"You said that the perp looked exactly like one of the bank tellers that was working at the time?" Anna asked Barry, who nodded his head. "Yeah, so obviously they're some kind of shapeshifter."

Anna thought for a moment. "It's going to be hard to catch them then, considering that they can turn into anyone that they want to, if their power works the same way that mine does."

"How did HYDRA manage to keep your powers under control while you were learning how to control them?" Wells asked.

"They had this serum that they injected into me, it would force me to revert back into my original state."

"That doesn't exactly help us, I don't think that we would be able to get close enough to be able to inject them. Our main problem right now is trying to find out this person's identity."

"Did security cameras reveal anything?"

Barry shook his head. "No, the ones that have them entering the bank didn't give a good shot of their face."

"Well, that's helpful." Anna sighed, rubbing her forehead. "Was there any DNA evidence left at the scene?"

"I'm still trying to go through everything, trying to figure out what DNA belonged to who. So far, there's no DNA that isn't supposed to be there."

"Well, this person may be able to change into other people on the surface, but I doubt that their DNA can be changed as well," Anna responded. "At least, I don't think so, I don't really know how your metahumans work yet."

"Anna, why don't you go with Barry back to the police station?" Wells suggested. "You can help him go through the evidence from the scene, maybe together the two of you can find something."

Anna looked up at Barry. "I'll try not to go too slow," she teased him, and Barry laughed a little bit. "And I'll try not to superspeed through everything, but I can't give you any promises." He gently took a hold of Anna and sped them off to the station, leaving Bucky glaring at the spot that they had just been standing in.

It wasn't that Bucky didn't trust Barry...okay, well, maybe he didn't trust Barry. He had been standing there, looking so charming and making jokes with Anna, Bucky couldn't help but feel a little bit jealous.

"Uh, you okay?" Cisco asked Bucky. "If you stare at that spot any more, then you might just burn a hole in it."

"I'm fine," Bucky growled, causing a little smirk to appear on Cisco's face. "I see what this is. You're jealous."

"I am not."

"You are too. You saw how Barry and Anna were interacting with each other, and you got jealous. Not that you have any need to be. Anyone who has eyes can see that Anna is completely in love with you. No one's going to be taking her away from you. They can try, but I can tell you that they won't succeed." Cisco placed a hand on Bucky's shoulder, and Bucky stared at it. "If you want to keep your arm attached to the rest of your body then I suggest you take your hand off of me."

Cisco quickly withdrew his hand. "Good talk," he muttered before walking away. Caitlin, however, remained in the room, looking at Bucky.

"What?" The super soldier snapped at her.

"I know what it's like."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"You aren't just jealous Bucky, you're worried, worried that somehow Anna is going to think that Barry is better than you are and that he's going to be able to take her away from you."

Bucky looked at Caitlin in surprise. "How...how did you know that? Are you some metahuman that can read minds or something?"

Caitlin chuckled slightly, shaking her head. "No, my powers have to deal with ice, not mind reading. I knew, because I've been in your shoes. When Ronnie, my fiance, was alive, I was always scared that he was going to meet someone better than I was, someone who didn't have so many problems, someone that had less baggage, and that he was going to leave me."

Bucky was silent for a moment. "How did you get over it?"

"I didn't, not completely anyway. But Ronnie was always showing me just how much he loved me, and I realized that he wouldn't leave me, that it was me that he loved and not anyone else. Cisco was right when he said that it was clear that Anna loves you. The way she was looking at you, it was like you were the only guy in the room. Trust me when I tell you that you don't have anything to worry about. Besides, Barry's with someone, if that makes you feel any better."

It did make Bucky feel better, a little bit anyway. As Caitlin walked away, Bucky became engrossed in his thoughts. He started to feel bad because of how easily he had gotten jealous of Barry. Deep down, he knew that Anna loved him, knew that she would never leave him. Where this feeling of jealousy came from, Bucky didn't know, but what he did know was that it had to keep its ugly head from resurfacing.