Chapter 5: which side?

Applejack POV

"Applejack!" shouted Rainbow Dash. "It's Sunset!"

We hurried up to Sunset Shimmer. "Are ya back permanetely?" I asked?

Sunset shook her head, dismounting off her horse. "'Fraid not," she said. "I need to see my brother. He's in danger."

"We tried," said Wallflower. "To tell Blueblood. He didn't believe us. Shall we take your 2 kids from you, while you find him?"

"Yeah," said Sunset. "Thanks."

I helped Sunset take out the twins out of the carrier. She then took off her golden dress, and underneath was her usual clothes. She ran, ran towards her cottage. "Sunburst!" she cried. She opened her satchel to look for her medicine. "Here, take this." As she carefully spooned the medicine in his mouth, he sat up. "Sunburst, we need to go."

When they exited the house, Blueblood was waiting for them. "Your brother is crazy! He tells me there's a manwolf in a castle!"

"But I've just come from the castle!" cried Sunset, taking out the mirror. "Show me the beast!"

Sunset showed everyone the hideous beastly manwolf. "Believe me, he is the kindest, gentlest beast you could meet! And AJ, you know when I tell the truth!"

"She's tellin' the truth!" I shouted. "I've known Sunset since Freshman. We've been friends since she redeemed herself. She's telling the truth."

"Thanks." said Sunset.

"She's lying!" shouted Blueblood.

"Hey, are ya callin' me a liar?!" I shouted. "I'm the element of honesty!"

"And there's the evidence!" cried Rarity. "I know you are a lying, filthy scoundrel, Blueblood. I dated you, remember?"

"And the only person I know that can make AJ doubt herself is Sunset Shimmer herself," spat Rainbow Dash. "As a mean bitch."

"Language," said Rarity.

"Sorry," said Rainbow Dash.

"We'll kill the Beast!" cried Blueblood. "Who's with me?"

Of course, non of the EGs were, nor was Wallflower, Trixie and the CMC.

"We have to get to him before we do!" cried Sunset. "Rainbow, Twi, Shy? Do you think you can pony up and fly there? AJ, can you get a horse? I'll get my motorcycle. We need to hurry!"