Powers of a God

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Spellbat chapter 14. Jun 22: So, is Madara how he is when he died, with the Rinnegan, Sage of Six Paths Mode, or Ten-Tailed Jinjuruki mode? If he is in the last, then everyone is fucked.

SoP: It's Rinnegan, red-armor, Madara before he got the Ten-Tails. No, he cannot currently use Mokuton. That's because he has his original body before Kabuto modified his body with Hashirama's face on it. HOWEVER! Madara does have enough of Hashirama's chakra within him. That allows Madara access to his Rinnegan.

Davidab931 chapter 14. Jun 22: Kisame switched sides because he's s best wingman. But enough of my joke response, I believe that Kisame switched sides because like he said they were/are partners and he probably considers Itachi his best friend/brother in arms. Thought either Ophis or Yasaka would have been in harem but o'well.

SoP: I feel like Kisame isn't loved enough, so I thought Kisame deserves to walk amongst the good guys for a change.

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AniMeOtaKuKiNg chapter 1 . Jun 21: Wtf with you made albion as itachi sacred gear?Does it mean Vali doesn't even exist in this book? Itachi already had eyes power, does you have to add this ridiculous dragon power?

SoP: Yes, I did give Itachi Albion. I think it be a cool change of pace, besides Itachi would force Issei to get stronger anyways. As for Vali he does exist.

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Last Chapter

Scene Shift *Itachi's/Rias's room*

"You know Diodora's attitude today is making me feel off. I'm worried, he might try something." Rias put her finger on her lip as she sat on the bed next to Itachi. Rias turned her head to see Itachi in deep thought, "Is Madara and the mysterious Uchiha girl on your mind?"

Itachi looked up and turned his head to Rias. Itachi simply nodded his head, "Madara I'm worried about. I'm sure he is strong enough to take on all the current Faction Leaders and come out on top. Then… they mysterious Uchiha girl… I'm worried… I'm worried if Ophis promised Izumi something and she'll be our enemy." Itachi looked at his hands remembering how he killed her, "I-I can't do it again…"

"How are you so sure it's Izumi… it could be any girl." Rias tried to help Itachi calm down, even if it was a little bit. Rias gently placed her hands on his cheeks and pulled Itachi into her bosom. She gently stroked his hair, Rias let Itachi's hair flow through her fingers."

"It's Ophis if she was able to bring some of the Akatsuki back. I have no doubt she could be brought back. If Ophis knows who I am… then Ophis knows the people who were close to me." Itachi felt lost not knowing what to do, he feels the pressure more and more. He has never put a whole lot of thought into it. He has thought of settling down and maybe giving Rias a chance. A chance at a family, a family he was denied of.

Though it also bothered him because of Irina and Akeno. Itachi is fully aware of their feelings for him, he's not too sure on how to accept their feelings.

Rias could clearly see that Itachi was confused and lost. Seeing Itachi confused on what to do was hard for Rias to see. Especially to see him lost, Rias wondered if she was enough to fill the gaping hole in his heart. Rias wondered if she was going to have to share Itachi.

Maybe, just maybe, Rias was going to need help. To help fill the lost soul of the last Uchiha.

This Chapter Time Skip Day of Rating Game, Gremory vs. Astaroth

"Have a good trip!" Rossweisse waved.

"Good luck!" Xenovia waved to everyone.

"Get them Itachi." Kisame said with a sadistic grin on his face.

Everyone smiled and nodded their heads standing in the magic circle. Soon they disappeared teleporting to the arena, "Well you guys should get going, Kisame come with me. I'd love to learn more about… Samehada was it?" Azazel asked placing a hand on his chin.

Kisame smirked as Samehada on his back growled, "Did I ever tell you I liked fishing?"

Azazel smirked even more, "I think we're going to get along just fine!"


Everyone soon appeared in the arena, but Itachi immediately felt something off. He didn't hear any referee talking, "That's weird… something isn't right." Itachi spun his eye into his EMS looking around.

"Maybe there was some kind of problem." Gasper suggested which Itachi didn't think it was for a second.

Just then Asia turned her head to see a magic circle appear behind them. Rias narrowed her eyes, "That's not the Astaroth crest!" Rias put her guard up.

Itachi quickly pulled a kunai out ready for battle with Issei activating his EMS and his booster gear. Kiba summons a sword, and Irina summoned Ascalon and mimic to her side. Akeno had holy lighting ball formed in her hand. Koneko absorbed Senjutsu as her two cat ears popped out along with a single whitetail. Rias's body began to glow with destruction magic, "If I remember correctly, this crest…" From the circle's devils wearing armor and masks with horns. They were all wielding halberds, "They're devils loyal to the old Satan Faction in the Khaos Brigade." Rias narrowed her eyes at them.

Just then a devil spoke out next to them, "The despicable and fake royal family, Gremory. We shall eliminate you here."

"AHHHH!" Everyone turned their head to see Asia floating in the air being held upside down by Diodora. Asia had her eyes open as her left eye turned into the EMS from Itachi. Diodora didn't see this coming as a skeletal Susanoo appeared around Asia forcing Diodora to lose grasp of her.

"WHAT!" Diodora shouted in anger. Seeing this spectral skeleton thing protecting her made him mad, "What is that thing!"

Itachi walked forward, "You dare lay a finger on her…" Itachi glared at him, he was going to enjoy beating him to an inch of his life.

"What is the meaning of this!" Rias shouted in anger.

"ASIA!" Issei ran over, the Susanoo let Issei enter as he quickly brought her back by everyone's side. The Susanoo stayed active only allowing people it recognized by Itachi as friendlies. Everything else will be eliminated.

Diodora growled, but his eyes opened slightly revealing his unsavory yellow eyes. A sick grin appeared on his face, "You see, you all will be murdered by the Khaos Brigade."
"So, you've sided with Khaos Brigade. You're the worst! And not only that." Rias pointed at him angrily, "You've defiled the sanctity of the game! You deserve worse than death!" Rias's eyes began to crank out a stronger crimson aura around her, "Most of all! You've dared try to take my sweet Asia from me! I'll kill you a hundred times over for this!"

"Once I've finished you all! I'll make sure to take Asia back! I'll finish what I wanted to do at the temple." Diodora's eyes held a lustful and sickening smile behind it, "Do you understand what I mean… Red Dragon Emperor!" Diodora snapped his fingers signaling his allies to attack.

Issei growled out, "YOU BASTARD! I WON'T LET YOU DARE DO THAT TO ASIA! SHE IS MINE!" Issei shouted as he transformed into his balance breaker.

Itachi looked at Issei and smile slightly, Issei and Asia don't realize it. But Asia so happens to be carrying buns in the oven. No one notices it, but with the Sharingan, you can clearly see it. Itachi looked at Koneko, which she confusingly stares at Asia. Itachi then turned his attention to the enemies ahead, "Let's finish them all off, so we can take out Astaroth." Itachi transformed into his balance breaker. Itachi has been training a lot with his balance breaker and his Ems. He learned his Balance breaker can summon his Totsuka blade. Itachi learned to summon the Totsuka blade without needing to use his Susanoo. Itachi held his sword forward, "You've all angered me more than I ever thought! Laying hands on my Imouto!" Itachi's voice boomed across the arena. Itachi swung the Totsuka blade, "I'll end you all instantly!" Itachi swung the Totsuka blade into the air. Totsuka Blade Form Five: Increase! Itachi then brought it down swinging at the sky causing a rift to open up. From the rift shot out twenty copies of Itachi with slightly grey color to them. They were in their own Balance Breaker wielding a Totsuka blade.

The twenty-one Itachi's flew around stabbing the enemy devils sucking them into the Totsuka blade. While Issei, Kiba, Irina, Akeno, Gasper, Akeno, and Rias did their best to keep an eye on Asia. The Susanoo around Asia would keep her protected for the next twenty-three hours and 50 minutes. Rias giggled a bit, she recognized that Itachi did an ability called Increase, from King's Chastiefol from Seven Deadly Sins.

Diodora wasn't going to live longer than an hour. That wasn't Issei's dream or goal, it was his ambition, an ambition within the grasp of his fist. Just then when Akeno was about to attack she felt someone pick up her skirt. She looked behind her to find Odin, "Oooo! Hehehehe!" He placed a hand on his chin nodding approvingly, "This youthful resilience is irresistible." Just then he was forced to drop her when a kunai whizzed past his face, "Well there aren't you feisty." Odin chuckling looking at the original Itachi glaring at him. The rest of Itachi's copies dispersed since Itachi dismissed the attack.

"Odin-Sama, if you came here to peek at Akeno's panties and nothing more, I suggest you leave." Itachi walked up next to Akeno, and he gently swooped her off her feet. Akeno blushed as she Itachi turned around with her placing her back on her feet.

"I see." Odin chuckled; suddenly more magic circles appeared with more devils flying out. Odin smirked and said, "We found that Diodora Astaroth was making deals in the dark." Odin finished stroking his bear. He then extended his hand out to the side and shouted, "I am the great Father of the Norse! If you take my head, you will gain infamy!" Just like that, the devils began to shoot magical bolts down on everyone. Odin smirked as his monocle glowed and he tapped his staff on the ground. When he did that, a magical bubble shot out blocking all the attacks. Odin went to continue talking, "The brat Azazel wanted to take care of them all in one fell swoop." The magic bubble shot out killing all the devils instantly.

"Then this game." Rias was shocked to figure this out.

"We were used as bait." Itachi sighed as he looked at Asia, Itachi walked over and punched the Norse got over the head.

"OW!" Odin began to nurse a second head forming out of his original.

"What was that for!" Rias and Akeno shouted in surprise, even Irina was aghast.

Itachi couldn't hide it, "Issei you and Asia need to be more careful and wear better protection. That or Asia, you should have thought about taking contraceptives." Itachi stated bluntly earning a blush from the two. Asia looked at the ground blushing understanding what Itachi just said. Meanwhile, Issei only blushed, with him being the only one not understanding what Itachi just said.

"What do you MEAN?!" Issei looked at Itachi and then back at Asia which Asia began to do the same.

For Rias, Akeno, Irina, Kiba, and Koneko is clicked immediately, "Oh my… I think congratulations should be awarded." Kiba chuckled placing his sword in its scabbard on his hip.

Asia held her hand over her stomach surprised, it was a little over a week ago too. Issei looked at Asia with his Sharingan, "Wait… I see two little lights in Asia's stomach." Issei walked forward closer towards Asia's stomach.

"Geez, good going you idiot, not even out of high school." Itachi shook his head, but he smiled, he was happy for the two. Granted it was early, but the whole Diodora Astaroth ordeal probably made them feel on edge. Itachi wonders if this broke the tension between them.

"Issei-senpai and Asia-senpai made babies." Koneko blushed as she turned her head to the side, trying to keep the jealous look on her face hidden.

Odin only shook his head, "Hurry and go, finish Astaroth off, orders of Sirzechs. We'll keep the others busy." Odin looked at Asia with a grandfatherly voice, "Please take it, easy dear." Which Asia nodded her head blushing.

Just then there were footsteps from the side. Everyone turned their heads, and Itachi's eyes widen seeing the one person in front of him. Itachi closed his eyes and walked forward, "So… which one of you is Itachi Uchiha?" The man asked, the man was fair-skinned with spiky, black hair that had a slight blue tint to it. His hair was waist length with shoulder-length bands framing the sides of his face, covering most of his right eye with prominent creases under his eyes. He was wearing crimson armor with numerous metal plates, forming protective guards along his chest, waist, shoulders, and thighs. He was wielding an orange-red Gunbai with the three tomoe on it and a chained Kama to it.

"Rias… take everyone else and go. Odin-Sama, I ask you and no one else to interfere. Odin-Sama make sure Rias and everyone else escapes. Completely, I will not take No for an answer." Itachi stated with an authoritative tone making even Odin want to listen, "Everyone… this is Madara Uchiha… the Ghost of the Uchiha Clan." Itachi narrowed his eyes at the man standing before him.

"Hmph… I have little interest in them… however, you two." He pointed at Issei and Itachi, "I need what you two have… the White and Red Dragon Emperor. I found out that this world wields magic. In this world, Red and White Dagon Emperor, Tannin, Great Red, and Trihexa otherwise known as the Apocalypse Beast and Emperor of Beast of Apocalypse. They were once a being called the Ten-Tails! We'll use the Ten-Tails to reform this new world. Devils, Angels, Yokai, and humans will learn to co-exist under one banner. This is so no one has to live in fear, and no one has to die for no reason!" Madara shouted with conviction and anger in his voice.

"Well… it looks like I'll have to stop you. Using the Ten-Tails as a weapon, that's oppression, that's tyranny, that's a dictatorship, having your people live in fear." Itachi extended his hand out as Irina threw him Ascalon.

Madara looked at Rias and the others, "Skedaddle and leave, I wish to have a proper Uchiha fight amongst clansmen! Let's dance Uchiha Itachi!" Madara dashed forward swinging his Kama at Itachi.

Itachi summoned a Katana in his other hand while blocking Madara's Kama with Ascalon. Itachi quickly brought his leg around to kick Madara. Madara backed up to avoid the attack, he then tossed his Kama at Itachi. Itachi jumped over the Kama and stabbed the tip of his katana into the ground. Itachi twirled his katana, so the chain wrapped around his sword. Madara was going to yank it back, but it was tangled up. Madara made a horse seal and said, Fire Style: Majestic Destroyer Flame Jutsu! Itachi quickly retaliated making a single-hand sign, Water Style: Water Barrier Jutsu! The two jutsu clashed causing steam to cloud the area.

Itachi's eyes widen when he saw Madara rush towards him with his Gunbai detached from his Kama chain. Madara swung down which Itachi blocked, Itachi brought his left fist to punch Madara, but he intercepted grabbing his fist. Madara smirked as he somersaulted backward bringing Itachi with and kicked Itachi launching him away.

Itachi quickly realigned himself in the air holding onto Ascalon, but then Madara appeared above him using a Shushin. Madara brought his leg up and sent chakra into the kick remembering how Tsunade did so with her chakra. Itachi saw the build-up of chakra and quickly dodged out of the way. Madara's foot hit the ground causing a loud *Boom* to be heard throughout the arena. The entire arena shook around the ground that Itachi and Madara were fighting on.

It caused all other fighters to lose their balance and fall over. Itachi began to absorb Senjutsu chakra entering Chrono Sage mode. Itachi's left eye turned into a clock and he went through a set of hand seals, Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu! Itachi fired it off and Madara went to block it with his Gunbai. However, Madara heard, Rewind! From Itachi and the attack seemingly disappeared. Madara did notice that the clock on Itachi's eye stopped. Itachi dashed forward with Madara ready to counter, but then Itachi disappeared from his sight. Just then Madara turned his head to swing at Itachi, but his attack phased right through Itachi. Just then Itachi appeared behind him and swung his sword causing a gash to appear on Madara's back. Itachi muttered, Chrono Flash Step! (A/N: This attack allows Itachi to make semi-real Itachi's in semi-real positions in time. Meaning Itachi was there when Madara swung, it's just that Itachi was already ahead of Madara's attacks. On the downside, it takes tremendous concentration to perform. It can only be really used as a surprise attack, if used more than once it can be read depending on the opponent).

Madara quickly backed up and he used his hand to access the damage done, "That was a smart tactic, I look forward to more." Madara smirked as a magic seal appeared behind him which began to heal the injury. However, it was slow to heal.

"This is a holy sword; you aren't healing that easily." Itachi Shushin in front of him slashing across from left to right.

Madara ducked and spun around on one hand using his feet to kick Itachi. Itachi quickly jumped and used Ascalon as a pole to keep him up. Itachi slammed his foot down onto Madara kicking him to the ground. Itachi then stuck his hand out in front of Madara's face and said Time Resumes! Madara's eyes widen as a water dragon came from Itachi's hand and slammed right into Madara in his face.

Itachi was kicked away by the impact of the attack and landed on his feet. Itachi dropped the Sage Mode feeling it beginning to take a toll. Itachi stayed on guard, soon the rocks and debris cleared with Madara slowly getting out of his hole. He stood up and threw his crimson armor on the ground. He took off his shirt revealing his chest, "This is a true fight! An Uchiha vs. an Uchiha! Let's see how much further you can go!" Madara's eyes shifted to the Rinnegan causing Itachi to take a step back. Itachi was a little nervous seeing the Dojutsu.

Especially when it's in the hands of none other than Madara Uchiha.

Though Itachi heard that Rias, Akeno, and Kiba were in a bit of a pickle. Thanks to the comms they have on currently.

With Team Rias (Rias, Akeno, and Kiba).

Rias, Akeno, and Kiba were pinned down by Diodora's queen and his two bishops. The two bishops helped support the Queen keeping constant fire on Rias, Akeno, and Kiba. Rias and Akeno had their shields up trying to come up with a strategy, "We'll have to take down the queen and bishops at the same time." Akeno grunted out, she was in her shrine maiden outfit.

"But how?!" Rias asked trying to receive some help here.

With Itachi

Itachi gained some distance from him and Madara as Venessa appeared on his shoulder, "Venessa now is not a good time! I'm in a fight here, Rias and the others need help. Go help them!" Itachi ordered and Venessa read Itachi's mind of the situation.

Venessa went up into the air and spread herself out around the arena in threads. She was able to get the idea that currently Rias and Akeno were pinned down by Astaroth's queen and bishops. Venessa directly contacted Itachi via telepathy, "Itachi, Rias, Akeno, and Kiba are pinned by Astaroth's queen. I got an idea, tell Akeno you'll take her out on a date after she the queen is defeated." Venessa smirked knowing the plan would work. Like that she took to the sky as she turned herself into a bunch of invisible strings.

Itachi avoided a fireball jutsu from Madara and rolled his eyes. He put his hand up to his ear turning on the radio to talk, "Hey Akeno."

Team Rias

A magic circle appeared between Rias and Akeno, "Hey Akeno." Itachi knew Rias was going to kill him. He was yet to take her out on a date yet too.

"Itachi?" Rias looked at the circle confused why he was talking.

Itachi rolled his eyes mentally as he thought to himself, "I can't believe I'm doing this, but here goes." Itachi continued to speak through the radio, "Akeno, once the Queen and two bishops are defeated… Let's go out on a date together next Sunday." Itachi had a large sweatdrop appearing on his forehead while he blocked a strike from Madara's Gunbai earning a confused look from him. Madara wondered to himself, "Why would he ask a woman out on a date at a time like this?"

With Itachi

Itachi backed up to gain some breathing room from Madara and sighed. Madara went to charge at Itachi, but he heard a large crackle of lighting charging up. Madara could sense the power of holy lighting. The person releasing the magical energy was powerful, Itachi only deadpanned. He could not believe he just went with this. Currently, there was a large yellow electricity aura shooting off of Akeno. Itachi could hear her girly giggling from there.

Back with Team Rias

"Ahahahaa! Ahahaha! Ahahaha!" Akeno laughed happily with more demonic magic and holy magic fusing together. This was causing yellow demonic and holy black lighting magic to mix.

Rias spoke back on the radio, "Itachi! How could you! I-I thought! Even though you have someone like me!" Rias was upset hearing this from Itachi. Rias could also faintly hear the laughter from Venessa.

Akeno decided to tease Rias, "It's proof that my love has reached Itachi's heart."

Just then Rias's shield grew bigger along with her anger or jealousy… one of the two… or both, "I don't want to hear that from someone who releases so much lighting just because she was promised a date!"

Akeno's shield also grew in size, "I don't want to hear that from someone he still hasn't slept with."
"That's not true! Just this last time!" Rias blushed as she turned her head away facing the other way closing her eyes, "He touched my breasts a lot while we were together in bed!"

Akeno smirked back and said, "You know Itachi won't do that, he is quite reserved. Besides it was him moving while he sleeps. Everyone does it." Akeno knew she had Rias beat.

Rias turned her head annoyed this time, "W-We've kissed a lot before though! We give each other good night kisses and morning kisses!" Just like that their powers began to grow even more with anger and jealousy.

With Itachi and Madara

"Are those two your women?" Madara asked curiously, he wanted to stop fighting to see what was going on.

"Yes… well more the red-haired girl, Rias Gremory. She is my girlfriend… Akeno is a friend" Itachi couldn't believe he was having a conversation like this with the founder of Konoha. Not only that also the psychopathic man who wants to put everyone in an infinite genjutsu.
"Interesting battle strategy, anger, but in this case, jealousy can fuel someone's power. They're strong, I'll give you that much, but no more distractions! DANCE WITH ME!" Madara rushed at Itachi which Itachi turned his head ready to fight him. While Madara fought Itachi; he did think to himself, "Akeno I'm sorry I never got to you that night. I would have taken you with me, but you seem happy where you are."

With Kiba

"Amazing… Akeno's Holy and Demonic power is rising! Along with Buchou's!" Kiba couldn't believe Itachi was able to get Rias and Akeno to do this!

Just then the Queen grew angry, "All of you, stop this now! How dare you ignore me and fight over some simple man!" The queen held up her hand as her purple aura grew bigger around her.

"Oh boy." Kiba could only chuckle feeling sorry for her.

Rias and Akeno both glared at her, if looks could kill… well the queen wouldn't even be living right now, "SHUT UP!" The two shouted flaring their magical auras more. Akeno fired off a holy demonic lighting beam and Rias concentrated her destruction magic into a beam firing it at the queen. The attack instantly took out the queen and two bishops from the explosion and the building falling down on them. The three disappeared in a yellow glow. Rias and Akeno frowned at the queen and bishops they just took out, "Serves you right, you don't know anything about MY Itachi." Rias and Akeno said at the same time. Akeno only began to smile and laugh while Rias glared at her best friend.

With Team Issei

Issei, Irina, Koneko, Asia, and Gasper watched as Rias and Akeno dispatched the queen and two bishops. Their power surged, and it surprised them all, "They won." Gasper said with surprise.

Irina only frowned as she glared off in the distance, "Baka Itachi!" Irina crossed her arms under her chest. When Itachi promised a date with Akeno, everyone heard it.

Asia only giggled, she couldn't keep her hands off her stomach, "As expected of Buchou and Akeno."

"Come on we should meet up with Buchou. We're going to take Astaroth down together." Irina caught everyone's attention deciding to give Itachi an earful later.

With Itachi and Madara

Itachi blocked and parried an attack from Madara's Gunbai. Itachi backflipped and summoned his Susanoo, Yasaka Magatama! Itachi fired the beads from his Susanoo's hands, but Madara smirked holding up his Gunbai. The attack was absorbed into the fan as it glowed from his attack. Madara said, Uchiha Reflect! Madara shot back the attack at Itachi.

Itachi dashed directly at the attack, thankfully Itachi's and Rias's anime binge watching paid off. Itachi wanted to use a move from one. Holding Ascalon with a reverse grip shouted, Full Counter! Itachi infused some of his magic to change the properties of his attack to chakra and magic.

Madara smirked, "Useless." Madara held his fan up to block the attack. However, when the attack hit the fan, it blew up immediately, "W-What!" There was a bright flash as the attack blew up in Madara's face.

Itachi landed on the ground as he twirled Ascalon in his hand holding it as a single-handed sword. Itachi transformed into his balance breaker ready for Madara's next attack. Madara got off his butt as he brushed some blood that was dripping down his chest. Madara held up his Gunbai finding it completely destroyed, "Interesting… to think you had that up your sleeve. It seems you infused magic into that last attack, I'm unable to use large amounts of magic with this body." Madara smirked as he clapped his hands together. The wound on his chest began to heal slowly. Madara knew some medical ninjutsu; so, he wouldn't be slowed down by his wound, "This is the most I've ever had to try before… ever since I fought Hashirama. Let's see how far we can take this! Itachi!" Madara floated up into the air as her formed his perfect full-body Susanoo.

Itachi responded turning his own perfect Susanoo on. Itachi stood at the same height, however, Itachi also had his Balance Breaker active. Itachi's perfect Susanoo was red with his Susanoo's face only being revealed from the armor. Currently in Itachi's right and left hand was the Sword of Totsuka blade. Granted there is only one, but Itachi was able to duplicate it using magic. The second sword can still seal things away. There were four wings in total, the pair from his Susanoo was covered by his Balance Breaker. The wings could separate to increase Itachi's speed if they flew, "Well let's see how this goes shall we?"

Madara smirked as he dashed towards Itachi, the two Susanoo-wielding Shinobi clashed blades from their Susanoo's. When their swords clashed against one another, it causes shockwaves that shook the entire area.

With Team Rias (Everyone but Itachi).

Rias and everyone were facing Diodora who was currently behind a large barrier. This prevented from anyone hitting him, "You coward! Hiding behind a damn shield!" Issei shouted angrily, he wanted to punch the guy in the face.
Diodora turned to look at Asia and frowned, "Wait… I didn't see it before… no you…" Diodora looked at Issei, "You filthy Dragon! You dare defile the woman who belonged to me! Not only that! She has your child inside of her!" Diodora smirked, "When you tired yourselves out, and once I get help from Shalba! I'll make sure you'll never see that child! I'll make sure to take great care of Asia, Red Dragon Emperor!"

Asia backed up in fear placing a hand over her stomach in defense. Asia feeling fear and backed up, her eye spun into the EMS thanks to Itachi. The Tsukuyomi was cast from her eye, and funny enough Diodora was looking directly at Asia's eye. Diodora screamed as he fell to the ground groveling and drooling on the ground. Within a second, in the real world, but 72 hours in his mind, Diodora experiences true terror and pain.

Rias grew furious and angry along with Issei in his scale mail form as he broke down the barrier. Issei angrily walked up and grabbed Diodora by the neck of his shirt, "YOU BASTARD! YOU WON'T LAY A SINGLE HAIR ON ASIA OR MY CHILD!" Issei had to accept that he got Asia pregnant, so he was going to make sure he took responsibility. Issei smashed Diodora's face in as he shot into the wall. Issei's eyes spun into his EMS, "You only have ill will intentions towards us! Stop what you're doing and leave Asia out of this! If you do… I won't kill you."

Diodora began to laugh and chuckle manically, "Hehehe… AHHAHAAHAH!" Diodora's head limped to the side, his eye widens with a sickening grin, and a crazed look in his eye, "I DON'T GIVE A SHIT WHAT YOU SAY! I'LL MAKE SURE YOU EAT THOSE WORDS! WITH THE POWER OF OPHIS! I CAN'T LOSE! I'M A NOBLE HEIR OF THE ASTAROTH CLAN! I'LL MAKE SURE ASIA and YOU WATCH AS I ABORT THAT CHILD!" Diodora held up his hand gathering demonic magic in it.

Akeno stepped in front of Asia along with Irina, Koneko, Rias, Kiba, and even Gasper grew defensive of what Diodora was saying to Asia. Rias glared, "How dare you… you threatened my family over and over and over again! For what you deserve something worse than death, I wish I could make that happen!"

Issei dropped out of his Balance Breaker, "Die… burn in whatever place shitty devils like you go." Issei's right eye spun as he said, Amaterasu! Black flames ignited on the Astaroth noble as he rolled around trying to put the flames out. Diodora felt his skin melt, his flesh burn, and his bones be turned into ashes. He screamed until there was no more life left in his voice, the flames burnt him to a crisp. Leaving nothing left of what once was Diodora Astaroth, he would not be missed or mourned for.

With Itachi and Madara

The two kept clashing and fighting for over three hours, the two kept trading blows and slashes towards their Susanoo. No one got anywhere until Ophis appeared next to Madara, "Madara it's time to go, we're done here. At least you are."

Madara who was in the Susanoo looked at the little infinite dragon god annoyed, "Fine." Madara relented, he figured it would help to stay on her good side. She will be helpful for his plans for the future. Ophis and Madara turned to leave.

But before they left Itachi called out, "Ophis."

Ophis turned to Itachi, "Yes… do you wish to join us?"

Itachi shook his head, "Be careful of Madara, he's very cunning and good at manipulating others. He is using you."

Ophis simply said, "I do not care if he uses me, I want the Great Red One killed. I will reclaim my silence, if he uses me for his own needs then so be it. Not like others have been using me." Ophis and Madara both disappeared in a magic circle.

Itachi dropped the Susanoo and landed on his feet, he felt his chakra and magic levels were at about a quarter gone. Itachi turned to where he sensed Rias and everyone else and flew towards them, "Madara… Ophis he is using you… you don't see it, but I feel like he didn't tell me all about his plan. I'm sure it involves you being the Dragon God of Infinity, meaning you must be part of what was the Ten-Tails."

With Team Rias

Issei relaxed as he walked over and pulled Asia into a hug, "Don't worry Asia… I didn't think doing it would get you pregnant like this. I'm sorry."

Asia shook her head, "It's okay… besides… I'm okay with this, I'm glad it was you Issei." Asia buried her face into Issei's chest, "I love you."

Rias and Akeno smiled, Risa turned her head to see an altar-like structure above the chair Diodora was sitting on earlier, "This seal… this is a Longinus Seal, not an easy one to break. How did he get his hand on this?" Rias froze when she felt a magic circle appear below her, and before she knew it; She vanished.

With Itachi

At the same time, Itachi just flew into the scene seeing Rias disappeared when Itachi arrived, "BUCHOU!" Everyone shouted when they saw Rias disappear in a pillar of light. Itachi's eyes widen when he saw Rias disappear from sight.

Just then a magic circle appeared with a man floating there. The man was dressed in black armor with a cape. He had long brown hair that goes to his hips with many bangs covering his right eye, "Heh pathetic couldn't even kill a bunch of misfits like you. Just like the false little sister of Sirzechs, he isn't even a real Devil King."

"Y-YOU! RIAS!" Akeno screamed angrily as she discharged a bunch of holy lighting around her body, "WHERE IS SHE!" Akeno snapped losing it as she saw only red staring at the devil before them. Akeno charged up a spear made of light with an electricity property and launched it, Holy Lighting Javelin!

The man simply dodged and fired a bunch of demonic energy blasts at Akeno. Akeno immediately fell to the ground. Irina ran up with mimic, but he blocked her and fired the same attack he did at Akeno at Irina. Itachi landed in front of everyone stopping Issei and others from moving. Itachi was on one knee when he landed, Itachi opened his eyes, "Where is Rias… what did you do to her!" Itachi said with a demanding tone as he stood up tall. Issei gripped his hold around Asia worriedly as he backed up. Koneko and Kiba grabbed Akeno and Irina pulling them to safety.

"It's useless." The man said as he glared at Itachi and everyone, "You can't even hope to beat me, I'm the true devil king. Shalba Beelzebub!"

Itachi closed his eyes and then left out an angry huff, "I'll ask only once… my patience has been worn thin… I'm not feeling very generous. Give her back… now… otherwise you'll regret ever crossing paths WITH ME!" Itachi's voice grew louder and angrier.

Akeno sat back up with tears in her eyes, "P-Please! S-she's, my friend! S-She has been family to me! L-Like a sister!" Akeno held her head down with tears flowing down her cheeks. The calm and composed Akeno everyone knew and loved was gone. What was held up in Koneko's arms was a broken and lost Akeno.

Itachi walked over to Akeno and gently rubbed her head to calm her down, "Don't worry I'll make him PAY." Itachi said venomously.

"Hmp… truly the princess of the Gremory household had bad tastes in all of you. All you useless misfits, I sent her far beyond the dimensions. It's only a matter within minutes before her body has been crushed and consumed." Shalba smirked as he held his hand up proudly, "In other words, the little sister of Sirzechs is dead."

Itachi's eyes began to glow as purple chakra began to form within his eyes, "I-I… I won't ever forgive you. I'll make sure you know." Itachi disappeared and reappeared behind Shalba, "True despair." Itachi slammed his knee into Shalba's back sending him straight into the ground. Itachi dashed towards the ground appearing before Shalba who picked himself off the ground.

"How dare you, you think you can." Shalba stood back up fixing his hair, but before that could happen.

Itachi drove his fist straight into Shalba's face knocking some teeth out and breaking his nose, "I don't think… I KNOW! NOW give me Rias back." Itachi began feeling his anger and rage taking over. Something that Itachi has never given into before.

Issei grew worried until Ddraig spoke up, "Rias Gremory's peerage, I suggest we leave. Unless we want to die. Itachi is losing control, I suggest we're not here when he goes all out. Itachi is doing what he can to stay alert, but his rage is taking over." "Well shit, we better high tail it out of here!" Akeno and Irina stared at the rage-driven Itachi beat Shalba around like a rag doll. Koneko and Kiba grabbed their hands and dragged them out of the room where Itachi was about to let loose.

Itachi stood above Shalba, "You who call yourself Shalba!" Itachi began to speak in with Albion's voice, "You have made me very angry! You caused Rias to disappear! You caused Akeno to cry! I won't forgive you!" Itachi's eyes began to glow blue with a black slit in the middle, "NOW YOU MUST PAY!" Itachi's rage began to well up past memories and secrets that he has had. His past with the Uchiha clan brought more darkness from the past. The Divine divide sacred gear fed upon that darkness and used it to fuel Itachi's rage. "It's always been, love." A spectral ghost of a Sharingan eye floated around Itachi. More Sharingan ghost eyes appear speaking in different voices that Itachi once silenced long ago, "It's always been about power." "Always about greed." "Use our hatred to take down the enemy!" "This is who we are!" "Clan with Hate." "The strength of the Uchiha is unmatched!" "Show him what the Uchiha Elite can do!" "Revenge! Get our revenge!" Itachi replied with, "Yes… let's do that." Itachi's wings came out of his back as they began to glow. The spectral Sharingan's floated around Itachi as he began to say, "I, who am about to awaken…" Itachi transformed into his balance breaker, "Am the Heavenly Dragon who has taken the principles of supremacy from God…" Itachi's body began to shift taller and stronger than normal. Itachi's body seemed to take an appearance of a dragon with his wings, head, legs, arms, and a tail growing in size, "I envy the "infinite" and I pursue the "dream"." Itachi's neck grew as a thicker and stronger helmet took the original place of the old one, "I shall become the White Dragon of Supremacy…" Itachi and Albion both shouted as Itachi grew to extraordinary heights as they broke through the ceiling of the castle, they were in. Shalba shot out of the building before it collapsed on him. Itachi then shouted out, "And I shall show you the anger of my clan! JUGGERNAUT DRIVE!" Itachi finished his incantation finishing the transformation. Everyone saw Itachi's form with surprise at the power that radiated off of him. Itachi's Juggernaut form was complete, but his sanity was long lost before he transformed.

With Team Vali

Vali and his team were floating through the dimensional gap. They were searching for something until Vali sense a shift in Itachi's power, "This power… Arthur, we're heading to the underworld." Vali ordered.

Arthur's eyes widen as he saw someone flying through the dimension gap and towards them. The person smiles shortly until they lost consciousness.

With Itachi

Itachi's eyes glared down upon Shalba who backed up a bit. The wings on Itachi's amor shot out as spectral Sharingan's glared at Shalba. He was put into a Genjutsu. Shalba found it impossible to move, "W-What is THIS?! I-I CAN'T MOVE! I CAN'T LOSE TO HIM!" Shalba stuck his hand out, "Face my light of judgment!" The circle appeared on his hand and appeared below Itachi, but, Divide! Divide! Divide! His attack was completely nullified.

Itachi let a roar out as he opened his mouth up and began to charge up magic power. Albion began to shout, DIVIDE! DIVIDE! DIVIDE! DIVIDE! DIVIDE! DIVIDE! DIVIDE! DIVIDE! DIVIDE! Everyone from Rias's peerage fell on their hands and knees feeling a huge power drain.

With Azazel and Sirzechs

The two suddenly hunched over feeling over half of their reserves disappear from them, "W-What is this?!" Sirzech's eyes widen at this. He looked around to see enemies fall out of the sky along with his allies.

Azazel smirked as he barely kept himself conscious, "Interesting… Itachi cast a divide from all the way out here. Impressive, something or someone must have really pissed him off."

Back with Itachi

Once the ball in Itachi's mouth was done charging. Albion shouted, Six Path's Longinus Smasher! The giant beam turned from blue to purple letting out a large blast towards Shalba's direction, "Damn you! Damn you Red White Dragon, Damn you BOTH!" Shalba shouted as he was wiped out from existence.

Off in the Distance

Madara floated in the air along with Ophis, "Hoh? He grew this powerful at the deaths of his loved one… interesting." Madara said with a smirk appear on his face. He couldn't wait to fight Itachi again.

Back With Itachi

Itachi's body let a roar out as he continued to smash and break everything around. Forcing Rias's peerage to flee and getaway. When everyone flew away Issei had tears in his eyes, he could hear the pain that Itachi was in. Irina and Akeno could feel the heartbreak that Itachi was going through right now. Losing someone that you cared about so deeply was crushing Itachi from the inside out.

In Itachi's Mind

Itachi found himself standing over his parents with tears running down his face. There laid Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha. Just then the door opened as he found Sasuke opening the door, "Hoh… interesting to see you, little brother."

For Itachi, the same memory played over and over again. Him running through Konoha at night slaughtering his clansmen. For the sake of the village to save as many lives as possible, while taking all the lives of his clansmen. It was a bitter hell he had to keep living through.

With Team Gremory

Once everyone was a good distance away Issei called for Ddraig, "Ddraig speak to me, man! Tell me that there is a way to help Nii-san!" Issei looked at his boosted gear frantically. "With your current state, you could handle the Juggernaut for a minute. Once that time is up, you'll lose control." "Dammit! I'm too damn weak again!" Issei looked at Asia and recognized that the Susanoo that Itachi placed on Asia was still active, "I got it!" Issei closed his eyes and opened them revealing the EMS in his eyes. Issei began to channel his magic into his eyes activating a blue Susanoo ribcage which formed, "Help me out here Ddraig!" Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Issei felt his power grow as the skeletal ribcage grew ahead followed by flesh and soon armor. Issei found himself floating into the sky where his Susanoo grew legs and arms. He had no armor on his Susanoo, but it was better than nothing, "I'm going in!" Issei shouted as he ran to go help his big brother in his Susanoo.

The Susanoo wasn't even complete, "Just a warning partner you got about two minutes with this Susanoo. It drains magic, but not as quick as the Juggernaut." "Two minutes is all I NEED!" Issei shouted as he jumped and smashed his fist into Itachi's Juggernaut face, "WAKE UP YOU DAMN IDIOT!" Itachi fell to the ground letting out a loud roar.

Issei had no real practice with this form and began to punch and kick with everything he had.

Back With Team Gremory

"Oh… is this a bad time?" Everyone turned their heads to see Vali walking out of a portal.

Akeno went on the defensive, "What are you here for?!"

Vali ignored her and looked at Issei and Itachi, "Hoh? I remember that Itachi used that on me? Issei has it? Interesting." Vali closed his eyes, "Don't worry I'm not here to fight." Everyone relaxed a bit, "I sense a change in Itachi's power and came here to see it. It seems he went under a full Juggernaut Transformation."
"A full transformation?!" Akeno's and Irina's eyes widen with worry. Koneko and Kiba had a serious look on their face, they were just as worried.

"Oh, and we found her." Vali stepped to the side as Arthur placed Rias on the ground. Akeno ran over checking Rias over and Asia healing any injuries she could have received, "For Itachi… there is no known way to bring him back." Irina's and Akeno's eyes shot up to Vali, "During application, the user will find themselves abundant with newfound abilities and enhancements powers, however, it has immense repercussions. After activation, the user loses their sanity and will obliterate everything in its surrounding. The user leaves very little to no trace. Formerly, the only way to put an end to this rampage was when the user would eventually and inevitably destroy themselves. The form's main danger is its consumption of the user's life-force as a fuel source."

"There has to be a way! There just has to be!" Akeno said with a hand covering her mouth with tears running down her cheeks. She really did like Itachi, she was just never able to tell him. It hurt her knowing that Fallen Angels killed them before. She didn't want to feel like this way towards Itachi, but when he accepted her. She fell in love with him, and she kept trying to deny it but now finding out that he could die. It was too much for her to handle.

Irina's face turned to a downcast with tears, "No… not Itachi…" Irina felt bad for what Itachi did for her, to save her life. Twice in the matter of fact and gave her a new chance to live a new life. Now he was going to die, and there was nothing she could do to help.

Back with Itachi *In his Mind*

Itachi found himself again in front of his parents, "Oh, Sasuke…" Itachi stopped when the boy this time had brown hair and brown eyes, "I… I…" Itachi stepped back placing a hand on his head feeling a rush of memories. Itachi backed up and hit the wall remembering who the child was.

"WAKE UP YOU DAMN IDIOT!" The little Issei shouted until he faded away.

Itachi turned around to face the wall, but he found himself in an empty space. Itachi looked around and looked down. He found himself in his Kuoh uniform, "I remember everything… Itachi Hyoudou… Issei… Rias." Itachi felt his heart hurt thinking of Rias remembering where she was sent to.

"Finally, you got your shit back together!" Itachi looked up to see a blue light appear in front of him. The voice sounded familiar, but then another voice spoke up.

"Who are you?" Itachi raised an eyebrow confused at the being in front of him.

"I am one the individuals who brought you here. My name is Haato Otsutsuki. My sister Kaguya Otsutsuki was from your old world. That was before she went murder happy after eating the chakra fruit." The blue orb took shape of a man with pale skin, one eye was a Rinnegan, his right eye, and the other eye a Byakugan, his left eye. He also had red lines that ran down from the middle of his eyes. The lines went down his cheeks and to his lower jaw. His white hair was long and spiky, his hair went down to about his mid-back. He had a tomoe necklace and an orange pendant. He had three horns on the top of his head on his forehead and two sticking out to the side. He was wearing a black sleeveless coat. He had truth-seeking balls behind him and one that was in his hand as the shape of a moon on top and sun on the bottom. On the back of his cat was a crescent moon and a sun. He had white pants with rope to keep it up, black shoes, and black gloves that attached to his hand with a single loop for his middle finger.

"Hmmm okay… so what is the reason you came to me?" Itachi asked as the person walked up to him and placed a finger on his forehead.

"There I calmed your body down and restored it back to human form. I'll give the life force you used up during the transformation. You lost about ten years or so, but no big deal for a devil, right?" Haato chuckled placing a hand on his hip, "You've lived an interesting life for far. My nephew Hagoromo certainly spoke highly of you, I was right to bring you here." Haato sat down and crossed his legs as he began to float, "We have a lot to talk about but first, you just awakened your Rinnegan. I made sure you were going to unlock it. Secondly, let me tell you of the original Angel and Devil clans. They originated from my children, Hidetsugu and Hisaki. Hidetsugu was the first Devil and Devil King. While Hisaki was the first God, and no we did not use chakra. Instead, we used magic, I'll give you the rundown on the history."

Itachi nodded his head as readied himself to listen to the old man.

With Team Gremory

Team Gremory, minus Rias, watched as the rage-fueled break out of his armor after Issei punched him across the face. Issei was relatively surprised by this, he broke out of his Susanoo form and dropped his Balance breaker, "Itachi!" Issei grabbed his brother and flew him back to everyone else.

Once Issei landed on the ground Akeno ran up and sat on the ground. She gently picked up Itachi's head and laid it on her lap, "Oh, Itachi wake up. Are you okay?!" Akeno's hands trace his face, chest, stomach, and legs to check for injuries or anything missing.

Irina was doing the same, "Oh Itachi, you baka making us all worry!" Irina wished she could do more for Itachi, but she didn't know what to do.

Issei knelt next to his big brother worried for him. Asia walked over a knelt next to him, "I-I can see how he is doing." Asia placed her hands over Itachi and ran a diagnosis.

Vali was worried for Itachi as well, he was strong, and for him to die now would be a pity, "Your king should be fine, she was pretty strong if she could withstand the pressure. The dimensional gasp isn't where anyone should just go to. As for Itachi… I'm sure he'll be fine, let's go." Vali turned and left with Bikou and Arthur.

Akeno turned to Rias, "Koneko, Gasper, how is Rias doing? Is she okay? Asia check Rias first, then Itachi."

Asia nodded her head as she got up and walked over to Rias first. Rias began to check for anything, "I don't sense anything wrong; I think she is okay." Asia placed a hand on Rias's cheek, "Buchou, Buchou please wake up."

Rias turned her head left and right a bit as she slowly opened her eyes, "W-Where." Rias tried to sit up, but Kiba slowly helped Rias sit up.

"Easy Buchou, you were teleported to the dimensional gap. Vali and his team saved you and brought you here." Kiba explained earning a nod from Rias, as she sat up all the way and shook her head.

Rias shook her head a bit and focused her vision on Akeno, "Akeno… ! Akeno! What happened to Itachi!"

"Well… Vali said the state Itachi transformed into. It was the Juggernaut Drive, a form that grants the user immeasurable power. However, at a great deal of a cost, when you disappeared Buchou. Itachi lost control, I've never seen him get so angry before." Akeno tightened her fist as she thought back to Shalba, "Itachi destroyed Shalba, and Issei beat Diodora, they're dead. Good riddance too."

"B-But what is wrong with him!" Rias had a feeling of dread wondering what was wrong with Itachi.

Asia stopped her diagnosis, "I-I'm not too sure what's wrong… h-he might be in a coma."

"Of course, he is in a coma." Everyone turned their heads to find two people walk through a portal. Everyone tensed up feeling the presence of the man with long black hair, red battle armor, and noticeable glowing red Sharingan eyes, "Ophis told me about the downsides of the Juggernaut Drive. If he is alive, I have no doubt he'll be in a coma for a while. Make sure he doesn't die; I'd hate to lose such a fun sparring partner." Madara turned to leave.

"W-Wait! W-Who are you two!" Issei shouted wanting to know who they were.

Madara turned his head to Issei and simply said, "Uchiha… Uchiha Madara and I have a goal. To make a truly peaceful goal, a place where my daughter can grow up. I won't let these three factions cause another war." Madara turned his head towards the portal and left, "Come, let's go Izumi." Madara spoke as he turned walking away going into the portal made by Ophis, "

Everyone flinched hearing the name Izumi, the said Izumi quickly flared her Sharingan. Luckily, she was within line of eyesight with Rias, Tsukuyomi. Izumi mentally said as she turned her eyes off and followed Madara into the portal disappearing. Rias froze there for only a second, and within those seconds. Izumi explained her reasoning for being part of the Khaos Brigade.

Flashback 16 Years Ago

(A/N: In this Flashback Madara trained hard until he got back to the same level he was when he fought Hashirama). Madara stood in a special room and was holding a little girl in his arms, "Izumi… Uchiha Izumi, that is her name." Madara smiled looking down at his daughter, "I shall never let anyone or anything come to harm you."

"I won't let anyone harm her." The woman next to Madara smiled up at Madara.

"I know you won't if your name isn't Uchiha Hazuki." The now named Hazuki smiled as she placed a kiss on the ex-ghost of the Uchiha Clan. Hazuki took on Madara's last name after the two got married. Learning of the wrongs he had in his past life, she only understood how much he changed. He changed for the better good, Madara was a family man now. Not the psychopathic maniac who wanted to change the world under a Genjutsu. She fell in love with who Madara truly was.

End of Flashback *The Tsukuyomi with Izumi and Rias*

"I was alive for about four or five years old. Keep in mind I did train with my Tou-sama and everything, but I didn't start until I was six. For work, Tou-sama left one day. He worked for the head of Japan's Security, however one day he came home late. That night, when he was gone, my Kaa-sama was killed that knight." Izumi frowned as she thought back to that night, "My Kaa-sama was killed because our area got caught in a battle between a fallen angel, devils, and some humans."

"Wait… I guess it makes sense… sometimes there are small skirmishes." Rias knew there were some skirmishes here and there, "But why were there humans there?"

Izumi frowned as she rubbed her arm, "You see… I'm Akeno's cousin, my Kaa-sama was originally Hazuki Himejima, the two sisters of Shuri Himejima." Rias's eyes widen as she stood there for a moment.

"I-I need a moment." Rias sat down as she placed a hand on her head.

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OC Otsutsuki

Haato Otsutsuki (Father of Hidetsugu and Hisaki Otsutsuki): From Japanese (haato) meaning "love, affection", (ha) meaning "feathers", (ha) meaning "flower", (haato, ha) meaning "heart, mind, spirit", (ha) meaning "white" or (ha) meaning "leaf", (a) meaning "second, Asia" or (a) meaning "rank, follow" combined with (to) meaning "peach", (to) meaning "on foot, junior, emptiness, vanity, futility, uselessness, ephemeral thing, gang, set, party, people", (to) meaning "sound", (to) meaning "heart, mind, spirit", (to) meaning "person", (to) meaning "metropolis, capital, all, everything" or (to) meaning "transparent, permeate, filter, penetrate". Other kanji or kanji combinations can form this name as well.

Hidetsugu (First Demon and First Demon King): From Japanese (hide) meaning "beautiful; elegant; graceful" combined with (tsugu) meaning "next, order, sequence, below". Other kanji combinations are also possible.

Famous bearers of this name is Japanese architect Hidetsugu Aneha, Japanese daimyō Toyotomi Hidetsugu, Japanese physicist Hidetsugu Ikegami and Japanese electrical engineer Hidetsugu Yagi.

Hisaki (God): From Japanese 寿(hisa) meaning "longevity, long life", (hisa) meaning "long time", (hisa) meaning "still, as always", (hi) meaning "fire" (for males), (hi) meaning "day, sun, Japan", (hi) meaning "scarlet", (hi) meaning "hundred", (hi) meaning "princess" or (hi) meaning "light, sun, male" (for females) combined with (ki) meaning "brightness", (ki) meaning "expensive, worthful, precious", (ki) meaning "tortoise, turtle", (ki) meaning "chronicle", (saki) meaning "small peninsula, cape" (for males) or (saki) meaning "blossom" (for females). Other kanji combinations are possible.

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