Author's Note

It's been sometime since I've updated this story, so allow me to explain.

Since the last time I updated this story earlier this year I've been involved in a couple of experiences that have significantly impacted my skills and capabilities as a writer. Along with this, I've gotten quite involved with the Glitch Techs fandom and come to learn a lot of things regarding the series I never knew before beginning this project. Because of this I've come to realize this fic is in need of serious re-working if not complete re-writing for a number of reasons, ranging from the miss spelling of names to plot issues that I had overlooked.

Only issue is, I'm short on motivation.

As such, I'm sorry to say that this story is going to be placed on an indefinite hiatus. I hope I'm able to eventually regain my motivation to work on this story, but until then I hope that this provides some closure.