Chapter 1

Finally putting his key in the door Ben opened the door having just got back from the hospital waiting for news on Ian's recovery just to appease his mother kathy. His phone rang and he glanced at the Caller, Callum. Ben sighed and hung his head silencing his phone and putting his phone down on the kitchen table.

Ben couldn't believe Callum could accuse him of attacking his half brother Ian. Sure Ben had form and he was seriously pissed off with Ian, but he would never leave him for dead. Everyone was always so quick to pin it on him, he never knew Callum would do the same and he felt really betrayed. He sat down at the table in the kitchen, it felt like he had been at the hospital for days, instead of just a few hours, and his head was spinning.

His phone beeped again and he ignored it. He knew it would be Callum, apologising again, and he knew he should respond but instead he ignored it and switched his phone off instead.

He walked upstairs and grabbed a long hot soak in the bath to wash the sterile smell of the hospital off him. He grabbed some new clothes and sat on the sofa not really watching drifted past as he was too lost in his own thoughts. He wasn't looking forward to Callum coming home, he loved him to pieces but he was angry and hated when they argued. He debated going out so he didn't have to be in when Callum came home and was just about to grab his coat when there was a frantic hammering on the back door in the kitchen. Sighing he made his way into the kitchen and threw open the door "Oh Ben, get to the hospital quick!" Kathy his mum burst through the door flustered. "I've been trying to call but your phone wasn't switched on...Oh Ben, its Callum, I've just seen him being rushed into A and E from an ambulance but they won't tell me anything. I've got to let Stuart know as well but-"

"Woah slow down Mum, your saying Callum has been rushed to the hospital?" Ben said in shock, a sense of dread settling in his stomach. His boyfriend was a copper, he could have been shot while on Duty or stabbed or attacked or anything!

"Yes, I've been trying to ring you, he collapsed at work but they won't tell me anything"

"I'll get there straight away, can you find Stuart for me, he does need to know!?" Ben grabbed his car keys before switching his phone on, kissing his mum on the cheek and running to his car. Luckily Stuart was just up ahead walking slowly from the market.

"Stuart!" Ben yelled "Callum's in hospital, we got to go! Mum come on!" He watched Stuart start to run over and slid himself into the drivers seat, buckling himself in and turning the ignition on, he heard his mum buckle up in the back seat, and he hurriedly drove to the hospital.

"It was definitely him?" Stuart asked Kathy as she relayed the story to him.

"Yes, I heard them say his name so I turned round and he was on the stretcher being rushed into A and E, he was shaking really badly like a seizure but they wouldnt tell me anything because I am not next of kin. I rang you, but your phone was off so I came straight to get you."

Ben couldn't believe what he was hearing "a seizure?" He watched his mum nod her head sadly, "I heard them say he'd collapsed at work while on Duty" Ben pressed his foot down on the accelerator. His earlier anger at Callum was gone and was replaced with terror and a sheer desperation to be next to his boyfriend, holding his hand to try and help Callum get through whatever hell he was going through.

"He's never mentioned being epileptic to me Stu, has he had these seizures before?" Ben asked frantically as he pulled into the hospital car park and started to look for a free space.

"He had a couple when he was younger like eleven or twelve when he was stressed coz of dad and stuff, but none in years, they never found the cause and we thought theyd just stopped...but he's been under so much stress with working all these crazy hours and his boss punching him-"

"What?" Both Kathy and Ben cut him off. "I punched the bastard back though, Callum weren't pleased, its not the time to be discussing this yeah?" He added as Ben swung into a parking spot.

Ben raced into the hospital. "I'm looking for a Callum Highway?" He gasped out of breath at the receptionist.

She typed in her computer, as Stuart and Kathy caught up behind him. It felt like it was taking forever for her to answer him and He was about to snap at her when she looked up "Yes, Bay 4 in resus. I'll take you there now" she stood and indicated for them all to follow her "are you family?" She looked back at him. "Yeah I'm his boyfriend Ben and this Is Stuart his brother and kathys my mum"

She led them into a room where Callum lay sleeping looking peaceful on the bed but with lots of wires attached to various machines that were beeping intermittently. He was in a t-shirt his police uniform folded neatly on the table next to his bed

He practically ran to Callums side and grasped his hand clutching it tightly.

Ash came over as she was working on Callums Care.

"Ben, hi. He's sleeping now, the seizure took a lot out of him. It's like running a marathon, his body is exhausted."

"Is he ok though?" Stuart asked her as Ben just rested his forehead on his and Callums joined hands, trying to control his shaky breathing. Kathy stood next to Ben squeezing his shoulder in support.

"We will be running tests to see what caused this, but we may never find out the answers" ash explained. "The doctor has now confirmed Epilepsy with this being the third seizure in his medical record." Ben looked up, his eyes swimming with unshed tears "epilepsy?" He repeated looking devastated as he knew Callums police career was over.

"Yes I'm afraid so" Ash confirmed. "We are happy with his vital signs so the doctor has agreed that we will be releasing him tonight, and he just needs lots of rest, and fluids, and as little stress as possible and we will be in touch with the results, however if he has another full blown seizure tonight or tomorrow then bring him straight back by phoning999and getting an ambulance and we will admit him for some more tests, he may however not have another seizure but if he does we have a few medication regimes he can try " Ash looked at them both with a reassuring smile. "What do I do if he has a seizure? I've never, I mean I.." Ben trailed off staring at Callums sleeping form.

"There are two types of seizure, ill keep it simple though dont worry...basically in one form he will zone out. He won't hear you or respond to you, he may just be staring off in the distance and stop doing whatever he was doing such as walking or talking or he may seem to be doing things really slowly. Just talk to him and ask him questions to see if he starts to respond, this might happen a few times and then he will be ok again. However This can potentially then turn into a seizure however. So if that happens, time the seizure, make sure there is nothing he can bang his head on and try and put something like a cushion or folded up coat or jumper or something like that under his head. Then simply just let him know your there and reassure him, until he stops, and put him in the recovery position. If the seizure lasts more than 5 minutes then always ring an ambulance. After a seizure he will need to rest, if not sleep as they are exhausting. He will feel really tired and sore."

"But will he be alright?" Kathy asked, "Is there anything he needs when he goes home, anything we should know about?"

"He is fine for now yes, just very tired so when he goes home he might seem a bit dazed and a bit out of it, slightly slow in responding to you. He may have the lesser seizure with you, just see him through it and stay calm if that happens. As much sleeping and resting as he needs, his body will be really sore and perhaps a little bit shaky. If you need me at any time tonight I will give you my mobile number later so just ring and I'll be straight round ok. Even if it's two in the morning, ill be there in my dressing gown, joggers and fluffy bunny slippers. ok Ben?" Ben nodded with a small choked chuckle "thanks Ash" he swiped the tears from his eyes.

She smiled

"I'll leave you in peace while i check to see if any of his results have come back in." and left the room.

"Oh my god" Ben said as a tear slid down his cheek, as his free hand cupped Callums face.

"Our Cal is a fighter Ben, you'll see!" Stuart said as he stood on the other side of the bed and Kathy agreed

"I know, its can't be a copper if you are epileptic" Ben shut his eyes "He has worked so hard for this, he's going to be devastated."

"Really? Oh my god. That's not fair, although with his Boss punching him its probably for the best to be honest"

"You still haven't told me anything about that" Ben's eyes flashed in Anger at the thought of someone hurting his boyfriend.

"He punched Callum and I punched him in the face." Stuart shrugged. "He just told me his boss was a nutter but he has been suspended now."

"I can't believe this is happening" Ben said in shock. "He was fine this morning."

Stuart sighed. "I can't protect him against this Stuart, I can't batter Epilepsy, i can't threaten it to leave him alone. There's nothing I can do!"

"Just like when you were deaf Ben, you got to stick together and help each other cope." Kathy replied with a sad smile

Ben was about to respond but Callums hand clenched around his own and his eyes started flickering. "Callum" he breathed, "are you waking up babe?" He stroked Callums hair. Callums eyes blinked open and shut a few times and when he turned to Ben, his gaze was unfocused and confused.

"There we go" Ben gave him a reassuring smile and sat on the edge of the bed.

"Ben? What's...where...?" He trailed off closing his eyes briefly before glancing around slowly. .

"You are in hospital babe!" Ben said kissing Callums forehead "me, my mum and Stuart are here" he added with a smile after seeing Callum staring at Stuart looking puzzled.

"Why am I here?" Sheer confusion was evident in his voice as his gaze drifted to all the wires and machines. "I can't remember" he looked at Ben sounding scared. Ben pulled him into a gentle side hug. Kissing his head he closed his eyes briefly "you had a seizure at work babe, a really bad one. Scared us half to death when we heard."

"But I haven't had one in years?" Callums eyes drifted shut and then snapped open as he tried to force himself to stay awake. "I don't understand. I can't think straight Ben"

"It's ok, we will figure this out babe! I promise, I'm not going anywhere. Now stop fighting it and go back to sleep ok?you look exhausted. You'll be back home with me looking after you when they release you tonight! I love you! And i aint moving from your side alright. Ill be right here when you wake up ok?" Ben kept running his fingers through Callums hair, kissing him gently before holding his hand as Callum slowly drifted back to sleep.


Callum had only just got back from the hospital and he was stretched out on the sofa, under a blanket. With his head on a cushion on Ben's Lap. He was still a bit out of it and his body was aching all over, but Ben was there, and that's all Callum wanted. "Are you ok?" Callum asked Ben, looking up at him.

"I should be asking you that question. I'm fine, just worried about you." Ben stroked Callums hair. "You're as white as a sheet babe, and you look exhausted. I'm worried. Is there anything that you need or anything I can do for you?"

Callum smiled. "I'll be ok, so long as you're here." He felt Ben's arms hug him tighter "always babe. I'm not going anywhere."

They heard a key turn In the lock and watched as Phil came through into the living room.

"Callum, I've just heard off Kathy, are you ok?" He said sitting in the armchair, concern on his face.

Callum nodded. "Yeah, just tired and aching. I'll be fine soon. I'm feeling a lot better being home"

"I bet, its good they let you out, I heard it was a seizure, you didn't say you were epileptic? What caused it? Did they run tests? What did the doctors say?" Phil questioned. Callum frowned trying to get his brain to focus on the barrage of questions and clearly failing so Ben decided to help ouy

"He wasn't epileptic until today Dad, he had a third seizure . The third one means its now being classed as Epilepsy." Ben replied softly still stroking Callums hair.

"Go to sleep if you're tired babe, ill still be here when you wake up I promise. Ok?"

Callum nodded with a smile, intertwining his hand with Ben's, as he shut his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

"What exactly did the hospital say?" Phil said in a low voice so as not to wake Callum.

"They are waiting on the results of some tests before they let us know what's going on. If he has another seizure before this time tomorrow he has to go back in. Otherwise he only goes in if a seizure last more than 5 minutes or he's injured. He might have more, he might not. But apparently its like running a marathon for him when he has a seizure and he needs plenty of sleep and rest afterwards" Ben glanced down at Callums sleeping face.

"He's a tough lad Callum, he'll be Ok!"

"He can't be a copper though dad" Ben said in hushed tones knowing Callum was asleep "and he doesn't realise it yet because he's still a bit dazed. This will crush him, I know it will, he's worked so hard for this!"

Phil sighed. "You'll help him Ben, seeing you two, together you are so much stronger. I'll have a work with Jack and see what I can sort out." Ben gave a small smile in response and there was an awkward pause

"Sharon's married Ian by his hospital bed." Phil said "Kathy told me that as well."

"What? Ian? Married?" Ben asked frozen in shock

"Yes so She settling out of court" Phil responded with a shrug "she's lost the plot. Kathy is fuming about it"

Callum shifted in his sleep, and Ben restarted stroking his hair.

"Needless to say however the main focus for me is Callum and not Ian" Ben replied after a moment staring at Phil

"Ian's selfish , he's the one who grassed on us Dad, and he robbed 20 grand out of the Lucy Beale foundation to frame Max and now Bobby and Peter hate him. He got injured and attacked because of his own stupid actions and he deserves it. Callum is a copper dad, a damn good one, he wouldn't hurt a fly or do anything that would upset people unlike Ian. He's overworked with the Ian investigation, stressed out trying to deal with everything and he's had a seizure. It's not fair on Callum. He's getting my support, Ian as far as I'm concerned can hang. Callum don't need me being stressed dad coz he'll get stressed and right now I ain't having that!"

Phil nodded thoughtfully.

"You are right, I do, i agree, Callum is an honorary Mitchell. Our priority now is supporting him, i aint getting involved in Ians Dramas. Couldnt care less. I care more about the wellbeing of you and Callum than that waste of space" Phil agreed. "Have either of you eaten yet? You've had a long day, why don't I cook us all something?"

"That would be great, thanks Dad!" Ben said as his dad walked into the kitchen.

He shifted slightly underneath Callum, so that he could hold him closer. There was a knock at the door "dad get that" Ben shouted as loud as he could without waking his boyfriend

He heard the front door open and muffled voices. Then Jay appeared

"Hey how are you doing. Ive just seem Stuart at the parlour and he mentioned Callum having a seizure? I just came to make sure your both alright."

"Yeah he is knackered now, but he's home. Thanks for coming round, im sure if he was awake Callum would appreciate it too" Ben replied gazing down at Callums sleeping form

"Did they say what caused it?"

"No, apparently its really hard to find the cause so They are waiting on loads of test results, but he already had two seizures when he was a lot younger so now he's been diagnosed with epilepsy. I'm terrified of seeing him have a seizure and not being able to help him." A tear leaked out. "I don't know how to help him Jay. This is all new to me. I don't know what I'm doing."

"Mate, you'll be ok. You and Callum are made for each other, the perfect fit. You have coped through bad times before, with your hearing after the boat crash and losing Dennis, because you had each other." Ben nodded wiping his eyes as jay clasped his shoulder in support. "cheers Jay."

"It's alright bro I'm here for you yeah, if either of you need a favour or anything or someone to look after lexi yeah! I will come by tomorrow to see him" He fist pumped Ben before leaving them to it, quietly letting himself out.

"Dinner will be ready in a couple of minutes, if you want to wake sleeping beauty" Phil shouted through. Ben smiled at the way his dad really treated Callum Like family.

"Babe? Cal?" He gently shook Callum awake

"Hey darlin, you feeling any better?" Ben asked softly seeing Callums eyes flutter open

Callum smiled with a wince as he tried to support himself to a sitting position.

"Yeah, a bit better"

"Dad's made dinner, do you want to come in the kitchen for something to eat?" He asked crouching so he was eye level with Callum

Callum nodded "I am pretty hungry now I'm awake"

"Good" Ben said kissing him before he helped Callum stand up and steady him as he swayed slightly. "Woah steady Cal"

"Sorry, I just feel a bit weird babe." Callum responded as Ben drew him into a hug. "I've got you Callum, come on babe, its ok."

He helped support Callum as they went into the kitchen and helped him sit down while Phil dished dinner out.

"You heard the latest funny news Callum?" Phil asked passing him his plate.

Callum took a moment to respond, blinking but then he looked at Phil anĸ shook his head. "Sharon and Ian are married." Phil said grinning

"What? Ben how long have I been asleep for?" Callum teased with a shy smile

"Yeah it was apparently all arranged in about an hour at Ian's bedside." Ben chuckled as he tucked into his chicken Pie. "my mum's going mental"

"Blimey its all been happening today for you then ain't it?" Callum replied.

"Don't even start you!" Ben said in mock anger "I'm sure I've got a speeding ticket on the way to the hospital as well as the heart attack I had when I seen you there."

"Sorry" Callum said sadly.

"It's fine, you're home now and I can keep an eye on you and make sure your following doctors orders to rest and take it easy. Stop apologising babe, none of this is your fault."

"Ben's right" Phil said "You have to stay positive and stick together. You can get through this Callum, i know you can"

"Can you remember anything yet babe." Ben asked softly stroking Callums cheek when they lay in bed later that night

"About before you woke up in hospital?"

Callum looked thoughtful but shook his head. "Not really, my heads still really fuzzy. I just remember...feeling wierd... and...then-"

Ben frowned when Callum continued to pause "and then what babe? It's ok, you can tell me" He looked at Callums face, noticing the vacant look.

"CAL!" Ben tried a little louder "babe are you ok you are scaring me?" He blinked back tears "Callum please come back to me babe, everything is ok" he kept whispering comforting words to Callum silent tears sliding down his face. It was a couple of minutes later when Callum blinked at Ben in confusion. "Ben, why are you crying?" He was shocked when Ben suddenly enveloped him in a hug. "Cal, you're back. Thank God. You weren't responding to me at all. I was so scared"

"Ben loosen up a bit, I'm still sore" Callum gasped. Ben immediately let go.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't hurt you did I love?"

"No I'll be ok. What do you mean I wasn't responding?" Callum said yawning still looking dazed.

"You were somewhere in your mind babe, I couldn't reach you. Ash said this might happen though and your clearly still knackered right. So why don't we get some sleep now hmmm. Like I said I'll be right here Cal ok?" Ben said kissing him softly.

"Love you Ben" Callum whispered drifting into sleep. Ben however took a lot longer to fall asleep, he just gazed at Callums sleeping face and tried to fight back the panic still coursing through his system.

"Callum still in bed?" Phil asked seeing Ben come down in his dressing gown the next morning.

"Yeah" Ben sighed "He had another one last night, i thought he could do with a lie in"

"What a seizure?" Phil asked shocked "What happened, are you both alright?"

"Yeah" Ben said running a hand over his face. "It wasn't a full seizure. Just where he zoned out and I couldn't reach him. I felt so helpless dad."

"Listen Ben." Phil said "this ain't gonna be easy for either of you. I'm here for you both ok." He watched Ben nod "Callum will just want reassuring that your not going anywhere, judging from a few conversations I've had with him. And I rang jack this morning."

Ben's head darted up in shock. "Well what did he say?"

"He said that Callum is on paid medical leave until the results come back, he will first be on desk duty when he returns and his usual partner on duty is his work mate Fizz who has an epileptic child so if he does go out on the beat he will be with her or Jack himself. He will need a few adjustments to his role but Jack won't give up on him, and he will be round here later tonight to see how He is doing!"

Really?" Ben released the breath he didn't realise he had been holding "He can still be a copper? Oh thank God. I didn't want to tell him otherwise."

"Everything will work out Ben ok. Now I'm off to the solicitors, if you need me ring me, and you take good care of Callum yeah, he needs ya!"

Ben was pouring out a cup of tea when he heard Callum shuffle into the kitchen.

"I was just about to bring you a brew up babe!"

He felt Callums arms encircle his waist. "Thanks" Callum whispered "so lucky I've got you"

With the tone in Callums voice, Ben knew Callum was having an episode of low self esteem. He turned round and hugged him "same here, and I'm not going anywhere ok. I love you Callum. This epilepsy doesn't change that ok!"

Callum nodded sniffling "I just don't understand Ben, I've not had one in over 10 years. Why now? When I'm finally happy?"

Ben wiped away the tears streaming down Callums face.

"Because you are overworked, stressed and sometimes these things happen not for a reason or because you have done anything wrong, but because they just do" he kissed Callum. "And no matter what happens, we will get through it together ok?"

Callum nodded and hugged Ben again. Silent tears streaming down his face.

After a couple of minutes Ben pulled back. "Why don't we go in the living room and have this brew eh?" He kissed Callums nose. "Dry those tears yeah?" Callum nodded swiping at his eyes.

"Do you want to do anything in particular today?" Ben asked. "Or are you still tired?"

"I dunno" Callum replied with a shrug. "Haven't really thought about it"

"Well let's go have this brew first of all yeah and we can figure it out from there."

They sat curled up together on the sofa. "It's just you were crying last night Ben, and I caused that and I feel awful."

"Don't Cal, ok. Don't blame yourself. I'm ok, I was just tired and emotional myself, and I admit I was a bit scared, but you are ok now, and I just want to look after you!"

"Are you sure?"

"Cal babe, I'm certain!" Ben gazed down fondly. "You are my everything Callum. You can talk to me about anything and I will try and understand and help you ok. You are not alone in this Callum , I'm here."

Callum smiled in response curling up against Ben.

"I could do with some fresh air Ben. Wanna go park or sommat?"

"Course, and if you feel up to it, we could go shopping later or go for a drink?"

"Yeah. I'd like that. I'm just gonna grab a shower"

"Do you want me to make you any breakfast love?"

"I'm not hungry babe. I'm sorry."

"It's ok. You just let me know if there's anything you need ok"

"I don't deserve you!" Callum said giving him a quick kiss before heading to the bathroom.

Ben was Just fixing himself some breakfast when there was a knock at the back door. Ben opened it "alright Jay, come in bro"

"How you both doing today?"

"He seems better, more himself, bit over emotional but I think we both are. He had a partial seizure last night when we were talking in bed. I was terrified. He come round but when he was in his own mind I felt so helpless. There was nothing I could do Jay."

"But you got through it. Just like you will the next time. You've got this Ben. I know it's hard, I can't imagine what your going through mate, I can't. Where is he, still sleeping?"

"Nah he's in the shower, he wants some fresh air." Ben replied "gonna go park. You wanna come?"

"Yeah cheers Ben, that would be great. Come on then make me a brew!"

Ben laughed "Yes boss!"

Ten minutes later Callum came down.

"Alright Jay?"

"Yeah I'm good. How are you? I heard you had a fit mate. Glad to see you up and about to be honest!"

"Nice shower?" Ben said giving him a kiss. "You definitely smell better anyway"

"Shut up!" Callum said nudging him playfully as Ben walked into the hallway

"Ben said you guys are going park? Thought I might tag along with you two!"

"Sure" Callum smiled. "Be glad to get some fresh air. Might help me feel less tired."

"Yeah I popped by last night and you were fast asleep on Ben's Lap on the sofa. He says seizures really take it out you."

"Yeah they do, to be honest I'm just really tired and aching like I've been hit by a bus."

"Here you go babe" Ben returned passing Callum his coat.

The three made their way out onto the square. Ben holding Callums hand.

They ran into Mick as they passed through the market.

"Callum mate, just heard. You alright? Had me worried."

"Yeah just glad to be in the fresh air." Callum said.

"My Nance was epileptic, you'll need a good support network yeah, so If you need anything at all, you let me know yeah!"

"Thanks Mick." Callum responded

"Anyway I'd best be off, got to get some laundry. You just remember yeah, anything you need I'm here."

By the time they reached the park Callum practically threw himself on the bench in relief, while Jay went to grab them all a coffee.

"Are you alright babe?" Ben asked sitting next to him concerned.

"Yeah I will be, the walk took it out of me more than I thought it would. My legs are killing me." Callum laughed slightly to Might be the mood.

"You don't have to put on a brave face Cal. Not for me anyway." He took both of Callums hands in his own. "I'm proud of you Cal, I really am"

"I just can't get my head round it all happening again. I just don't get why? Like is it something I've done? Did I do something that caused it all to start up again?" Ben sighed

"It's nothing you've done babe, except maybe work too hard on trying to find who whacked my half brother who to be honest ain't even worth any of your effort. He's made a lot of enemies on this square. Callum no one is to blame for this ok. I don't blame you. I just want to be there for you. Coz I know this is a big deal and your down playing this by pretending your fine and...what I'm trying to say is you don't have to pretend, its perfectly ok to not be fine yeah?"

Callum nodded as Jay came over with the coffees.

"I don't even know what's happening with work. I ain't even told em. What if I can't go back?" Callum looked devastated.

"My dad rang Jack babe you are on paid medical leave until the test results come back and then on duty with someone called Fizz or Jack. Don't worry yourself Cal, we are on top of everything ok!"

Callum looked relieved.

"Thank you!"

"You don't have to thank me babe, its what I'm here for." Ben kissed him.

"Does everyone know?" Callum asked

"I don't know to be honest" Jay said "everyone's talking about Ian, but then people who do seem to know are people who care about you and just want to make sure you are alright!"

"Yeah don't worry about what other people think!" Ben agreed. "If anyone gives you an hassle they'll be dealing with me."

Callum shook his head smiling at Ben's protectiveness. "Thank you" he responded.

"But seriously tho Cal, what's going on in your head, we can't help unless you talk."

"My DI is an idiot. He wants Phil locked up for the robbery and if I don't do as he says he's gonna put you away Ben. I couldn't stand it. He punched me and Stuart punched him. He's had me working crazy hours and I just, I just can't do it!"

"Babe calm down you can't get worked up."

But Callum continued on "And now I'm having to lie and say that rainie was with Stuart, when I know she legged it from here that night coz Stuart rang me in bits saying shed gone and he blamed Ian. And I just can't cope. I just can't!" He broke down in tears. Burying his head in his hands.

Ben enveloped him in a hug. "Ssshhhh babe, I'm sorry. I didn't know you we're under so much stress, I really didn't. Talk to me next time yeah. I'm not mad at you ok. Stuart says your DI has been suspended and hey Jack's your new DI now anyway. Babe don't cry, you'll set me off."

Callum started to recompose himself.

"Sorry" he muttered in embarrassment.

"Don't be" Jay said. "You can tell us owt, we don't judge. I'm sure Ben's glad you've let off some steam."

Ben nodded in confirmation.

"It'll all be alright babe!" He kissed Callum. "Just relax now yeah and drink your coffee" he pushed his coffee into his hands. "Everything's ok"

Callum smiled and started drinking his coffee. "Oh Ben mate, I meant to ask if your mum was ok?"

Jay broke the silence "saw her before and she was going mental at Phil about something."

"Oh yeah that! That would be Sharon marrying Ian beale at his bedside when they thought he was dying"

"What? I mean everyone knew Ian loves Sharon but she don't love him." Jay exclaimed. "What is she playing at? What's Phil said?"

"We both agreed to give it no further thought and to focus on my boyfriend who's having a tough time instead as he means more to us." Ben said staring at Callum who blushed.

so yeah, this is just a plot bunny I couldn't say no too. I'm not epileptic, so whilst I have done research it is not medically accurate (probably)

hope you enjoyed