Life can be unpredictable, but as long as you stay true to your values and face any challenges that come your way, you can accomplish more than you might think. This was the lesson that Ella's parents had taught her. They both came from humble backgrounds until they opened up a huge and successful clothing store in Carkitt Market. Back when they were starting out, Ella's mother did all of the sewing while her father handled the marketing. The business grew quickly and was considered to be one of the best clothing stores for wizardkind in London. Many workers were hired to help keep the store going. Ella's father still manages the marketing side while her mother is now the bookkeeper.

By the time Ella came along, the family was very wealthy. However, her parents never forgot their humble background. They were fair bosses to their workers, donated money to an orphanage during Christmas time, and taught Ella that being rich is no excuse for laziness. Ella learned at a very young age that every type of work was important and that everybody must pitch in. She kept her room neat, took responsibility for her dog and horse, and for the past few summers had a part-time job at the Owl Post Office in Carkitt Market sorting out mail to earn her own money. She felt useful since she was helping spread joy for people who were waiting for their letters and gifts.

She was close with both of her parents but had a closer relationship with her mother who shared a similar imagination and had a hidden free-spirit behind her practical and responsible outer self. The two enjoyed talking about books and music together. Her father enjoyed growing a huge vegetable and herb garden in their backyard during the warm weather. Ella often helped him with it. Her favorite crop was the pumpkins since they could be enjoyed in many ways. They could be used for seeds, pumpkin bread, pumpkin tart, pumpkin pastries, homemade pumpkin juice and of course the actual pumpkins were made into Jack-O-Lanterns for Halloween.

In Hogwarts, she was placed in Hufflepuff like her parents before her. Her favorite class was the Care of Magical Creatures due to her love for animals. She also enjoyed Potions and Herbology since she felt that one couldn't go without the other. After all, many herbs were put into potions and both subjects could help out others. She was a pretty good duelist as well although she only was willing to fight back as a last option. However, her least favorite subjects were Alchemy and Divination for different reasons. She struggled to understand Alchemy while she saw little uses for Divination. She dreams of becoming a Healer one day. As for entertainment, she played the flute in the school orchestra. She often brought it home with her during Christmas vacation and the summers to practice and perform for her parents and family friends.

Overall, she couldn't complain about her life. However, that didn't mean that it was perfect. There were times that she didn't know whether a person liked her for her or for her family's money and there were some people out there who looked down on her family for being new money. However, there was one thing that bugged her even more than those things... an accident involving Floo Powder.

Back in 1855, a witch named Violet Tillyman used it and mysteriously vanished for twenty years after a terrible fight with her former husband. For the first several months, people were afraid to take the Floo Network due to this. It was later revealed that Violet had accidentally said the wrong location and had landed in a handsome man's fireplace. Despite being dirty and full of tears, it was love at first sight between the two. The two lived on happily together and had seven children.

To avoid the same accident, parents have since given out strict instructions to their children on how to use the Floo Powder. However, during her first try at nine years old, she accidentally said the wrong location. Once she realized her mistake, she panicked. She soon arrived in her wrong destination where her hair was wild, her entire body was covered in ashes, and her clothes were wrinkled. Some people who heard the story teasingly nicknamed her "Cinderella." The nickname has stuck to this day. Talk about not living down a situation. Oh well, what could she do? Let the people have their fun while she keeps moving forward with her life. However, she really does wish that those people would finally grow up.