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Summary: It wasn't the best idea to camp in the middle of the woods. Frodo didn't care! In fact, it was the best time to catch coneys. And he took that message to heart. A drabble. Part of my Four Seasons fanfic challenge.

Warning! This fanfic is Rated T for mild sensual references.



Word Count: 95

Frodo Baggins warmed up his hands by the fire. He breathed into the palms of his hands, keeping them warm. It was stupid. Why did he think he would camp out here, in the middle of winter?

Well, the campfire was warm and he had caught his very own coney. He wouldn't be surprised if the Rangers went hunting in the woods at wintertime.

This was no different.

As Frodo cooked his coney by the campfire, keeping himself warm, a thought came to mind: he enjoyed cooking, and he would enjoy eating this coney, too.


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