Anna shivered as she brought her knees up to her chest, rubbing her arms as she tried to keep herself warm in the cold, dank cell that HYDRA kept her in. Bruises covered the small woman's body, with the most prominent ones being on her face. Coughs wracked her frame, she needed a doctor and medicine, but none would be brought to her, not until she 'complied'.

Anna had been fighting her captors for the past few years now, she wasn't even sure how much time had passed, it could be ten years, or five, she didn't know, she had no windows, there was no set time when her food was brought to her, she had no way of telling how time passed. Every waking second she spent fighting against the people that tried to use her. She had been complacent at first, thinking that would affect how they treated her, but when it was shown that they would mistreat her no matter what she did, that was when she started to fight against them. She kept looking for ways to escape, finding none. After they had lost the Winter Soldier, HYDRA had become extraordinarily more careful, and had tightened their security tremendously.

Anna could hear shouting outside of her cell, and she slowly stood up, groaning as she placed a hand on her side; she was certain that she had at least a cracked rib, possibly something worse than that. What was going on? The voices of her guards were panicked, gunshots echoed off the walls.

Suddenly the door to her cell was ripped off of its hinges, and Anna gasped, retreating into the darkest corner of the room. Two men entered the room, and one of them started to advance upon her.

"Steve, hold up." The other man held him back. "She looks terrified." He slowly walked towards her, he had long brown hair, and a metal arm that had a red star on it. "It's okay, we aren't going to hurt you." He spoke in a quiet tone, trying not to startle her too much. "We came to rescue you, my name's Bucky."

"You're the Winter Soldier..." Anna whispered, and she thought that his jaw tightened a little bit. "I used to be, but that isn't who I am anymore, I'm not under their control any longer." He stretched a hand out towards her. "What do you say that we get you out of here?"

Something inside of Anna told her that she could trust him. Besides, anything was better than staying here, wasn't it? Anna slowly walked forward, her petite hand slowly slipping into his larger one. She bit back a groan as she moved the wrong way, but Bucky had noticed the way her face had contorted in pain.

"You're hurt." He carefully scooped her into his arms. "Steve, cover me."

Anna wrapped her arms around his neck as they ran out. Guards shot at them, and Anna whimpered and held on tighter to Bucky as Steve deflected the bullets with his shield.

There was a jet waiting outside.

"Nat, get us out of here!" Steve shouted to a redhaired woman who was in the pilot's seat.

"Hold on to your butts." Natasha responded before the jet pulled off into the sky. "I also radioed the compound, Bruce is going to be waiting for us when we get there with a stretcher."

Bucky nodded as he carefully set Anna down in a seat. "You're safe now, HYDRA won't be able to ever touch you again."

"Thank you." Anna whispered, coughing again as he wrapped a blanket around her shoulders. " did you even find me?"

"A HYDRA defector." Steve answered. "He came to us, told us that there was a woman being experimented on in one of the compounds."

Anna didn't know who this defector was, but if she ever met him, she would have to give him her thanks, she honestly didn't know how much longer she would have lasted in their.

"Do you have any powers?" Bucky asked her gently. "Did they inject you with any serums?"

"They injected me with a few of them." Anna responded. "Only one of them kicked in. I gained the ability to morph into any person. Basically if I've seen them, I can turn into them." As though to prove herself, she morphed her face into Steve's for a brief moment before changing back into her own face. "They would use me to get into high end societal events, usually it ended with someone being dead."

"Well, they won't be able to use her anymore." Bucky assured her. "No one is going to be able to use you ever again, not if I have anything to say about it. Now, try and get some rest, alright? It'll be a while before we get back."

Anna nodded, and she wrapped the blanket tighter around herself before closing her eyes, almost immediately falling into a deep, dreamless slumber. She was finally free, she was finally safe.