This is a crossover between DC Superhero Girls (The older version, not the Lauren Faust version) and the now defunct Avengers Academy mobile game.

Wonder Woman rushed out of her dorm room in panic as she made her way to Principal Waller's head office.

She made it to the door, panting, and knocked before entering. Inside, she saw a slim African-American woman and a Hispanic girl around her age, with long brown hair and golden highlights.

"I am so sorry Principal Waller; I only just got the message from Bat Girl", she said bowing her head multiple times.

Principal Amanda Waller nodded understandingly, "That's alright Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl and I weren't waiting long. Anyway, the point of this meeting is really important and as my top student and most responsible student respectively, you and Hawkgirl need to know first."

"Thank you, Principal Waller.", the aforementioned hero smiled.

"Superhero High is planning a merger with another superhero school. They are located in another dimension. However, it seems that that dimension is crumbling. So, they are in danger of being wiped out of existence, especially after their last villain fight.

We are their only saving grace because our dimension is stable. I have already spoken to their principal, as he was the one who approached us."

Wonder Woman raised her hand, "How will they get here?"

Waller replied, "excellent question, their school has portal technology so they can hop over. However, they are waiting for our approval. Your professors have also agreed to the dimension hop, but I wanted to run thing by you two, my most trusted students."

Hawkgirl thumped her fist over her chest, "of course Principal Waller, we would be happy to make new friends. Plus, I'm sure that we can learn a lot from each other and our different abilities."

"Excellent, now, the school is called Avengers Academy and their principal is Nick Fury. Director Fury should teleport here shortly. Why don't you go get some of you friends and meet me outside Superhero High. Oh and make sure that some of them are magic users, so that they can help transport the Avengers Academy campus."

A few moments later, the two came out with a blonde-haired girl with ice-blue eyes. Following her was a girl with red hair and green eyes, wearing a bat-themed hoodie.

An African-American girl with curly brown hair and blonde highlights flitted behind her. A pale blonde-haired girl with red and blue highlights also ran out. A goth girl with dark hair and red tips and a dark-haired girl in a top hat, levitated out. A boy in red spandex and blonde hair ran out with superspeed. Others included a brown-haired boy in green, a cyborg and a green-skinned boy.

They lined up alongside Principal Waller and waited. Soon a portal opened up before them and out stepped a bald African-American man in a blazer and a suit and tie, with a French beard and an eye patch.

Amanda Waller stepped up and shook hands with the man, "Greetings Director Fury, I'm glad you could make it. As promised, here are some of my students as the welcoming committee."

"Afternoon to you as well Principal Waller, all my students are just coming, but first I'd like to get the Academy here."

"I understand Director Fury… Raven, Zatanna?"

The goth girl nodded and raised her arms, "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!"

At the same time, the girl in the top hat and waistcoat, raised her wand and chanted, "tropelet eht Sregneva Ymedaca Supmac ot siht noisnemid!"

A few moments later, a massive building with an A symbol on it, appeared. Then, the door opened and two figures in blue uniforms stepped out and approached Director Fury.

"Everyone, meet my agents, Maria Hill and Phil Coulson. These two are my top agents and my second-in-command."

Hill was a fair-skinned woman with brown hair in a bob cut. Meanwhile, Coulson was a brunette with a slightly receding hairline. However, what made him stand out was a MASSIVE blaster-looking weapon, hefted on his shoulder. Fury's good eye narrowed, "Coulson! Put your little toy away!"

The man sheepishly apologized and put the weapon away. Then, Fury turned to Hill, "Are the students and the portal ready?"

She nodded and spoke, "You know who, wanted to go first. In his words, 'I'm gonna make an impression'."

With that, the three of them rolled their eyes.