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"emphasis, dream, and scroll"


"Deep Emotion"

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General POV

Pitch's Dream: 1 Week Later

(Evil Minds OST)

It was dark, Pitch can be seen wearing his suit as he walked to a pair of large double doors that he proceeded to blow off its hinges. The sight he was greeted with was that of Salem, standing at one end of a long purple table made of some form of crystal that had three bone-like chairs on both sides and a crystal throne. What had his full attention though was the sight of a Summer Rose in a vulnerable state below Salem. Pitch rushed to her side as one of his Nightmares crashed through two of the windows, before grabbing Summer and taking her away. The two of them glared back at one another.


The next image was of one of the wings of her castle completely demolished with Salem on her back struggling to get up with multiple bone-like spears impaling and pinning her body to a broken piece of a wall. Pitch stands above her looking worse for wear as he opens his mouth and says, "You can't over power me and I obviously can't kill you, but can escape at any time while trapping you for a while. So, since Summer can't make a deal... How would you like to make a deal with me? Either that or I keep tearing your castle down."

Salem looks at him with interest and spite before smiling as she says, "I'm listening."

"Same as what you did with Summer, I won't assist in Ozpin's war and will act as a neutral party if you leave my loved ones alone for twelve years. " He takes out and opens a scroll before tossing it to her. "And to make sure you keep your end, I have something that you'd want desperately."

With a free hand she picks it up and widens her eyes and glares at him with mixed emotions as she sees what was given to her. Pitch chuckles, "You didn't honestly think that I would be stupid enough to come here alone with out SOME kind of leverage, did you not?"

He turns to leave with one thing to say, "Meet me in the plaza when you get out of that, we'll talk more about our terms when you get there." 'It's sad that she's doomed to fail, her plan can only backfire since the elder brother could do far worse... Zeref could attest to that...'

His Room: With Raven & Pitch in bed

(Fairy Tail: Piano Theme)

As the sun began to rise, the sheet to the bed started to rustle. Pitch's eyes shot open, but as he looks around he sees that it was only a dream-no, a memory. As his eyes roam to his side, he smiles softly at the scene of Raven's bare sleeping form. Their faces were only inches apart, he moved a few strands of hair out of her face before wrapping his arms around her and pulling close. He could feel her soft pale skin that was emphasized by her large bust pressing against his chest, he could smell the ocean scented shampoo she used in her long flowing hair. Simply being with her was a gift in itself, to spend time with her like that was heaven.

When she felt his warmth, she unconsciously snuggled in deeper with a cute smile of her own. He felt one of his legs getting captured by both of hers. They just laid there lost in the other's presence, not knowing how much time had passed, but all good things must come to an end. Her crimson eyes flutter open and gaze into his own while half lidded. She smiles at him and gives him a chaste kiss to start the morning, "Good morning, you sleep well?"

Pitch smiles at her and he wraps his arms around Raven before rolling her on top of him, he sighs with longing as he looks into her crimson eyes, he slides a stand of hair out of her face before saying, "Have I ever told you how much I love you?"

"Every morning and night... Are you okay, you look paler than usual."

He chuckles, "Just a bad dream, nothing to be worried about." He then begins to hum as he rests back on the bed as he holds her from behind.

"I've never heard that one before." She said absently, "I meant what you're humming."

He gives her a questioning look before smiling, "Oh, it's just something my mother always sang to me. Let's see if I remember the words... I love you~ I've walked with you once upon a dream~ I love you that look in your eyes so familiar a gleam~ And I know it's true that visions are certain what they see~ But if I know you, I know what you'll do~ You'll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream~..."

Raven chuckles. "It's a bit corny if you ask me, but still... I can't say that I don't like it. Is that all or is there more to it?"

"I'm not sure, it's been a very long time since I heard it, but I can say that afterwards it actually gets a touch repetitive... *sigh* I love you Raven, I hope you know that." He says with a small tear going down his face. "I love you so much."

Raven didn't know what to say as she saw how her lover is acting, so she does the only thing she can. She turns to him while giving him a kiss on the lips before she snuggles closer into him and says, "I love you too, I'm here for you."

They lie down for a full ten minutes before she gets up and walks to the bathroom naked and says, "Join me when you're ready, you still have a meeting with Ozpin in three hours, that gives us some time."

As she was about to close the door she heard Pitch say one thing before she turned on the shower and joined her.

"Thank you."

(Fairy Tail: Piano Theme) END

Beacon Tower: 2 hours and 50 minutes later

(Ozpin Vol 3 theme)

In the emerald tower the headmaster can't help but sigh in exasperation as he stares out the window and at the Bullheads coming in from Atlas. While Ozpin respects his fellow headmaster and is grateful for his many years of service, he can't help but cringe whenever he sees that the man arrives to Vale as subtly as Port in class, putting himself on full display as if to say, "I am here, revere us for we are the glory of Atlas". Needless to say that he could tell that Atlas has grown too proud and that it's only a matter of time before it bite them in the ass.

Glynda walks toward Ozpin with a clipboard in hand and says in an aggravated tone, "Ironwood certainly loves bringing his work wherever he travels."

"Well, running an academy and a military makes him a busy man." Ozpin defends his friend as he watches three more Bullheads docking. "But yes, those are a bit of an eyesore."

A high pitched beeping sound could be heard coming from his desk. Ozpin turns to see a hollow-message 'Access Requested' on his desk. "Come in." Ozpin says.

The doors to the elevator opened and the instant he saw who came out he was filled with a feeling of relief seeing that it was just the general. Not to say that he wasn't important, far from it, he was just glad that Pitch wasn't with him. James smiled as he approached Ozpin approaches to greet him.

"Ozpin!" Ironwood cordially says, as he walks to the other headmaster.

Ozpin lets out a breath as he responds. "Hello, General."

"Please, drop the formalities." Ironwood speaks informally now. Both headmasters shake hands as Glynda also approaches. "It's been too long. And Glynda! It has certainly been too long since we last met, motherhood suits you."

"Oh, James!" Glynda gives a sarcastic wave and then drops all pleasantries. "I'll be outside." She walked away to skip the meet-and-greet, but right as she got to the door, Pitch came in with a tired and annoyed look on his face as he slammed the door to the fire escape open.

Glynda walks over to his side to make sure that he's alright as Ozpin looks at the man in black with a small smile and asks, "Why Pitch, so great to see that you've made it, for a moment there I thought that you'd miss this little reunion. But why did you take the stairs? Are you not getting enough exercise."

Pitch glares at the immortal with vexation as sees that the man is having a little trouble keeping himself from smiling. The teacher composes himself as he says with an annoyed grin, "Yes well, the woman at the front desk said that the elevator was broken, so I had to walk up thirty flights of stairs just to get here. So forgive me if there was any delay." Pitch turned to Ironwood and smiled genuinely before walking over to him and gave him a brief hug and said, "James, it's great seeing you again! I see that you've lost the pony tail."

The general chuckles as he separated from the man and said with a smile, "As it turns out the military has a dress code that doesn't allow leather jackets and hairstyles that end up in your mouth, but the reason is more that kept getting stuck in doors. By the way, when did you trade in the suit for a robe?"

Pitch looked a little unsure before saying, "Well~ if looks could kill..."

James sighs, "Late then? Alright. It's good to see you too, you should stop by Atlas sometime. It's been years since we've last had a chance to just sit around and talk, the bar you opened a while back has become a great success while you've been away. Surprisingly, quite a few of my men frequent the establishment."

Pitch folds his hands behind his back as he chuckles while tilting his head down, "I'll think about it, we could catch up over drinks with a friend of mine."

"Alright then." James then sighs contentedly, "I really wish that Sienna could be here. Then we'd have the whole team back together."

A silence passes over the room as things take on a depressing atmosphere between Pitch, Ironwood and Glynda remember their days as Team KIGP (Kingpin). Pitch, after a brief pause, asks his teammate. "...How have things with Sienna been? Have you two made up yet?"

His friend lets out a depressed sigh followed by a self deprecating laugh as he says, "That's... complicated. I mean, with the White Fang settling down we aren't openly hostile towards each other. But I think that things will work out in time." He turns to Glynda and tries to change the subject by asking her, "What about you, how is your family getting along? I've heard that you made a new addition recently."

Glynda's mood instantly brightens up as she takes out her Scroll and shows her teammates the baby pictures that she has taken. When the two see them, not even the general could deny -internally- that Glynda's daughter is adorable. The pictures show a two month old infant with a pale complexion, emerald green eyes and short black curly hair. The pictures showed ones of Mardy reading to her in a rocking chair, Mardy getting puked on, Glynda holding him, Glynda and Mardy sitting on a brown couch with their daughter in their arms, and lastly one where Glynda trying to change a diaper while laughing in amusement the baby pees on Glynda's husband.

Pitch just looks on at the scene and gives a hyena laugh, "You know, I almost miss raising an infant right up until I remember the work. The diapers and the crying are quite the workload, but at least you have your semblance for the especially hard days."

She grumbled at the thought of having to clean up after her children, "Third times the charm, at least I have a husband that knows how to juggle. Despite what most would think, Mardy is practically a saint with how he handles them."

"She has your eyes. What's her name?" Ironwood asks.

Glynda put them away as she tells them, "Her name is Fey, she's just the most adorable little fairy isn't she?"

"Sorry to interrupt, it's not that I don't find this heart-warming, but I believe there is a certain matter that we must discuss." Ozpin says as he returns to his desk, while Glynda blushes in embarrassment and Ironwood rubs the back of his head. "I don't want to be rude but I must ask, what in the world has brought you all the way down from Atlas?" He picks up a mug and a kettle, pouring as he speaks. "Headmasters don't typically travel with their students for the Vytal Festival." He turns and offers the cup to Ironwood.

Ironwood accepts the cup. "Well, you know how much I love Vale this time of year." He then produces a canteen from his inside coat pocket and pours its contents into his mug before offering some to the others, to which they declined. "Besides, with you hosting, I thought that this might be a good opportunity for us to... catch up."

Ozpin walks around to his desk, kettle and a new mug in hand as he pours himself some coffee. "I can certainly appreciate the quality time between friends, however the small fleet outside my window has me concerned."

Pitch walk towards the desk and cuts in, "Part of that is because I asked for him to come, it's been so many years since we were all in the same room and lord only knows how long it's been since he's had a vacation day, but that isn't the only reason I've called you here."

"Well, concern is what brought them here, well the council at least. But believe me when I tell you that them coming here was not what I had in mind, they saw it as a way to 'flex our muscles' and used my visit as an excuse to stroke their ego." Ironwood says with an exhausted look.

Ozpin groans. "I understand that travel between kingdoms has become increasingly difficult as of late and that the council isn't making things any easier…" Ozpin takes a drink and sets down his mug. "But we must remember that we are in a time of peace. Shows of power like this are just going to give off the wrong impression, one of these days the council is going to over reach and cause a disaster."

"I am well aware of that, there is going to be an election in a few years. Ozpin, I know how hard you've worked to keep our war hidden, but if what Qrow said is true and at the rate she is building up her forces... I fear that she'll force us into a second great war. The Red Maw and Salem's followers have been spreading tension, we need to be the ones to act or Salem will use that fear and ignorance to cripple us." Ironwood urges.

"Yes, I understand what you're saying, but until then we will handle it tactfully. After we deal with the Maw and settle things with the White Fang, then we'll work on a plan to bring everyone in on this." Ozpin emphasizes this as he holds up a pointer finger. "It's the Vytal Festival. A time to celebrate unity and peace, so we best use this time to remind ourselves that our efforts have bore fruit." He takes another sip. "At the very least, I truly hope that you'll be able keep your men under control and not scare people by transporting hundreds of soldiers halfway across the continent. Now, Pitch, I think it's best that you explain yourself." He says as everyone's focus lands on Pitch.

He lets out a sigh and asks, "Well, I think that before I explain there is one more thing to do... You can come in now!"

Just after Pitch says this, the door that he entered through opens slowly as Summer walks in with an embarrassed look on her face. When James saw her he widened his eyes as he dropped his mug, shattering it on the floor, "Ehe hey, Jimmy, ya miss me?"

The general chokes on his beverage before he spins to his teammate and demands, "Summer!? How the hell is this possible? I thought Summer was-!"

"I know and this part of the reason I called you here was that telling you or any of the others through our devices is too great of a risk. I had to make sure that this information wouldn't get leaked and that we could talk about this in person."

Ironwood collects himself and turns serious, "What are you saying?"

He took in a deep breath and said what he had to, "Arthur Watts is alive and working with Salem."

Ironwood gave his friend a shocked expression and yelled, "That's impossible! To be able to fake his death and slide under our radar for years would take the work of a-!"

Pitch looked at his friend with a flat expression, "A genius? I'm pretty sure that if anyone can fake their death, it's him."

Ozpin's face became stern and asked, "What are you getting at?"

Pitch sighed as he went on to explain in further detail, "Watts is by far one of the most brilliant scientists in Atlas's history, Salem would have to be a fool not to gain an ally with his set of skills. It's not impossible for him to hack the CCT system and cause chaos, I also believe that Lionheart has been compromised."

Ozpin gained an aggravated expression as he frowned deeply, "What makes you so sure?"

"Leo has always been a cowardly lion, so it's not that hard to believe that he has been leaking information. Last I checked, Amber was on her way back from Mistral when she disappeared and from what Summer has remembered from the events from twelve years ago, that she stopped by Haven just before heading off to Grimm Lands to confront her, but when we asked him if he had heard anything from her, he denied it saying that he hasn't seen her in years. Keep in mind that out of all the Academies, Haven has the highest mortality rate among its graduates. And even if he is still loyal..."

Pitch begins to cringe. "Among all of the headmasters, his office is the least secure. He has no locks on his doors electronic or not, his windows aren't bulletproof while his back faces them, the place is immensely disorganized and to top it off the shelves above his desk are high and full. Put all of that into account and it makes setting up listening devices or assassination seem like a cakewalk."

Ironwood looks horrified at the thought that someone so close to them was working with their sworn enemy and that they never knew, "This is... disturbing."

Ozpin folds his as he gets into a thinking pose as he asks, "And why now, why are you telling us this now of all time? From the way you've been speaking, I can guess that you've at least suspected this for quite some time."

Pitch looks the wizard in the eye with a steel gaze as he wore a dark smile, "Because last night I sent him false information about someone with silver eyes being spotted by a bandit camp -No relation to the Branwen tribe-, two hours later I was informed by my sources that it was burned to the ground, showing signs of a large scale Grimm attack. However this presents us with an opportunity..." This gains everyone's interest as he goes on. "Whether he is giving her information willingly doesn't change the fact that she is getting it nonetheless, I suggest that we hold off for now and work on setting up a trap. Tell him that you suspect me of being the leak and make him feel safe as he grows bolder in ways that he'd use me as a scapegoat for what he's done... When the moment is right and he becomes sloppy and makes mistakes, that is when we move in. You could also use it as an excuse so that you have to meet in person, like we are now, so we can capture and squeeze some useful information out of him."

"... Very well then." Ozpin replies before sighing. "Until we have this sorted out and confirm where Leo's allegiance lies we will have to continue our meeting as we are now. I'll get started on a letter to Shade."

"Agreed." Ironwood turns and walks away with Pitch at his side.

In the Elevator with Pitch & Ironwood

An awkward silence filled the air as neither one knew what to say, Pitch took a deep breath in and out. He turns to his old teammate and asks, "So, have you been smoking pot again?"

Ironwood gets out of a daze before answering, "Hm? Oh, not regularly, I only do it once a year... or after I have to deal with the council's bigotry and Jacques." James turns to see Pitch's teasing grin before sighing "Alright, I've been doing it once a month. Just to make things clear, it's for medical reasons this time, unfortunately I have to go to Mistral to get my prescription refilled. My semblance is good for focusing on the task at hand, but the downsides of tunnel vision and with how it forces me to ignore emotions... it can make for a dangerous combination."

"Are you sure it's a good idea to get even more involved? Robyn would be of help." Pitch huffed.

"I wish I could, but we don't know who we can trust, so unless I trust them with my own life I'll have to forge ahead."

Pitch reassures him, "I still say that it's worth a shot. All you have to do is lend a hand quite literally."

"I'll think about it, why can't these things ever be easy?" Ironwood prunes on.

"Welcome to politics." Pitch says, trying to lighten the mood.

"More like the world of brown noses, at least you aren't obligated to go to every charity ball that is regularly used as an excuse to stroke the egos of the rich and powerful. There have been times where some people try to force me into an arranged marriage with women around half my age. Hell, Jacques once tried to pawn Winter on me, Winter. And don't even get me started on the trophy wives, they cause the most chaos over the smallest things. They should stay at home behind a glass class, preferably sound proof." The general groaned before turning to his friend, "Sorry, the past few weeks have been a bit stressful. The point is that I feel that if I use it for too long or if I don't wind down every so often, I'd end up doing something reckless that would backfire and be easily avoidable."

Summer giggles by the two and says, "If you ask me, Mettle sounds more like a drug than the pot."

"I almost forgot you were here." James lets out a hollow laugh, "That aside, I can see the irony in that."

Pitch looks around the elevator before he reaches into his pocket and clicks a button before he sighs, "Ozpin cannot be allowed to transfer Amber's powers."

"What?" James looks at him shocked that he knows of the plan.

"James, I know that you and Ozpin have been planning this for quite some time now. Don't forget who stepped into that pod first. I know that times are harsh, but what this plan entails carries too much risk."

James' face became serious, "And just what do you suggest? We can't just allow Salem to take her powers."

"And I'm not saying that we will, but even if it works, there is a chance we'll gain an enemy on the same level as her if not worse." Pitch says in unease, knowing that it would be too much for even him.

Ironwood was taken aback by this declaration, "Just what are you implying?"

Pitch hesitated before sighing, "... I believe that there is a chance that forcefully merging the maiden's powers in such a way would run a risk of creating a being like Ozpin." James widens his eyes in shock.

"The maiden's power's are linked to the soul of the possessor, what that machine does will force the souls to merge so that the power can be transferred with it. And if the maiden's power's are merged with the combined soul, there is a distinct possibility that they will be stuck in a cycle of reincarnation only that it will be far more violent. The maiden's power's transfer to the last person they think of or someone random while Ozpin merges with someone with a similar soul making it stable in the process, if that quality also applies, then..." Pitch waits for Ironwood to catch on.

The general grips head forehead and finishes Pitch's thought, "Then there will be a chance that a psychopath may very well gain them and because the souls are so different, they could further corrupt the soul and consciousness of the user. To make matters worse, every maiden after that would lose more of its sanity with each passing incarnation. But why didn't you bring this up to Ozpin?"

"The fact that he hasn't mentioned the plan to me and that he knows where she is and her current condition. It means that he doesn't trust me enough. The poison in her system has already damaged her internal organs beyond recovery."

Summer gets upset, "But you healed me! Why can't you do the same for her?"

The headmaster says with a grimace, "I'm guessing he used a few semblances gained from All For One in order to heal you. The last I've heard, you didn't have any semblance that was capable of curing diseases or poisons, only physical damage."

"Correct, Salem injured you in an entirely physical way. Salem was about to dispose of her body when I came in... Never thanked you for keeping All For One a secret from Ozpin, so thanks."

James chuckles, "Of course I would, we're friends after all."

(Ozpin Vol 3 theme) END


Ironwood sighs, "I'm going to have to make a few calls and see what I can do... How has Raven been holding up? Does she still blame herself?"

Pitch's expression took on a depressed form, "No, she realized that there was nothing she could do, but that doesn't mean she's stopped blaming Ozpin for sending her there. What happened in that village nearly broke her and drove her away. If things go the way they hope, she and Yang will meet after the Vytal Festival and have made up in a year."

"That's some progress." Pitch looked at his teammate, who wore a teasing grin. "You're fortunate that Ozpin didn't notice that hickey on your neck." Pitch slapped the side of his neck, but heard Summer and James laughing, "Gotcha, but seriously tell Raven that I wish her good luck." To which Pitch scowled and flipped them the bird

(Melancholia: Music Box)




As Pitch watched his friend's walk of a voice made itself known with a cackle, "Oh boy, things sure are starting to heat up around here, I just can't wait to see some action again. What do you say we paint the town red? I'm thinking something in maw HAHA!"

Pitch turned his head to his shoulder and narrowed his eyes at the cloth that formed a round face that had rows of sharp teeth and jester hat with two bells, "Soon, but not yet. You'll have more than your fill of violence in the days to come."

"We better! I don't know how much longer I can take this. I haven't had any blood or steel in my gut in months! I wonder if little sis would be willing to make a day out of it HAHA!"

Pitch sighs as he walks off, "You know that you have legs, why don't you take care of the upcoming rally while I tackle the bigger issue."

The face smiled widely as Pitch's robe turned into dust before reforming as a tall slender being. He stretches and twists his body around as he says, "Oh it feel so fucking GREAT to have legs again. Say what you want about my semblance, but literally having to cover your sorry ass gets old fast."

The figure was an eight foot tall robotic man with the appearance of a jester who wears a jester cap and bell, a yellow ruffle and a black collar with bells below, two yellow eyes, a happy face on one shoulder and a sad face on the other. His outfit has red and dark teal stripes with a yellow trim at the bottom along with glowing white hearts. He has glowing green eyes and a face white as snow filled with sharp jagged teeth.

Pitch was left in his normal suit and said, "You'll have to wait a while, Penny will return in time. Until then you can do some sightseeing and take care of what you need to, but don't-."

The clown interrupted him and spoke in a robotic voice while waving him off, "Pfft, yeah yeah I know. Don't get spotted, don't kill hunters, don't eat that, ."

Pitch finished, "Just be back by midnight, Fizz. And please, disguise yourself, an eight foot tall mechanical jester will attract too much attention. The last thing I need is James breathing down my neck when he hears that you're in town."

He groans and complains while crossing his arms, "Yeah sure, I'll see what I can find. Ugh~, but seriously, why is it ALWAYS MIDNIGHT with you people!?Now, if you don't mind, TIME FOR SOME FUN!" He yelled as he jumped off the edge of Beacon while floating down by using his hat as a parachute. In the distance he could be heard shouting, "I'll tell Diam you said 'hi', we're gonna raise some Hell HAHAhahaha!~"

"Shit." Pitch facepalms as he watches his weapon go off to do God knows what, "My first success is the biggest pain in my ass, I hope Raven can make me feel better."

(Melancholia: Music Box) END

Meanwhile, Beacon Library

As Pitch and the others finished their meeting with Ozpin, Dusty was watching in boredom as his sister's team was playing Remnant's equivalent of Axis and Allies shown playing... At least this game doesn't take an average of twenty minutes to set up and a minimum of two hours to win assuming one of the players is an idiot. Dusty shivers at the thought of it being at a game night, at least D&D sounded fun... kinda.

"Hmmmmm... All right... All right!" Ruby points at Yang. "Yang Xiao Long, prepare your kingdom for battle!"

"Bring it on!" Yang responds, thrusting her elbow down as she balls her fist.

"I deploy the Atlesian Air Fleet!" Ruby slaps her card down on the table causing Yang to feign a look of shock. "Looks like I get to fly right over your Ursai and attack your walls directly!" Ruby makes noises like airplanes flying and bombing as she makes a bird with her hands.

"You fiend!" Yang points at Ruby accusingly.

Ruby is now ducked at one end of the table. "And since Atlas is part of Mantle-" Dusty cuts in out of boredom, "To the world? Yes. To the locals? Fuck no." "-my repair time is only one turn." Ruby ignores her bored twin in favor of her sister's arrogant laughter.

Yang raises a card. "Pretty sneaky, sis, but you just activated my trap card!" Yang shows the card to the people in front of her, making Ruby visibly disturbed. "Giant Nevermore!" Yang slams the card down on the table. "If I roll a seven or higher, fatal feathers will slice your fleet in two!"

Ruby points at Yang. "But, if you roll a six or lower, the Nevermore will turn on your own forces!" The Nevermore is shown to be turning back toward Yang.

"That's just a chance I'm willing to take." Yang responds as the two glare at each other.

Team DRPN are shown as Yang and Ruby banter about the game. Ren is reading a large book while Nora is really hopefully sleeping with her head on his lap and not doing ANYTHING else, Dusty takes a peak just to be sure and sighs in relief to see her snoring, that would've been SO awkward.

Jaune is overtaken by another table reading stacks of CAMP CAMP books with his team, which Dusty sees and asks, "Hey Jaune, can I have some of those when you guys are done?"

Sky offhandedly says, "Yeah, sure."

Pyrrha taps Dusty on the shoulder and as he turns she asks about what he was reading, "Oh, um..." He looks at the title, "Dust & Aura Manipulation Across the Ages, before Ruby and I got in -and when Torchwick got away the first time- we saw a woman helping him escape, whether it was a form of Dust & Aura manipulation a unique semblance, I'm not sure. I just know that it's a trick that I want to save for a rainy day." 'Or in this case, the shit storm of Beacon.'

She smiled and handed him a book that he grabs, she tells him, "It's about weaving Dust into clothes, it says that it works best in the form of gloves of some sort."

He kisses her on the cheek, causing her to blush. He gives her a tired smile and thanks her, "I really appreciate that, this will help a lot." 'In taking care of Cinder.'

She turns as red as her hair and says, "Oh, it was nothing. But be careful, as long as you don't put too much aura into it, Grimm will be the only ones turning into dust."

Dusty grimaces, 'And~ my anxiety is back with a bitch slap. If I didn't know better, I'd say this girl is trying to give me a heart attack.'

Weiss slumps in her chair, cries and whines. "I hate this game of emotions we play."

Ruby hops into Weiss' lap. "Stay strong, Weiss! We'll make it through this together!" Ruby's face covered in the same comical tears as Weiss.

"Shut up!" Weiss yells as she hugs onto Ruby. "Don't touch me!"

Yang puts her arms up behind her head. "Alright Blake, you're up!"

"Oh, um, sorry, what am I doing?" Blake asks, clearly having not paid attention to the current events.

"You're playing as Vale, trying to conquer the Kingdoms of Remnant!" Yang answers. In the background Jaune gets up and walks to them.

"Right." Blake answers, her mind clearly on other things.

Dusty looked at them and gave his sister a flat look, "If you wanted her to be more into it, you should've given her Vacuo." They all look at him as he rolls his eyes and puts his book down, "Back then, Menagerie, a place that now only houses Faunas, was still part of Vacuo. Give her the right mindset and motivation and you'll be eating out of your hand."

Blake blushes madly and yells, "That was one time."

He gives her an annoyed glare, "It was four times and each time it was something I was eating."

Ruby glances between the two with confusion, "Am I missing something?"

Pyrrha walked over to her and told her, "Blake has been snagging his sushi for a week now, he's been getting annoyed since."

Ruby gives her an understanding look as she bops her fist into her hand and says, "Oh".

"Sounds fun, can I play?" Jaune asks as he greets the other group.

"Oh uh, sorry Jaune, we've already got four people." Ruby answers, now fully recovered.

"Besides, this game requires a certain level of tactical cunning that I seriously doubt that you possess." Weiss remarks.

"Uhh, you attacked your own naval fleet two turns ago." Yang mentions.

"Bring it on, Ice Queen! I'll have you know that I have been told that I am a natural born leader!" Jaune boasts.

"By who? Your mother?" Weiss jokes.

"A-and Pyrrha!" Jaune defends himself.

"Y-yeah~..." Pyrrha says, a little unsure as she remembers how he led his team to her throughout the day... with a compass.

"Come on, let me play your hand for a turn!" Jaune begs with both hands folded together.

"I'm not trusting you with the good citizens of Vacuo!" Weiss holds her hand away from Jaune.

"Why not? You've trusted me with way more important stuff before. I mean, you told us all that Blake is secretly a Fau-."

Pyrrha darts over and slaps a hand over Jaune's mouth. Suddenly, Rustle speaks out, "Meh, we don't really care. We knew from day one."

Everyone, including Dusty, nearly snapping their necks to turn to the rest of Jaune's team, "WHAT!?"

Dove speaks for the first time since they've met, "You're disguise was okay at best and didn't do a good job fooling anyone. Cardin was prick to everyone on his team, the guy was a schmuck. Rustle's hair, my voice, Sky's sexuality; he was a dick. For someone who reads Ninja porn all day, you would think you'd learn some kind of stealth."

Dove's confession was the only thing keeping them from bursting out in laughter as they all thought, 'WHAT'S WRONG WITH HIS VOICE!? HE SOUNDS LIKE ELMO ON HELIUM!?'

"Well, as shocking as it is to find out how low Blake's talent for stealth really is, I've gotta go. You can keep the books Jaune, I'll come back for them some other time. Come on Pyrrha, we've got that thing to do?" Dusty tips his hat as he snorts and walks away with Pyrrha.

"Ahem, yes, that thing." The sides of her mouth twitch a lot as Blake grips her cat ears, trying to block out the high pitched noise of Pyrrha's laughter.

"Sup losers." Sun comes into the scene holding his fingers in a peace sign.

"Hey Sun!" Ruby greets him.

With Ozpin & Glynda

(Kevin MacLeod: Sneaky Snitch)

Back in Beacon tower, the two professors talk to one another about possible replacements for Lionfart once he's been removed from his position. Glynda sighs as her boss takes a sip from his recently refilled mug, "Sir, I doubt Qrow would be the wisest choice for this matter." Glynda discreetly hits record on her scroll, 'There's no way I'm not recording this, no wonder Pitch enjoys screwing over Oz so much!'

He chuckles as he puts the mug down, "Glynda, it was merely a suggestion. After all, he's one of my top wanked men..." Ozpin then begins to rub his mouth.

Glynda fakes a cough and asks, "I'm sorry sir, I didn't quite catch that."

Ozpin took his hand away from his mouth and tried to repeat himself, "Apologies, must've been a slip of the tongue, my mouth is growing a tad numb. I said that Qwow is one of my top wanked men..."

She finds it hard not to chuckle at her boss's plight, "Ahem, please continue. I'll know what you mean." Glynda says with a smile.

The wizard blushes, "Ahem, so in order to refocus our efforts and weally take charge, I'm going to wank all of them wight now."

Glynda snorts as the headmaster looks like he's going through hell, "You're going rank who? Oh, Qrow is on the line, let's put him on." She says as she presses a button on his desk to accept the call.

"Hey Oz, I'll be arriving in a few days. Is there anything you need to tell me before I get there?"

Glynda speaks up, "The is a promotion Oz has been meaning to bring up and has just decided on what to do with the candidates."

For the first time in a long time, Ozpin prayed, 'Dear gods help me!' "I'm going to wank them, each of them, one at a time, though I weserve the wight to have you guys pair off an wank each other later..." 'This is humiliating!'


Meanwhile at The Darkness nightclub, the God of Darkness was in his room when he sensed Ozpin's prayer and said to himself, "You're on your own," He said as he conjured some popcorn and sat in his chair. "I hope the Relics stay apart, cause watching these kinds of things are just too much fun."

With Ozpin

"... First off, you're not my type and I don't swing that way. Second, I already had a wank in a bush."

Ozpin bangs his head against the desk as Glynda tries desperately struggling to keep her mouth shut, "Qrow, Professor Ozpin must have had something bad in his coffee, must be one of Pitch's latest pranks." 'I've still got it, I wonder what the others will do this year. I've heard that Pitch has been practicing hypnosis.'

(A/N: Once a year before the start of the Vytal festival, Team KIGP has a competition on who can do the best prank. It is a team tradition between the four and this year it's Ozpin's turn to serve as a warm up before they go for Port.)

Qrow can be heard cracking open a beer and sitting down on the other end, "Then by all means, keep it up. You have my undivided attention. Oh, is the wanking gonna be a public decision or is this gonna be in private?"

Ozpin's hearing starts to get fuzzy as he thought Qrow said "Rank" and he says, "Why awe being pwivate with yo wanking? We share here."

Qrow snorts and says, "Uh, cause I'm lonely and haven't been with a woman in 12- no, 8 years."

Ozpin rubs his eyes as he sighs, "That aside Qwow, you will be my number one wanked man. Whenever I have something hard, I'll come wight to you because of how highly I wank you. You outwank everyone else here for the position I have in mind, though you're gonna to be very exposed. Keep in mind it's not too late and that I might consider we-wanking you."

"...Thank you?"

Glynda starts to smile in a way that would freeze Ruby's warm heart, 'I am so~ going to send this to Pitch and the others.'

The Hallway with Pyrrha & Dusty

When the two felt that they had walked far enough away, they burst into laughter at what Dove sounds like.

Dusty hunches over and practically yells, "Oh god dammit! Did you hear that, his voice- his voice, it sounded so high HAhahahaaa!"

Pyrrha leans on his shoulder while not even bothering to hide her laugh, "I know! I know that I should feel bad with him being the one to point things out, but I just can't help myself!"

Dusty then changes his voice, "At least he doesn't sound like this!"

(A/N: YGOTAS Amelda voice)

Pyrrha nearly falls over when she hears what Dusty sounded like, "Stop, stop, I can't breathe!"

As the two finally start to calm down, the pair wrap an arm around the other's shoulder as they catch their breath. Dusty lets out one last breath, "Oh man that was a riot, a real shame I didn't bring my scroll though."

He feels a tap on his shoulder as she turns to see Pyrrha with a shit eating grin, that to anyone one else would come across as polite, as she wags her Scroll in front of him. She sings, "But I~ did~."

He widens his eyes a bit and sees that she just got a message from her dad, he leans over to see what it says, "What did he send you?"

She opens it with a curious look and says, "It's a recording, you want to go to our room and watch?"

He smiles and shrugs, "Yeah sure. Hey, what do you want to do for our next date?"

Pyrrha adopts a thoughtful expression and shrugs, "I'm not sure, would you mind if I ask father."

'Still can't believe how well Pitch is taking the whole parenting thing. It's even harder to believe that he's letting me off so easy being with his daughter, meh, he's always been a laid back guy... even IF he can OSD at times.' "Sure, he's bound to have more experience than us."

She calls and hears it ring a few times before he picks, "Hello, Pyrrha. Good to hear from you -sh cut that out- Do you need anything?" "Caw caw!"

Pyrrha raises an eyebrow, "Is this a bad time, I thought I heard a crow?"

"A Raven actually -Hey! Rave, knock it off.-, but nevermind that. How are you, did you get the recording I sent?"

Dusty's face forms a flat expression as he thinks, 'Well, looks like we're gonna be in-laws one way or another, he always did have a thing for her... Why else would he specify it as a raven?'

"Yes, I have it, unfortunately I haven't had the time to ask. I just called to see if you had any ideas on what would be a good place to have a date would be?"

"I... I'm entirely not sure, I'm kind of on my way to a date right now. The best I can suggest is an arcade and a walk in the park or a movie and cuddling, the latter always works for me. Normally I just shoot Ozpin bobble heads with a shotgun, the guy annoys us to no end so it works... Are you still there?"

Pyrrha looks at her Scroll exasperated, "Yeah, just taking it in. Thanks for the advice we'll think about it."

"I mean, if that doesn't work you could always go to a thrift store. There's one downtown next to a bakery. Oh and while I'm on the phone, I thought I should let you know that I dropped off a gift at your doorstep... It's a cat."

She breaks out into a smile and says, "Thanks, I'll do that one. I love you, bye."

"Yes, I love you t-... Wait, WHA-" But before Pitch could finish, she ended the call and locked her arm with Dusty's as they walked off.

As the two round the corner Dusty struggles to keep calm as he makes the briefest eye contact with Cinder as they walk past one another, but Pyrrha suddenly grabs onto Emerald's wrist.

"Hey, what's the big idea!?", Emerald shouts at the spartan.

Pyrrha gives her a calm smile as she says, "I believe that you have something that belongs to him."

Emerald looked at the red head for a moment with a straight face before she heard Cinder chuckle, "You must forgive my friend here, she merely wanted to test the competition. Emerald, be nice and give our new friend here his wallet back."

The thief grumbles as she returns the stolen wallet, Pyrrha nods and lets go of her wrist. "Thank you, for that."

Cinder gave the pair a somewhat evil smile as she said, "No problem, allow me to introduce ourselves. My name is Cinder Fall, the boy with the grey hair is Mercury, you've already met Emerald and the quiet one is Neo. We're the new transfers from Haven, we are team CMEN."

Pyrrha starts to blush madly when she hears the name, "I am SO sorry what you've had to go through."

Cinder widens her eyes, hoping that the champion of Mistral doesn't know about her past at the Glass Unicorn, she narrows her eyes and asks, "And what pray tell, do you mean by that?"

Pyrrha stutters as she tries to find the words, "W-well, your team name is spelled with a 'N', right?"

Cinder raises a brow as she thinks, 'Is there something wrong with the name I chose? Granted, it's hardly discreet, but why is she blushing?'

Dusty chuckles when he sees where this is going, "Cinder, you put the "C" in semen."

A moment passes before she realizes her mistake, she starts to turn as red as her dress before running like hell.

As the two break out in laughter again they are stopped when they bump into the final member of the team. She was short with long brown hair and matching brown eyes. She says, "Sorry about that, I wasn't watching where I was going."

Dusty looks up at her and thinks that he's seen her somewhere before, but before Pyrrha and Dusty could introduce themselves the girl beat them to it. She holds out her hand and maintains an innocent look, "Oh, where are my manners. My name is Nattily Brunswick, I'm a transfer from Haven. I hope we can get along."

Dusty widens his eyes a bit and thinks, 'So Neo really is from that place... Fuck!'

In Vale

While Dusty and the others were going through with their drama, down in Vale Fizz was seen jumping from roof to roof, completely unnoticed. He then came to a stop when heard something from an alleyway. He walked over to the edge to see what was going on with a wide smile on his face. In the alley, he saw a goat faunas sell what appeared to be drugs, he hummed in thought before he broke out into a fit of laughter, "Hahahahaha! Well the boss did say that I should find myself a disguise, I guess he'll have to do it."

He leapt from the roof and landed right behind the man silently. He tapped the man's shoulder, he turned and saw the malevolent clown behind him. But before he could let out a scream, Fizz snapped the man's neck and dragged him into a nearby dumpster before joining him. An hour passed by before the goat faunas crawled out of the bleeding dumpster. The man was different. Unlike before he now has razor sharp teeth, lime green eyes that glow, and a jester hat with his "horns" sticking out of it. "Now, time for the show to begin. Hahahahahaha!"




Chapter 17, DONE! I hope you liked it, this chapter was inspired by YGOTAS. Again, special thank to Crimson Weresloth for agreeing to do a reaction version. I'm going on a Hiatus until I finish the volume, it should give CW time to catch up. I'm not sure if this would be narcissistic, but I'm adding it to my favorites. I had to update, if not to make sure nobody forgot about me.

To clear things up:

1. The button Pitch pressed in the elevator was something that he uses to prevent others from eavesdropping, he wouldn't put it passed Ozpin to have wire tap everywhere including Pitch's bedroom and classroom.

2. Pitch team was called KIGP (Kingpin) and comprised of Sienna Khan, James Ironwood, Glynda Goodwitch, and Pitch Black.

3. Yes, Neo and Roman are cousins from Brunswick Farms.

4. Fizz is Pitch's weapon and based off of Fizzarolli from Helluva Boss.