Authors Note: The following writing is done in tribute to, and with the permission of, Pantalion, the one responsible for the organised mess that is the Eternal Tails series. I mean that in the best possible way. If you're somehow reading this and haven't read ET, I highly recommend you do.

The hissing of tubes is never a pleasant sound, and one tube in particular just started it's emergency release. Inside the tube, a wolf floated in suspended animation, asleep for too long to know, although to him it probably only felt like a few minutes. The wolf's eyes fluttered open and looked around, two gloveless paws were set on the side of the tube, and almost immediately, he felt like he was drowning. After about 10 seconds of panic, the tube is drained of its liquid contents, not by a drain in the floor, but from explosive decompression of the tube's hatch.

The wolf fell to his knees and started gasping for breath, he felt like he had been suffocated for centuries. He had, he just didn't know that. He looked around the room, clearly in some kind of lab or holding facility, and forced himself to stand. Trying to walk, and only partially succeeding, the wolf exited the room he was inside, the door was left open for some reason, Maybe the hydraulics malfunctioned? There wasn't a way to be sure.

Searching the seemingly endless halls, the wolf found a whole lot of nothing. It seemed that the place is abandoned, aside from the scraps of metal littering the corridors. All of the side rooms were shut, couldn't be pried open with what he had, or didn't have anything in them anyway. There was no light aside from the dim and flickering lights in the ceiling, there was no direction aside from the half decayed signs on the walls. "En ne r ng". Engineering maybe? That would imply that there was some material around here somewhere, but everything was either stripped down, locked away, or otherwise missing.

Time seemed to lose meaning as he wandered the empty halls, his stomach roared at him for sustenance but he forced himself to keep moving, until he did find something of interest. A robot, probably a combat unit, still mostly intact on the floor. He can't do much with it, but he did manage to pry it's rifle off and use its wiring to tie some plating onto him to serve as makeshift armour. Now he has some protection, and a rifle, but he very quickly realised he can't eat bullets. Another sign, this one saying "G era St r e". General Storage, he guessed. Maybe in there he could find some food, if he's lucky. If he was lucky, he wouldn't be here.

Yet more hallways, this place seemed to go on forever, and it isn't getting any easier. His stomach is practically digesting itself, and by chaos, it hurt. Had to keep moving, had to find something.

The lights go out.

Panicking, he ducked into the nearest open room he could find, and realised he just should have kept running, if there was something there he had just cornered himself.

"You're trying to hide from it too?"

He immediately swung around and pointed his rifle at where the voice came from, and he spotted some kind of robot peering over a storage crate. The robot looked almost mobian, but still clearly robotic, with the crest-like shape on its forehead being a major giveaway. After his eyes adjusted, he could see that it had a vague, holographic(?) outline of a red mobians head around it, of a species he didn't recognise.

"Lower your rifle, if you fire that thing both of us are dead."

The wolf did, mostly because it hadn't attacked him yet.

"Did you think you were the only one up here? Not quite, whenever the lights go out, it means that thing is on the prowl nearby. Some kind of warden machine. One of my friends is up here somewhere, me and two others came up to try and find him. Have you seen any of them?"

The wolf shrugged, not having seen a single soul aboard, although by the sounds of it, that wasn't what the robot asked. Outside the door, a light blue glow was able to be seen.

"It's coming this way, I hope you have a plan?"

The wolf stood somber for a second, before he turned and nodded to the robot. The plan was unspoken, and as the wolf shouldered his rifle at the door, the monstrosity entered. That's all that could be used to describe the hulking mass of twisted metal, almost in the shape of a person. As soon as it was through the doorway, the wolf fired at it, letting a few short bursts of bullets fly out of his barrel. Once the magazine was empty, the wolf reloaded, slammed himself into it, and fled the room, with the monster following behind in calm but determined pursuit.

As the wolf bravely, or perhaps foolishly, led the monster into a chase through the empty halls, the robot escaped. As he looked back at the room where he and the wolf were hiding, and the corridor that the wolf had already fled from, he couldn't help but wonder if he would ever see that brave mobian again.

He never will. No one will.