After another shimmer from the portal, a white rope-like substance shot out with an audible *Thwip*. The rope attached itself to a lamp post, jerked and a red and blue figure came hurtling out of the portal.

After a few acrobatic flips, the figure landed on top of the street light in a crouching position. He waved, "Hey everyone."

Tony smirked, "Nice job Underoos!"

The figure scowled, "Come on Tin Man! You know I hate that name!"

Nick spoke up, "This is Spider-Man. He got his powers after a genetically enhanced spider bit him. Spidey here is also known as-"


Principal Waller stepped forward, "I understand your concern, but this is a safe haven. Your identity will only be revealed on the school grounds."

After a bit of thought, he shrugged, "If you say so", and he pulled off his mask, "Hey… I'm Peter Parker. The rest of the gang's just coming."

Just as he said that, a red carpet suddenly rolled out. Peter took one look as shook his head, 'just couldn't resist making an entrance, could you?'.

A red and gold figure strutted out, as if the person was a model. The figure was clearly female and had four gold spider-like limbs sprouting from her back. The mask peeled back to reveal a pretty Caucasian redhead with blue eyes. (Had to differentiate between Batgirl and Mary Jane).

She smiled, "Hi guys! I'm Mary Jane Watson. Also known as Iron Spider. This suit was actually Tony's gift to Peter, but Petey decided to stick with the classics. So, when I developed my spider powers (long story), he let me use it."

She strutted over to the lamp, and at the same time, Peter slowly lowered himself, hanging upside-down. Mary Jane gazed into his eyes and smiled, "Well Tiger… Looks like we really hit the jackpot."

With that, she cupped his face and smashed her lips on his. Half of the female heroes swooned at the scene. MJ got so into it that she even stood on one leg while kissing Peter.

Just then, there were more *thwip* sounds and they all attached themselves to the street light.

A few more spider-themed heroes swung out. One of them, decked in a white and red costume glanced at the smooching couple and smirked. She called out, "Get a room, you two!"

She was interrupted when a hand rested on her shoulder. The girl spun around to come face to face with another spider hero. This one sported a black costume with a red web design on it. The guy spoke in a deep, husky voice, "Hey…"

In the background, Fury was rolling his one good eye, but no one cared. The white-costumed hero took off her mask, revealing a Caucasian girl with blonde hair and a piercing on one eyebrow. She waved, "Sup! I'm Gwen Stacy. You can call me Spider-Gwen, but in public, call me Ghost Spider."

She threw an arm around her companion. On cue, he took off his mask to reveal an African-American teenager. When he spoke, he had a slight Latino accent, "Hey guys, I'm Miles Morales, also known as Kid Arachnid."

Five more heroes emerged, one was a brunette girl with olive skin and wearing a mask that only exposed her nose and mouth. She introduced herself, "Hola, I'm Anya Corazon, also known as Spider-Girl."

She gestured to the others behind her, one was a taller girl with black hair and a red costume with a splash of yellow. Anya spoke, "Meet Spider-Woman, also known as Jessica Drew."

She pointed to a guy in a predominantly blue suit, with red outlines on his face mask. "That's Spider-Man 2099, also known as Miguel O'Hara. Miguel is from the future in our world, particularly from 2099, hence the name."

Finally, she pointed to a beefy-looking spider-themed figure and a black-armored figure. Anya continued, "Bulky guy is called Venom, his real name is Eddie Brock. The armored one is called Agent Venom, or just Agent, to avoid any confusion. His real name is Flash Thompson."

As she finished her explanation, the portal shimmered and two figures on a floating platform, flew out. After a few loop-de-loops, one of them took out some round objects and tossed them in the air. They exploded, in the form of fireworks.

As the newcomers floated down on the device, Peter rolled his eyes, "And here I thought that Mysterio loved his theatrics."

This time, Hill took over, "The one in green is Harry Osborn, also known as Hobgoblin. The one behind him, is Felicia Hardy, also known as Black Cat, former thief and now a hero."

Catwoman purred, "Well… looks like I found myself a new best friend."

Coulson gathered the spider heroes over, "Together, these guys are known as the Web Warriors. Hobgoblin and Black Cat are unofficial members."

Wonder Woman raised a hand, "Those… web-like things, are they organic? As in, do you produce them from your body?"

Gwen cut her off, "First off, eww! Secondly, the webs are actually artificially created through some chemicals. Pete's the one who created it."

She popped off a device on her wrist and held it out. "Peter designed all of these and even came up with the formula himself. Of course, he was the first of us to get these powers. I was next, followed by everyone else."

She playfully ruffled Peter's brown hair, "Trust me, Pete's the smartest one out of all of us."

Peter's cheeks flushed, "Come on Gwen! you all have different and even more awesome powers. I mean, Miles can turn himself invisible! You are also physically stronger than me, MJ has partial access to Stark's tech-"

Gwen interrupted him, "-But you were the catalyst. Don't sell yourself short."

She turned back to the group and threw an arm around Peter, "And another thing about this lug, he's way too modest for his own good."