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Everyone woke up on their third day in the universe created by the ice demon, Katana Blade. They had spent the first day watching epic tales of heroism from real superheroes from the Marvel Universe. First, it was simply team RWBY, plus Ruby and Yang's uncle Qrow, along with Weiss sister Winter. Then came team JNPR, the two female members of team CFVY and the rest of the Ozluminati, Professor Ozpin, Glynda Goodwitch and James Ironwood. Lastly was something none of them expected: two of the exchange students who they found out were working for the ultimate evil, Salem, Neo and Cinder, who started off as their enemies, but slowly began to gain their trust and even their friendship. Sadly, before they could watch what Katana assured them was one of the ultimate movies, easily in the top 5 of the overall 23, Glynda enforced their curfew and sent them to bed, lest their rears face the wrath of her crop.

Then, after half a day of homework and training, Katana had introduced them to a world full of epic monsters with the promise that once everyone had seen their monsters, they would have one of the creatures most fitting to them of their own. Creatures that could fly, control the very elements they require dust for, swell to massive sizes, secrete deadly poison and even harness the power of explosive mold or flesh-eating bacteria. The day came to the close on that was well, but now it was back to the epic Marvel universe and all the heroes that came with it.

The students woke up first and quickly exited their respective rooms separated by gender, eager to meet up with each other and discuss what they thought they were in store for today. "I can't wait! And the first one is gonna be an awesome team-up movie!" Ruby cheered, practically bouncing off the walls.

"Oh, yeah. I can't wait to see how much butt they're gonna kick!" Yang said.

"Yeah, but it's got nothing compared to the show I put on!" Neo declared, using her semblance to make it appear as though she was wearing an Iron Man suit, doing jazz hands.

This got a few giggles and even some coo's of cuteness from the other students. "Evil beware! It's the iron ice cream girl!" Nora declared.

"I'm just wondering how they're gonna top the weapons from Captain America." Cinder said.

"I don't know, but I know it's going to be awesome!" Jaune stated eagerly.

"I'm happy as long as you're happy, Jaune." Pyrrha told him with a smile, kissing the cheek of her new boyfriend. Yeah, that was another plus, Katana finally got it through Jaune's thick skull how much Pyrrha wanted to be his girlfriend.

"I'm hoping we get a good story, not just mindless action." Blake said.

"Indeed. I would like to see more connections between the characters, rather than simply the characters punching each other's lights out.

"Isn't that the WHOLE point of superheroes?" Coco asked.

"Still, I'm excited for all of it. This has been such a cool experience. And I 'm glad to share it with all of you. My friends." Velvet said, earning smiles from the rest of the group, even Cinder and Neo.

Soon enough, the adults emerged as well. "Hey, kids. You excited for the next movie?" Qrow asked.

"You know it!" His nieces said together.

"A good morning to you, sister." Winter greeted her younger sibling.

"A good morning to you as well, Winter. I'm hoping to see more of a story element to this movie. What do you think?" Weiss asked.

"Honestly, there's so much to think about, I can't bring myself to pick any one thing." Winter admitted.

"Indeed. These movies have done an incredible job layering an atmosphere on us." Glynda added.

"Indeed. I believe it's best not to speculate and keep ourselves wondering any longer. I believe we should simply get breakfast and watch the next movie." Ozpin said.

"That's an idea I can certainly agree with." Ironwood agreed.

Suddenly, Orion somehow reappeared in the dimension. "Finally! I was waiting for you guys to get to this point! Let's get this started!" He declared.

"I think it would be in the best interests of the students to get breakfast first, Orion." Winter said.

"Breakfast is served." Katana said, coming out with a buffet of breakfast items, leaving the Remnantians in awe. Soon enough they filled their stomachs and let out various noises of content, from simple sighs, groans and chuckles of happiness, or a hearty belch in Nora's case. Suddenly, Katana got a message from one of her friends. "Oh, my gods! Yes!" She cried out, hurrying to the screen.

"What is it Katana?" Cinder asked.

"Oh, only the greatest thing ever! My fiancée is being announced to be added to one of the greatest games ever!" Katana explained.

"You're engaged?!" Everyone asked in shock, to which Katana only gave a small nod, clearly tuning them out as they all watched the trailer.

They saw several characters getting thrown back by a strange statue in the sky surrounded by... giant hands? Suddenly, the giant statue was sliced in half as EPIC music began to play, before a GORGEOUS man with long silver hair and an even longer katana was shown, before he began absolutely decimating any character that came near him. "Oh, my gods!" Katana cried again, before quickly flying to the bathroom and letting out a scream once inside.

"Wow, Katana must be the exact opposite of Neptune, because she sure wasn't afraid to get wet." Yang declared

All the guys silently admired the man on-screen for power and skill, while all the girls were practically drooling. "That sword..." Velvet said lustfully.

"No THAT'S a katana!" Ruby declared.

"That power... That skill..." Cinder moaned.

Even the adult women couldn't contain themselves. Winter and Glynda were completely hypnotized by the man's beauty. "Oh my god, he's perfect! And his voice, omg!" They cried out together.

Suddenly, Katana reappeared behind them almost instantly out of nowhere. She put a hand on both their shoulders, causing frost to form on them, leaning forward in between them, the two seeing from their peripheral vision that she was in her demon form. This could only mean that she. Was. PISSED. "Yes. He is perfect. And he's all mine. UNDERSTOOD?" She demanded. They quickly nodded in fear, Katana returned to normal and everything calmed down. [1]

Orion groaned at seeing Sephiroth on screen. "Ok I'm gonna say it. I do not care that he is getting added to Smash. I'm tired of the sword characters, and I'm not really big on Final Fantasy." He then stopped Katana from speaking. "But I am happy that you get to enjoy it. Although now that I'm thinking about it, it would be interesting to see who is the better fighter, him or Steve. Because those two are broken." He wondered.

"My bae would slay." Katana declared.

After a few moments to let their stomachs settle, they returned to the couch and bean bags, taking the places they'd become accustomed to in the past couple of days. "Is everyone ready?" Katana asked. They all nodded and she turned to start the movie, until a note appeared in her hand. "Hang on a minute, updating your group a bit after watching Blade. Lexious." She read.

Suddenly, another member of Cinder's team, Cinder's right-hand woman who, like Neo, had almost become like a sister to her, Emerald appeared about 5 feet in the air, dropping down with a small shriek and landing... right on top of Blake, in a manner her butt was very close to the Faunus' face as they now laid in an awkward 69 position. "E-Emerald!? What the?!" Blake cried out.

Katana raised an eyebrow in confusion. "Okay, but what's with the position?" She asked, only to see a light come from the note and the words on it changed. "Ship happens. Really?" Katana said, rolling her eyes. "Using my words against me. Well played, Skyguard." She declared. [2]

Orion looked at Katana. "What about Mercury? Sure he's a prick, but there's nothing saying he can't be redeemed." He stated.

"Screw him. Cocky robot-legged bastard. Cinder at least was only in it for the power, he's actually on board with Salem's plan." Katana grumbled.

Emerald quickly scrambled off of Blake and sat between Cinder and Neo. "S-so, what's going on, new besties?" She asked, putting on a forced smile and acting sickeningly sweet towards the group.

"You can give it up, Emerald. They know everything." Neo told her.

"W-what?!" Emerald asked.

"Our dear host has exposed us and our former plan for Beacon." Cinder explained.

"What?! How!? And why are we sitting here like we're okay with this?!" Emerald asked.

"Because we are. We've watched some movies and they've helped me realize we were wrong. That I was wrong. About Salem, my quest for power, everything." Cinder declared.

"Yeah. And honestly, they're really not that bad." Neo added, holding up her hand, now entwined with Yang's.

Then, Emerald suddenly held her head as the Iron Man 1&2, along with Thor and Captain America was put in her head. She recovered for a moment, before she and everyone else suddenly got a minor headache as the events of The Incredible Hulk and the first Blade movie popped into their heads, along with their time in Lexious Skyguard's dimension. Nora was shocked at this. "M-Miss Goodwitch adopted me... How is that going to work with Daddy now?" Nora asked, looking to Goodwitch. She was happy to have a father who's a literal god, of course, but she was also happy with the idea of having a teacher she respected so much take her in.

Glynda smiled and ran her hand through Nora's hair. "Thor is your family in Asgard. I can be your family on Remnant." She assured her student, pulling her into a hug.

Many members of the group smiled at this, others were still processing the things they'd seen in Lexious' dimension, including the time they'd spent with each other, causing Blake and Emerald to look at each other and blush again, as they'd become somewhat intimate in their time there. "Well, if you guys are willing to give us another chance, I'm willing to give you all a real chance, too." Emerald said, sitting next to Blake. "I never really was crazy about the Fall of Beacon plan anyway. Or really anything to do with Salem." She stated.

"That's good. Because as soon as we return, we're cutting all ties with her." Cinder declared.

"Good, but what about Mercury? He seems like the guy who'd be up for taking down a whole school. He's pretty brutal in some of his matches." Yang said.

"Oh, you leave that to me. I owe him for always stealing my ice cream." Neo said with an evil grin.

Emerald smirked at this. "Good luck with that, Iron Midget." She said, teasing Neo about how she was still making the illusion of being in an Iron Man suit.

Neo's eye twitched as her height was a sensitive issue. "This Iron Midget is gonna kick your mint-chocolate ass!" She tried to launch herself at the mintette but Yang held her back thanks to years of dealing with Ruby's issues with her own height.

Cinder massaged her right temple at hearing them antagonizing each other...again. "Emerald, Neo. Do I have to punish you two, again?"

That stopped both girls and had Neo sitting down beside Yang while Emerald sat beside Blake, they were instinctively protecting their butts as Cinder was evil with her punishment. "W-We'll be good, Cinder." They both said at the same time to their team leader.

Emerald finally noticed Cinder's youthful appearance. "What happened to you?" Cinder merely pointed to Katana. "Well, at least you don't have to fake how young you're supposed to be." She noted.

Cinder's eye twitched at that. "Emerald...did you just call me old?" She slowly approached Emerald with her hair covering her eyes. "I think you need to remember your place." She declared as Emerald gulped in fear.

Thankfully, Ruby had a spray bottle and was spritzing Cinder which put out any flames she had created. "Bad Cinder! Bad! No evil!" Ruby pulled Cinder back to their spots before sitting on her lap again. "This is just to keep you in place so you don't punish anyone. Until after the movie, anyways." Ruby smirked at Cinder. [3]

Cinder rolled her eyes at the small girl, but couldn't help but smile. "Always trying to be the hero." She said. Ruby blushed at this, before gasping as Neo suddenly used her semblance to make it look like she was wearing Thor's armor, since it was the only costume that would let her keep her cape.

Katana turned back to the screen. "Well, then! Time to start one of the greatest movies of all time." She declared, hitting the play button.

A/N: Well, here it is, everyone! I hope you're all excited! RWBY reacting to the movie that ultimately cemented Marvel Studios as one of, if not the top comic book movie companies.

[1] Thanks for Dario Soto for inspiring and helping with this scene!

[2] For anyone who is confused, please read church2550's story "RWBY Reacts to Marvel: Blade". Or really any of his works, they're hilarious and pretty cute.

[3] And thanks for church2550 for that small scene.