Another Life Another Chance

1/5/2021: This Itachi is a bit of an OC, I am trying to keep in alignment with his personality the best I can. Bu, please keep in mind that this Itachi has a new life. Not only that Itachi wasn't much of a fighter, to begin with. This is to update of the description of the summary of the story.

Hello, so I was requested to continue a story, which was a Human's Soul in a Devil's Body. I decided to redo the story entirely and change my approach on it. I really did enjoy regular Itachi stories of being reborn and everything. I'm okay doing it like this, but I also guess and try to make things different the best I can. I feel like my writing has improved, not great, but has improved. Sometimes there is an issue I have, but I do, do my best to make the stories good! So, I hope you all enjoy!

In Between Life and Death

Itachi Uchiha… the person who killed their entire clan, only leaving his little brother alive, was standing by a lake. He looked onwards at the horizon, "Hmm this place is a lot brighter than I thought." Itachi looked around until he saw an orb of light float towards him.

Itachi continued to look at the horizon until he heard a voice call to him, "Itachi Uchiha."

"Yes." Itachi stood there with his mesh armor outfit after he died fighting Sasuke. Even though he was just wearing a red robe after he was reanimated.

"Interesting… I've seen the way you lived. What you have done, what do you have to say to yourself." The orb floated in front of Itachi.

"Oh, so I've yet to go to hell that's not a surprise." Itachi added with still his monotone voice as he stared at the orb.

"Oh, that's not entirely what I was thinking!" The orb change shape and took the form of Itachi but was glowing blue. The figured that took his shape tapped Itachi on his head, "You'll remember everything. See it as a challenge to lead a new life to see if you can find people to accept you for who you are. You will be able to use chakra, but you will have to learn how to reuse it. You will keep your eyes, I guess having Amaterasu, the Toushka Blade, Tsukuyomi, and Yata Mirror would make things interesting. Though I wonder… let us see what else you can handle." Like that, a ripple of blue appeared on Itachi's forehead when his copy counterpart tapped his forehead. He found himself growing smaller… and smaller… and smaller, "Enjoy your new life." The being vanished as Itachi was teleported to a new world along with his memory of ever meeting the being wiped.

In Kuoh Town

"Oh, look at this you have two boys! They may not be identical but still twins nonetheless." The Doctor handed Mrs. Hyoudou her firstborn son, "This one was five minutes ahead."

Mrs. Hyoudou smiled down at her son, "Oh Gorou look at our little boy! I-I think his name should be Itachi… Itachi Hyoudou!" The mother looked happily at her son.

Meanwhile, Itachi looked up at his new mother with a curious look, "Whoever did this must be getting a good crack out of this. Why couldn't I just be sent hell than have to be reborn again."

"Here is your other son." A nurse came walking back handing Mr. and Mrs. Hyoudou their other son.

Itachi looked over to see his little brother sleeping in his father's arms, "Wait… I have a little brother in this world. I-I wonder… just how different he will he be than Sasuke." Itachi looked back at his parents and decided to sleep, "I wonder why kami decided to gift me new life."

Time Skip 14 Year Later (Friday)

Itachi Hyoudou… was Uchiha but was Hyoudou after he was born into this family. It was a small family that made a modest living. Itachi stood at a height of 5'10, taller than most Japanese, but tall, nonetheless. He is fifteen years old, he has onyx eyes, under which were long, pronounced tear-troughs. He had jet-black hair that was pulled back in a low ponytail and his face was framed with center-parted bangs that extended to his chin, "Itachi could you please go wake up your brother please for school!"

"Hai Kaa-san." Itachi heard his mother after he left his room from changing. Itachi's current outfit consists of a black blazer with white accents over a white, long-sleeved, button-down shirt with vertical linings, a black ribbon on the collar, matching black pants, and brown dress shoes. Itachi walked over to his brother's room and knocked on the door, "Hey Issei, it's time to get up and get ready. Breakfast is ready, we need to get going to school. Don't make me come in there, I do not want to see you whacking your meat off." Itachi did NOT want to walk in on his little brother masturbating.

Itachi looked at everyone reading this story, "To think that Sasuke and Issei would be so different. He is a pervert… imagine that." Itachi then went back into character.

Issei opened the door, Itachi's little brother is a high school student of average height with short spiky brown hair, with two short locks of hair behind his head, and light brown eyes. Issei's outfit consists of a blazer over a white, long-sleeved dress shirt with black highlights with a black ribbon on the collar, matching black pants, and brown dress shoes. However, Issei's uniform differs in the fact that he wears a red T-shirt underneath his open dress shirt and blazer and wears blue and white sneakers in place of dress shoes, "Mou Nii-san I'm not always doing it, Mr. Goody Two Shoes." Issei mumbled out opening his door.

"Good, not a good habit to begin with." Itachi left to head downstairs for breakfast.

Over the years as Itachi grew up he made sure to work hard in his studies. It got him accepted into Kuoh Academy's system which even got a spot for Issei once it became coed. Itachi was well renowned for his book studies and his overall strength. He took a quick liking to martial arts for common practice allowing him to stay fit and healthy. It was a nice change of pace, granted he wasn't much a fighter. He did it to make sure he was strong enough to protect his little brother if the need ever arises.

Even right now, Itachi has been secretly training as he continuously has gotten stronger over time. Itachi wondered if he kept any of his abilities when he was alive. He knew he was brought back to life by someone or something. Once he hit the age of four, he began to train himself and see if he had his abilities from his life. Of course, he had them he had his Sharingan which he has currently gotten up to his third Tomoe. Though he has still yet to learn to unlock his Mangekyou, but also hopes he won't ever have to awaken it. That or awaken it without the use through loss and pain, he would rather try to do it differently.

Itachi was cut from his thoughts as he was talking to Issei about school, "You seriously have issues, an unhealthy one."

"No, it's not! It is completely healthy! What is wrong to love about breasts!? I mean they're everything to me!" Issei perved out with stars in his eyes.

"Yeah, you're never going to get any acting like that. Acting like that also degrades my image as well, not that I care what others think. I don't like it when they try to lump me with being a pervert like you." Itachi stated with a deadpanned voice which he began to cry internally.

"Seriously Nii-san if I did not know any better, I'd say you were gay! How can you not like them!" Issei then waved to his friends as they walked up and began talking about porn.

"That's my que to leave." Itachi began to take a few paces ahead not wanting to hear what they were going to talk about. Once he was ahead, they made their way to school, and Itachi's regular daily life at school began.




All the girls in Kuoh saw Itachi, and Kiba Yuuto, many girls dubbed Itachi the King of Kuoh. Yuuto Kiba as the prince of Kuoh, the reason is that both were always polite and kind to the girls. They also always treated them respectfully, "Itachi-senpai! You want to come with us shopping after school today!" A group of girls walked up to him.

Itachi turned his head a gave them a warm smile, "Oh, that sounds lovely ladies. However, I am unfortunately busy today. I must teach my class today for martial arts. Maybe some other day but thank you for thinking of me." Itachi said politely turned them down.

"Look at that! It's so unfair!" Issei began to cry anime tears along with his perverted friends Matsuda and Motohama.

"The two pretty boys of Kuoh! I'm so jealous!" Motohama said with jealousy.

"The chicks are always lining up to sit on their dicks! It's just so not fair!" Matsuda said with tears in his eyes.

Itachi sighed as he walked into school and began to head towards his class. Itachi might be as powerful as he back in his world, but there has been a recent issue. Itachi brought a hanker chief to his face and coughed into it. He looked at it and saw blood, he let a sigh out and continued to walk to class.

Yes, Itachi Hyoudou was slowly and eventually will die. The same sickness followed him from his old world, what a cruel joke. He has only had very small episodes where he had a coughing fit, but that was it. He figured such things would matter until later, "I'm going to eventually tell Tou-san and Kaa-san about this… I wonder what Issei would think then." Itachi did not know if this was a cruel joke or not. Raise his brother right is what he tried to do at least, at least hope he makes it where Issei will respect woman… though that has yet to see to happen. Not only that modern medicine is expensive, and his parents made enough to put food on the table. With Itachi being a teacher at a martial arts studio brought in more income. However, not enough cover the expenses for medical medicine and doctor visits.

In the end, Itachi just deemed it worthy and not important to discuss with his parents or Issei.

The day went by without a hitch, nothing really happened, and nothing out of the ordinary. It was after school and Itachi went to go look for his little brother. He found them over by the Kendo Club peeking in a hole, "Dammit Issei." Itachi walked over and quickly grabbed him by the back of his collar and dragged him away until they seemed to be alone, "You're welcome." Itachi stated as he closed his eyes.

"Dammit, Nii-san! I was about to see some real titties until you showed up!" Issei shouted at his brother angrily.

"Look." Itachi stated while looking towards a hill as the Kendo Club were chasing Motohama and Matsuda.

"Never mind." Issei shook his head looking at Itachi, "Sometimes I'll never understand you Nii-san."

"It is my job as a big brother to look after his foolish little brother sometimes. Even if he is a big pervert." Itachi then had a breeze blow past his face making him turn his head. He looked up to his right and saw a window open. A beautiful young woman with white skin, blue eyes, a buxom figure, and her long, beautiful crimson hair with a single hair strand known as an ahoge sticking out from the top. Her hair also has loose bangs covering her forehead and side bangs framing her face. Itachi found himself staring at this girl, "Surprising… haven't seen anyone like that before. She certainly is beautiful… she almost reminds me of her." Itachi's memories of his old life came running back. He shook his head and turned back to Issei, "Come one let's go home little brother."

"Oh, I see you were looking up at Rias Gremory… she definitely is a hottie." Issei giggled perversely. "Rias Gremory… huh…" Itachi thought to himself as the two left.


Rias who just looked out the window looked down at the person who looked up at her. Rias walked over to the couch where her best friend Akeno was, "Akeno… do you know who those two boys were?"

"Oh… the boy with brown hair I know a little better. His name is Issei Hyoudou, he is part of the perverted trio. We're currently looking at him having a sacred gear." Akeno added with certainty, "Then the big brother, his name is Itachi Hyoudou also known as the King of Kuoh. Many girls here compete on who truly is the king of Kuoh instead of the prince. However, most seem to say he is the King while Kiba is the prince." Akeno looked at her king confused, "Why?"

"Just curious about him… just seems something different and ominous about him that's it. Oh, and checkmate." Rias moved her final piece as Akeno stared in shock. Rias stood up and began to undress to take a shower, "Your trap was easy to see through."

"Oh… well I did my best to give you a better challenge. Oh well." Akeno chuckled letting a sigh out as Rias left and stepped into a shower.


Issei was currently standing on a crosswalk over a busy road, "Hmmm man this stinks balls to think that I'll be going into college and I'm going to be a virgin! I've yet to even have one girlfriend!" Issei scratched his head in annoyance, "I wonder how Itachi-Nii does that."

"H-Hello there." A cute brunet girl came walking up to him on the bridge.

At Home

Itachi got home around six O'clock from his martial arts training, "I'm home!" Itachi walked in, but it seems his mother and father were currently working, "Might as well and begin working on dinner." Itachi walked into the kitchen and put an apron on, "To think I picked up cooking from Kaa-san." Itachi's memories of him of wanting to pick up cooking from his mother in his other life, Mikoto, however, he was stopped often and was forced to go to a mission or train with Fugaku.

Just then Issei came running down the stairs, "Nii-san! Nii-san!"

Itachi looked at him, "Hey Issei, what's up?" Itachi asked as Issei was grinning like a mad man.

"I got a girlfriend just now! Her name is Yuuma Amano! She asked me out!" Issei said with a perverted grin on his face.

Itachi narrowed his eyes at Issei, "What? You aren't kidding?"

"No man! She asked me out! We are going on a date this Sunday! I can't wait!" Issei began to perv out, "You'll see her tomorrow at school! I can't wait!" Issei went and sat down for dinner as Itachi was finishing up cooking.

"We're home! Something smells good!" Miki Hyoudou came walking into the door.

"Yeah! Itachi are you cooking!" Gorou's mouth began to water for his son's cooking. He certainly picked up that amazing skill from his ever so beautiful wife.

"Welcome home Kaa-san, Tou-san." Itachi came walking out of the kitchen to the hallway, "It will be done so wash up and come to the dinner table." Itachi smiled, "Today is a specialty that comes from China, some chow mein, dumplings, peeking duck, spring rolls, and sweet and sour soup." Itachi smiled placing all the food on the table as Gorou's mouth began to water.

"Honey you've made your mother so proud!" Miki began to tear up happily, "All you need now is a girlfriend!"

"No." Itachi shot down quickly.

"Oh poo." Miki said with a hint of sadness as Gorou let a sigh out.

"EHEHEHEHEEHEHE!" Issei began to perv out, "Guess what Kaa-san! Tou-san! I got a girlfriend! Today!"
"WHAT!?" They both shouted in shock, "My little Issei has a girlfriend before Itachi!? I didn't think my little horn dog would get one before Itachi!"

"What is that supposed to mean!" Issei shot back at his mother's jab at him.

"Wow to think that we thought Itachi would get one first." Gorou, "Then again he does have that loner type of vibe."

"Hey." Itachi narrowed an eye at his father saying that he would take away the food.

"NO! I WON'T LET YOU TAKE AWAY THE FOOD!" Gorou began to stuff his face as Itachi let a sigh out, his parents did a good job of making good jabs at them for their flaws.

"Oh dear." Miki let a sigh out, "Well be careful Issei, you never know with this girl."

"She might be bad Issei, no offense but for a guy like you to get a girl just like that? Don't you find it kinda weird?" Itachi raised an eyebrow as Issei shrugged his shoulders.

"I'll make to be careful." Issei added as he thought about it, "Now that I think about it, they are kinda right."

Time Skip Sunday (Evening)

Itachi was walking home from martial arts class he wondered where his little brother was. Itachi flashed his Sharingan on since no one was around. Itachi looked around and saw Issei over by the park. Itachi turned it off and slowly and stealthily hid in the trees. He watched from afar, "I said… would you die for me!?" The girl's voice changed.

"WHAT THE!" Itachi stood up in his spot ready to charge in, but he wanted to see what was going on. The girlfriend that Issei was talking about was glowing as she transformed into dark and evil. He did not want to bother them on their date, but he didn't realize how much malice she had. The girl shredded her clothing and changed into her alternate form that seemed older. In the process of transforming, she grew taller, taking on a more mature appearance, and her eyes changed, taking on a darker, eviler look. Her clothing also changed dramatically, now consisting of black, strap-like objects around and under her breasts, a thong-like piece held around her hips by three thin straps, gloves that ran right up her arms with small lengths of chains hanging from them, shoulder guard-like objects on her shoulders with three large spikes sprouting from her right shoulder, and black thigh-high heel boots. "ISSEI!" Itachi saw the woman form a spear in her hand.

Itachi ran towards Issei wanting to save him, Itachi knew he was stronger than the average human. However, he was far from his level when he was in the Anbu. Meaning he was about the level of a Chunin. Once Itachi ran closer he felt a pain in his chest, "NOT NOW!" Itachi continued to push his body as he coughed into his arm as a bit of blood dribbled onto his arm. Itachi couldn't save him and Issei so he slammed his shoulder into Issei pushing him out of the way.

"N-Nii-san!?" Issei looked at Itachi shocked as she was pushed out of the way. Issei saw Itachi being stabbed in the stomach with the light spear piercing through his stomach and out his back. Issei fell and rolled out the ground, he quickly looked up to see a pool of blood running out of Itachi's back and front, "No! Nii-san!"

*Cough* Itachi spat up blood, "R-Run… g-get out of here!" Itachi's eyes began to glow and shine blood-red with three black tomoes in his eyes. Itachi did not care if Issei saw his eyes, he needed to save his little brother. Itachi let a gasp of the pain out and stood up, "This is now how I thought I'd be going, might as well hope Issei lives on." Itachi glared at his killer, "I-I won't let you hurt him… *cough* I won't let you kill my little brother!" Itachi fell into a fighting stance to fend her off if possible.

"N-NO! Nii-SAN! I will not let you die alone here! We'll both go back, you stupid idiot!" Issei screamed with tears in his eyes as he ran up next to Itachi.

"How!? How are you still standing!? For a mere human too! W-What are those eyes!?" Raynare stared into Itachi's eyes.

"Y-You're the damn… never mind." Itachi used the last of his chakra, or whatever he had left. Itachi cast a genjutsu to scare her using the Nine-Tailed Fox to scare her. Then his Sharingan faded, "Shit I must have taken more damage than I thought." Itachi fell on one knee coughing up more blood.

"Nii-san! We need to get you to the hospital! You can't die on me!" Issei screamed in shock, pain, and anger.

"N-No… get out of here… I-I'm already dying." Itachi could feel himself slipping once again, "Dammit I need to make sure Issei gets to safety. D-dammit I-I can't move." Itachi placed his hand on his stomach as he fell to the ground still trying to hold on.

"Nii-san!" Issei shouted as he tried to pick his brother up as he was cover in blood.

Raynare who screamed and finally cut herself to get out of the illusion shook her head. She glared at them, "Think you can get away huh! THINK AGAIN!" Raynare threw a light spear into Issei's chest killing him instantly.

Itachi who was still barely conscious fell with him and rolled to see Issei with his lifeless eyes. Issei said, "I-I can't feel… anything… s-so cold."

"N-No! I-I-Issei!" Itachi reached his hand out with tears in his eyes, "Y-You!" Itachi looked up to see Raynare smirk.

"Finally, after getting out of that atrocious illusion. I had to hurt myself, I will make sure you suffer. For your and his death you can blame him… he is the one who gave him the sacred gear after all." Raynare smirked, "Well have fun with this." Raynare made a light spear and stabbed it into Itachi's current hole in his stomach causing more pain, "I'll have you die slowly for that illusion. Ta ta!" Raynare had her wings appear as she flew off.

Itachi cried his tears out, "Issei… I'm sorry." Itachi felt a wave of emotions of anger and hatred. Itachi for whatever reason felt something appear on his back. Suddenly a pair of white wings with eight energy feathers, Divide! Divide! Divide! Itachi heard those words as the light spear in his stomach disappeared. Itachi began to bleed out again, but he could move. Itachi felt his eyes sting as his vision of the world changed, "Heh could have used this earlier, and probably should have done harder training. I-I didn't think beings like that would exist here, so training to be an Anbu level Shinobi didn't seem necessary." Itachi fell back on his knees as the wings behind him disappeared. He crawled over to Issei and placed his forehead on his, "I-I'm so sorry… Issei… I'll be joining you shortly." Itachi felt the remaining strength he had to leave him until he saw a flash of red in Issei's pocket.

Itachi went and reached for it and pulled it out, "Red devil circle or Satan circle thing… that reminds me of her? When did Issei get this?" The paper shot up and a magic circle appeared, and a person came out of it. The person looked down at him, she had crimson red hair, blue-greenish eyes, and had a female Kuoh academy student outfit on, "Are you the one who summoned me?"

Itachi slowly stood up with the rest of his strength and said, "I-I *coughs up blood* b-beg you… s-save h-him." Itachi's light faded from his eyes as he drew his last breath.

Rias was shocked by this, but she smiled, "Alright… I'll save you both you'll live for my sake." Rias gently took Itachi's body and laid him down. Rias summoned her evil pieces as she floated them over to see which would work. She brought up four pawn pieces which glowed signaling that they were compatible. Rias began her ritual, "In the name of Rias Gremory, I command thee Itachi Hyoudou to return thy soul back to the living. I saved you… now you will live for my sake." "On to the next one, originally I was going to save this one. However, two Hyoudous might be not bad. Not only that he survived long enough to ask me to save him."

Next Day

Itachi groaned as he woke up slowly as he sat up, "What happened… last night wasn't no dream. So, why am I back in my room… was it a." Itachi looked down to his left and saw something under his sheets. He gently lifted the sheets, he saw a sleeping naked Rias, "Well you don't see that every day." Itachi looked around his room and got out of bed and looked at the clock, "Gotta get ready for school." Itachi went over to his closet and got dressed, by the time he was done Rias began to wake up.

He looked over to see Rias sitting up completely as she stretched and let out a small little squeak of a moan, "Mmmm mou it's morning already." Rias looked at Itachi who was currently getting dressed. She stared at him with her head tilted. "Well, it seems your body healed up nicely, though I can't help but wonder."

"Wonder what?" Itachi asked as he sat down at his desk across from Rias.

"Surprised you didn't try to touch or grope me. I mean… I definitely wouldn't mind." Rias giggled as Itachi sat there with his stoic face. Rias frowned, "What no cute little reaction like a blush or anything. I mean I was just naked with you in bed."

Itachi let a sigh out as he closed his eyes and recalled from last night, "That was real wasn't it… all that…" Itachi asked as Rias this time dropped the playful tone.

"Yes, you are, I am Rias Gremory, that person you tried to fight last night was a Fallen Angel. I am a devil, I saved you by turning you into a devil." Rias smiled pulled her leg up on the bed a rested her head on her knee, "You are my new servant… you are a devil now."

"Hn… is Issei alright," Itachi asked as Rias nodded her head.

"You both took a lethal blow, especially Issei. I had my queen Akeno heal him overnight and she left. I, however, fell asleep and decided to sleep here for the night. I hope you don't mind too much." Rias smiled as Itachi nodded his head, "So supernatural beings do exist… seems I should have been training harder. To think that at least being Chunin Level and just trying to enjoy my life was not enough. I need to get stronger so nothing like that happens again." "I'm surprised at how quickly you both healed, Issei took a bit longer. However, it took you about four or five hours or so. Your bodies are amazing, and well down there too." Rias joked as Itachi narrowed his eyes at her.

"Hn." Itachi closed his eyes feeling like he was violated.

"Oh, how cute! I finally got a reaction from you; you remind me of my friend Sona a lot. Well, anyways, Itachi huh? And Issei… I think I'll allow you two to keep those names." Rias giggled as she stood up giving Itachi a full-frontal view of her everything.

Itachi said, "Please put some clothes on." Itachi asked as he picked up her clothes handing them to her. Just then he heard his mother coming up.

"Itachi!? What are you doing? This isn't like you to be sleeping in like this?" Miki came walking up to the door.

"Crap." Itachi jumped up from his position, since he got dressed so quickly, he forgot to buckle his pants and when he jumped up his pants slipped down. He fell forward and pushed Rias on the bed pushing his left hand into her right breast, "Kill me." Itachi mentally stated as he looked at the door to see his mother opening it.

"Come on Itachi wake up and… and…" Miki stared in bewilderment looking at the half-dressed Itachi with his pants down. Then this foreign girl butt naked on his bed as if they were about to have intercourse.

"Hello there." Rias smiled as if nothing was wrong.

"Ummm hello… Itachi comes down and wake up Issei when you're done." Miki shut the door as she turned around, "HONEY! GET UP! HERE!"

"W-What what's wrong!? Is Issei masturbating again? Let him be he is a growing boy." Gorou stated with a deadpanned expression.

"NO! It is Itachi he has some random foreign girl in his room! She beautiful and everything! They were about to have unprotected sex!" Miki shouted not knowing what to think.

"Wait… Itachi has a beautiful girl in his room… HE HAS BEEN HOLDING OUT ON ME ALL THESE YEARS! TO THINK I WASN'T GOING TO GET ANY GRANDCHILDREN!" Miki began to wail and cry.

Gorou did the same, "MY LITTLE ITACHI IS BECOMING A MAN!" Gorou cried happily, "TO THINK WE THOUGHT WE WOULD DIE BEFORE MEETING OUR GRANDCHILDREN! I thought it would take him forever to find a girl! After all, he is an antisocial introvert!"

"Wow… that hurt." Itachi looked at his door as he turned to Rias and got off her, "Come on let's go."

"You have a lively family, that's nice." Rias stood up and began to get dressed and Itachi looked away, "Well I'll have someone come to fetch you and Issei later. I'll explain everything to you and Issei."

Itachi turned to Rias and kneeled on one knee, "Thank you Rias-sama for saving me and my little brother. I am forever in your debt. I promise to serve you well."

"Wow, you're very formal and quick to understand and accept. That is good, but don't you worry calling Rias is perfectly fine. We're a family now!" Rias smiled as she placed a kiss on his forehead and turned her back to him, "Mind helping me with this?" Rias asked Itachi to clasp the back of her bra for her.

"S-Sure." Itachi said he turned to help her.

Later at Breakfast

"THAT NO FRIGGEN FAIR!" Issei was sending daggers at Itachi for seeing Rias in their house. That SHE WAS SLEEPING IN HIS BED!

"You know that's what us teenagers do all the time! We have a sleepover naked nowadays, don't worry we didn't do anything." Rias added a bit of her charm magic, "Wait they aren't going to." Issei looked at Rias.

"O-Oh… okay I guess that fine." Miki said in an almost hypnotizing voice.

"Y-yeah kids these days always full of energy." Gorou said with a just hypnotized voice, "So… a devil huh… interesting." Itachi felt two separate pools of energy, his chakra, and magic. He always wondered what that other pool was and how to tap into it.


They all began to walk towards school together with everyone staring, "Woah that's weird the Hyoudou brothers are walking with Rias-Onee-sama!"

"She captured Itachi-senpai's heart!" Many girls wailed.

"Eww, but how could she be with that pervert!" The other girls were saying.

"Maybe Itachi-senpai's immunity to pervert rubbed off on her!" The girls said with worry, meanwhile the guys were ripping their book bags with their teeth growling and glaring daggers towards Itachi's way.

"I will have someone come get you Issei, all will be explained later." Rias smiled as she left leaving to join with Sona, Itachi saw Sona who had black hair bob cut, and violet eyes.

"Let's go Issei." Itachi began to walk to his class with Issei going to his.

Later in Itachi's Class

Itachi finished up Calculus II and put his books away, just then someone came at the door, "Kyaa! It's Kiba-kun!"

"He is here!" Girls screamed happily.

"Hello, ladies, I'm here to get Itachi Hyoudou." He spoke up, "Where is he?"

"Over here." Itachi stood up and walked up Kiba, "Let's go I'm assuming Rias sent you."

"Indeed Itachi, let's go fetch your brother." Kiba and Itachi began to walk off together.

"Ooh you think they're together!" The girls began to blush and gossip.

Itachi and Kiba both sweatdropped, "Fangirls…" Itachi asked.

"Too many." Kiba said as they kept walking.

"I hear ya." They both knew they were going to get along as Itachi knows the true pain of a fangirl.

Soon they made their way to Issei's classroom, "Kyaaa it's Kiba-senpai and Itachi-senpai!" The girls of Issei's class screamed. Itachi and Issei are the same age, but there is a difference. Itachi skipped a grade ahead of Issei. That is why Issei is a freshman while Itachi is a Sophomore.

"Hello, I'm." Kiba was interrupted as Itachi walked in and grabbed Issei by his collar, "Ummm bye." Kiba had a sweat drop appear on his forehead as they left.

"Let's go." Itachi dragged Issei not wanting to stay and wait to listen to the girls scream. However, it was for nothing as they began to gossip about Kiba and Itachi being gay. Which made Kiba and Itachi eyebrows twitch.

In the ORC

Issei, Itachi, and Kiba walked up to their clubroom doors as the lights were dimmed and Rias was sitting on her desk, "Why hello there Issei… Itachi Hyoudou." Rias motioned them to sit down on the couch.

Itachi sat across a petite girl with white hair and golden eyes. She was currently eating sweets, but Itachi looked at Koneko and thought, "Her eyes… they hold betrayal by a loved one… look just like Sasuke's…". Itachi realized Koneko was staring at him. Koneko stated, "Chakra… how did you learn to use chakra."

Everyone looked at Itachi, as he was surprised, she was able to pick up on that, "Interesting… it seems you well versed in the arts."

"Chakra Nii-san what is she talking about?" Issei asked confused looking at Itachi.

"Simple… I just naturally learned to use it after reading a book about it. I gave it a try and found out it was real." Itachi did find a book on it in case chakra worked the same way.

"That's rare… humans aren't able to tap into chakra that easily. Not at least almost killing themselves, that is good to know. Now… let us begin, Issei as I told Itachi this morning. Everyone in here is a devil, that includes you and Itachi." Rias added as she switched legs to get comfortable.

"A-A devil." Issei looked at Rias in surprised.

"Yes, a devil…." Rias nodded her head.

"Uhh okay… pornos I understand, but this one is something I don't play around with. Nii-san we should go." Issei stood up to leave but Itachi stopped him.

"Issei, I asked her to do it. I know I did not ask if you wanted this, but I could not let you die. So… when Rias appeared… I asked her to save you. So, do not be mad at her, you can hate me, be angry at me, scorn me all you want. I won't regret the decision I made; I will love you always." Itachi looked at him in the eye with seriousness as Issei then decided to take what Itachi said to heart.

Rias was surprised at how easy it was to calm Issei down. Not only that but the way Itachi stated it was kinda dark and loving in a way, "I-I see then well I guess there is nothing else but to say but thank you Rias. You not only saved me, but you also saved my Nii-san… though I need to ask was Yuuma the girl I-I dated… what was she."

Rias smiled, "The girl Yuuma Amano was just a Fallen Angel, no one will remember her. Though she took longer to strike I think because of Itachi, she wanted to kill you. So, I figured you had something important." Rias smiled as Issei and Itachi looked at her confused.

"What could I possibly have… I'm just a normal guy with no special abilities." Issei rubbed the back of his head.

"Rias, if I may ask what you used to revive us." Itachi asked as Rias held up a pawn piece that was on the side.

"I used these on you two, I used four on Issei… then four on Itachi. I was surprised though because all four of Itachi's pawn pieces immediately mutated themselves to queens. They also glowed different colors showing that they were mutated pieces as well." Rias smiled looking at both Itachi and Issei, "I'm sure you both possess something very powerful."

"Wait… I'm the cannon fodder while Itachi is basically worth four queens!?" Issei began to cry, "Chicks don't dig pawns!"

"Issei pawns are quite powerful, you remember how we played chess." Itachi added as Issei remember.

"Oh yeah, you kept kicking my ass every time! You even used pawns to defeat me without even promoting any of them!" Issei yelled at his older brother in annoyance.

"That's because you really did suck at the game." Itachi admitted as Issei hung his head in defeat, "Just keep in mind even a pawn can take the king down."

"Wait so… that means I can be promoted to a queen, bishop, rook, or even a knight." Issei added as Rias nodded her head.

"As long as the king recognizes the battlefield enemy territory, you can promote." Rias nodded her head, "This makes things easier, but I do wonder… what scared gear you have."

"What is a sacred gear." Itachi asked.

"The original God of the Bible created the Sacred Gears as part of his system to enact miracles on Earth. Individuals with Sacred Gears have grown to become very powerful and influential and that many famous people who have had their names etched into history, were most likely Sacred Gear possessors. Sacred Gears can also adapt and evolve based on their wielder's thoughts, needs, and feelings, gaining abilities or qualities as time passes." Akeno added, "Forgive me we never fully introduced ourselves."

"Oh, my mind must be slipping, as you two know. I am Rias Gremory, Akeno over here is my queen. Kiba Yuuto my knight, and Koneko Toujou my rook." Rias added gesturing to each one of them, respectively.

"Let me guess, Queen all-around powerhouse of each of the other pieces. Rook, they're the tank, knights, speed, bishops are supporting, and pawns are the foot soldiers who can promote to other pieces." Itachi added as Rias smiled.

"Right away, you're quick on this." Rias looked at Itachi with interest he knew a lot about fighting, "If I remember correctly you teach at a martial arts school do you not?"

"Yes, I do, I became a teacher there ever since I turned fifteen." Itachi added, "I do training often on my own, but I could have been stronger. I had no idea beings like this existed. "I also should have been able to take that woman down."" Itachi mumbled the last part, "If only I would have kept training to get stronger."

"It's okay, you had no idea such as a world existed. I'm sure you'll find plenty of time to get stronger." Rias stood up from her seat, "Since we're all here why don't you try to summon your sacred gears."

"How do we do that?" Issei asked.

"Focus on the strongest part of your body and will it to appear." Akeno adds with her happy and elegant aura around her.

Issei stood up, "Arclight! Let's try it! Sacred Gear!" Issei punched the air trying to get it to appear.

"Huh" Itachi shook his head as he stayed silent.

Issei tries to think and concentrate, "Wait Nii-san I saw your eyes change shape and color when you fought that fallen angel. What was that?" Issei asked while everyone else looked at Itachi curiously.

Itachi sighed and closed his eyes and then opened them, "These eyes… I have no idea, but I awakened them when I was young. It was after a training accident that almost killed me." They were not ready to learn about his past, "For now I've given the name for it called Sharingan, I've been able to copy other people's writing, I can predict things, I can do a lot with them." Itachi proudly patted himself on the back for the reason.

"I see that definitely seems helpful, well keep improving and I'm sure you'll go far. Though it's not a sacred gear I've heard of." Rias tried to think of any sacred gears that were like that.

Itachi wondered, "Wait there was also something that happened before the Fallen Angel left. She stabbed a light spear into me where I was stabbed originally. It held me in place not allowing me to get to Issei, but I felt something appear. It began to say three words, "Divide", then the light spear disappeared, and it gave me enough of power to crawl to Issei." Itachi was trying to think where he felt that feeling.

"Well, that's okay, they will appear when they do. Issei I know has one, but Itachi I'm not too sure." Rias looked at Koneko as Koneko began to sniff around Itachi.

"It's hard to tell smelling his chakra, but I also smell a lot of Issei's blood on him. So, I can't tell." Koneko said with a monotone voice as she continued to eat her sweets. Itachi so happened to see the sweets as his lip quivered a bit. Koneko glared at him, "My sweets." Koneko pulled them close to her chest.

"Well, welcome to the family Issei… Itachi Hyoudou!" Rias stood up as everyone else stood up with devil wings coming out of their backs.

"Man, I can't wait! This is going to be fun!" Issei said happily, "Wait… so what do we do?"

"Well simple, you guys are low-class devils, for devils to get the power you need to make contracts with humans. Do so, you get stronger and you can work your way up the ranks. Eventually, you can get a peerage of your own." Rias smiled as she saw Itachi facepalm and looked at him confused.

Just then Issei stood up, "WAIT YOU'RE SAYING I CAN GET MY OWN PEERAGE!?"

"Hn." Itachi glared at Issei to stop.

Issei did not care, "Can I make my peerage full of busty girls!" Issei with a perverted face.

"Your face is disgusting." Koneko said with a monotone voice.

"Yep." Rias nodded her head.

"Can I do whatever I want with them!" Issei began to perve more and grope imaginary boobs.


"I can even make them do naughty things with me!" Issei began to look up at the ceiling with blush and blood running down his nose.
"I don't see why not." Rias shrugged his shoulders.

"THAT SETTLES IT! HELL YEAH! I'M GOING TO BECOME!" Issei felt a power grow inside of him, "HAREM KING!" Issei threw his left hand into the air as a green light appeared from it. A red gauntlet with a green jewel and 2 golden spikes that manifests on the user's arm.

"Oh my." Akeno giggled.

"You're the worst." Koneko glared at Issei.

"Why did you encourage him." Itachi mumbled in annoyance.

"Well, if it makes him work hard then so be it." Rias did not really mind at all, but she looked at Itachi, "I wonder what has happened to make him act like this."

Just then Itachi felt a sudden pulse in his back, "W-What the!" Itachi looked behind his back, "Wait… that feeling… that was on my back." Itachi sent magic to his back as then suddenly two white wings appeared out of his back with eight crystal feathers appeared.

"Oh no…" Rias looked at both of them with a concerned look, "Is it possible… did I just get lucky…"

"Rias that confirms what Itachi has… but does Issei have that." Akeno asked as Rias put her finger on her lip.

Itachi asked, "Well this looks like Issei's so this must be a sacred gear?"

"Yes… it is… but I wonder is Issei possibly the Red Dragon Emperor?" Rias asked as she looked at Koneko.

Koneko looked at Issei, "Issei still smells like a dragon… however Itachi-senpai now has a dragon smell to him."

"That confirms it… Issei… Itachi I believe you two have rival sacred gears. How ironic they end up in this peerage together, Itachi, or should I say. White Dragon Emperor Albion." Rias smirked, "I wonder are you able to communicate with it?" Rias asked.

Itachi closed his eyes and searched within himself just then, "About time you contacted me, you're quite strong to be able to go into your mindscape to contact me." Albion began to speak through Itachi's glowing blue wings, "That boy… Issei… you indeed have Ddraig I can sense him, but you cannot hear him."

"W-What? Why?" Issei asked.

"You're too weak to hear Ddraig… my rival… huh I wonder if we'll even be fighting anymore." Albion asked its host. "No… I'm not fighting Issei just because he has the Red Dragon Emperor, I don't care about your complicated love life." Itachi jabbed at his sacred gear's pride, "The first time a host I've ever had said he didn't want to fight. Interesting a pacifist too huh." Albion saw all of Itachi's memories and who he really was.

"Dammit I'm too weak, but that doesn't mean I can't get strong!" Issei pumped himself up, "Buchou give me those fliers imma get me some contracts." Issei ran up to Rias and took some, "I'M GOING TO BECOME HAREM KING!" He shouted running off to hand out contracts.

"Well, this is certainly never heard of before, to think that the White and Red Dragon Emperors are not only on my team. That all four of your pawns pieces were mutations." Rias could not believe she got both.

"Well, you certainly did… wait why didn't you tell him he mutated. What do mutated pieces do?" Itachi asked curiously.

"Mutated pieces have unlimited potential, power, and it doesn't require multiple pieces to revive the said person either. However, Itachi still promoted themselves to queens for an unknown reason. Issei's stayed pawns, not only that it seems he would lose his head if I told him he was that powerful." Rias walked toward the window to see Issei running out to hand out flyers.

Itachi sighed as he stood up and grabbed some, "I thank you again Rias… for saving me and then Issei, I promise to protect you and everyone else. I hope we all become good friends." Itachi sent them all a slight bow and small smile and left.

"Well, this is certainly news… I have no doubt we will be a big target. Though I'm quite glad we got two new members." Rias smiled as she watched Itachi walkout sending her a wave as he walked to hand out flyers.

"Ara, well the two of them should make things interesting here." Akeno looked at Rias as who sat back on the couch and picked up two pawns.

"I wonder just how far those two will go." Rias smiled as she placed them down, "Oh, and checkmate again Akeno."

"Again… geez you're so good what can I do?" Akeno shrugged her shoulders.

Time Skip a Few Days Later

Itachi and Issei took the week handing out flyers to people hoping they would get contracts. Today was their day off and Itachi just finished training on his own in the forest with Issei, "Good spar we'll keep getting stronger so you can boost more. Is that right Albion?" "Yes, Ddraig can double his power every 10 seconds, it being his physical, magical, or demonic powers. You can do the same but divide, but you can train to quicken the pace the Red one's Boosts and your Dividing."

"I see then… so I can become really strong huh! I cannot wait! Nii-san let us go another round!" Issei fell into his fighting stance wanting to get stronger.

"So, I need to train my body to be able to handle enemies' power, don't I?" Itachi asked speaking to Albion, "Yes that's true otherwise you won't be able to use my power appropriately." "Got it, I'll make sure to train hard." "I have no worries about you growing strong, you were powerful then, but your still have an issue you need to address." Albion spoke in Itachi's mind, "I don't see the reason, once Issei is strong enough he'll protect everyone." Itachi closed his eyes as he smiled, "Issei is strong, so I'll leave everything to him. Plus, it is not a problem for me, I see this as punishment to die after seeing my little brother grow up a happy life." Albion stayed quiet not furthering the topic more than it needed to be.

Time Skip Saturday

*SLAP* "Don't you ever go near the church! That is enemy territory Issei if exorcists get to you and exercise you! You're turned into nothing, your annihilated body and soul!" Rias yelled at Issei for involving himself with the Nun.

"I-I'm sorry Buchou… just that Asia is… really nice, I didn't want to make you mad." Issei rubbed the back of his head.

"It's fine just don't go near her or see her ever again." Rias turned to leave, "I have matters to attend to, later tonight you'll wait to see if you have any contracts to make." Rias left with Akeno.

Itachi and Issei left, "Darn I made Buchou mad again."

"Yes, she is mad, but she is worried for you. We're beginner devils, we can be killed easily, so it's important to be careful." Itachi added with an informative and mature tone.

"Seriously where the hell do you learn all this stuff?" Issei asked since Itachi was sounding like an old man.

"It's called reading Issei, you should try it. Before you say it, porn mags don't count." Itachi added as he began to prepare for his summons.

"Wait you're preparing for your summons already?" Issei looked at him in shock.

"Yeah, I got like three or four tonight." Itachi had a magic circle appear below him which was set and ready for him to go.

"What!? I got one!" Issei hung his head down, "Man this is hard!"

Itachi smirked as he walked up and tapped Issei on his forehead, "You'll be fine" *Poke* "Do well." Itachi disappeared in his magic circle.

Issei sat there and wondered, "Asia… I'm sorry."

With Itachi

"Don't think I've ever seen Issei seem upset about someone. Well, that's good." Itachi smiled as he appeared in the room, "Hello, I am a servant of Rias Gremory, you called?" Itachi's eyes wide and then relaxed as he saw Murayama there.

"Oh! Itachi-senpai! Y-You're a devil!?" Murayama was surprised by all this.

"Ummm yeah… what was I summoned to do here?" Itachi asked, "Well at least I can rest assure she won't say anything about my identity."

"Well, the thing is… is I have some friends over and we're having a party." Murayama blushed, "Since it was my birthday, I was hoping you could do some magic tricks. Of course! We'll continue to use your services even if it's just to hang out with us!" Murayama bowed hoping Itachi would agree.

"If it is your wish, so it shall be." Itachi bowed as he floated down and joined her and her friends.

Later With Issei

"Yo ya call for a devil? I'm here." Issei came walking into a home ready to serve whoever called him, "Hello?" Issei realized that the door was open, and he went inside. He walked into the room to see a guy sitting on the couch, "Hey did you."

"Well, hello there devil scum!" The voice chuckled as he sat on the couch. Not far away was a body that chopped up and blood splattered on the wall.

"W-What the hell!?" Issei almost threw up in seeing the corpse on the ground.

"The name is Freed Sellzen at your service! I'm going slay you, you filthy devil! BANG!" Freed fired his gun at Issei.

Issei quickly tucked and rolled dodging the shot, "Sacred Gear!" Issei shouted as his sacred gear appeared in his hand, "Take this douchebag!" Issei slammed his fist into Freed's face.

"OUCHI!" Freed was sent to the ground, but he quickly twirled around and swung his sword made of light and cut Issei's back as he fell to the ground feeling his back burning, "TIME TO DIE DEVIL SCUM!"

"AHHHHHH!" A scream came from the door as Asia came walking into the picture. A pretty young girl with long blonde hair and green eyes, "Father Freed what are you doing!? What did you do to everyone!"

"Oh, that's right your new, well this is the job! Taking out filthy devil lovers and devils!" Freed laughed as he aimed his sword at Issei, "Now it's time to die!"

"W-Wait! ISSEI!?" Asia saw who was on the ground, "W-What are you doing here!?"

"Asia… I'm sorry I lied to you. I just thought it would have been better not to see one another. I didn't mean to lie to you since I was a devil." Issei looked at her with an upset look on his face.

"W-what? Issei was so nice though, to be a devil?" Asia was scared for her friend, even if it was only for a moment.

"Oh, what is this? Do you know one another? How sweet, oh well. It doesn't matter though, this what we do!" Freed aimed his sword at Issei.

"NO!" Asia ran in front, "Please Father Freed just forgive this one please!" Asia stood in front of Issei with her arms extended out to protect him.

"N-No! Asia let me protect you!" Issei stood up but the attack from the sword of light hurt.

"Tch you little bitch!" Freed swung his sword cutting Asia's front open making her cover her body and scrunch down.

Issei's eyes widen, "YOU BASTARD!" Issei ran up punched him in the face.

"Damn you, you little shit!" Freed shot his gun that went through Issei's leg causing him to fall.

"You are an annoying little bitch! The fallen angels told me not to hurt you but didn't say I couldn't do anything to you!" Freed chuckle as he grabbed her by her hands. Stabbed his sword into the wall making Asia stay there while her grabbed her chest and began to fondle her.

"H-HEY! G-get YOUR HANDS OFF HER!" Issei slowly stood up as his arm glowed, Boost! Issei growled at him, "Leave her alone!" Boost! Explosion! Issei's reached maxed power as he ran forward and slammed his fist into Freed's face.

"OW!" Freed rolled on the ground, "That hurt dammit! What sacred gear is that!" Freed shouted in anger.

"Why should I tell you! I'm just going to kick your ass!" Issei shouted ready to fight him.

Just then a magic portal appeared as Kiba, Akeno, Koneko, and Rias came walking out, "OH my how great! More shitty devils to kill!"

"Hey, Issei seems you need a hand." Kiba came walking up with his sword ready.

"No need… he's already dead." Chidori! A noise came behind Freed as Itachi appeared in a murder of crows as he rammed his hand through Freed's left chest. Itachi's hand was sticking out of it. He pulled it out and let Freed drop, "Lucky… that slight movement you made saved yourself from me killing you". Itachi leaned own and said in Freed's ear, "I'll leave you with one warning and one warning only. Don't touch my little brother." Itachi stepped over him slamming his foot onto Freed's face knocking him out.

Issei looked in shock as Itachi had an emotionless look on his face. As if he did not care he just killed someone, "Nii-san… y-you almost killed him."

"That's fine, he hurt you didn't he." Itachi bent down and found the bullet holes on Issei and the slash mark, "I'm not a pro but I can at least heal you." Itachi stood up, "We're leaving."

Rias and the others were surprised by Itachi's actions. "He was quick, stealthy, just what type of training has he done? It has only been a couple of days and I didn't even sense him in here." Rias wonder, "I see then let's go." Rias didn't know it but shadow clones work wonders, thanks to his chakra control creating shadow clones was a cinch.

"Fallen Angels." Koneko stated wanting to get everyone out.

"Akeno let's go! Koneko grabIssei and let's go." Rias began to command her peerage.

"W-Wait! Can we please bring Asia with us! She is innocent in all of this please!" Issei reached out to grab Asia.

Itachi stared at Asia and could see the innocence in her, she did not do anything, "Go, I'll catch up." Itachi has two white wings appear out of his back. Asia looked at Itachi.

"Asia you can trust him! He is my Nii-san!" Issei shouted wanting Itachi to save Asia.

Asia nervously walked up next to Itachi, "Stay close." Itachi looked up as a group of Angels appeared in front of them. Itachi narrowed his eyes, "You… you're the one who tried to kill Issei." Itachi glared at Raynare with his Sharingan glow. Itachi felt nothing but anger towards Raynare, "You've targeted my little brother if you ever come near my little brother or us in general. I will kill you." Itachi and Asia left in a murder of crows revealing that it was just an illusion as soon as the Fallen Angels appeared.

"That's troublesome who is he?" Raynare snarled angrily, "We'll have to keep this quiet; we need to act quickly as my superiors don't know of this." Raynare frowned, "Dohnaseek, go get the other priests to help Freed, we still need him."

At the ORC

"As I thought they are working outside their rules, if we kill them, they wouldn't be missed. We can't get in trouble." Itachi added as he reformed from the murder of crows with Asia by his side.

"Asia!" Issei shot up from his spot and hugged Asia not caring about the wounds on his body, "You can stay here with us! You can be our friends and much more!" Issei smiled as he looked at the nun excitedly.

Asia was a little overwhelmed as she nodded her head, "Thank you… all of you for saving me. I did not realize they were this type of people. To think they killed those innocent people in god's name".

"Asia, I want to ask you if you knew you were aligned with Fallen Angels and Rogue Priests." Rias asked wondering if their sister knew what was truly going on.

"The Fallen Angels yes, I wanted to do what I could to serve god. As you can see, I was deceived… I had no idea the rogue priests would do that." Asia was nervous that Rias and the others would be too wary.

"Please Rias I know she is not a devil, but she is truly a kind girl. She even tried to protect me when Freed attacked me." Issei defended her as Rias nodded her head.

"I saw, once I felt Issei's energy signature disappear. I ran towards you, luckily I was able to get in quick." Itachi added, "They appeared later through a teleportation portal."

Rias wondered herself, "Regardless, I'm glad you're safe Issei. If I had known a rogue priest was in that area. I wouldn't have sent you."

"It's okay really, I was able to see Asia again and Nii-san was able to save her. Which reminds me… why did you save Asia." Issei asked as he then flinched remembering the wounds he still had from his fight.

"We need to heal you now; you're going to bleed out." Itachi walked over but Asia stepped in instead.

"Wait let me, this is the least I can do after he helped me!" Asia placed her hands on Issei and began to heal his cut wound along with his bullet wound.
Issei began to move his arm and stand up with no issue, "Woah! I feel good as new!" Issei sent Asia a grateful smile, "Thank you so much, Asia!"

Rias smiled, "I see our fellow sister can even heal us, devils. Asia, perhaps I can offer you a place in my peerage. I'm sure everyone here would be glad to have you, it seems you already have full support from Issei."

Asia thought about it, "Oh and she is no threat, I saw the little date you two went on. Even if it was the day after you Rias told you not to see Asia anymore." Itachi smirked as Issei blushed along with Asia. After Rias told Issei, he still went to go see her anyway. However, he just so happens to stumble across her when he was taking a walk through the park.

Asia nodded her head, "Oh wait I didn't mean to cause any trouble!" Asia did not want Issei to get hurt or punished for what he did for her.

"No, no it's okay I can see that my dear servant seems to care for you a lot." Rias looked at Asia, "Asia I need to ask how do you feel about becoming a member of my peerage? Though keep in mind you will be turned into a devil, you will be unable to read the bible, say any lines, pray, and more." Rias smiled as she twirled a bishop piece in her hand.

A/N: That is it for this chapter! Quite different from the cannon story when it came to the terms with Asia. Mainly because I want to extend this arc allowing Itachi this time to train than worry about rescuing Asia. We'll get to the stray devil, familiars, and all that later. I know, some people might not like that I gave Itachi the same sickness he had in the Elemental Nations. I, however, think it was quite necessary, to help build up his character more to rely on others. As for pairings, I think I would like to keep this strictly Rias only and Itachi. I mean… I want to hear everyone's input on this. Anyways please review, it really helps with my stories and allows me to see what I need to work on. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys! This will be a continuing story update along with Ninja's Hero Academia, Bond of Two Clans, and New Phenex Heir and this story. In that relative order, anyway! TitanFall007 OUT! Ja Ne!