Chapter 6: Friendship saves the day

Sunset POV

Rarity passed over the 2 kids to me, as I gently put them in the pram. It was too late, Blueblood had already gone. I motioned to my friends to follow me, to the west wing, where Hort lived. I watched him get shot by Blueblood. "HORT!" I shouted. Hort turned to see me.

"SUNSET!" he shouted, clambering to reach me. I nodded to the rest of the mane 7. He managed to until Blueblood shot again.

"NO!" I cried, grasping Twilight's hand, who was grasping Rainbow's. The familiar friendship magic flowed inside us as a rainbow light, yes, the same rainbow light that hit me, hit Blueblood, sending him backwards, plumetting him to his death. I ran over to Hort. "Don't leave me," I said softly. "Please don't leave me." I sobbed, his last moments of life fading. I sniffed. "I love you!"

A cloaked woman heard me say that. The jar burst open, and golden light wrapped itself around Hort. I stood back, shielding my eyes. When the light faded, I saw a young man, with black, messy hair. "Hort. Is that you?" I asked, astonished.

"Yes," said Hort. "It's me."

Twilight pushed me forward. "To free yourself, and now us, you have to, you know did, what you and Flash did all the time!"

I hesitantly walked forward, but Hort brought me into a hug, and kissed me. I returned it, graciously, blushing a furious red.

Then I turned towards my friends. "What do you want to do? I realised I actually do love Hort, and I'd like to spend my life with him. I'm sure Hort won't mind, will you, if my friends live here?"

"Ah'd live in Canterlot," said Applejack. "So'd Rainbow and Pinkie."

"And my flight for France leaves in 2 days," said Rarity.

"And after uni," said Fluttershy, "Wallflower and I would love to."

"Twi?" I asked.

"I'm going to live with my parents after uni," she said. "Queen Sunset."

I smiled. "You'll always be in my heart, girls. I'm going to miss you all."

We shared one last hug, before heading our seperate ways.