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Last Chapter

When the group took breaks from spars, Itachi would sit and meditate trying to sense the nature charka around them. This continuously made Koneko worry as she watched her teammate/friend learn to use Senjutsu. Itachi did have to worry about going mad, at least that's what Koneko put it. But he also has heard from Jiraiya and Minato. That learning senjutsu chakra could cause one to turn into a stone of the animal they're training under.

This begs the question when he achieves sage mode, what is the animal is his Sage mode going to be base on?

This Chapter

Itachi dropped out of his Susanoo landing on the ground with Issei on his knees breathing heavily. Along with Koneko falling onto her butt trying to catch her own breath, "These weight seals *huff* suck." Koneko leaned back using her hands to keep her up.

"You can say *huff* that again! I can't wait to take *huff* these off!" Issei sat up against a rock with Itachi walking up to the two.

"Good job you two, you've done well. What do you think too… visitor?" Itachi turned his head which Issei and Koneko quickly shot their heads towards where Itachi was looking. '

He was a handsome young man with black hair and violet eyes. He is very tall and has a muscular build due to the extreme training he has done. The man was sitting with both his legs out and his hand on his knees, "I'm surprised to see that you've survived this training so far… Red Dragon Emperor… to think the White Dragon Emperor would be so willing to train him."

"Then again… he is my little brother. Might you be Sairaorg Bael?" Itachi asked raising an eyebrow which the said Sairaorg nodded his head.

"I'm impressed, you've never met me, but you know who I am." Sairaorg smirk sizing Itachi up, he was clearly very smart and strong. Itachi held himself very well, Sairaorg like that.

"Well, he is my little brother, you can thank Rias's Queen Akeno." Itachi remained at his spot, Itachi knew when he saw a worthy opponent. He could tell that Sairaorg was very powerful, an opponent to NOT be trifled with.

"Ahahaha, I like you already! I can't wait to see just how far you've come! I can tell you have grown a lot since your fight with Riser." Sairaorg smirked as he stood up.

"Wait Sairaorg Bael isn't Buchou's mother a Bael member too?" Issei asked curiously which Itachi nodded his head.

"At least you paid attention to something." Itachi darted his eyes to Issei causing him to chuckle and rub the back of his head.

"He was probably too busy paying attention to Akeno's chest than her lessons." Koneko quickly noted causing an arrow with the word 'pervert' shooting into Issei's back through his heart.

Before more was said or done Sairaorg disappeared from his spot. There was a loud *BANG* ring throughout the training ground. Rocks were shot up from the spot where Sairaorg just was. More rocks were blown away by the shockwave from Sairaorg's attack. After the wind died down from the attack, Issei and Koneko both saw Itachi standing tall against Sairaorg's attack. Itachi had his right hand up with Sairaorg's right fist buried into Itachi's hand, "Nice catch, but I think you missed something, but I think you have me beat." Sairaorg nodded to his left hand which was just inches from Itachi's left cheek.

Koneko and Issei saw Sairaorg's left fist near Itachi's left cheek, "Wait look." Issei pointed to in between Itachi and Sairaorg where Itachi held a kunai up to Sairaorg's juggler.

"So fast… I couldn't even keep up with his movements… let alone Itachi-senpai's." Koneko's eyes widen in shock.

Issei sat there and tightened his fist. He couldn't believe just how fast and strong Sairaorg was. However, to see Itachi catch his fist was a sight to behold. Issei looked below he saw that Itachi was a couple of inches deep in the ground. Itachi was pushed to the ground due to the punches' force. Itachi seemed to not be affected by the attack, "I still must commend you on your power and strength." Itachi gave Sairaorg a smile making him smirk back at him. Sairaorg turned around and waved to them walking away.


"Asia! It's been so long! I've missed your warmth the entire time I was gone!" Issei was currently hugging Asia rubbing his cheek up against her.

Rias giggled placing a hand up to her mouth and looked at Itachi, "Just what type of training did you put him through?"

Itachi just let a sigh out shaking his head, "He's just exaggerating, his training was rough. He just doesn't know how to survive all that well outside of a bed."

"Well, at least he's gotten stronger, what of his Sharingan?" Azazel asked as he sat in a chair with his hands behind his head. Along with his legs folded, his left leg over his right.

"His Sharingan is at three tomoe and he can dispel any type of illusions, copy magical attacks, detect others presence, and much more. His issue is he relies on it to help him do as such. Though he can keep his Balance Break on now for a solid four hours." Itachi smiled, he was proud of how far Issei has come, but Koneko was working in progress. Her latent power has grown exponentially until she truly lets herself go. Is when her real strength will show, "How did everyone else's training go?" Itachi asked looking at the others.

Akeno gripped her fist and walked up to Itachi, "Mine was fruitful Itachi… thanks to you I've accepted who I am. If you can come to terms with who you are… then I can too." Akeno walked up and hugged Itachi and rested her head on his chest, "You didn't care what I was, and neither did anyone else in this group. I'm thankful for it too." Koneko stared at her hands and wondered, "Can I be as strong as Akeno-senpai has become… to catch up to at least Issei. To get him to look at me."

"What about you, Irina?" Itachi asked which Irina came walking up holding up Durandal in her hand.

"When Xenovia isn't using him, I became accustomed to using him! So did Xenovia, and I learned to use Excalibur Mimic to a much higher degree! Only slight pieces of the other Excaliburs were fused together with Mimic, but the rest are on Durandal." Irina held up her arm showing Mimic as a scrunchie. (A/N: Durandal looks like Ex-Durandal. While Mimic does look the same. Yes, I did decide to bring Ex-Durandal out earlier).

Itachi looked over to Kiba, "I've made great progress too, I've learned to keep my balance breaker out for a while. I've grown thanks to your sparring too thank you." Kiba gave Itachi a slight bow.

"I look forward to seeing your fruits of labor. Gasper what about you?" Itachi asked as he squats down to Gasper's height.

"I-I've done a lot of t-training too! Well… as much as I could, I am a little better with others… but it's still scary!" Gasper began to worry again but Itachi simply patted his head.

"Don't worry so much Gasper, you have a lot of time to grow. Besides, I promise you just like Issei has. I'll always be there when you need it, I promise it. Don't fear yourself or others, we're always going to do our best to help you." Itachi said with a gentle and soothing voice while adding his charismatic tone to his words. This only helped Gasper smile happy and excitedly to help out everyone.

Itachi turned to Koneko, "I know I can do it… I'm still working on it." Koneko turned away upset making Rias look at her worriedly. Everyone was looking at Koneko worried for the girl, she was clearly having an internal conflict.

"Remember what I said Koneko when the time is right. You'll be able to act." Itachi reassured Koneko's struggles that she had time to work on it. However, he also hinted that her past was going to come back to her. She needs to face her past and be able to accept what has happened and who she is, "Rias what about you?"

"I've done a great a deal of studying, I've continued your katas that you taught me. Onii-sama and Okaa-sama even stopped by to help me with my powers of destruction. I've furthered my arsenal of attacks and increased my attack speed." Rias placed her hands on her hips confidentiality, "I promise then next time we spar I'll show you how much I've grown!"

"Good to hear, can't wait to see your growth." Itachi then wondered what was next on their agenda.

"Well let's head to bed, we have a party tomorrow." Rias announced making Itachi deadpan internally, he really didn't like suits.

They're too damn tight.

Next Day

Itachi stood on the side with Rias and her peerage in a suit. His entire outfit was black along with his single ponytail that traveled down his back. The hair that framed his face seems to stand out more when not in his Kuoh uniform. Though, unlike Issei, Kiba, and Gasper who were in similar suits. Itachi had a long jacket that hung on his shoulders that went down just below his knees. (A/N: Look up Itachi Uchiha in a suit on google images. You should find one where he's actually sitting in his seat when Sasuke approached him for their final battle). "Don't you think this long jacket is kinda tacky? Why am I, Akeno, Rias the only ones in formal outfits?" Itachi asked curiously, for whatever reason Grayfia thought it would go well with his look.

"I don't know what Grayfia had in mind, but I like it! I think it makes you look more intimidating. Not only that… but you are well known throughout the underworld already. Many have an idea who Rias likes as her current betrothed." Akeno giggled wondering how dominant Itachi would be in bed. The long jacket made Itachi look like a bad boy. Akeno was wearing a black kimono outfit with a white band that went around her waist.
"I'm certainly not minding it; I think it's handsome." Irina compliment trying to keep a blush down.

Rias sighed as she stood there in a red dress with her hair in a ponytail. Rias turned her head to everyone, "Please don't try to offend anyone… especially you Issei." Rias wanted to make sure he behaved.

Issei panicked a bit and sighed, "Y-Yeah… right." Issei sighed knowing he didn't want to mess anything up.

Just then a few people walked up, "Hello Rias…. Itachi… everyone." Sona said with a smile on her face.

"Good evening Sona, Tsubaki, Saji." Rias have a polite bow.

Saji walked over and gave Issei a few light jabs at his stomach, "So-so Issei how are things going?"
Itachi began to tune them out letting them talk how they want. He stood there professionally not wanting to embarrass Rias. Just then, "Sonia-chan!" Itachi turned his head to see Sona running and waving to them, "Oh! It's Rias, Red and white Dragon emperor!" Sona smiled happily to see them all. She was wearing a green top that flowed down like a suit jacket with a black skirt that went down to her shins.

"Please come this way we have a separate room until the ceremony begins." Sona gestured for everyone to follow to their room.

"So, there are the other young devils here too?" Rias commented concerned for the room they'll be in.

Just then Itachi felt a spike in magical energy which blew the door off the hinges to the room they were going into. Itachi hears a voice from within, "It looks like you really want to die, Zephyrdor." Said a beautiful young woman in her late teens with long, pale greenish blonde hair, long slit pink eyes, and glasses. Itachi's first impression of her was one of being cold rather than cool.

"You stink of virginity! What's wrong with saying the truth?" The now named Zephyrdor said with a smirk. He had black magic-like tattoos on his face and on his upper body. He has blue hair that stands on its end and matching eyes. He also has pointed ears. Zephyrdor also wears ornaments on his pants that seemed to jingle and clank when hit together. He placed his hand on his hips, "You shitty bitch."

"A fight?" Irina said surprised.

"A fight?" Rias sighed seeing this, it was quite troublesome one would call it.

A voice off to the side spoke making everyone turn to him, "When young devils gather, this usually happens."

Itachi saw the energy in the rooms begin to. Before Sairaorg could step in Zephyrdor charged up a ball of demonic energy and shot it at Seekvaira. She quickly swatted the attack away which was redirected towards Rias's direction. Before anyone could react Itachi was in front of Rias and quickly grabbed the attack and dispersed it. The two bickering young devils didn't even look to see where the attack went.

Angered Itachi walked up to the both of them before Sairaorg could step in. Sairaorg was definitely piqued even more by Itachi now. A low-class devil such as Itachi would easily be able to handle them, "Thanks Itachi." Rias muttered out still shocked that the attack was redirected right at her

Itachi walked up and respectfully bowed, "I'd advise both of you to stop." Itachi stood straight back up, "You both almost hit Rias, I would appreciate if you were more aware of your surroundings. Princess of the Agares family, Seekvaira. And Problem Child of the Glavsa-Labolas family, Zephyrdor."

Zephyrdor turned to Itachi angrily, "Who you calling a problem child?! What's a servant devil like you saying?! Keep talking like that and I'll."

But before he could try to say anything more Itachi's eye spun in a circle. They began to glow and three tomoes appeared. A dark and dense aura seems to fill the room as Itachi's eyes shifted to the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. Rias noticed this as an orange spectral skeleton with a head and yellow eyes, "I do suggest you stop; one wrong move could possibly hurt my master." Itachi began to thicken the air, "I will take measures to prevent that she isn't hurt." After Itachi stated his dominance in the room. Once they stopped arguing he immediately shut his Sharingan off and Susanoo. Seekvaira clearly saw she was outmatched and was also pointed out. So, she decided to stay quiet and shut up. However, Zephyrdor didn't seem to take Itachi's demonstration in power politely, "You incompetent fool of the Gremory family!" He lunged forward to punch Itachi.

Itachi simply moved his hand up to bounce Zephyrdor's attack off. Itachi simple then ducked to his righter and rotated his body around. Itachi planted his left foot on the ground and rotated his right leg to slam his heel into Zephyrdor's face rocketing him into a wall passed out. Itachi saw the sudden attack caused Asia to back up into someone. Rias did see this since she stepped forward angered by Zephyrdor's words, "How are you call a member of the Gremory house an incompetent fool! If anyone the fool here is you Zephyrdor!" Rias shot back making Zephyrdor remain silent.

Everyone turned their head to see the person catch Asia, "Are you alright?"

Asia looked up shocked and said, "Y-Yea."

"Amazing!" Saji couldn't believe that Zephyrdor was sent through the wall by Itachi's kick.

"Well, isn't that a show! The White Dragon Emperor is something else!" Sairaorg felt his own blood pumping when he thought about fighting Itachi.

Rias turned her head to look at Itachi who walked back and stood next to her, "He is the next leader of the Bael family, Sairaorg. He's my cousin. And he is number one amongst the young devils. However, if Itachi were to rise through the ranks, Itachi could be a real threat to his standing."

Issei looked at Sairaorg in shock, to think he that he was that powerful, "To think he could even go toe to toe with Itachi-Nii."

Just then a person came walking up to the group, "It's been a while Rias, White, and Red Dragon emperor." Itachi and Issei turned their heads to see Ravel waving to them. Itachi saw Ravel walk up to Issei seemingly wanting to make small talk with him.

Issei smiled remembering her, "Hey I remember you, you're the fried chicken's little sister."

Ravel seems to almost snap at him as she leaned towards him annoyed, "My name is Ravel Phenex!" She turned her head to the side annoyed that Issei didn't remember her. Let alone know who she was, "This is why I hate inferior devils."

"How is your brother doing?" Issei asked curiously.

Ravel slightly turned her head with her eyes looking at Issei, "He's completely down because of your Nii-san. He's discarded anything to do with red, he's even scared of our own flames. He tells me that he scared of the color red."

Itachi walked over and sighed, "It's understandable since all he did see was red. The Tsukuyomi is a powerful Genjutsu that pulls you into a world of reality. Where he was stuck there for seventy-two hours when in reality it was a few seconds. Just say I used it to tone down his flamboyant ego." Itachi didn't feel bad in the slightest, Riser was very cocky and proud of who he was. He thought everything could be handed to him because of his blood and power.

"Though then again, it is his fault for getting a big head about his talents." Ravel seemed to almost retract her own seemingly annoyance for her idiotic brother. Though as if she didn't want to offend Issei's big brother, "I'm sure it was a good lesson for him too."

Issei chuckled as he closed his eyes and thought about Itachi's training, "You're sure tough on him, I know Itachi-Nii is tough on me all the time. Aren't you part of his family though?"

Ravel went back to her original posture closing her eyes turning away from Issei, "Okaa-sama had me traded to her peerage. She doesn't enter any games, so I'm a free bishop."

"I get it you're not one to fit a peerage but help command one. I noticed the others followed your orders. You're a good strategist, that's what Venessa told me." Itachi praised Ravel as Venessa seemingly appeared out of nowhere again and laid on Itachi's shoulders.

"W-Well thank you, I'm glad someone can see where my value lies… though I am thankful for the praise." Ravel seemingly blushed as she stuck her hand out to Issei, "Also… think of this as a symbol of our friendship. You should be grateful for such a person of my status to allow you this privilege." Ravel handed a black pill that had the Phenex crest on it.

"Oh, I can't take this!" Issei was surprised by the gift.

Ravel puffed her cheeks out while placing her hands on her hips, "This is normally a gift for a high-class devil, you know?" Itachi noticed the tint of pink appear on her cheeks. She turned away and crossed her arms under her ever-growing bust, "You. Red Dragon Emperor is an inferior devil even to your own Nii-san."

Issei felt an invisible arrow shoot through his chest, he let a small chuckle out, "I see then… but if this is a symbol of friendship you don't have to call me Red Dragon Emperor then. I have a name you can just call me Issei." Issei placed his hand behind his head rubbing it nervously.

Ravel coughed into her hand, "T-Then, I'll give you the pleasure of being called Lord Issei." Ravel then turned to Issei this time with more confidence placing her hands behind her back, "Next time we meet, I will treat you to some tea." Itachi saw what was going on and began to walk away, he smirked and looked at Asia. "Poor Asia seems another blonde is gunning for him. Seems like she'll have a lot of competition." Just then Itachi saw Koneko flinch and looked around and Itachi narrowed his eyes feeling the same thing. Itachi saw Koneko dip out, Itachi simply vanished from the spot he stood to trail Koneko.

When Issei was done he turned his head to see Koneko dip behind a wall, "Koneko-chan?" Issei said surprised to see her leave.


Itachi arrived at the spot where Koneko went to. He hid in the trees and saw Koneko run-up to a girl in the tree. The woman in front of Koneko was a beautiful young woman with a voluptuous figure, long black hair with split bangs, and hazel-gold eyes with cat-like pupils. Her attire consists of a black kimono, a yellow obi, a set of golden beads, and an ornately detailed headband. The kimono features a red interior, and it is open at her shoulders, giving a view of her large breasts which rival those of Rias and Akeno in terms of size.

"It's been a long time, hasn't it Nya?" The woman smiled happily to see Koneko.

"As I thought." Koneko narrowed her eyes at the woman in front of her.

Itachi looked at the woman who laid on the tree branch, "Hello, Shirone."

"Kuroka-Nee-san." Koneko glared up at her.

"You know I only sent a little bit of my chi your way and you came rushing over. Onee-chan is really moved." Kuroka smiled down with a true smile on her face. Itachi could tell that this Kuroka was really happy to see Koneko.

"Nee-san what is the meaning of this?" Kuroka asked with a hint of venom in her voice.

"Don't make such a scary face, I heard there was a big party going on. So, it just perked my interests a little. Nya." Kuroka moved her head so it rested on her hand with her other hand making a cat-like paw motion with her hand. Soon, Rias and Issei came running and hid behind a tree, "I was running away so desperately, I wasn't able to take you with me."

"I'll ask again, why are you here?" Koneko added with more venom in her voice.

"Like I said before, I'm here to pick you up. I was running away so desperately; I wasn't able to take you with me." Kuroka moved to sit on the branch as Bikou came walking out.

"Hey, Kuroka-chan!" Bikou walked out not wanting to hide in the shadow no longer, "Are you just going to hide the rats behind the tree… as well as the one in three. With our knowledge of sage arts, we can easily sense the flow of chi."

Like that Rias and Issei came walking out and then Itachi landed next to them. Koneko turned her head surprised, "Issei and Itachi-senpai, Buchou!" Koneko didn't even sense them in the area.

Rias sternly said, "Kuroka, Koneko is part of my household. I won't let you lay a finger on her."

"My, my what are you saying? That's my little sister. I'm not going to give her to a high-class devil like you." Kuroka smirked looking down at Rias, but then her eyes averted to Itachi's.

"Hey, shitty monkey! How is Vali doing?" Issei mocked making Bikou laugh.

"He's fine." Bikou smirked, for whatever reason he could see that Issei has grown much stronger than last time.

"Who are these two?" Kuroka asked curiously.

"Oh, these two? The kid with a stupid brown haircut is Issei Hyoudou. He's the Red Dragon Emperor, he's strong, but he is nothing compared to his brother." Bikou twirled his staff in front of him, "That one with the black hair and the tear troughs on his face is Itachi Hyoudou. Issei's Nii-san he's the White Dragon Emperor, he's definitely stronger of the two."

"So, that's the so-called nun love right?" Kuroka remembered Vali telling her how he Issei cared about an ex-nun and a current servant of the church, "Then the White one, the one who even made Vali turn tail and run. Even Ophis-sama took a great interest in him!" Kuroka licked her lips, which Rias took note of how she was looking at Itachi.

"Nee-san why?" Koneko asked as she took a step forward.

"Vali and Ophis would accept you with open arms. You have the same power I have that runs through yours!" Kuroka's eyes narrowed with a smirk adorning her face.

"I am part of Rias Gremory's family." Koneko narrowed her eyes staring daggers at Kuroka.

"We won't let you take her!" Issei walked up placing a protective arm in front of Koneko along with his boosted gear appearing on his arm.

"Besides, learning senjutsu won't be coming from you anyways. I won't let you lay a finger on her head." Itachi walked forward with his Mangekyou Sharingan spinning making shivers run down Kuroka's and Bikou's back. Itachi then had his wings appear from his back ready to fight at a moment's notice, "Issei, I'm confident you can keep Bikou busy. I've wanted to test my new abilities against a Senjutsu master."

Bikou shrugged his shoulders, "Well let's get started, shall we?" Bikou moved to the side with Issei entering his balance breaker.

Koneko was torn from them fighting and wanted to stop Issei, "Don't worry Koneko! Itachi-Nii and I won't let anything happen to you! You're an important person of this family Koneko!" Issei gave her a thumbs-up as he went to find another clearing to fight Bikou.

"Well, it seems I'll have to take her by force then Nya." Kuroka smirked as she jumped down to fight. Then a barrier appeared after Kuroka cast it, "I created a barrier none of you are getting out. You'll have to beat me to get out." Kuroka folded her arms under her ample bosom, "You don't understand the both of you. You can't comprehend Koneko's true power, I'm the only one who could possibly teach her."

Koneko shook her head with some tears forming in them. Rias quickly brought her into a hug to comfort her, "I-I don't need power that brings misfortune to others!"

Rias glared at her, "Kuroka when you were drowning in your own power, you left a scar on her that will never disappear. When you left after killing your master, she saw hell! When I first met her this girl didn't even have any emotions or feelings left inside. Koneko was betrayed by her one and only family. She had no one to turn to since all the devils hated her, they wanted her disposed of! I've shown her wonderful things! Something you should have done for her, but you were swallowed up in your own power."

"Rias… Buchou." Koneko closed her eyes trying to keep her tears in, "I don't want to go! I am Rias Buchou's rook! I am part of her family! With everyone! They've all become such close and important friends of mine! They're a family to me! Something you gave up long ago!"

"This girl is Koneko Toujou, and she is a precious member of this household!" Rias held a protective arm in front of Koneko holding her.

"Then just die." Kuroka waved her finger in the air with a few runes appearing casting a purple mist on the ground.

Itachi saw Rias and Koneko fall on one knee, "Poison?" Itachi asked which Kuroka smirked.

She jumped up onto a branch, "It seems it doesn't work on dragons very well. Don't worry I weakened the poison, so it won't kill them right away, but enough time for me to get them out."

Itachi just sighed as Kuroka's ears perked up along with Koneko look up at Itachi surprised, "Itachi-senpai… you did it…"

Rias looked up to see nothing different with Itachi turned his head around to them. Itachi smirked, "The training we've done, and the different things I've asked about Senjutsu. Thanks to you Koneko, I finally got the basics down. I took what I already know about Senjutsu and used it myself." Itachi turned to Rias and Koneko as he made a single bird hand seal. Itachi breathed in and out blowing the poison away from the area.

"How is that possible? A devil being able to use chakra… let alone Senjutsu?" Itachi NOW had Kuroka's full attention which made her want to know more about him.

"Itachi… what's up with your eyes?" Rias was shocked by the change of Itachi's eyes.

"This is simple, I call it Chrono-Sage Mode." Itachi study up on this world's history and learned that Chrono in the Greek language means time. Itachi flew through a set of hand seals, Fire Style: Great Fire Ball Jutsu! Itachi shot a ball of fire out of his mouth which the attack. Kuroka dodged to the side but she saw Itachi stick his hand out. Itachi simply said, Rewind, and Itachi's Fire Ball seemingly disappeared from sight.

Kuroka rushed forward and engaged Itachi in hand-to-hand combat. Itachi proved to be very skilled in keeping Kuroka on her feet. Itachi lunged at Kuroka making her jump into the air to dodge and Itachi said, Resume Itachi's fireball that he shot out previously reappeared again directly in front of Kuroka, "What?!" Kuroka's eyes widen at the large fireball headed straight towards her face.

There was an explosion which Kuroka jumped down onto the ground. She growled up with some of her hair and clothes singed, "Nya that actually hurt? Look what you did to my clothes!"

Itachi then seemingly disappeared from her sight along with Rias and Koneko seeing him disappear, "Where did he go?" Koneko couldn't even track Itachi.

"Right here." Itachi mumbled as he appeared right next to Kuroka slamming a foot into her head sending her into a tree.

Kuroka was sent careening into the trees as she hit her head. Once the tree broke her flight path, she slowly stood up and held her head, "Nya that was dirty! How could you split past my sense like that?!"

"It's easy, I slipped into where time doesn't move. I didn't think this would end up being my Sage Mode. Now it makes sense to me." Itachi disappeared and reappeared in front of Kuroka again, "It's all tied to my Tsukuyomi, in that world I can do whatever I want within 72 hours." Itachi was able to catch Kuroka in a Tsukuyomi causing her entire world to turn red and black. Itachi waited for a few seconds until Kuroka fell out of the Genjutsu passed out, "We're taking her with us." Itachi simply stated as he slapped a seal on Kuroka's head.

"WHAT?!" Rias shouted confused, "Wait what do you mean we're taking her with us?!"

"It's simple, once I placed her into the Tsukuyomi I went through her memories. I read up on Kuroka's and Koneko's past. I found the story rather strange since Kuroka was a smart and capable individual. Also, like I said before Koneko, Senjutsu causing you to go mad was entirely wrong." Itachi slung Kuroka over his shoulder and walked over placing a hand on Koneko's head, "I'll have her explain it to you Koneko, but Kuroka was really just looking out for you. It's exactly the same thing that happened to me. However, my history didn't end well. I feel like I have an obligation to prevent this from ever happening again." Itachi summoned Venessa who appeared on his other shoulder.

"Nya what can I do for you Itachi-sama?" Venessa purred rubbing her cheek against Itachi's.

"Take Kuroka back to the Gremory Mansion, please ask Lord and Lady Gremory to not arrest her just yet. I'll explain everything once this is over with, Kuroka is no longer with the Khaos Brigade and never was to begin with." Itachi ordered which Venessa simply nodded her head and turned into her human form. She took Kuroka off Itachi's shoulder and disappeared in a magic circle.

"Itachi-senpai." Koneko tugged on his shirt which made Itachi look down, "You said everything that Nee-san has done… was exactly what you did for Sasuke? She did the same thing you did for me and Sasuke?" Koneko clearly had a confused and distraught look on her face. It was understandable, knowing one thing your entire life, knowing your only family left and betrayed you. You learned to hate, or even despise them and want nothing to do with them. Learning they were looking out for you the entire time would be completely mind-changing. Everything you knew and felt about that person was completely wrong, you hated or despised the person without knowing a complete truth.

"AHHHHHH!" Issei fell in front of Itachi as he slowly stood back up, "Let's go for round three jackass!" Issei growled out ready to fight again.

"Enough Issei, we're done here and so are they. Isn't that right Bikou? Also, I'm not handing Kuroka back over." Itachi glared up at him with his two clocks in his eyes.

"Interesting… you managed to not only best Kuroka but beat her. Ophis was right about you Itachi… you interest me greatly." Bikou nodded his head as he decided to retreat using his flying nimbus.

Itachi let go of the Sage Mode and began to breathe heavily showing signs of fatigue. Using Sage Mode does drain the user after a while of use. This was his first time using it completely, so he felt a good drain from the use. Itachi also noticed his vision was beginning to blur a bit too, "Issei how much did you use the Mangekyou Sharingan?"

Issei rubbed the back of his head, "Well I used the Amaterasu once, but he dodged, and I tried to manipulate some metal… but there wasn't anything for me to place a seal on it for me to use." Issei chuckle as he moved his hand to scratch his cheek.

"Well once this is over, we probably should switch eyes soon. That way we can obtain the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, that way we won't lose our vision." Itachi rubbed his eyes gently regaining his vision.

"Wait?! The use of the Mangekyou Sharingan causes sigh deterioration?!" Rias growled out upset with Itachi NOT informing her about this.

"I have some time, besides I'm sure we'll be able to get a top doctor to do this. All the blood vessels and veins must be properly connected and aligned. We'll talk more about this later, we have more troubling issues that need our attention." Itachi looked back towards the area where the meeting with the three major factions was taking place.


"I see so Bikou and Kuroka huh? To think that Itachi was able to not only beat her but capture her." Sirzechs placed a hand under his chin.

"If I may Sirzechs-sama but I do feel Kuroka is not in the wrong here. I analyzed her memories, and she did no go bad after killing her master. When the time is right I will be able to prove her innocence. I do not wish to see another family torn apart like this." Itachi gave Sirzechs a polite bow wishing for them to hear him out.

"I see, well I can see that can be done. We'll give her a proper trial, if you want you may stand next to her as her defendant. However, I can tell you that the odds will be stacked against you. I cannot favor you just because you're part of my Imouto's peerage." Sirzechs added with a stern look on his face which Itachi simply nodded in understanding, "Then Loki really is part of the Khaos Brigade huh?" Sirzechs mentioned getting back to the matter at hand. Sirzechs looked towards Koneko, "Koneko is she alright?"

Rias turned to her pawn who stood next to Issei with a smile on her face, "I think she'll do just fine, a little shaken up and confused. However, I have no doubt this will give her the opportunity to grow." Rias had a warm smile appear on her face, she hates to admit it, but Itachi and Issei are the ones who truly changed her peerage. Even as their king, she should have done better, it goes to show that there is still room to grow.

"I'm glad I gave her to you; she's has grown along with everyone else. You've grown wonderfully as the master of the House of Gremory." Sirzechs praised his Imouto by placing a hand on her head patting it.

"Thank you, Onii-sama, now me and my peerage will take out leave." Rias bowed to her brother and left.

Time Skip

Everyone was standing by a giant pyramid structure with lights spinning around in it. The Gremory Peerage, Xenovia, Sona, Tsubaki, Saji, and Rossweisse. Rossweisse is a Valkyrie who serves under Odin from Valhalla.

Flash Back Hour Ago

Azazel was leaning up against a wall talking to Rias and her peerage, "To defeat Loki, Odin will return North to retrieve Mjolnir. But Ajuka, who teleported Loki, says he can only keep Loki at bay for about a day."

"Just one day?" Rias's eyes widen in shock, Loki was already this powerful. Not only that, but they had to rely on Mjolnir to defeat him.

"If Loki recovers and attacks us again, we'll have to fight him head-on." Azazel knew the possible outcome he didn't want any surprises.

"If the Devil King class of each side moves to fight, there's a chance another large-scale war will break out." Rias crossed her arms under her bosom and figured out Loki's scheme.

"If that happens, what Loki calls Ragnarök, and the chaos of war that the Khaos Brigade wants will begin. The beginning of the end. That's probably what they're aiming for." Azazel stood up from his spot as Akeno decided to add-in.

"It would be great if Mjolnir makes it in time, but…" Akeno went into thought about this.

"Onii-sama… no, let me see Sirzechs Lucifer." Rias argued back wanting to pitch in and help.

"Let me go with." Itachi added which Azazel took Rias and Itachi to the meeting room.

Meeting Room

"So, you want to try to slow him down?" Sirzechs asked curiously looking at Rias and her peerage to see if they were up to it.

"Ask me, would sealing him away forever be wrong to do?" Itachi asked as everyone looked at him curiously at what he meant, "Remember I have the Toushka Blade, a weapon used by my Susanoo. I can seal him away in a world of drunken dreams."

"Oh, that's right I remember that you did that to Kokabeil right?" Azazel asked since he wanted to see Itachi's full Susanoo or even a glimpse of Itachi's true power.

"I can only send about ten people at a time to Loki. Even with rest, I can only send another one of two afterward. It will be a difficult mission." Ajuka added worriedly for Rias and her peerage. It definitely would not be safe.

"I know it will be, but I guarantee you I will keep her and everyone else safe." Itachi spoke up confidentially wanting to calm everyone's nerves.

Persuade and calm everyone Itachi did with his words.

"Like I said before if Loki deems too bothersome to take out and wait for Mjolnir. I'll seal him away, I'm sure the Odin-sama would like to punish him. However, I will not let any harm come to my family. I'll do what's necessary to take alternative actions to stop Loki." Itachi added securing everyone's worry, everyone could tell just how powerful Itachi was. Rias and the others might not truly be able to comprehend Itachi's power. He very well may be able to take a Satan head-on and come out on top.

"I understand the danger." Rias said sternly not wanting to back down, "I've grown just as much, Itachi can't do all the work."

Serafall giggled as she clasped her hands in front of her and put them on the table, "Seems that others also want to volunteer…" Serafall turned her head to a door behind them. Out walked Sona, Tsubaki, and Saji, "Sona-chan."

"Sona." Rias was surprised to see her there, but Itachi wasn't. They said they weren't going to let the Gremory Peerage show off their fruits of training.

"Three members of the Sitri family also wish to help." Sona said while walking up to the meeting table.

"She wouldn't listen to reason." Serafall turned to Sirzechs who had a frown on his face, "Well, this problem was caused by our carelessness. Sona and Rias are related to the Devil King so I'm sure choosing them will cause no objections."

Azazel also pitched in, "We don't have time to waste on choosing people."

"Yes, I agree." Michael turned his head to the side as Xenovia came from the shadows, "She will surely be an important asset to this endeavor."

"Our enemy is a god of Asgard. I will also go." Rossweisse spoke up ready to fight for her homeland.

Sirzechs relented and nodded his head, "Please buy us some time until Mjolnir is transferred."

"Itachi, if your left with no option I give you permission to seal him away." Odin added causing everyone's eyes to widen.

"Thank you, Odin-sama, I'll make it as my last resort." Itachi bowed thankful for the permission.


Everyone was standing outside in a circle ready to be teleported. There was Rossweisse, Sona, Tsubaki, Saji, Xenovia, Itachi, Issei, Rias, Akeno, Irina. Ajuka was ready to teleport everyone until Itachi made a few runes appeared in the air and were added to Ajuka's magic circle, "Well what a surprise not a lot of devils dwell into the arts of runes and seals. We can add two more into the circle."

"Good going Itachi, Koneko, Kiba, get into the circle." Rias ordered with a small smile on her face, "Sorry Gasper and Asia make sure to help defend the home front."

"It's okay." Asia turned to Issei and Itachi, "Issei, please make sure to come back. You too Itachi-Nii."

"I'll be careful. Make sure to get along with the other devils, Asia." Issei patted her head earning a smile from Asia.

"Good, Grayfia." Sirzechs turned to his wife.

Grayfia handed Rias and Sona a box of Phenex Tears, "This is all we could collect during such an emergency."

Sirzechs said, "A precaution since your healing bishop cannot go."

"Thank you very much." Rias closed the box and nodded her thanks to everyone.

Itachi looked down to see Koneko tug on Issei's shirt, "Issei-senpai." Issei looked down at her as she had a worried look in her eyes, "Give me courage."

Issei smiled patting her head, "Don't worry you'll be fine." Issei placed two hands on her shoulders, "No matter what happens to you, I'll protect you." Issei smirked as a blush appears on Koneko's cheeks.

"Ara, ara Issei-kun it seems you've stolen Koneko's heart as well." Akeno giggled placing a finger on her chin. Akeno looked at Itachi and winked at him, "I want some courage from you to Itachi." Akeno smiled at him which Itachi simply nodded his head.

"You'll do fine Akeno, I have faith in you." Itachi made sure to make Akeno feel welcomed and cared about, "I'll be there to protect you… always."

"I will teleport you all now." Ajuka stated as the teleportation circle engulfed the group sending them to their destination.

End of Flashback

"Damn our enemy is an evil Norse God. We're against such a tough enemy right after training." Saji sighed, "Well. This is for the sake of Kaichou's dream, too."

"Your Kaichou's?" Issei turned to Saji curiously.

Saji smiled proudly, "My Kaichou wants to make a school in the underworld, where even low-level devils can participate in the Rating Game."

"Kaichou huh? I see but what does that have to do with this?" Issei asked confused about why this scenario was so important.

"There are a lot of devils that think Kaichou's dream is stupid." Saji frowned at the other devil's views on low-level devils.

"Well, devils do live in an aristocratic society." Issei sighed, "So if we make peace with other mythologies."

"Hopefully we can change this world, I hope devils, fallen, and angels can change." Itachi added making Saji and Issei both nod their head agreeing.

Saji smiled looking at Sona, "My dream is to become a teacher at President's school."

"That's a good dream." Issei supported his friend/rival.

Itachi could see the care Saji held for Itachi, Itachi knew the small crush Sona held for him. Itachi knew to leave Sona to Saji, "It doesn't matter who gets in the way of our dream. Whether it's a Norse God or not, needs to be taken down!"

"Yeah! Let's do this!" Issei held up his hand and clenched it.

"He's coming be ready," Rias warned as the pyramid began to glow more.

Soon the pyramid structure shot into the air and began to glow more. Revealing it to be a diamond shape with a black orb in the middle. Soon it shattered revealing Loki floating above everyone. Loki has the appearance of a handsome man with eyes like a delinquent. He has light blue hair that floats behind him with two small bangs. Loki also has a blue jewel on his forehead and yellow earrings. He was wearing a robe similar to Odin's except with slightly different ornate markings. He placed his hands behind his back, "Beelzebub! Playing such petty tricks!"

Rossweisse shouted up to him, "Loki-sama! Baring your fangs at our great Father is unforgivable! You should voice your opinions through proper channels!"

Loki sighed, "The Valkyrie that accompanies Odin. Though I hear d you're talented, your power is far from a god's."

Rossweisse glared daggers at him, "You refuse to listen to reason."

Loki ignored her comment, "You are all much too weak for the opening act of Ragnarök." Loki had magic appear behind which he shot into the ground behind him. Dust and debris were shot around the area. Just then a giant wolf came out which let a roar out.

"It's Fenrir!" Rias shouted; the said Fenrir has the appearance of a giant wolf with ash grey fur.

Then two more shots of magic was shot into the ground. Rossweisse grit her teeth, "Those are Fenrir's children, Hati and Skoll." Rossweisse was worried about their chances of winning until Loki smirked and held his hand in the air. A lightning bolt shot from the sky and into the ground.

Rossweisse took a step back, "Even one of the five great dragon kings." Itachi quickly summoned Ascalon and handed it to Irina who duel-wielded Mimic and Ascalon, "The Midgard Serpent." The Midgard Serpent is a grey Eastern dragon with an enormous body measuring around 500-600 meters in length.

Rossweisse then noticed the fluke, "They're imitation created using a dragon king as a base. We're surrounded."

"Not for Long." Itachi muttered as his Mangekyou Sharingan flared to life, Amaterasu! Itachi turned around 360 degrees which flames erupted on Fafnir, Hati, Skoll, and the Midgard Serpent. Loki took notice of the black flames, which was something he's never seen before.

"I'll douse them in a moment." Itachi waited as all the beasts dispersed trying to put the flames out. Itachi made a few runes and sigils which caused the flames to disappear. Issei jumped into the sky to take on Loki, Welsh Dragon Balance Breaker! Itachi did the same, Vanishing Dragon Balance Breaker! Itachi in his armor dashed towards the imitation of the dragon king. Meanwhile, the others took on Fafnir, Skoll, and Hati. Itachi summoned his Susanoo and held up his Yata Mirror. The Midgrade Serpent shot flames at Sona and Tsubaki and then another burst at Itachi and Rias. However, Tsubaki summoned Mirror Alice and Itachi's Yata mirror. Toushka Blade! Itachi called out as the sword from a gourd shot out and stabbed the Midgrade Serpent dispersing the intimidation.

"Mirror Alice, when it breaks it reflects any incoming attacks with double the power." Rias smirked looking at Sona, "That would prove quite troublesome for my offensive side of my peerage."

"Yes, but your shield that Itachi has, I've never seen anything like it." Sona was curious about Itachi's abilities.

Itachi landed next to them, "The Yata Mirror allows me to negate any and all incoming attacks. Whether it's elemental, magical, and anything you could possibly think that could harm me, can be reflected. Though curses I do not know."

"Well, this is the fruit of our training, I'm sure we can show how much we've grown." Rias held her hands up and then extended them out along with a red circle forming and firing out a black and dragon. This hit directly on Fenrir causing it to stumble.

"I, as well." Sona did the same conjuring up a large water dragon that bit down on Fenrir, then the attack exploded on top of the attack Rossweisse and Irina sent towards Fenrir. Rossweisse fired magic arrows along with Irina sending a holy slash towards Fenrir.

"Please be careful Xenovia, I don't want you to get hurt." Irina called out as she held Mimic and Ascalon in her hand.

"It's okay Irina! I'll be just fine!" Xenovia smiled as she put her hand out calling Durandal and the letter A appeared on her right hand. A halo formed on her head with white angelic wings appearing out of her back. Xenovia pointed Durandal at Hati, one of Fenrir's children, "Thanks to Michael-sama he blessed me and allowed me to become one of his holy saints!" Four rings of holy magic fired off at Hati causing it to bellow over in pain.

With Itachi

"I'll go help Issei and the others with Hati and Skoll. You guys keep Fenrir busy." Itachi called out flying towards Issei as he saw Koneko punch Skoll in the face and then jumped off it's cheek pushing it into the ground. Then two white cat ears and one tail came out of her rear. She landed in front of Issei and Itachi who just landed next to them.

"Koneko-chan that form?" Issei was surprised to see Koneko using her powers.

"If Itachi-senpai can handle it and master it. Then I can too, I'll master this power and control it. I won't let it control me, I'll accept this is who I am." Koneko brought her fist and tightened it which made Issei nod happily for Koneko, "I won't be afraid of this power… not anymore, I won't run away from my problems."

Itachi smiled as he thought back to Naruto, that's exactly what he would have said, "Good Koneko, it's good to accept who you are. It took a while, but I eventually accepted who I am now. I accepted who I was before in my other life, but now I've accepted this new life. To take it and run with it."

Koneko ran up to Skoll and grabbed it's snout, "When I'm with you Issei-senpai." Koneko twirled Skoll into the air and threw it. She charged her fist back with Senjutsu chakra forming into a circle and fired it, "I feel stronger." Multiple blasts of senjutsu chakra slammed into the back of Skoll causing it to howl in pain.

Issei flew up into the air and charged his fist back, "Yaaaahhh! Let's do this Koneko-chan!" Then launched it forward into Skoll sending him into a small mountain causing it to break and sending him towards another.

Itachi saw they handle this as he took to the sky to face off against Loki. Itachi saw off on the corner of his eye and saw Akeno fly into the sky. She glared down at Hati, "If Koneko-chan has accepted who she is… so can I." Akeno smiled to herself and remembered what Itachi told her. She remembered her time spent with Baraqiel in the mountains, "I am the daughter of Himejima Shuri and Baraqiel! I am the queen of Rias Gremory!" Akeno held her hand out as a devil wing came out along with a fallen angel wing. Akeno charged up lighting as a circle formed in the sky. Akeno then charged up a ball of black holy lighting in her left hand, Holy Kirin! A large black and yellow lighting dragon came from the skies. It let a mighty roar out as Akeno swung her arm down as it roared and slammed into Hati.

Itachi looked towards Akeno, he was definitely proud of how far she has come. Rias got a chance to see her two servants finally gain closure from their pasts, "For weaklings, you're pretty good." Loki commented as he narrowed his eyes at Itachi.

Itachi flew to his height, "If we're weak… and when we beat you… what does that make you?" Itachi mocked without changing the tone in his voice nor did he raise it.

"Why you little! Insolent creature! You are not above me! I am a Kami-sama!" Loki roared out glaring at Itachi.

Itachi simply said, "If, you're a so-called Kami-sama… then what am I? Am I? Kami-slayer? A Kami-sama above a Kami-sama? All I know is… it makes you a lost Kami-sama… weak, pathetic, gluttonous Kami-sama only desire to serve their own needs."

"You insolent mortal! I'll enjoy tearing you to pieces! I'll enjoy tearing your friends and family as well!" Loki pointed his hand at Itachi shooting an attack his way, Itachi simply swatted the attack away. However, Loki fired a concentrated blast of magic Rias which Itachi saw shoot towards her. The attack was light-based and it shot faster than Itachi could react or try to block.

"RIAS!" Itachi shouted as he flew towards her, but Rias was still kept busy trying to distract Fenrir.

With Rias

Rias was firing volley after volley of attacks at Fenrir trying to keep him down. They already had to use three Phenex tears, one for Kiba, one on Tsubaki, and another on Saji. Rias then turned her head and heard, "RIAS!" Rias recognized that as Itachi's voice. Once she turned her head Rias looked at Itachi confused and found him flying towards her at a height rate of speed. He had a look of worry and desperation on his face.

"What's…." Rias noticed she found it hard to speak, she felt cold, and weak overall. Rias looked down to see a hole through her heart, one in her lung, and another in her stomach. Loki's attack split into three points, one through her heart, not enough to destroy her heart, one in the lung, and one in the stomach. Rias fell to the ground, but Itachi caught her in time and gently set her down.

"RIAS! Look at me! Rias look at me! Hey! Hey!" Itachi quickly placed his hand on Rias's cheek trying to get her eyes to focus on him. However, Rias was too weak to move let alone speak. Itachi saw that the shot right through the heart didn't kill Rias right away, but enough to keep her heart pumping with a gaping hole in it. Itachi found blood on his hands trying to readjust Rias so she could stay alive and conscious. Itachi found his body violently shaking and feeling emotions boiling up inside.

Akeno, Issei, Kiba, Koneko, Irina, and Sona eyes widen shock and horror. Everyone shouted, "RIAS!" Everyone turned their anger up at Loki and fire off their strongest attack. Issei powered up and fired a dragon shot, Kiba shot a wave of swords up to hit Loki in the air. Irina made two holy slashes with Mimic and Ascalon, Koneko fired off blasts of Senjutsu chakra. Lastly, Akeno fired two Kirin attacks which struck Loki. Akeno had a lighting strike appear behind her revealing a trail of tears running down her cheeks.

Itachi felt Rias's breathing slow more and more. Her heartbeat beginning to stop, "Rias! No… Rias! RIAS!" Itachi quickly turned his head to Loki as his Mangekyou Sharingan spinning wildly at him, "ISSEI! TAKE CARE OF RIAS! NOW!" Issei was snapped out of his rage by Itachi's own rage.

Issei quickly landed and dropped out of his balance breaker, "Take care of Rias… I'm going to slaughter this fool. The fool that decided to touch my Rias!" Itachi stood up and walked over towards Loki and glared at him, "I'm going to show him what happens when he messes with the people I care about! PEOPLE I LOVE!" Itachi shouted as he immediately went into his balance breaker, Vanishing Dragon Balance Breaker! Albion called out with the Balance Breaker's armor adorning Itachi's body, "You're going to pay for taking her away from me!"

With Issei

Issei held Rias up trying to figure out how to stop her bleeding, "What do I do?! Buchou?!" Issei was worried.

"I'm sorry we used up all the Phenex tears." Saji came walking up slowly, he was tired and from the fight. Fenrir and his sons are not easy beasts to be trifled with.

"Wait… Phenex." Issei quickly pulled out the gift Ravel gave him, "If my guess is right! I wonder if Ravel." Issei opened it and out came a Phenex tear bottle.

Koneko jumped next to him, "Quickly give it to Buchou, Skoll is waking up."

"Right!" Issei took the vial out and dropped it onto Rias. Like that her wounds were healed along with the hole in her heart fixed, her lung back to working order, and the hole gone from her abdomen.

With Itachi

Itachi zoomed across the sky slamming his knee into Loki. This forced him to buckle over in pain, "Wait Itachi, maybe if Loki changes his mind, he." Rossweisse tried to intervene.

"NO!" Itachi yelled out making Rossweisse flinch and back up a bit, "He tried to kill Rias!" Itachi brought his foot around and kicked Loki in the temple and sent him tumbling into the ground, "I won't let him live, beings like this? They need to be rid of, either by the means of death or being sealed away forever." Itachi flew down towards Loki.

Once Itachi landed he began walking to Loki slowly with his eyes still spinning in anger. Itachi walked up to Loki, and Loki was already back on his feet dusting himself off while wiping the blood from his temple, "You insolent mortal! How dare you cause me to."

Itachi didn't let him finish as he slammed his fist into his nose. Everyone heard a sickening *CRUNCH*, once Itachi brought his fist back he brought his knee up slamming it into Loki's stomach. Then Itachi kicked Loki's feet out from under him causing him to fall on his back. Itachi brought his fist up and punched Loki in his sternum which everyone heard another sickening *Crack* Itachi summoned his Susanoo, "Death for you would be the easy way out, I'll seal you away for eternity. A death you'll never get, an agonizing endless world of drunken dreams. Have fun being trapped for eternity." Toushka Blade! Itachi pierced Loki's stomach and sucked him into his gourd sealing him away forever. Itachi looked down and tightened his fist, "Rias…" Itachi turn and ran towards her, he was going to use his Izanagi again. Hopefully, there was still some time to do it before she did die. Once he arrived Itachi saw Rias standing up with the help of Akeno, "R-Rias." Itachi's eyes widen, he thought there were out of Phenex Tears.

Rias smiled as she got off of Akeno's shoulders, she walked over to Itachi and pulled him into a hug. Once their hug was broken Itachi looked down at Rias still with a surprised look on his face. Rias placed a hand on his cheek, "I'm not going anywhere my dear Itachi, nor will you have to use your Izanagi for me"

Itachi felt his body relax from being tense and angered. Itachi has never once felt like this before, well maybe for the time Raynare killed Issei, but never has he felt like this before. When he saw Rias seemingly die in front of him, it made him worry never before. To think that even Rias, as strong as she was, as powerful and inhuman she is.

Which she is inhuman.

She could still die, Itachi can still lose her, Itachi can still lose the people he cared about. This made him really reflect on the events of what happened. Itachi placed his hands on Rias's shoulder, "Rias I know this isn't the time nor the place." Itachi had flashbacks to Izumi and the regrets he holds for not being able to be with her. To find love, get married, experience life to the fullest. That life would have to have someone he held dear or saw as important in his life. Kids, a word that made Itachi think twice about ever having. A word that also corresponded to love, a lover, to find this in his life was forbidden. The life of a cold stone killer, a person who went rogue after killing their entire clan. To live a life of solitude and despair until killed by an avenging warrior they created, "Rias I need you in my life… I can't bear to think my future anywhere else but with you." Itachi muttered out quickly as he saw Izumi's face flash over Rias's face. Then his mother, father, other Uchiha kids, parents, grandparents, even babies. The people he killed their faces flashed over Rias's. Itachi still felt cold, and alone, even with him pouring all his feelings out to Rias. He still felt the same, cold, alone, and pain.

What was he missing?

Rias smiled as she went up on her toes and placed a firm and comforting kiss on Itachi's lips. Rias saw Itachi's soul appear in his eyes, she saw loneliness, coldness, sadness, and a lot of pain. Pain that weigh on his shoulders even now still bothered him. Rias could see all of it, she could even feel all of it. There was something Itachi was missing, and Rias could see it. Rias saw the happiness that Itachi had, the happiness that he had when Sasuke was a baby. How Sasuke would follow Itachi around all the time asking to train or hang out with him. She also saw the happy moments with Issei and when he was a baby. The different experiences he had with his parents, both Fugaku, Mikoto Uchiha, and then Miki and Gorou Hyoudou. It was warm, happy, and good memories that Itachi had, "Let me help you Itachi, let me be the one who helps you stay warm. I want to become part of those warm memories for you." Rias went back for a second kiss making it a deeper kiss putting more passion into it.

Itachi felt something warm overflow his body. Something Itachi has long forgotten, memories he forgot. Memories that reminded him of the good times with Mikoto, Fugaku, and Sasuke. The time when there was peace or at least times he could be happy. When they pulled apart again, Itachi saw Rias as a ray of sunshine. Itachi didn't see the Gremory Heiress of the Gremory Household. Itachi saw Rias, his light, his sun, the heat that keeps and melts the cold away. Itachi placed his forehead to Rias's, "Thank you Rias… thank you." Itachi smiled, Akeno, Irina, Kiba, Koneko, and Issei had their eyes widen a bit. There were shocked, they've never seen Itachi smile like this before. Granted they've seen smiles here and there, and Akeno and Irina have seen this smile of Itachi's once.

Whatever Rias did, but her actions helped something in Itachi emerge.

"Anything for my Itachi." Rias kissed Itachi again, she really did enjoy it. She feels that there will be something between them.

A/N: Now before everyone starts to get mad or even say something about that. I do think it's high time that Itachi finds his true feelings for Rias. I mean almost losing her would be a huge blow to him. To Itachi especially, so I think it's about time that Itachi got a chance to try out dating. Remember this Itachi is OC, I try to keep him as cannon as possible, but again this Itachi grew up a bit differently. Anyways I hope you all enjoyed! Sage of Prophecy! Out! Ja Ne!