This is an AU story I've been working on and I wasn't sure where to squirrel it in. Decided I would cross a few. We will see how it goes. I don't own anything except original characters and the main storyline. The relationships between a lot of these people will be different than you know. Any questions shoot me a message.

Jay Halstead stood leaning against a pole half-listening to his girlfriend and their friends trying to come up with a plan. Their flight to Florida was diverted to Mobile and the next one with space for them wasn't for two days. Turning to look out at those heading from the concourse a familiar face in uniform catches his eye.

"No way!" He said out loud.

"No way what?" His girlfriend Erin asked

"ALABAMA!" He shouted

Several heads turned their way.

"Dude, what are you drunk?" Shay asks.

The person in question abruptly stops and familiar green eyes glare in my direction. As the smile grows across her face she pivots in our direction.

"Well as I live and breathe, right here in the state of Alabama, Sergeant City Boy."

When she got close enough he pulled her into a bear hug.

"What are you doing here?" He asks

She stepped back to set her duffle on the ground. "Seeing as this is an airport and my accent would suggest, I'm visiting back home for 3 weeks. Now, where are my manners." She turns her attention to his friends. " Please allow me to apologize, I'm Annabeth Nass but everyone calls me AB except this joker."

Jay turned to introduce the group he was with.

"Alabama, this is Erin, Shay, Dawson, Casey, and Severide."

"It is so very nice to meet y'all. Finally, I can put a face with the name Erin after all City Boy has been blabbering on about like a teenager girl after Sunday church."

The group snickered.

"Now tell me what brings you all to the lovely state of Alabama?" Annabeth inquires.

"We were headed to spend two weeks in Florida for Thanksgiving but our plane got rerouted here to Mobile. Now, we are just waiting to get a flight back out." Shay said.

"Did you already book at the motel?" AB asks us.

They all stare at her puzzled.

"Mobile Airport doesn't have any flights going out after 8 and then nothing again till Tuesday in general. It has been like that forever."

"I guess we need to find the rental counter and try to book a few hotel rooms," Erin said.

AB grabbed her duffle. "Come on I'll show y'all where it is. Hopefully, they are still open."

She led them further towards the main section of the airport. Taking a left, she stopped short. The area was dark and there was nobody in sight.

"Crap, maybe we can get a taxi or something after we find a hotel," Casey said.

"If we can find one. We weren't the only plane that emptied here." Severide pointed out.

"If y'all don't have plans you are more than welcome to join me in Bluebell and enjoy the pre-holiday festivities." Annabeth offered.

"Are you sure?" Dawson asked

"Are you kidding? Bluebell loves to show off. We'd be delighted. I'm going to make a couple of phone calls while a decision is made." AB stepped off to the side out of hearing range.

"What do you guys want to do?" Jay asked.

"I vote we go! We don't have anything else, She sounds fun." Shay added.

"Jay, you know her best. What do you think?" Erin asked.

"I remember her telling me stories about her hometown when she would stitch me or one of my guys up. I kind of want to see if she was exaggerating." Jay chuckled.

Everyone else shrugs

Annabeth walks back to us. "So, did y'all decide?"

Shay pipes up first, "Count us in! Now can you find food for us too?"

"That was what my phone call was about. My friend Wade agreed to stay open a bit later and feed us all. We just need to get going." AB replied

"Okay, how do we get to Bluebell? Is there a bus?" Dawson asked.

"Oh lord no. Wade and his girlfriend used my spare keys to drop my SUV in the lot. It will be a tighter fit than the jaws of Burt Reynolds." Ab quipped

"Who is Burt Reynolds? " Severide asked

"I'm glad you asked Mr. Severide. Burt Reynolds is the mayor's pet alligator." She said with a wink. "Let's go y'all! I'm dying to eat."

"The mayor owns an alligator? Is that legal?" Gabby whispered to Matt and Kelly.