After Anna had caught her breath, the two lovers got themselves dressed before meeting Natasha in the hangar. Natasha raised an eyebrow as she looked at Anna. "How come you're walking so funny? You two have a little bit of fun while waiting for the jet to fuel up?"

Anna blushed darkly at her words, which answered Natasha's question perfectly. "Shut up," Anna mumbled as Natasha started to laugh. "Hey, we all knew that it was going to happen eventually. You two are so lovey-dovey that I'm surprised it hasn't happened before now. Hop in and get buckled up, Wells and his team are gonna be expecting us, so let's get this show on the road."

Anna got in her seat while Bucky stowed their luggage away. Anna didn't know what was headed their way, she hadn't met Wells or any of his team members before, so she didn't know what to expect or if these people could really be trusted or not.

"Don't worry," Bucky assured her as he sat down in the seat next to her. "If Bruce trusts this guy, then he's good, Bruce has good intuition when it comes to people."

Anna nodded her head, biting her lip as the hangar doors opened and they took off into the sky. Anna couldn't help worrying about things, that was just who she was. With everything that she had gone through with HYDRA, Bucky couldn't exactly blame her.

Five hours later they reached Central City, and Harrison Wells and his team met Bucky and Anna in a private port at the airport. Harrison looked to be about in his fifties. He was also in a wheelchair, and he explained to the two that it was from an accident involving a particle accelerator. "That particle accelerator explosion was how a lot of people got their powers. Unfortunately, most of them seemed to use them for their own devices, rather than using their extraordinary abilities to help those around them. I understand that you can shapeshift, Miss Gregory?"

Anna nodded her head. "Yeah, I can shapeshift into any person. So long as I know what they look like, I can turn into them."

"Ooh, turn into me!" A Latino man that looked to be in his thirties said eagerly. He was standing next to Harrison, making Anna believe that he was part of Harrison's team. Anna chuckled softly at how excited he was before shifting. The man, whose name was Cisco Ramone, gasped dramatically. "No freaking way! That's so cool!"

Natasha chuckled, shaking her head. "This is where I'm gonna be leaving you, in the land of the geeks." She said teasingly, and Anna giggled softly as she changed back. "Could be worse." She gave Natasha a quick hug before she and Bucky followed Harrison and Cisco to a waiting van that said S.T.A.R. Labs on the side.

About twenty minutes later they reached S.T.A.R. Labs, where two more people were waiting. There was a woman with red hair who introduced herself as Dr. Caitlin Snow, and there was a masked man, who introduced himself as the Flash.

"I don't know if I can trust you or not," Flash told them, his voice sounding kind of garbled. "So until I know, I'm going to be wearing this disguise whenever I'm around you."

Anna nodded her head, it made sense. "Well, um, nice to meet you, I guess."

"I'd like to run a couple of tests on you if you don't mind," Caitlin said to Anna. "It won't be anything painful, I'll mostly just be taking some blood samples, things like that."

Anna nodded her head. "Alright, but I have to warn you that I'm not the biggest fan of needles."

"Dr. Banner told us a little bit about what you've been through, and after everything that you've had to suffer through, I can't say that I blame you. It won't hurt much, you'll only feel a pinch, I promise."

Anna sat down in a chair, and Bucky stood beside her, grasping her hand gently as Caitlin withdrew some blood. As soon as she was done, she bandaged Anna's arm.

"Where are we gonna be staying?" Bucky asked as Anna stood up.

"We've set up beds here in the lab," responded Wells. "It's not much, but you two need to stay undercover for as much as possible, and if we have you stay in the lab, then you won't take the chance of being seen. We have lots of room here, so you'll be able to stretch your legs, you definitely won't be feeling cramped here at all."

"Thank you," Anna murmured. "So, what do you guys even do here? Are you some kind of team of superheroes or something like that?"

"I guess that you could say that," Wells said with a chuckle. "Flash is the only one on our team that has any actual powers. Caitlin takes care of all our medical situations, and Cisco does all of our computer work."

"I also come up with the names of all the bad guys." Cisco piped up. "And I also made Flash's suit."

"We'll be sure to come to you if we need any of our clothes to be hemmed," Bucky said dryly, and Anna smacked him on the shoulder. "Be nice." She scolded him, and Bucky pouted at her as he rubbed his arm. "That hurt darling."

"Oh please. You're a super soldier for crying out loud, you would think that you'd be made of something a little tougher than that. I thought that Steve was the crybaby, not you."

Cisco grinned as he watched the two bicker back and forth. "You guys are so cute together, you know that?"

"How did you know that we were a thing?" Bucky asked dubiously, and Cisco rolled his eyes. "Dude, it's totally obvious, just from the way that you look at her. You look at her like she's the only woman in the world."

"That's because she is the only woman in the world," Bucky said as he looked down at Anna. "At least to me."

Anna blushed darkly, and Caitlin got a sad look in her eyes. Caitlin's fiance, Ronnie, had treated Caitlin the same way like she was the only person in the world that he would ever want to be with.

"Excuse me." Caitlin's voice broke as she quickly walked away, and Anna frowned a bit. "Caitlin-"

"Just let her go," Cisco advised her. "When the particle accelerator exploded, Caitlin's fiance Ronnie died in the explosion. It tore Caitlin apart, she hasn't been the same since. She'll be okay, seeing how you and BUcky treat each other, it just reminds her of him, that's all."

Anna sighed softly as she stared in the direction that Caitlin had gone. "I hope that she'll be okay." She mumbled, and Bucky placed a hand on her shoulder. "I'm sure she will. She's a strong woman, like you, I'm sure that she'll pull through."