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Summary: Elros is having a really bad day. So, to lighten his mood, Elros looks to a letter that his wife wrote for him. A bittersweet tale, if there ever was one. In memory of Eldhoron.


It's been two years to the day since one of my true friends, Eldhoron, passed away. I miss him to this day, and I'm very lucky to have found him on this site! :)

So, here's a fanfic in memory of Eldhoron.

Enjoy! :)


Elros sat on the stone balcony's railing. He observed the Woodland Realm with great pride. He couldn't believe how long it had been since he last saw the Woodland Realm. Elros sighed. Maybe his father was right: maybe he did deserve a simple, peaceful life. Now with the help of the Elvenking Thranduil and his son Legolas, Elros could start anew.

So much joy warmed his heart as he pulled out a poem that his wife wrote for him. He unfolded the letter, reading its page.

My Dearest Heart,
Who could abide?
Whether dawn nor dusk
Could keep us aside.

The days grow longer,
Yet I grow shorter.
Fear not the day, for the day will come.
Ever blissful and true.

Oh my dearest love,
However fair you are.
However long shall it be,
When the Feast of Starlight,
Dwells upon me?

Weep not for the days long past.
Weep not for the ones who are to last.
Weep instead my heart for you,
For your heart is mine.

And mine with you.

Elros took a good look at the poem in interest. It was a bittersweet tale, to an unwelcome day.


In memory of Eldhoron.


Thanks for reading. :)