To Go Further Beyond

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Last Chapter

Ophis smiled as she began to release some of her own power. Granted it was only a fraction, but for Itachi and the others, it felt like a never-ending force. Itachi however, still stood tall ready to fight with his, "You still interest me Clan killer, if not today, maybe tomorrow. Though one day, you will help me realize my dream regardless. Maybe as a sport of gratitude along with your bravery. I'll let your friends live this once, though do watch out. I got some friends of my own too. You might know some of them too, a tailless-tailed beast, two immortals, and two who argue about art all the time. An interesting group… what were they called again?" Ophis put her finger on her lip, "Oh that's right the Akatsuki." Ophis waved her hand and the defeated Vali disappeared and Ophis herself disappeared herself.

Itachi let a sigh out as he turned to Rias and the others and smiled, "Well it seems we're done here… so please tell me the peace negotiations went well?" Itachi was a little worried about the others, he wondered how much stronger they might have gotten. With the way Ophis is, she probably juiced them up giving them her power.

This Chapter

Itachi slowly opened his eyes and found himself in his room. However, he looked around and realized his room was completely different, "Did they renovate when we were asleep?" Itachi muttered. He turned his head to his right to see a sleeping Rias, to his left was Irina seeming to enjoy the warmth of the covers. Just then Itachi felt something move on top of him. Itachi's eyes widen a bit to see Akeno crawling upon him, "Akeno what are you doing?"

"Fufu Itachi, I came here to say good morning." Akeno moved up and then let her body rest on Itachi's body. She pressed her large and warm melons against his chest. She pushed her head into the crook of his neck giving him a kiss, "Hey Itachi, does my body feel good?"

Itachi really didn't know how to respond, "I'd be lying if I said no, though is this a good idea?" Itachi question which Akeno only continued to giggle.

"You know Itachi, skinship is the best way to get to know one another. I know for a fact; I want to get to know…" Akeno lifted her head up as the covers moved with her head. Until she sat up more as the covers fell down. Akeno had her hair down as she gave him a full view of her ample bosom. Akeno then leaned forward with intent to press her own lips on Itachi's, "My Itachi."

Itachi more or less didn't know what to do, and he didn't want to reject her right there. Then again this isn't how he wanted to get to know Akeno, "Akeno I don't know if."

"Shhh." Akeno placed a finger on his lips, "I want to just let us enjoy the moment." Akeno continued her advances with their lips just centimeters apart.

Just then a voice spoke up, "Akeno." Itachi and Akeno both turned their heads to see a sultry look on Rias's face, "When did you get here?"

Akeno giggled sitting up straddling Itachi while also running her finger over his chiseled and toned chest, "Ara, I'm just doing morning exercises with Itachi."

"Yours you say?" Rias said with an annoyed look in her eyes, "And since when did you become Itachi's master?"

"I may not be Itachi's master, but you could say that I'm the senior here. I need to show Itachi here the proper way to do things. After all, he did skip a year ahead of Issei in most of his classes. He is still my cute little Kouhai, I could just eat him up!" Akeno giggled liking the idea of the upperclassmen helping out the Kouhai, "I should be his Onee-chan, I'd take care of his every need." Itachi laid there taking in their feelings for him. Akeno is going a bit extreme, but who is he to tell her not to do this. Akeno is Akeno, plain and simple, it be asking Issei to stop being a pervert. Which really makes Itachi wonder, how he needs to handle his new situation. Rias, Akeno, and Irina like him, and he will have to do something about that. "Like I've said, harem it's simple Itachi. All past wielders of the Boosted Gear and Divine Dividing always had harems. It's something you should take charge of. Oh, didn't you say you were… that's right above a king. A Kami-sama?" Albion chuckled making Itachi's eyebrow twitch in annoyance.

"Senior, you say?" Rias closed her eyes and sighed, she then stood up, "I see where you're getting at here."

Akeno followed Rias's example and stood up ready to fight for Itachi, "Hey you two calm down, Irina is still sleeping. This is hardly the time to be arguing over me like this."

"Morning already?" Irina rubbed her eyes even though they were closed.

Itachi mentally sighed placing a hand on her head, "Just go back to sleep Irina, everything is fine."

"Okay! I'm going to snuggle up nice and close!" Irina said with a sleepy chirp as she let sleep claim her once again.

Just then Itachi heard *thump* and looked up to see a pillow in Akeno's face, "I won't stand for this anymore Akeno! I will not let you take anything that belongs to me!" Rias as his eyebrow narrowed at Akeno.

"Hang on, it's only fair that I get to be with Itachi too." Akeno took the pillow and winded it up, "Stop being so stingy!" Akeno threw back into Rias's face.

"Okay, that's enough you two." Itachi called out making the two look down at him. Itachi did not have a very happy look on his face, "Irina is still trying to sleep along with everyone else in the house… err mansion. No need to fight, your friends here even if you're competitive. Love is natural, let it happen. If it's with Irina and none of you two then so be it. If it's Rias so, be it, or even Akeno. I care about all three of you evenly and love you all dearly. I will be dammed if you two get into a fight over me. So that's enough." Itachi closed his eyes to rest which made Rias and Akeno both calm down.

"Fine." Rias closed her eyes and sighed she laid back down covering everyone. Akeno decided to listen to Itachi, she liked how he had a dominating side. It kinda turned her on, Akeno laid on Itachi cuddling into him close as Rias snuggled into his right arm. The three girls laying in bed all had smiles on their faces. They do hope that maybe, just maybe that they'll be with Itachi.

Later at Breakfast

Gorou laughed, "I can't believe that in one night that our entire house was redone! Rias, please tell your father that we're ever so grateful!" Gorou gave Rias a slight bow in gratitude.

"I can't believe they were all done in one night." Miki came walking out with a cart full of omelets. Omelets that Itachi prepared for everyone with Miki's and Asia's help. Miki put her hands together happily, "Now with a bigger kitchen! I bet Itachi-kun can even make better food than he had now!"

"I bet! Your cooking will get even better too dear!" Gorou flirted with Miki making Issei feel sick to his stomach. Meanwhile, everyone else ate peacefully, honestly, Itachi was glad that his parents had a happy marriage.

"Oh, stop it, you! Everyone is looking at us!" Miki said childishly with a giggle. Itachi was glad that everyone was in high spirits especially his parents. He told them the other day that he was cured, not he could live a long happy life. For however long he will live as a devil.

Soon everyone finished breakfast and head out the door to go to school. Itachi with everyone until he saw Issei seemingly flinch and pause for a moment, "Why her?" Issei thought to himself confused.

"Issei?" Asia walked to him as she leaned down to look up at Issei.

Issei had a flashback memory of when he failed to save Asia. Issei quickly hugged Asia earning a blush from her. While everyone else giggled, currently Xenovia returned to heaven on Michael's orders. However, she will begin attending Kuoh soon, "I promise Asia I'll always protect you."

"Right… thank you, Issei." Asia said with a muffled voice as she continued to blush. Being in Issei's chest was a little embarrassing, but she didn't mind it too much.

"Ara, ara Issei seems excited, can you hold me like that too Itachi!" Akeno giggled making Rias glare at her meanwhile Itachi looked concerned at Issei. Akeno did tell Issei and the others that she was part fallen angel the other day. Everyone did accept her for who she was, there was no doubt in anyone's mind. No one hated her, Issei couldn't come on he likes titties too much!

"We all should probably get going. Otherwise, we'll be late." Itachi quickly added as everyone began to turn to leave.

In Class (Advisory: I'm assuming this is a thing in Japan or Homeroom)

Itachi was in his advisory class with all the other freshmen, that included Issei, Asia, and Irina. Itachi sat at his desk quietly while he heard Issei and his friend. Meanwhile, Asia's and Irina's friends talked to Murayama and Katase, "So what will you be doing during the summer Asia? Irina?" Everyone wanted to gossip and see what they were up to.

Over with issei, "I can't wait! Summer break starts tomorrow!" Matsuda shouted happily and excitedly.

"Yup! The gentlemen's summer! Japan summer!" Issei said with the same enthusiasm as Matsuda.

"Summer is all about the pool, the beach, and the girls!" Motohama added feeling pumped up and ready to see some hot ladies in some skin-showing swimwear! Motohama put his hands up to his classes, "Nothing will get past my DBZ style scouter!"

"So, the trio of perverts have plans for the summer." A voice spoke up behind them making the three turn around.

"What was that?" Motohama glared at her in confusion. This made Itachi open a single eye wondering what the commotion was about.

"The trio of pervs!" Issei said as if the word was an insult to them…. Which it was.

"That's a bunch of bull!" Matsuda shouted as he swung his arm out and off to the side, "I don't want to hear that from someone who's a four-eyed like Motohama!"

The girl scoffed as she turned her head to look the other way, "Hmp! Don't even try to put me I the same scale as that four-eye perv." The girl's name was Aika Kiryuu. She wears spectacles, has gold-colored eyes, and lightly messy brunette hair tied into braids on each side, "That's a disgrace to the charm of glasses."

"The hell did you say!" Motohama shouted in anger, the nerve of this girl!

"Motohama's glasses can instantly evaluate any female's body!" Issei shot back trying to back his friend up. Itachi could only sigh, they keep digging deeper and deeper holes. He wondered how he landed someone like Asia.

Motohama's glasses shined as he began to evaluate her, "I say an 8.5." Motohama smirked but Aika stood up and smirked.

"Is that all you can do?" Aika had a smug look appear on her face. Her own glasses began to sparkle as she held her hand up.

"Ugh?! No way you can also use the scouter!" Motohama couldn't believe another person had this power.

Aika walked up to Issei and leaned in and looked at him, "I see… Hyoudou Issei." Aika fixed her glasses and finished up analyzing him. She went up to his ear and whispered, "Your length is…and the width is…"



Itachi only sighed and began to tune everyone out as he decided that the window was more interesting. Just then the girl Aika walked up to him, "Let's see how you compare to your little brother Hyoudou Itachi." Aika smirked as she began to analyze him herself, "Woah hey not half bad over here!" The girls in the room, besides Asia, were interested in hearing what his length was, "What do you say should we share because we all care?" Aika asked as Itachi which he had a neutral look on his face.

"Why should I care?" Itachi raised an eyebrow which Issei interrupted.

"No don't do it Itachi-Nii! She was able to discover mine! It's not fair!" Issei shouted in worry, he only hoped that Itachi wasn't made fun of.

Itachi shook his head, "Why should size matter? It's about the person you do it with." Itachi stood up as the bell began to ring, "Do what you want." Itachi said leaving the classroom without a care in the world.

Aika smirked, "Well Issei, it seems big brothers do have something to their name!" Aika looked over to Asia, "Asia, you're one lucky girl! Issei's packing a mean five incher over here. However, Itachi-Nii is no Nii-san for nothing! He's hanging at a solid six with a 1-inch thickness!" Aika had blood run down both of her nostrils with most of the other girls having the same thing happen. Meanwhile, Asia stood there confused, but Irina blushed at the newfound data she heard.

"Hey, you cunt!" Issei growled out, "How dare you share private information about us!"

"He d-didn't care." Aika said holding her hand over her nose to stop the bleeding. Believe it or not, but Itachi was able to block Aika from actually analyzing him until he decided to let her. He didn't want to appear inhuman until she began to really analyze him.

Later After school with Issei

Issei was in their clubroom as he looked out the window. For whatever reason it was, he continued to see images of Yuuma… or well Raynare in his mind. He didn't understand it, but he had a bad feeling about it.

"What is it Issei?" Gasper looked up at Issei seeing that something was troubling him.

"Oh, it's nothing Gasper, oh yeah Kiba so what are you doing this summer?" Issei asked curiously, while also wanting to change the subject.

"Oh, that's right." Kiba closed his book, "It's your first year." Kiba then turned his head as Rias and Akeno came walking into the room.

"Great we're all here!" Rias came walking in with a smile on her face. Rias walked over and sat down, "For the summer break we'll be heading back to the underworld."

"Underworld?!" Issei commented in surprise at the idea.

Rias took a sip of tea which Akeno just placed down, "It's summer vacation, I have to go back to the underworld. I do this every year."

Itachi raised an eyebrow seeing Issei begin crying, "S-So that means you aren't leaving all of us this summer?"

"There's no need to worry, I'm taking you all with me! Besides, we'll all be together for thousands of years! Besides Itachi brought up an important topic we need to talk about." Rias looked up to Itachi as he nodded his head.

"I'll begin with the Akatsuki, you all remember them from my former life. I informed Sirzechs-sama and Serafall-sama as well. My old allies will seem to be working for Ophis if she is as strong as she says they are. I have no doubt they've gotten stronger, which means our summer will be spent training. Isn't that right Governor of the Fallen Angels Azazel?" Itachi turned his head to Rias's chair making everyone else look over there in shock.

"Wait! That's who I was sensing!" Issei shot up from his seat on the couch in surprise.

"What?! When did you get here?" Rias shot to her feet turning to the said man who was sitting in her seat, "Why are you sitting in my seat?" Rias added annoyed at Azazel for just showing up and sitting in his seat.

"I'm not surprised the white one would sense me." Azazel smirked at Itachi but then raised an eyebrow at Issei, "Though I'm rather surprised that the red one could sense me too. Seems your training has been progressing rather quickly."

"Y-Yes! Itachi-Nii and I do training almost every day!" Issei stood at attention.

"Though it brings the issue of everyone else. You couldn't feel my presence at all, there's a lot of training for you to all do." Azazel smirked as he held up a bracelet in his hand.

Irina who currently seemed down looked up recognizing the aura. Irina had almost no way of training or helping out with her friends, "W-Wait is that what I think it is!"

"Indeed, it is." Azazael threw the bracelet to Irina, "Michael wanted me to give this to you, Xenovia said you needed a way to help your friends. So, Michael had Excalibur Mimic reforged it's a lot more powerful than before. Hell, it was even given a special blessing by Michael and Gabriel to help you adjust to the sword." Irina caught the bracelet and had a smile appear on her face.

Next Day

Everyone was on a train headed towards the underworld going through a giant portal, "Why are we going by train?" Asia asked curiously.

"Yeah, last time we came here by Grayfia's magic right?" Irina added putting her finger on her lip.

"The demons of the noble class are in charge of the official route." Itachi added which made Akeno giggled.

"Ara, such a good student Itachi! Not surprised you knew since you pay attention to my lectures. Unlike a certain somebody." Akeno sent a small smirk towards Issei who began whistling trying to ignore her jab. Meanwhile, a jealous Asia puffed her cheeks out at Issei.

"Hey, Koneko-chan are you going to have your lunch?" Gasper asked as he sat in his box with Issei's portable gaming device in his hands. However, Koneko didn't respond, "Koneko-chan?" Gasper tilted his head.

Koneko then snapped back to reality, "Oh… it's nothing Gasper I'm fine." Itachi and Kiba both looked at her at the same time. Itachi could feel it too, whatever this person was. It was sending out their Youki, it was similar to a tailed beast. Itachi recognized it all too familiarly, including a being who went by the name of, 'Zero Tails', "I wonder if the person who sent that out was Koneko's sister Kuroka. It feels similar to Koneko's, maybe I should start looking into Senjutsu this summer." Just the Venessa appeared on his shoulder, "Venessa what have you gathered on the hero faction? Youkai faction? Were you able to sneak into the Khaos Brigade's base?"

"For the hero faction that we've caught wind of. Yes, I've received intel about them. However, it's only their members so far. Their goals seem rather farfetched in wanting to test themselves. Seemingly what the Khaos Brigade wants too. The Youkai are staying neutral I also made contact with Yasaka, the leader and she is the Nine-Tailed Fox to the boot. As for the Khaos Brigade nothing so far." Venessa finished her intel which Itachi smiled and rewarded her a neck scratch making her purr and lean into his petting.

"What about the Gedo Mazo?" Itachi asked hoping it had it didn't have the chakra or magic within it, "There seems to be nothing in it, I don't think no one in this world would know how to extract it. Unless magic can be used to resurrect whatever was sealed away." Venessa concluded her findings which made Itachi close his eyes to think. It was rather difficult and annoying to think about. It was rather strange that no one tried to do anything with it. Then again, no one knows about the Rinnegan, "Thank you, Venessa you may rest, you've earned it. I'll have a reward for you later." "Nya! Thanks, master!" Venessa disappeared from his shoulder "Itachi what has Venessa been up to?" Rias asked curiously.

"Recon for me, making sure Tou-san and Kaa-san are safe." Itachi simply answered which made Rias raise an eyebrow but nod her head understanding his reasoning.

"We will soon be arriving at Sithri Station." The person over the intercom spoke out.

"Sithri?" Issei perked his head up confused from his hand of cards.

"You Hyoudou Issei! Itachi!" A familiar voice came walking up revealing it to be Saji.

"Saji? Kaichou?! Fuku Shachō?!" Issei recognized everyone from the Student Council. (A/N: Fuku shachō is Vice President).

"Hello, Sona!" Rias smiled towards one of her best friends.

"Hello everyone, we came by to say hi and goodbye. Since this is our stop here." Sona looked over towards Itachi who gave her a wave. Sona quickly coughed into her hand trying to ignore her own blush on her cheeks, "Anyways, we wish you all good luck on your training."

"No worries, glad to see you!" Rias waved it off as no big deal.

"We'll be training a lot this year too; we won't be so laid back as we were," Sona added with a smile on her face, there was no way she was going to let Rias and everyone else show her up. Rias has good pieces, but Sona wanted to show her peerage members were just as capable.

"Well, we can't wait to see the fruits of your labor! I bet you'll get stronger!" Irina said with a chirpy pitch in her voice.

"Saji let's go." Sona looked at him to let him know to leave.

"Ja Ne!" Saji left the cart Rias and everyone else was in.

Sona turned to leave but turned back to Itachi, "Hey Itachi… you wouldn't mind stopping by one day right? I'd like to have that rematch with you in chess."

Itachi smiled, "I'd enjoy that, hope you polished up on your strategies." Itachi liked facing Sona in chess. Even if it has been a while, but he is sure that he could beat her. Or rather give her a run for her money.

Issei couldn't believe what he was seeing, and Rias was currently puffing her own cheeks out. Then again she was never able to beat him in a chess match, "Itachi-Nii?! Do you have any idea at all the looks Kaichou was giving you?!"
"What do you mean Issei?" Just then Itachi remembered back when he talked to Serafall; and then how she was acting when she found out that Sona lost to him in chess, "Oh… that…" Itachi didn't want to be reminded of that, "That was a joke right? Sona only agreeing to marry someone who beat her in chess?"

Rias didn't want to say anything as she puffed her cheeks out annoyed, "Ara, you jealous Buchou?" Akeno teased, "Yes, Sona-sama's parents tried to get her into a marriage contract. However, Sona challenged him to a chess match, he lost the match. Sona said, she'd only marry someone who could best her in chess. More or less someone who was smarter than who she was."

"I see… so she prefers brains, not a bad way to go about it. Then again… does this mean." Itachi didn't even want to think about the mess he got himself into.

"Yes, I do believe Kaichou might have a crush on you Itachi. It seems she wants you to meet her parents. Even if it was her asking you to give her a rematch in chess!" Akeno wanted to tease Rias about her jealousy of Sona possibly having a crush on Itachi. Off on the side, Irina wasn't fairing too well either, she was rather upset about the update. It made her wonder if sharing was really such a bad thing though. It made Irina wonder if it would make everyone happy because she definitely didn't want to see Rias, Akeno, or even possibly Sona unhappy.

There may be a day and time where Itachi does have to choose someone. When it comes, who will he choose?

"We're now arriving at the Gremory Territory." The voice over the intercom spoke.

"Look." Akeno moved next to Itachi as she looked out the window with him. Itachi looked outside to see multiple pieces of land in the shape of hexagons and various other shapes.

"There's so much land!" Irina said in shock.

"Yes, this is all of the Gremory Territory." Rias added not wanting to brag about their territory.

"Each Island is about the same size as Japan." Kiba added making Issei's, Irina's, and Asia's eyes widen in awe. It was truly a beautiful sight for everyone to see.

Suddenly the trained stopped, "There has been an emergency stop." "Soon the big boys will come." Azazel spoke walking into the car with Rias next to him.

"Big boys?" Issei asked confused as he sat up after Asia got off his lap.

However, Akeno was being held in Itachi's arms after the sudden stop, "Ara, ara seems I was saved by my Itachi."

"I don't think we're going to move now." Azazel rubbed the back of his head letting a sigh out.

"I'll go take a look, Ja Ne!" Azazel left waving to everyone.

Rias sighed and said, "We're planning on meeting with the representative of Asgard."

"Asgard?" Issei asked confused.

"Do you pay attention at all to Akeno's lectures, or do you pay attention to her rear end? It's Norse God Mythology." Itachi looked at Issei dryly which made Issei chuckle rubbing the back of his head.

"Yea, besides that there's Mount Olympus in Greek mythology, and Mount Shimuru in Buddhism. And many other things besides those." Kiba explained making Issei laugh remembering their lectures. He was either too busy looking at Akeno's rear end or her ample bosom.

"Wait Buchou, what about the Khaos Brigade then? Is this why we're meeting them?" Issei connected the dots which Itachi had to give him brownie points for.

"Yes, anti-terrorism plan. Along with Asgard." Rias crossed her arms under her chest.

Issei looked down quietly, "Vali… next time I won't need Itachi-Nii's help. I'll beat you on my own… using my own power." Issei tightens his fist thinking back to what Vali said about his family. To Xenovia and Asia, it made his blood boil.

"Someone's outside!" Koneko shouted, but the entire room changed as everyone was thrown out of the train car.


Everyone found themselves outside, "Where are we?" Issei stood up rubbing the back of his head.

"We were forcibly ejected from the train." Kiba stood up, they all began to count heads. Irina, Akeno, Gasper, Kiba, Koneko, and Asia.

"Where is Buchou? Itachi-Nii?" Asia said scared.

"I can't find them." Issei tried to feel for them.

"Wait… quiet." Irina said as the rumbling began to shake the ground.

Everyone watched as some rocks and debris fell to the ground from the shaking. Everyone then saw a giant red dragon appear. It had a strange look to it, a slim long body before more could happen. The dragon roared at all of them causing everyone to back up, they all felt power and danger radiating from the beast.

"A dragon?!" Issei said shocked.
Just then a giant wave of fire shot towards them forcing everyone to dodge, "Well it seems it isn't our ally!" Kiba pulled out his balance breaker.

"It seems so!" Irina took off her scrunchie as it changed into a katana that was similar to what Itachi gave her to use during the fight with Kokabiel.

Just then Koneko ran up to punch the dragon, "Koneko wait!" Akeno called out, but it was too late. The dragon slapped her away with a wing sending her into the wall. Blood came out of her head as she fell to the ground with a hard thud.

"Koneko-chan!" Gasper called out scared for her.

Akeno flew into the air and changed into her shrine maiden outfit. She was using her devil and fallen angel side, "Due to Buchou being absent. I'll fill in as command! Yuuto and Irina distract the dragon. In the meantime, Issei will charge up, Asia heal Koneko, and Gasper do what you can to stop the dragon." Akeno ordered earning an "Hai!" From everyone.

"Boosted Gear!" Issei shouted as his gauntlet appeared on his arm.

Just then the dragon shot its head towards Issei and roared at him. Just then lighting shot at its head from Akeno. The lighting was a mix of yellow lighting and holy lighting. The dragon was pushed, back but it pushed through and roared at her.

"We are…!" Kiba leaped towards the dragon with his sword drawn.

"You're opponent!" Irina finished Kiba's sentence as they went to swing their swords. However, the dragon uses it's claw to block their swings. Then it thrusted it's arm up to deflect their attacks.

"What? Mimic and the Sword of Betrayal were deflected?!" Irina stated with shock as Kiba, and Irina regained their footing.

Koneko wanted to go help, but flinched in pain, "Koneko-chan not yet!" Asia said still trying to heal her.

"Yuuto!" Akeno called out.

"Sword Birth!" Kiba slammed his sword into the ground creating a bunch of replicas shooting up to stab the red dragon before them. However, it just swung it's tailed breaking all the blades with ease. Then it fired off another torrent of flames forcing Kiba to dodge out of the way. The heat was so intense that it caused Kiba's outfit to begin burning.

The dragon then turned to Issei and roared until lighting began to hit it. The dragon shook off the attack and fired another wave of fire at Akeno forcing her to dodge. However, it began to fire off several fireballs forcing Akeno to dodge each volley of attacks, "Screw it! Let's dive right into it! I've charged up enough! Balance Break!" Welsh Dragon Overbooster! Issei appeared in his scale mail armor with wings. Issei sent extra magic to his eyes allowing him to have a better perception.

Everyone watched as the two dragons began to battle, with Issei throwing punch after punch trying to take down the dragon. The red dragon before them began to get the upper hand-throwing Issei into the ground. Issei quickly got up and dodged a tail slap, Dragon Shot! Issei's attack went to hit the dragon, but it was quickly deflected and shot off to who knows where. The dragon charged up another fireball and this time, it was three times as big as Itachi as ever made, "Holy crap! That's huge!" Issei threw his arm out to the side, "Ascalon!" Blade! Ddraig yelled out.

Issei went to strike the dragon with the sword, however, the dragon had its own sword shoot out blocking Issei's strike surprising everyone.

"I-I have to push myself too!" Gasper called out as his eyes change into the forbidden valor view and froze the dragon in place.

"Right on Gasper!" Issei jumped at the dragon to stab it with the sword.

However, the dragon broke the time freeze and this time blocked Issei's attack with its arm. Which the blade bounced right off, "W-What?! How is that possible?" Issei shouted in surprise along with everyone else. It's a dragon-slaying holy sword?! Is should be able to slay dragons?!

"Issei, we need to finish this!" Akeno fired off both holy and regular lighting magic. Dragon Shot! Issei fired off his attack smacking the red dragon right in it's face. The red Dragon sent Issei flying after hitting Issei with his tail knocking him out of the balance breaker.

An explosion went off, but the dust cleared quickly by a quick hand swipe from the red dragon. It roared as it launched forward ready to swing at Issei. Irina and Kiba went to swing at the dragon, but the dragon deflected their swords causing them to fall back. Issei put his hands up in defense and he held his breath, "ISSEI!" Everyone shouted in worry not being able to d anything.

However, the claw stopped just in front of Issei's forehead. Issei opened one eye to see he was still alive. While also the claw was just mere inches from his forehead, *Poke* The claw poked Issei's forehead as the dragon disappeared revealing Itachi poking him in the forehead, "Seems you've improved however, you've got a long way to go." Itachi gave his little brother a smile while patting Issei's head.

"Itachi-Nii?! What's going on?! How did you do that?!" Issei was surprised to see Itachi do this trick or ability or whatever it was called.

"Well, that was a little extreme, but hey you're the one training him." Azazel spoke as he walked up to the edge of the cliff with Rias standing next to him.

"Professor and Buchou?" Issei turned his head to see them standing there unharmed, "Wait how did I not sense it was you?" Issei asked confused looking at Itachi.

Itachi shook his head, "Easy, I manipulated my chakra to make it seem large and powerful like a dragon. Though, that is part of my real power." Itachi didn't want to boast, but it was true.

"A true dragon huh? Seems I got ways to go." Issei sighed thinking about how far ahead Itachi was.

"Wow… to thin that was Itachi this entire time." Irina was a little shaken by this, she definitely had a lot to work on.

"To think that Itachi was only reincarnated not too long ago." Akeno frowned a bit, to see the gap in between her power and Itachi's was quite large.

"Wow… Itachi-senpai really is something." Gasper was in awe of Itachi's power.

"We're going to be training all of us, by the order of Sirzechs-sama." Itachi added piquing everyone's interest.

"Sorry for misleading all of you, but Itachi was to gauge everyone's strengths again. To see how much you've all improved. Azazel wanted his own observation to see what you guys can improve upon." Rias was worried about the exercise, truthfully, she didn't like having to throw them into the frying pan like this, "I was against it, but my Onii-sama, Azazel, and even Itachi were for it. I had my hands tied."

"You have grown too Rias; you're slowing them down with your softness and constant doting. If you do continue, they won't grow." Azazel added wisely making Rias rub her arm nervously.

"I-I know." Rias said upset, this is how she wanted to be. This is her ideal way of being a king, but she needs to find a medium of being a caring and loving master. Then being a King when she needs to be and take charge when times are tough.

"Pretty bold words for a fallen." Akeno glared at Azazel's choice of words, she really didn't like him.

"Please understand Akeno, it's for your benefit. He's my teacher too, but I'm also Issei's and Koneko's. On different days I'll train specifically with you, however, I'm bidding most of my time mainly with Koneko and Issei." Itachi added making everyone raise an eyebrow, "Akeno, I have an arsenal of lighting moves I can teach you; Kiba I can help point out your flaws of swordplay, be a sparring partner for you, and help you polish up your current skill. Irina, you need to use your Excalibur mimic in more ways than a whip, shield, and sword. Asia needs to learn to heal more from afar, and Issei and Koneko I'll train personally."

"I also expect to see you training with me too Itachi, I want to see just how powerful you have become." Azazel put his hand on his chin, he wanted to spar with Itachi. Seeing him at full strength will give Azazel a gauge where Itachi falls in line.

Rias clapped her hands together gaining everyone's attention, "Well with that all said, let's head over to the baths. Can't have you all coming into my house all dirty."


Itachi sat in the warm water relaxing with Kiba, Azazel, Issei, and Gasper. Though most of them were enjoying it, "I don't want to go in! I'll go in later!" Gasper whined not wanting to join everyone. While also keeping a towel wrapped around his chest like a girl.

"Come on Gasper don't be like that! This is also part of your training!" Issei cried out trying to drag Gasper into public.

"Come on Gasper? Are you faggot or something?! Don't wrap yourself up like that!" Issei said aggravated that a dude was acting like this.

"W-What?! No way! You won't look at me like that too Issei?" Gasper looked like he was about to cry, and Itachi was mentally cringing at this.

Just then the girls above heard the commotion, "Oh come on Issei, don't tease Gasper too much." Akeno giggled waving her hand, "Hello Itachi!"

Itachi stayed quiet not wanting to say anything, this was already kinda weird. Well, Gasper was making it weirder than it has to be, "This would be better if we had a drink." Azazel rested his arms on the edge of the bath relaxing. Itachi opened an eye as Issei took a seat next to Azazel, "I have a proposition for you Issei." Azazel turned his head making a groping motion with his hand, "Have you ever got to really feel up Xenovia or Asia's breast?"

Issei sat stern, "Yes I have!" He raised his own right hand making a groping motion.

Itachi could not believe they were talking about this now, "So you've already touched their nipples with your fingertips?" Azazel made a poking gesture with his hand.

"Uhhh no." Issei dropped his shoulders confused.

Azazel sighed, "Seriously?" He then moved closer to Issei with a smirk on his face, "You have to do it gently. The feeling of the finger touching the nipples it too much."

"The nipples aren't as simple as ringing the front doorbell?!" Issei asked wanting to know if it's like that.

Azazel crossed his arms and closed his eyes, "No, in a way, it's almost like a doorbell." Azazel then opened his eyes, "And then out comes the groan."

Issei could picture Xenovia and Asia, "But, to do that…I was always focused on the gates that are breasts! Breast… nipples." Issei stared into the water with tears in his eyes.

"Are you crying?" Itachi was could not believe he was seeing this. If Issei was a baby angel, he would have fallen within the womb of his mother.
"I didn't know they were so deep!" Issei knew Azazel was his true master at this point.

"So, you don't know anything…" Azazel looked at Issei sternly, "The breasts of a woman have endless possibilities!" Azazel shouted the ending making Issei begin crying as he stared up amazed at Azazel.

"Professor! I'm completely moved! Sensei! I want to learn to poke nipples!" Issei shouted with determination.

"Yup! Just don't give up! You can make it!" Azazel encouraged Issei to follow his new goal making Itachi just sigh. Sometimes Itachi can't believe that Issei really is even his brother, "If you give up, it will be the end of breasts in your life!"

"Issei-senpai is always excited about something." Gasper said with praise in his eyes, he really did look up to Issei.

That reminded Kiba, Hey Gasper… about that time in training…" Kiba began to analyze the recent situation, "Koneko attacked before Akeno gave the orders, right?"

"Hai, Koneko-chan has been really strange today." Gasper added but heard a voice speak up.

"Yes, she has, I caught wind of it when she fought me. She should have easily sensed the genjutsu I placed over myself." Itachi spoke up making the two look at him worried.

"I see you too. Well, I'm sure she'll be alright." Kiba added trying to lighten the mood.

Later Gremory Mansion

"WOAH!" Issei shouted after seeing Rias's giant mansion. Itachi was impressed by the sheer size of it too. He thought the Uchiha compound was pretty bit along with Konoha, but they have nothing on the Gremory Territory and their house.

"So, this is Buchou's home." Irina stood there with her eyes wide in shock and awe.

"Buchou's family home." Asia added feeling a little overwhelmed.

Just then the door opened, "I'm home." Rias smiled happily to see Grayfia.

"Welcome back home Ojou-sama, her family." Grayfia bowed to Rias and then to everyone else.

Itachi and everyone made their way through the halls of the Gremory house. Itachi was shocked by all the butlers and maids, it was rather weird for him. To think they had this many devils serving them as maids and butlers, "I'm so nervous!" Asia stated worriedly until Itachi placed a hand on her head patting it. It helped calm her down a little bit.

"I feel like I don't belong here." Issei continued to stare at all the busty maids that were bowing to them.

Just then everyone saw someone come running up with their arms open, "Rias-Nee-sama! Welcome home!" A cute young boy with short crimson red hair and blue eyes like Rias, Sirzechs, and Zeoticus came running up and was hugged by Rias.

"Yes, I am home Millicas-kun, you've grown up so much since the last time I've seen you." Rias wrapped her arms to gently hug her nephew.

"Buchou, who is this?" Issei asked curiously.

"This is Sirzechs-Nii-sama's son." Rias enjoyed hugging her cute nephew.

"So, he's your nephew." Asia's eyes widen a bit as she saw the cute young boy.

"Hai, Millicas introduce yourself." Rias asked as Millicas stood off to the side to introduce himself.

Millicas put his hands in front clasped together, "Hello, my name is Millicas Gremory, it's a pleasure to meet all of you."

"So cute!" Asia put her hands up to her chest giggling.
"He really does look like a prince." Irina couldn't believe what Millicas was wearing. Irina even blushed at the idea of Itachi wearing something similar to that.

"Wait… so who is Sirzech's wife?" Issei looked up to the ceiling trying to think who his wife was.

"Everyone please enter." Grayfia spoke up earning everyone's attention as the doors opened to another room.

Millicas went running through the doors, "Rias-Nee-sama is back home!"

Soon everyone came walking into the room with Itachi spotting the person Millicas was hugging. She looked like an older version of Rias with shorter flaxen hair and violet eyes. Due to her devil lineage, she appears around the same age as Rias and Sirzechs who appear to be in their early to mid-twenties. Itachi knew about the Gremory Clan who didn't have the powers of destruction. Itachi knew the Bael clan had such abilities, "Rias, this must be your mother." Itachi mentioned earning a surprised look on Issei's face.

"W-WHAT?! Buchou's MOTHER?! She looks like she can her Nee-san!" Issei shouted in surprise earning a giggle from the mother of Rias.

Venelana giggled, "Yes, as Itachi said I am Venelana Gremory, I am Rias's mother." Venelana looked up from hugging her grandson to take a look at everyone in Rias's peerage.

"It's been a long time Venelana-sama." Akeno stepped up giving her a polite bow. Koneko, Gasper, and Kiba both following giving her a polite bow. As so did Itachi making sure to show respect and not to embarrass Rias. After Issei's, Asia's, and Irina's shock they quickly bowed too not wanting to seem rude.

"I'm glad to see you all well. I am also happy to see new faces." Rias's mother came walking up to Itachi, "You must be Itachi Hyoudou? The White Dragon Emperor?"

"Yes, I am Itachi Hyoudou it's a please to meet you." Itachi bowed again politely.

"I see, well I'm glad you're well informed. Most people mistake me and Rias for being sisters, which I don't mind all too much. However, being able to deduce who I was well done. It seems Rias-chan or Akeno-chan have been teaching you well." Venelana praised Rias's and Akeno's job well done in teaching the newbies of the group.

"Your praise is too kind." Akeno bowed thankfully for the compliment.

"No need for the praise I just have good teachers, and I listen well," Itachi added which Venelana liked Itachi so far, he was polite, a gentleman, and held himself well.

"I make sure to look at the possible suitors that my daughter is interested in. You fascinate me the most Itachi Hyoudou." Venelana smiled giving Itachi a once over one more time, "I'm quite glad that you helped my dear Rias-chan. You were able to give my husband a good lesson. Not only that but I saw much improvement with Rias and her skills as a devil too." Rias blushed a bit thinking back to when Itachi saved her in the fight with Riser.

Itachi extended his hand out placing it onto Rias's shoulder, "I'm more than happy, it's my duty as Rias's pawn to protect her."

Venelana put her hand up to her mouth giggling a bit, "I'm glad though nonetheless, my husband picked a suitor without thinking about his daughter's feelings." Venelana couldn't lie to herself Itachi was a dashingly handsome young man.

"Okaa-sama!" Rias blurted out with embarrassment, this made Rias want to curl up into a ball and sit in a corner.

"Well let's go, dinner will be ready soon, Rias show the way." Venelana turned to walk towards the dining area.

Rias sighed and slumped her shoulders, "Hai."

Scene Change *Dinner Table*

"Please everyone, think of this as your home." A man at the head of the table spoke out with calm but powerful authority. He was Rias's father Zeoticus Gremory.

Issei looked at his food nervously, he knew he had to eat properly. Otherwise, he would end up embarrassing Rias. Issei looked over to Itachi to see him eating calmly and neatly, "Sometimes I wish I was more like Itachi-Nii!" Issei sighed mentally. Though it did make Issei feel better seeing Irina, Asia, and Gasper seemingly have a hard time trying to adjust. Just then Issei looked at Gasper and noticed he wasn't eating, "What's wrong?"

Gasper had his hands up to his chest nervously, "I'm so nervous eating in such a large room, I can't taste anything."

"Hey, Gasper." Itachi called out as Gasper looked at him, Itachi simply made a tiger hand seal. Gasper found himself in an enclosed area. Gasper seemed to relax better and began to eat his food. However, both Itachi and Issei noticed that Koneko wasn't eating her food.

"By the way, Itachi, Issei, how are your parents doing?" Zeoticus asked as the two brothers turned their heads towards Rias's father.

"They're doing well thanks to you." Issei replied not knowing what more to say.

"They're especially thankful for the house reconstruction. It helps accommodate all of our needs. It was also not necessary to help pay us with our financial issues but thank you very much." Itachi simply bowed his head towards them as Zeoticus waved it off it not being a big deal.

"No need to thank us, I just wish we could have prepared a larger castle, but…" Zeoticus was cut off.

"A castle?!" Issei's eyes widen in shock.

"Otou-sama we cannot force our culture onto others." Rias quickly added in not wanting to change the house more than it already has been.

Zeoticus put his hands up to use gestures to get his point across, "At the very least, I wished to give you fifty maids…"

Issei stood up, "MAID?!" Issei's mind began to imagine things until Asia began to tug at his shirt.

"No Issei!" Asia whined making a puppy look appears on her face making Issei sit back down.

"Thank you for the suggestion, but it is not needed. I'd rather do some of the housework myself. Besides I'm able to make a few extra hands myself if needed." Itachi adds in making Rias relax and Issei sigh in sorrow.

"However, Rias said it would interfere with your daily lives. And so, I was stopped by my daughter." Zeoticus chuckled a bit as Rias continued to eat as if she said nothing. Rias was mainly doing it because she didn't want other young women near Itachi. She knew Itachi wouldn't cheat, but it could be an issue for Issei and Asia.

Issei began to cry internally, "As expected of Buchou. You understand how I work."

Zeoticus put his fork and knife down to speak, "Also, Hyoudou Itachi, and you too Hyoudou Issei."

"Hai." The two responded, with Itachi keeping his eyes on Zeoticus and Issei turning his head back to Zeoticus's to meet his eyes.

"You may call me Otou-sama from now on. Since Issei will be Rias's brother-in-law one day." Making Itachi, Issei, and Rias both look at Zeoticus in shock.

This caused Rias's cheeks to turn red and then Venelana interjected giggling a bit herself, "Anata. You're too hasty. There is an order that must be followed." Itachi could only sigh, Rias's parents had no shame just like his own. This caused Rias's face to turn an even brighter red than the shade of her hair.

"Goodness! Otou-sama! Okaa-sama!" Rias huffed out as she stood up and began to leave the dinner table.

Itachi turned his head to see Rias leave and Grayfia letting out a small sigh, "It seems our parents aren't the only ones that enjoy teasing their children." Itachi added making Issei shiver at their parent's teasing. This also made Zeoticus and Venelana smile, they knew Itachi would be a good match for their Rias.

Morning Rias and Her Parents

Zeoticus stood next to the table where Rias was drinking her tea. With Venelana sitting across from Rias, "Sirzechs is busy welcoming an important person and can't stop by."

Rias nodded her head "Onii-sama seems busy, as usual."

"The Governor-General Azazel has been helping him a lot." Zeoticus was glad the three factions were getting along.

Venelana picked up a plate that held her teach and sighed, "The Governor of fallen angels taking care of children, it would have been unthinkable before."

Risa shrugged it off, "He's just an oddity."

Later *Backyard*

"All right. Looks like everyone is here." Azazel placed his hands on his hips and smirked, "I made a training plan for 20 human world days."

"We're going to train for 20 days?!" Issei slumped his shoulders tiredly. Issei, Itachi, and Kiba were all wearing the same grey tracksuit.

"Issei let's start with you." Azazel turned to Itachi, "You will be training with Itachi learning to be a proper dragon. Koneko, you'll also go with Itachi as well. He can help you with your fighting skills. Try your best not to die your two." Azazel turned to the others. Itachi walked forward, "Good luck everyone, Azazel will contact me when I need to come for Akeno, Gasper, Rias, Kiba, and Irina." Itachi summoned his Susanoo which grabbed Koneko and Issei as he summoned his wings and took off.

With Rias

Risa could be found in her family's library looking up strategies and use her family's wealth to the fullest. She would continue to work on her fighting style when she could.

With Akeno

Akeno found herself on top of a mountain above the clouds, "Why are you here?" A middle-aged, gruff-looking man with black hair, a matching beard, and a muscular body.

"It's been a while Akeno." The man who is Baraqiel looked at his daughter. He was glad to see that she has grown up to be beautiful just like her mother.

Akeno closed her eyes and remembered her interaction with Itachi not too long ago on the shrine.


Itachi shook his head a bit and continued, "I didn't finish Akeno, what I was going to say. If Baraqiel was a fallen angel general, he left you because maybe he was trying to protect you? As a general, if he was wounded and nursed back to health. He would have had pursuers, how else would have he been injured so badly? If there were beings strong enough to hurt a general of the Fallen Angels. It means you and your Kaa-san were in danger. Him being there put you two in danger, would he be able to fend off swarms of devils and angels to save you two? Without you two getting into the crossfire. They could easily take you both as hostages, kill him, kill you, and then your mother. I have no doubt he wanted to be there." Itachi's words caused Akeno's eyes to widen as her thinking began to go into overdrive. Her thoughts were trying to come up with some other reasonable explanation for why he didn't come, "Do you think your Kaa-san would want this? You to hate your own Tou-san? The very man that gave her you. Your Kaa-san would be upset that you feel this way Akeno. I have no doubt in my mind that Baraqiel was stopped from saving you and Shuri. Even if something or someone didn't stop Baraqiel from coming, do you think your Kaa-san would want you to think this way of him?"

Akeno looked down at her own hands and frowned, her hands began to shake as he anger and own hate for her father came to the surface, "HOW!? HOW COULD THAT BE!? HE WASN'T THERE! HE JUST UP AND LEFT! HOW CAN I TRUST A MAN LIKE HIM!" Akeno lost it, her own anger and hatred for her father surface. She wants to deny it and keeps wanting to deny it.

"Then what good does that do for you? Continuously hate who you are for something you didn't do. Hate something that you have no control over, I was born originally as an Uchiha. I didn't ask to be born during a war. I have a choice in this new life before I didn't. Sometimes life hands up a bad deal of cards. However, the hand you were drawn can be changed into something worthwhile if you work at it. You didn't cause the deaths of me and Issei, yes it was fallen angels, but not you, and yet you still blame yourself or think we would hate you." Itachi sternly walked up to Akeno asserting his own dominance over Akeno, he wanted Akeno to hear him out, "You need to understand that there are more sides to the stories Akeno. Understand that your father was loyal to the Grigori just as you are loyal to Rias. Baraqiel was called by his master, and he was forced to leave. Did you ever think for a second about how he felt? How he felt, learning his wife he fell in love with perished? Because he listened to the higher-ups to return home? That was his screw-up, that's something he'll live for the rest of his life. However, the reason he keeps going is knowing your still alive. You're still his daughter as much as you want to hate him and deny your blood." Itachi took a moment for that to sink in for Akeno, Akeno almost went back into her own shell. She just wanted to shut the world out. Go back to acting like everything was fine, why as life so hard! Itachi saw the look in her eye, "Don't think life is hard Akeno, life isn't fair, but we take our own lives for ourselves. Stop living in past and stop hating who you are. You are Akeno Himejima, the daughter of a human mother, Shuri Himejima, and Baraqiel the Fallen Angel General. It doesn't matter the ties of your past; it matters in what you decide to do now. What matters is who you are not who your tied to with blood" Itachi wrapped his arms around Akeno pulling her in for another hug.

End of Flashback

Akeno inhaled slowly and slowly exhaled, and she looked sternly at her father. She tightened her fist, "We first have training… but we then need to talk." Akeno finished earning an almost perplexed look on her father's face. He was expecting more resistance and her being angry or even her hating him.

With Kiba

Kiba could be found training by a pond swing his sword and practicing drills. While doing this he remembered Azazel's words, "Hone your Balance Breaker and stay in that mode as long as possible. I will assign a teacher for your swordsmanship. Itachi will come later to be your sparring partner."

With Irina

Irina called forth Excalibur Mimic to her side practicing a few sword swings. Just then Irina turned around and met with a familiar face, "Xenovia it's great to see you."

"It's good to see you too, I've always wondered Irina." Xenovia held out Durandal in her hand, "Out of the two of us are the best swordsman? I'm here to help train you as well with Itachi joining us later. I thought about it, maybe you should learn to use Durandal whenever you need it."

Irina smirked and nodded her head excitedly, "Alright! I'm in your care!"

With Gasper

Gasper found himself in an alleyway in public scared out of his mind. Gasper began to remember Azazel's words, "Your specs are really high. Your greatest weakness is your own fear, so to overcome if you need to stop being a shut-in. Step out, go in front of people. That all you need to do."

With Koneko

The morning before Koneko met outside with everyone, Azazel stopped her and told her a few choice words, "Release the power you have sealed within yourself. If you cannot accept yourself, you won't be able to develop your skills as you wish." Koneko looked at her hands and tightened them upset, "Balls."


Asia found herself in a cave with a single hole open at the top letting light shine through. She was on her knees in a prayer position working on her sacred gear. She began to remember Azazel's words, "The power of Twilight Healing depends on the user's ability. If you can release the aura from your entire body, you should even be able to heal someone from far away." Asia began to focus more of her power on her body and release it. With that, her body began to glow green, "I'm working hard, too. Issei!"

With Itachi, Koneko, and Issei

Itachi was simply ducking and weaving through Issei's and Koneko's punches and kicks, "Come on pick up the pace." Itachi countered Issei's punch and kneed him in the stomach. Koneko swung her fist at the center point of his body. However, Itachi simply brought his hand back and caught her punch. Itachi then yanked her arm towards the left and kicked her in the stomach with his left leg sending her tumbling on the ground. At the same time, everyone remembered Itachi's words he spoke on the train, "The enemies we will go up against, the Akatsuki are a dangerous group of rouge SS-Rank Shinobi. They will not hesitate or wait to kill you, they're faster, stronger, smarter, and have a vast arsenal of weapons and jutsus to kill you. Each of them has a weakness find it and expose it, however, you all have weaknesses too. Find them, and train them to find other weaknesses and keep working on them." Itachi flared his Mangekyou Sharingan on and aimed his eyes at Issei and put him into a genjtusu causing him to drop to the ground.

Koneko came running up and went to kick Itachi in the head, but he simply blocked her kick. He grabbed her leg and threw her at Issei throwing them to the ground. Koneko quickly stood back up and smacked Issei in the face, "To break a genjutsu or any type of Yojutsu, pain that is not caused by the genjutsu can bring victims back to their senses. Possessing a Sharingan renders one largely invulnerable to genjutsu as their acute vision allows them to recognize its flaws and influence. They can also free others from genjutsu by inserting themselves into the opponent's illusion and release it. Issei, you need to learn to break it using your own." Itachi added as he released Issei from his genjutsu.

"I'm not done! Come on! Balance Break!" Welsh Dragon Overbooster!

Itachi fell into the Uchiha interceptor style ready as Koneko and Issei came running at him.

Itachi sparred with Issei and Koneko quite often, while also learning more and more about Senjutsu. He learned that Senjutsu in this world is senjutsu is different from magic and sorcery with the biggest difference is that it stresses the importance of chakra, their aura, the great original power that flows in one's spirit, for example; their life-force and turning it into a constant current. Senjutsu makes use of the unknown parts hidden in plants, animals, and people. For example, if one learned senjutsu, it is stated that they excel at reading the flow of someone's aura, thus letting them grasp their movements from a far distance to a certain degree.

Since Itachi was already tuned in using his body's chakra as a weapon. He just had to learn to sense Senjutsu chakra and learn to absorb it. Since Senjutsu is all about nature chakra, he's only heard a bit about it from Jiraiya of the Three Legendary Sannin and Minato Namikaze. The Yodaime of the Hidden Leaf.

When the group took breaks, Itachi would sit and meditate trying to sense the nature charka around them. This continuously made Koneko worry as she watched her teammate/friend learn to use Senjutsu. Itachi did have to worry about going mad, at least that's what Koneko put it. But he also has heard from Jiraiya and Minato. That learning senjutsu chakra could cause one to turn into a stone of the animal they're training under.

This begs the question when he achieves sage mode, what is the animal is his Sage mode going to be base on?

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