in stating the matter of what she has gotten use to hearing; a lot. "But wait, Fluttershy…what are you doing here?" She asked in not knowing why the shy mare is here, in such a scary place.

"Well, everypony went to check on this mansion I won from a contest, but…it seems like some ghost got them?" Fluttershy explained a bit about what she knew & later found out what happened to the others.

"Hugh…them too hugh?" Pinkamena signed in sounding as if that was expected.

"But what are you doing here?" Fluttershy asked in being curious on her next question.

"Me & Goldie saw Dexter leading everyone to the swamps, we thought it was weird, so we told Jack Zen & our group to hold down the fort in Ponyville while we check things out." Pinkamena stated off to say this about what she & only her brother did during that time. "Course before we knew it after joining up with the gang, ghost appeared to ambush us." She stated off in what occurred no soon afterwards.

"What happened next?" Fluttershy asked in liking to hear a little more.

"Darnest thing? My senses were all wonky that me & Pinkie Pie's Pinkie Sense didn't detect ghost would come out, nobody's magic spell or magical objects were working right, including dragon & element type magic? And if that wasn't embarrassing enough, I think my own Chain Blades became possess & drag me out of the battle before them ghost tied me up & left me here?" Pinkamena explained this case about what she saw occurred & how she got chain tied up on the balcony.

"Why would they do that?" Fluttershy asked in why ghost would do such a thing.

"Probably because my face was so scary, they thought I could be used as a scary ornament on the balcony to scare off others. Now can you help untie me?" Pinkamena shrug off to simply say this much about her case with a scary face, while skipping ahead to ask to be free.

"Oh, oh course." Fluttershy responded to say this sheepishly while helping to undo the chain wrapped around the mare.

"Thanks, this ghost infestation seems out of control, we may need backup?" Pinkamena exclaimed to say as she got up & was feeling her now free limbs.

"Sorry, but the fog is preventing anyone that enters to leave or reach help. Not to mention, it's covered the whole area that according to the professor, all magic is ineffective by the supernatural forces & only machines can work." Fluttershy stated that what she heard from Professor E. Gadd states only machines can work, all other magic won't work with the supernatural fog outside.

"Drat! The one time I think of leaving home without Omega, comes to bite me in the flank! So we're on our own?" Pinkamena cursed her luck that of all places to get stuck with no magic, no element powers, or anything of the kind, & she left the only machine she had back home.

"Well, actually…the professor is helping me find our friends, & I'm helping him take care of some ghost." Fluttershy smiled to meekly say that she's trying to help find their missing friends.

"You! Facing off scary, spooky, terrifying ghost?" Pinkamena asked off to hear that right, which the meeky mare nods to say 'yes' to the question. "Wow Fluttershy, gotta give you some credit, I thought you were just vacuuming out of fear, but if you can aid in stopping what we couldn't touch? Then I'll help out however way I can." She rubs the back of her head in being stump surprise, but things that if Fluttershy is willing to go so far, then she'll try to also help out…somewhat.

"You will?" Fluttershy asked in being surprised to hear this.

"Yeppers! Nothing is impossible if you don't fear death!" Pinkamena issued off to say this phrase.

"But, everything is not alive, they're all ghost?" Fluttershy meekly pointed off that all the things in this mention, are not alive, & ghost are technically in the term…being dead, just spirits that haunt stuff.

"It's a figurative of speech, sorta?" Pinkamena shrug off to simply rephrase her claim.

"Oh…" Fluttershy replied off in somewhat getting that.

"For now, run by me of what the situation is, & who this professor guy your talking about is?" Pinkamena asked off in liking to hear some things from Fluttershy about what's happening.

Fluttershy was seen slowly seen leading Pinkamena through the door to exit the balcony while planning to talk…in a less spooky & creepy environment. The scene begins to go dark, what awaits our brave & daring little Fluttershy? Will the shy meek mare be able to handle the dangers ahead of her…remains to be seen…?

NOTES: While this story will be somewhat similar to Luigi's Mansion play-out, some differences will be expected. Further details will be of the 'yet' to be release date on what changes there are to be noted.

*Note Fact: It's shown that there are a lot of MLP/Luigi's Mansion Crossover theme stories in using Fluttershy in the role of Luigi & the mare's friends in the Mario role. In most of them author original stories, the Shadowbolts & Nightmare Moon served as the Boos & King Boo.

But in this version, will star different enemies followed by some surprises that will be kept as a surprise.

*Special Note Fact: I once aided an author named Phantom Fan 21 in helping around the sequel of his version of Dark Moon.

Well my first chapter is out, & it's not too bad of a start. In the next chapter, Fluttershy & Pinkamena try to explore other parts of the mansion. But after getting through just some of the basic ghost, they will soon come across ghost of a different caliber that were those that escaped their Ghost Paintings. This'll be the first test to see if Fluttershy can get pass some tricky opponents like Neville – The Bookish Father, Lydia – The Mirror Gazing Mother, then try to face against Chauncey – The Spoiled Baby, & when a baby gets cranky, a whole mess of trouble occurs. What's gonna happen, stay tune to find out…