This is an AU story I've been working on and I wasn't sure where to squirrel it in. Decided I would cross a few. We will see how it goes. I don't own anything except the original characters and the main storyline. The relationships between a lot of these people will be different than you know. Any questions shoot me a message.

Last Time...

"Okay, how do we get to Bluebell? Is there a bus?" Dawson asked.

"Oh lord no. Wade and his girlfriend used my spare keys to drop my SUV in the lot. It will be a tighter fit than the jaws of Burt Reynolds." Ab quipped

"Who is Burt Reynolds? " Severide asked

"I'm glad you asked Mr. Severide. Burt Reynolds is the mayor's pet alligator." She said with a wink. "Let's go y'all! I'm dying to eat."

"The mayor owns an alligator? Is that legal?" Gabby whispered to Matt and Kelly.

Shay POV

We climbed into the SUV luckily it had enough seats. Erin and I took the back seat, Kelly, Casey, and Gabby fit themselves in the center row, while Jay rode upfront with Annabeth. The guys crammed as many bags and suitcases as they could under the seats and in the back. It was a tight squeeze but it all fit.

"I'm sorry there isn't more room ya'll. I promise the drive isn't too far, then there is beer and food." Our hostess called out as she backed out from the parking stall.

Once I saw us pulling away from the airport I turned to Erin.

"So, What do we know about her?"

"I don't know a lot. Jay mentions they catch up by email and they served a few deployments together. It might be once a month. I remember earlier in the year he was freaking out he didn't hear from her for a few months and none of his contacts could tell him where she was." She replied.

"Did they date?" I asked.

She shook her head, "I asked him the same question when he was stressed that he hadn't heard from her. Laughed and said they were friends and he never heard of her dating anyone."

"Interesting. There has to be a story here." I argued.

"No Jay said she is the greatest friend and a hell of a medic," Erin replied.

We both stared out the dark windows as the scenery flipped past and the country music softly played through the speakers. Definitely not in Chicago anymore.

Casey POV

"Do we know anything about where we are going?" I quietly asked Gabby and Kelly.

"You mean other than the mayor having an alligator? That would be no," Gabby answered.

"Jay seems to know her. Obviously knows that she won't just kill us and drop us in the woods." Kelly pointed out.

"She is just so friendly, it is strange," I added.

They laughed at me. We continued chatting about what we thought this town was going to be like before AB interrupted us.

"Well, ya'll, let me be the first to say it. Welcome to Bluebell!" She announced as we drove past a sign announcing the town.

"What now AB?" Shay called out.

"Food and then we can go to my house." She replied.

"Why is everything dark?" Kelly asked

"This is the center of town and everything closes early. The only place open late is the Rammer Jammer and usually, on Sundays, even that closes a bit early unless football is on."

We watched out the windows as we continued past everything and then pulled up in front of a questionable place.

"Alright, ya'll! Out you get!" Ab called climbing out of the driver's seat.


I waited in front of the vehicle while everyone climbed out. Slowly, they joined me and I waved my hand in the direction of the front door.

"Hope ya'll are hungry." I led the group inside the Rammer Jammer and stopped short.

"Annabeth Nass! What on earth are you doing coming to town and not telling anyone? It is my job as your best and oldest friend to host your welcome home party."

"Shit" I hissed and heard laughing behind me.

"I beg your pardon?" She said

"I'm sorry Lemon but I was hoping to sneak into town. Shower and sleep before the town descended on me."

Lemon waved her hand dismissively and hugged me. Then she turned to my guests.

"Well, how do yall do. I'm Annabeth's best friend, Lemon Breeland."

I introduced them to her and turned towards the bar where Wade was leaning.

"Feed me, Wade! Where is your wife? Oh Everyone this is Wade"

He came over to hug me.

"It will be out soon. You find a table and I'll bring out some appetizers for everyone and take drink orders."

30 minutes after we sat down, I got up to go to the bathroom. On my way back I stopped at the bar to chat with Wade and Lemon.

"AB you are the only person I know who brings people home with them from the airport." Wade laughed.

"What was I supposed to do? They had no idea about the airport. Thanks for staying open later. I appreciate it, Wade. Can I get the bill?"

He shook his head. They already paid for it. Said it was the least they could do since you had basically adopted them for a few weeks." I nodded.

"I'm going to round them up and get to the house. Thanks for everything guys."

Everyone said their goodbyes and we loaded back up into the SUV. Pulling into the driveway, I noticed the porch lights on.

"Final stop for the evening ya'll."

We unloaded, grabbing out bags and they trailed behind me up the steps. Once inside, I ushered them into the living room.

"There is a bathroom downstairs off the office and a powder room in the laundry room, through the kitchen. This couch and the one in the office are sleeper sofas. Upstairs there are two guest bedrooms that share a bathroom. Zoe and Wade stocked the fridge and kitchen. Help yourselves. Towels are in the linen closet upstairs and the laundry room. Now, if yall will excuse me, I am plum tuckered out. Good night."

I grabbed my duffle bag and headed to my room. Stripped out of my uniform and headed to the bathroom. 10 minutes later I was clean enough to willingly climb into bed. Falling asleep before I even realized it.