Two Worlds Collide

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*Konoha*: Means a scene shift.


Last Chapter *With Itachi*

Itachi kept running along with houses, and through trees at speeds that no normal or supernatural being could keep up with. Itachi soon found himself stopping at the park. Itachi landed on the ground and found a figure laying on the ground. Itachi approached and used his Sharingan to see the man's condition, he was wounded badly, and he could see chakra rods in his body. Itachi walked over and gently moved the man onto his back. He had a black cloak gain a storm flap, a maroon cinch on the collar, and a maroon lining. His long-sleeved shirt gains light grey cuffs, and he wears a pair of brown leather belts with a black sheath for his sword, a brown shuriken holster, and brown shinobi boots. He also had a missing left arm and black hair that came down to just below his neck and covered his left eye.

Itachi's eyes began to water as he said, "I don't know how… but it's good to see you, little brother… Sasuke…" Itachi muttered and when that was said. The said person opened his right eye.

The older Sasuke swore he was seeing things because he saw his elder brother holding him in his arms, "I-Itachi…-Nii?" Sasuke muttered weakly.

Rias landed just behind Itachi as she heads the voice say, 'Itachi-Nii.' Which made Rias look at Itachi confused. Rias quickly trotted up to Itachi and saw the person in his arms, "I-Itachi… who is that? Do you know him?"

Itachi nodded his head as he said, "At first glance… no I don't recognize him… because he's changed so much. He's older, much stronger than before, but I can't deny it… without having to look at his body with my Sharingan. I could tell… it's Sasuke… it's my little brother."

Soon Issei and the others finally caught up with Issei carrying Asia on his back. Issei heard Itachi say, 'Sasuke… it's my little brother.'


This Chapter

Itachi saw Itachi laying on the ground bloodied and wounded. Itachi turned to Asia and said, "Asia I need you to come here please!"

Listening to Itachi's plea Asia quickly trotted over and knelt next to Sasuke, "I know what to do." Asia summons her sacred gear and begins to heal Sasuke from his wounds. Itachi analyzed Sasuke's wounds; they are quite similar to chakra rods.

The group waited in silence until Asia finished healing Sasuke. Issei trotted up to Asia and helped her up. Itachi stayed by Sasuke's side until Sasuke began to move a bit. Sasuke let a small groan out as he slowly sat up. Sasuke's eyes panned the forest around him, and then to the people in front of him. The only person Sasuke recognized was Itachi, however, Itachi seemed to be the age where Sasuke found Itachi after a long time. Itachi had to be about seventeen or eighteen. Sasuke asked, "Uhh… I-Itachi-Nii… is… is that you?" Sasuke was perplexed beyond belief.

The Itachi Sasuke knew looked exactly like him; the only difference is he didn't have the tear troughs on his face. (A/N: After healing from his illness. Which I should have stated that they went away). Not only that but Itachi was wearing, what look like some sort of uniform for a school. Itachi smiled as he looked at his little brother, "Yes, it is Sasuke… it is me… little brother." Itachi slowly stands up extending his hand to Sasuke.

Sasuke accepted his hand and slowly stood up, his body was a little sore, but the pain was gone. Sasuke looked left and right, "W-Where am I?"

Itachi had a calculating look appear on his face, "Sasuke… I don't know how many years have passed in the Elemental Nations. But I can tell you this, we aren't there and I'm currently seventeen years old. We are in a place called Kuoh Japan… the Elemental Nation I think existed in this world. Many… many years ago or something like that."

Sasuke closed his eyes, he thought for a few seconds and then he opened his eyes. Sasuke had the ESM in his right eye. Sasuke scanned Itachi's body; Sasuke didn't recognize the chakra being close to his brother's chakra. So, it was clear that this Itachi was different, yet he knew who he was, "I-I have so many questions… but for now I need to rest and get back to Naruto. I need to get back to the Elemental Nations, then get back to Konoha." Sasuke looked at the ground with a serious look on his face.

Itachi nodded his head and looked to everyone else, "Everyone… let's head back. Sasuke, place a hand on my shoulder." Sasuke still a little weary after everything, did so and Itachi teleported everyone back to the Hyoudou household.


Hyoudou Household

Once everyone was back in the house, they were teleported into the family room. Sasuke slowly made his way towards one side while everyone stood next to Itachi. Itachi who stayed in his spot looked onwards at his lost little brother, "I know you have much to ask and are pretty confused and you probably downright don't believe me? Is that correct?" Itachi asked coolly trying to keep everyone relaxed.

Sasuke who still seemed rather shocked and taken back by everything look at Itachi in disbelief. Sasuke saw a chair, he then looked back to Itachi who gestured to it. Sasuke slowly sat down and a long sigh out, his feet were aching, and his back was sore after the beating he and Naruto took, "Okay… if you are my Itachi… what would Itachi and I only know?" Sasuke narrowed his eyes.

Itachi thought for a couple of seconds about what to say, he then smiled and said, "...People live their lives bound by what they accept as correct and true… that is how they define reality. But what does it mean to be correct or true? Merely vague concepts… their reality may all be an illusion." Itachi then thought back to when he was summed back with the Edo-Tensei, "If I had been open with you from the start… and looked you straight in the eyes and told you the truth, then I wouldn't have had to stand before you, from above, as a failure, telling you all of this. So this time, I want to impart this truth to you… You don't ever have to forgive me. And no matter what you do from here on out, know this… I will love you always." Itachi sent his little brother a small smile as Sasuke continued to look at his brother in disbelief.

Sasuke even had his EMS active in his right eye still checking over Itachi's chakra network. Still rather different from what it used to be, the chakra was still his. Sasuke shook his head deactivating his eyes as he looked at everyone else, "Okay… so explain, why do you look like you're back to being almost 17 or 18 years old?"

Itachi nodded his head and simply said, "It's rather simple, it's because I am 18." Itachi said jokingly and everyone simply stared at him rather confused. Itachi tilted his head confused and even Sasuke looked at him rather confused by the comment. Itachi looked behind him toward Rias and everyone else and said, "It was supposed to be a joke."

"AHH!" Everyone face faulted onto the ground.

Issei shot up and said, "HOW IS THAT A JOKE?! WHY A JOKE NOW OF ALL TIMES NII-SAN?!" Issei had a red mark on his forehead after he fell to the ground.

Sasuke did raise an eyebrow at Issei, he looked at the funny-looking wayward boy, "Uhhh and you are?" Sasuke pointed at him rather confused.

Issei smiled and placed his hands on his hips. He went to talk, but Itachi interjected, "He's my little brother in this world, he's a pervert, a horrible fighter, irresponsible, kind, caring, loving, has a big heart, selfless, and one of the strongest pieces on our team." Everyone chuckled at Itachi's abrupt introduction of his little brother. "He is Issei Hyoudou, I am his big brother, Itachi Hyoudou. We were both given birth from our human mother, Miki Hyoudou and Gorou Hyoudou."

Sasuke doesn't understand everything that is going on, but he understands one thing. That Itachi Hyoudou was indeed at one point Itachi Uchiha, his big brother, the hero who helped protect the Leaf. Sasuke shook his head and said, "I don't understand everything, but it's glad to see you regardless Onii-san. I'm glad it seems you have yourself a lot of friends."

Itachi let a small sigh out closing both his eyes, he slightly parted his left eye open and said, "Yeah, you can call them that, they're rather clingy, possessive, perverted, bubbly, monotoned, and more. So yeah." Itachi nodded his head as he opened his eye, "They're great, I wouldn't trade them for anything else."

Sasuke nodded his head accepting Itachi's answer, "Nii-san… to think that you're here and alive, I must ask. Are you at all back in your prime then you were before? Or you possibly even stronger than before?"

Itachi wondered what was going on, regardless Itachi shook his head, "I'm much stronger than I was back then. Meaning I could go toe to toe with you and Naruto… probably." Itachi walked forward to be about arm's distance from Sasuke. He gestured with his hand, "If there is something I can help with… please tell me. I'm more than willing to help out."

Sasuke closed his eye and nodded his head and said, "Well… where do I begin? You all might want to sit down. I'll explain everything after you and I departed brother." Sasuke gestured for Itachi to sit down so he can explain what was going on.


Couple Hours Later

Everyone in the room was rather shocked, confused, and scared at the same time. However, Itachi was rather shocked at this new revelation. Itachi knew that the Tobi person was the mastermind behind everything beforehand. To think that some rabbit goddess, Kaguya, was the progenitor of chakra and that one of her children was the Sage of Six Paths. Not only that but apparently when she came to earth with another Ōtsutsuki named Isshiki. Their objective was to plant a Tree to harvest its Chakra Fruit. While Kaguya, being lower-ranked, was planned to be sacrificed to create the Chakra Fruit, she instead turned on Isshiki, leaving him on the verge of death after destroying Isshiki's lower half. Encountering Jigen and not having the strength to implant a Kāma on him, Isshiki devised a desperate plan and shrunk himself to enter the monk's ear to survive his injury by absorbing Jigen's nutrients. Through time, Isshiki came to control Jigen's entire body and embed a Kāma onto his host. Sasuke also informed Itachi of the Kama mark seal that Boruto, Naruto's and Hinata's son, has on his hand as well. Who is also the host for Momoshiki, another Otsutsuki he killed earlier before Isshiki and his group appeared.

Itachi then said, "You're saying that he ended up defeating you but also sealing Naruto away? That's rather troublesome… is he a threat to Konoha?"

Sasuke simply nodded his head, "Yeah… Jigen or… Isshiki is trying to use Kawaki, a boy Naruto took into his family with Hinata to look after. Naruto has begun to view Kawaki as a son, for now, Kawaki is in the village and Isshiki has yet to make a move. But he will soon… I need to get back there and warn everyone."

Itachi sighed as he understood Sasuke's current predicament, "You know usually something like this, is unorthodox and the consequences could be catastrophic you know?" Itachi looked at Sasuke who nodded his head, messing with other world's realities was dangerous. Dying and being reborn into a new one was different but returning to the place you died. Who knows what type of consequences could become real?

Sasuke understood, he doesn't even understand how he got here, to begin with. Sasuke slowly stood up and said, "I know it's sudden, but I need to head back. I need to make sure."

"Konoha is okay…" Itachi smiled as he looked at his little brother, "Naruto kept his promise, and you came back… you may have not been liked or felt proud of what you've done. However, I am proud of what you've done Sasuke…" Itachi stood up and walked over to Sasuke and placed a hand on his shoulder, "I'm coming with you, if you were brought here, then there must have been a reason. You said you tried to teleport back to Konoha to your wife? I say we do it, I'll handle what happens in this world when it comes to it." Itachi gave Sasuke a smirk as Sasuke had a reassuring smile appear across his face.

Itachi has his eye morph into the EMS, and he looked towards Rias and the others, "You heard what we're up against, I plead you all to stay back. I need you to trust me on this."

Everyone was still rather confused, and stunned, and no one was understanding what was going on. Issei understood one thing, he had to help his little brother out again. Just one last time, it was something he had to do alone, "I get it Nii-san… just be careful. Make sure you come back home to us."

Rias quickly ran up to Itachi and pushed her face into his chest. Sasuke raised an eyebrow looking at the redhead, "Please be careful… okay Itachi?" Rias looked up and placed a peck on his lips. Itachi returned and hugged her to help reassure her.

"Ara… well that's not fair. I want to say goodbye to my Itachi too." Akeno spoke up from behind Itachi as she wrapped both arms around his front not allowing him to move his arms. Itachi turned his head to Akeno; she then moved in and placed a kiss on his lips. Akeno giggled as she went in for another, but then Kuroka barged in.

"Nya! Move it raven feathers! My turn!" Kuroka growled out as she jumped into the air and Itachi caught her in a bridal style as Rias crossed her arms with a pouting look on her face. Kuroka ignored Rias's clear pouting look at her and placed her lips on Itachi's lips.

Just then another pair of hands moved Kuroka's hands off of Itachi's cheeks. Itachi then found himself kissing Irina who then slowly pulled away, "Please be careful Itachi… I'm also sorry for making you kiss all of us like this in front of your brother who has no idea who we barely even are. But I didn't want to be left out."

Itachi smiled as he gently placed Kuroka down who was glaring at Irina for pulling Itachi's lips away from hers, "Nya! Irina that's so mean! We're all sharing him! I wanted my Itachi time!"

Itachi gently chopped the top of Kuroka's head, 'Owie!' Kuroka called out as she held the top of her head. Itachi shook his head as he turned to everyone, "Please behave… all of you." Itachi looked to Asia and Koneko and said, "Venessa." Like that a red cat magically appeared on Itachi's shoulder, "You are to watch over everyone here. You, Asia, and Koneko are in charge of everyone."

Venessa sat in mid-air like she was sitting in a chair and crossed her… cat legs over and said, "No problem master!"

Sasuke was bewildered by all of this, he went to say something, but Itachi stopped him, "I'll explain later… let's just say my fiancé decided to share. I just accepted it because I am very close to all of them." Itachi gently pulled Sasuke away to disappear into a portal Sasuke made using his Rinnegan. Itachi also made a mental note to make sure Sasuke taught him how to do that.


Elemental Nations *Konoha*

Itachi and Sasuke went through the portal with ease. Itachi looked at the village and could see how much the village has changed since he visited. The buildings were a lot more advanced, there were even towers in the back behind the faces with the Hokage's faces placed, "The village has changed so much… and it seems Naruto became Hokage." Itachi had a small smile appear on his face.

"Yes, he did, that was after Kakashi took the role as the Rokudaime Hokage." Sasuke gestured his hand to the face next to Naruto.

Just then Anbu appeared in front of the two. Neko and Tenzo looked up and they recognized Sasuke, "Sasuke, it's good to see you! But… is that…" Neko froze as she said, "I-Itachi-Taichou?"

Itachi shook his head and he said, "I'm no longer the Itachi you guys know, Itachi Uchiha died, I am merely reincarnated as Itachi Hyoudou. But I guess… in soul, I am Itachi Uchiha." Itachi gave his old teammate a warm smile.

Neko turned to Sasuke for answers as did Tenzo who were on alert to capture Itachi. Sasuke gestured to have them relax, "Itachi is with me, and proved who he was. As shocking as it is, I'm able to jump into other realities if I needed to. I just so happened to land where Itachi-Nii was. I tried to reach Sakura. Regardless, we must report to the Hokage." With that, the four vanished leaving a trail of leaves behind.


*Hokage Office*

Naruto was recalled to his office for a brief moment, he was a little peeved because Sasuke has been MIA for a couple of days. Naruto walked into his office he froze, in front of him he saw two people. Naruto saw Sasuke turn to him with a smile on his face, "Naruto, I'm back, and I brought some extra muscle back with us."

Itachi turned to Naruto as he gave the Nanadaime Hokage a slight bow, "It's been a long time Naruto, or should I say, Hokage-sama." Itachi was back in his Anbu uniform with the weasel mask on the side of his head.

Naruto was bewildered but smiled, "I don't exactly understand everything, but for right now. Has Sasuke filled you in on everything Itachi?" Itachi nodded his head as Naruto gestured for the two to follow him, "I'll ask later why you're here Itachi, or how you're even alive. And currently look younger than we are right now. Right now, we have a current prisoner, and he is about to show us something. I'll fill you in on everything."


*Interrogation Room*

The three walked into the room to meet Shikamaru and their current prisoner Amado. Amado looked at Itachi strangely and Shikamaru's eyes widen as he said, "W-Wait… I recognize you… you're Itachi Uchiha…" Sai who was there looked at Itachi with wide eyes, it was said he died years ago while fighting Sasuke. Boruto, Kawaki, Sumire, and Katasuke who were behind the glass with all the others watched inside fascinated at the news.

Itachi nodded his head, "Itachi Uchiha died, I am simply Itachi Hyoudou. Though… through my reincarnation, I am technically Itachi Uchiha, but my blood is Hyoudou. I will explain later, for now, Hokage-sama has informed me of everything thus far. For now, let's focus on the task on hand, then I'll explain everything later."

Just then Amado's glasses began to beep. Amado said, "Sorry, but Shikamaru-kun could you put my glasses on the edge of that table and aim it towards the wall?"

Shikamaru did as said and removed them and placed them on the table. Soon the glasses began to glow as a screen appeared on the wall. Itachi watched silently as two people were sitting next to one across from one another.


*Kara's Hideout*

The man who had white hair pulled back into a bun stood up, "You tasked me with the mission to bring Kawaki back. However." The other person who Itachi assumed was Jigen sat there with his arm rested on the arm of his hair. Then with his fist resting up against his cheek. Kashin said, "You hid the fact that you were capable of doing that yourself at any point. I'd like to hear from you… the reason why."

Jigen narrowed his eyes and lifted his hand from his fist. He said, "Isn't that odd? To send someone else to retrieve a parcel that I could claim at any time?" Jigen rested his head against his fist, "In the first place, the timing of my action to transport Kawaki was intentional, to find the traitor."

Kashin put it together, "And as result, Victor fell into your trap."

Jigen continued, "He was just being used. As a cover by fools who had the plan to steal the Vessel."

"That's news to me." Kashin relaxed back into his seat.

However, Jigen was not amused, "Don't play dumb, Kashin Koji…You would never make a move unless Amado wanted you to. Which means you conspired with him to crash that airship. To let Kawaki escape… Koji." Jigen let his left arm rest on the arm of the chair, "I have no intention of blaming you for Kawaki's escape itself. I want to know your motives. Both you and Amado's. What do you gain by revolting against me? I'm very curious about that. I thought that all Inners collectively agreed on obtaining the Chakra Fruit. So, what do you gain from trying to destroy that plan?"

Kashin then retorted back, "You pretend to act composed, but you can't hide your ragged breathing."

Jigen narrowed his eyes again, "What?" Before Jigen could do anything, Kashin lunged forward throwing shuriken at him. Jigen disappeared from sigh and appeared behind Kashin and stabbed him with four chakra rods. Kashin fell to his knees coughing up blood and Jigen said, "I won't kill you right away. I'm going to make you spill everything first." Just then Kashin disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Jigen angrily said, "How impudent! A Shadow Clone. Huh?"

Just then Kashin spoke up from the side and said, "My objective is quite clear. I have no interest in the Chakra Fruit." Jigen turned his head to look back at Kashin, "Right from the very beginning…I was created to kill you."


Interrogation Room *Konoha*

Naruto then said, "Hey, what's going on here"

Amado quickly responded and said, "Jigen was severely drained in that battle against you. This is the opportunity we'll get to take him down. It's now or never."


*Kara's Hideout*

Jigen turned his head to Kashin, "To kill me"

Kashin tilted his head a bit and said, "Correct. That is my supreme objective. And my reason for existing.


Interrogation Room *Konoha*

Naruto turned to Amado and asked, "Isn't he supposed to be your leader?"

Amado responded looking at the screen saying, "Koji and I merely pretended to be one of them. All of our true motive… to take Jigen down." Itachi narrowed his eyes, he had to commend Amado, so far everything he said had been true. No lie, Amado gains nothing from lying at this point.

Everyone continued to watch as the battle between the two raged on. Until the screen went blank from an attack that disrupted the screening. Naruto turned to Amado for an answer, and he said, "It's probably a transmission failure. It will resume shortly. There is still much more that I need to explain to you. Let's continue this discussion."

Just then Shikamaru walked up and slammed his hands on the table, "No more stupid tricks!"

Just then Itachi interjected, "Nara-san, let him continue talking so we can get a grasp of what's going on here." Itachi looked at Amado as he then closed his eyes, "There's more to this Jigen… isn't there? Just like how there was more to the Akatsuki when I was in it."

Naruto then asked Amado, "Is it true that Jigen is truly an Otsutsuki?"

Jigen closed his eye and bobbed his head down and then back up. He then had a small smirk on his face as he said, "It's more like, Jigen became an Otsutsuki. He was originally an ordinary human just like us."

Shikamaru who moved back to his spot said, "How is that possible?"

Amado looked toward Shikamaru and chuckled, "A little curious now?" Amado closed his eyes and adjusted his head, so it was looking straight, and angled downwards, "However, let me start by explaining exactly who and what the Otsutsuki are." Amado then opened his eyes, "They're invaders from another planet. To put it simply, they're troublesome aliens. They have only one goal. To devour the life of the planet. And they achieve that via extremely annoying gardening. Yes… The Divine Tree. Its roots grow deeply, reaching every corner of the planet. Just like the mold in your bathroom. And then, it sucks chakra from all life living on the planet."

Naruto was shocked, "Wait… are you saying?"

Amado looked down as he said, "You all must remember. Sixteen years ago, when the world was almost destroyed by the Infinite Tsukuyomi." Itachi remembered Sasuke filling him on that since he returned to death after he was summoned back. "It's the same plan as before, The Infinite Tsukuyomi. What's critical after that. Once the Divine Tree finishes absorbing everything, it bears large fruit."

"The Chakra Fruit." Sasuke stated.

Amado nodded his head closing his eyes once again, "Yes. The Chakra Fruit is a cluster of tremendous energy and genetic data. By devouring it the Otsutsuki can continuously update themselves… That is how their species evolve."

Naruto narrowed his eyes, "Konohamaru wrote about this in his report too."

Said crossed his arms over his chest and said, "The incident where Victor was planning to regrow the Divine Tree."

Amado quickly interjected and said, "That is what Victor did on his own. Although it's certainly true that Kara's aim was the Chakra Fruit."

Itachi spoke up asking, "In the end… why did you and Kashin deicide to betray Kara? What is your goal? Even if the one goal is to kill Jigen. You must have another."

Amado simply nodded his head, "Our goal was to kill Jigen at his weakest. That is truly our reason, I believe that deserves some consideration."

Said then asked, "Do you have any proof of what you say is true?"

Just then Itachi spoke up and said, "he's telling the truth, his breathing hasn't altered, his eye movements, body language, all of it points that he is telling the truth. I've been even analyzing his speech pattern, and not once has it changed or broken. Even if he was experienced, any captured shinobi would slip up unless they had a seal of some sort to stop them. I, however, do not sense or have seen anything with my Sharingan."

Amado looked towards Sasuke and said, "You should know that too Sasuke… those coordinates found on that airship. Was to tell you that the area could only be found using space-time teleportation ninjutsu."

Sasuke's eyes widen as he said, "Wait… you planted those there for us to find?"

Amado nodded his head and said, "Yeah. I planted it there so it would be easy for you to find. We assumed that we would eventually need Leaf's intervention. And we wanted you to be aware in advance… of the Ten Tail's existence." Itachi knew of the Ten-Tails… but another one caused his eyebrows to raise.

Just then Neko appeared in the room, "Hokage-sama we have a disturbance, we have detained one female who we found walking throughout the village. She is not registered in our civilian rosters. We currently have her in the Hokage office being watched by Tenzo and Bear."

Naruto stood up until Itachi stood up and asked, "Does she have red hair, blue eyes, and is well rounded in her body… as well as bossy… and has a princess-like attitude?"

Neko had a sweat drop at the blunt way Itachi put her personality. She nodded her head, "Y-Yes… she has told me to also tell Hokage-sama… which she knows you Itachi-Taichou."

Itachi facepalmed as he walked over and stood next to Neko, "I'm sorry Hokage-sama, everyone else please continue, I will go deal with this right now. I also can vouch for her Hokage-sama… she's… well… my fiancé." Itachi bowed for Rias's unexplained appearance in the village.

Naruto chuckled as he waved it off, "I trust you Itachi, you're Sasuke's brother if he believes in you. Then I do so too, as well as with your fiancé." Like that Neko and Itachi Shushined to the Hokage office.


*Hokage Office*

Rias stood in the office as she sat down with her arms and legs crossed. Just then two people appeared in the room, Neko was there next to Itachi, and Neko went back up to her spot as Itachi stared Rias down. Rias stood up and she jogged up and hugged Itachi, "Ah! Itachi great! I was getting worried when I lost my way around here. Had to use a spell to stop a couple of guys from hitting on me." Rias gently tilted her head to the side and gently placed her hand on the top of her head. She gently tapped her head, "Also, sorry for coming here when you told me not to."

Itachi couldn't stay mad at her long, but he can be mad with her now, "You idiot." Itachi poked her forehead as she puffed her cheeks out and sent him a pout, "Now don't give me that look, I was in an interrogation room being filled in on the enemy…" Itachi placed his hand on his forehead and shook his head, "I don't even want to know how you got away or anything like that." Itachi hugged her as he said, "Though it was nice to see you, I'm still upset with you." Itachi gently broke the hug as he placed a kiss on her forehead. Rias giggled, "Now sit down for a moment." Rias did so and Itachi made a tiger seal and Rias found herself unable to move.

"Hey… HEY! I can't move!" Rias tried to move her arms and legs, but they didn't respond.

Itachi began to walk out of the office, "Consider this part of your punishment, and when we get back too. You'll be sleeping on the couch, with clothes on. That's only half of your punishment, my dear Rias." Before Itachi walked out, he turned to Neko, "Neko, I may not be Hokage-sama, but I do ask that you at least watched over her for me. Consider this me cashing in that favor you owe me, but don't change your priorities in protecting Hokage-sama." Neko didn't move from her spot, she understood the message. Itachi shut the door as he continued to hear Rias yelling at him to come back. With that Itachi made his way returning to the interrogation room.

Interrogation Room *Konoha*

Itachi came walking into the room finding a miniature version of Naruto. Itachi saw Naruto say to him, "The enemy is a complete monster. Only Sasuke, Itachi, and I will take him on. You'd just get in the way if you were there.

Boruto looked up angrily at his father, "You lost against that Jigen guy before, didn't you?! So, how do you plan to win against an even stronger guy?"

Just then Itachi spoke up as his eyes morphed from the Sharingan to the EMS and finally to the Sharennigan in both his eyes, "Don't worry son of Naruto, I shan't let anything befall him. I think the three of us will do well to hold up against him."

Boruto shook his head as he swung his hand out left to right, "But didn't we fight against the Momoshiki together? Isn't it better to have more fighters?!"

Just then Naruto raised his voice, "BORUTO!" Naruto then did his best to relax, Kawaki stood there watching the scene unfold with an annoyed look on his face, "You might get taken over by the power of your Karma." Boruto flinched at that as Naruto continued, "Can you tell me that you won't use it? Can you tell me for sure that it won't happen again?"

Boruto tightened his fist in anger, and Itachi dropped the paralysis he placed on Rias. Said came in opening the door with Sumire and he said, "We have started to evacuate the residents."

Naruto nodded his head, "Good. Thanks for moving quickly." Kawaki stood there as he hung his head, he hated not being able to help.

Amado then said, "Isshiki will come here to embed a Karma onto Kawaki. Even if we hide him, he has the Byakugan. Once he uses that, he'll find him immediately."

Itachi then walked forward as he said, "I have a suggestion… this will work." Itachi's eyes shifted back to the EMS as he poured chakra into his right eye, Kamui! Itachi used his eye power to conjure up a portal which sucked in Kawaki surprising everyone. Itachi didn't train the Kamui as much as he should have, but he made sure to keep a mental note to work on it. After he traded eyes with Issei. He found out that after trading eyes with Issei that the two held onto four different Mangekyou Sharingan abilities. It seems they got two extra, while Itachi had the Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu. Issei could telekinetically any tools that he branded with a mark on his left hand and as well with both Kamui abilities. Issei was just full of surprises, and Itachi refrained from teaching Issei about his abilities. That's only because would not only abuse them but also, he was not ready for the power the Sharingan had. Itachi turned to Naruto, "With that, Isshiki will not be able to find him no matter how hard he tries. I also might have a way to remove Momoshiki from Boruto, but we'll have to do that later."

Sai then said, "Alright, I think we're good, I'll explain more on the way."

Naruto nodded his head, "Alright then, everyone let's go. Shikamaru, take Sumire, the doctor, and Amado to the sealed room. Boruto, you go with them too."

Sasuke then said, "Wait Naruto, Boruto I still need to talk to you. Itachi, go with Naruto." Itachi walked out with Naruto and the others.


Bottom of the Hokage Tower

Itachi arrived with Naruto and said he'd catch up. Itachi stood next to Shikamaru talking to the Johnin of the village. Even Tsunade and Kakashi were there, and everyone's eyes widen seeing Itachi standing next to Shikamaru, "An Otsutsuki is on their way to the village right now. Thankfully while Sasuke was MIA he found an old friend, an ally who is still one of us. Even if he is from a different dimension." Shikamaru turned to Tsunade and Kakashi, "Naruto and Sasuke will explain how and why Itachi is here later."

Choji was a little worried hearing this, "O-Otsutsuki?"
Tenten narrowed her eyes, "One of the guys who showed up during the Chunin Exam…"

Kiba sighed, "Another one is coming? That means we've got to show some spirit, or we'll be in big trouble."

Then one Shinobi said, "Well we got Shikamaru with us, he's one of the greatest strategists in the Shinobi world! I'm sure we'll be alright!" The one next to him shouted, "Yeah. Let's beat 'em at their own game!" The other Jonin began to cheer, "Yeah!" "That's right!"

Shikamaru kept a stern look on his face as he looked down causing everyone to stop talking, "I'm sorry…" Shikamaru looked up, "Though we're up against a powerful enemy, this time… I don't have a plan." Everyone stared wide-eyed at the Jonin commander of Konoha, "Until now, I've always tried to stay several moves ahead in battle. But this time, I can't predict what'll happen at all. I can't even be certain that I can keep everyone alive." Shikamaru narrowed his eyes, he was worried on the inside, "Despite that…"

Itachi stuck his hand out interjecting Shikamaru's plan, "Nara-san… that was well put, but let me handle this one here. Not to steal your thunder or anything." Shikamaru took a step back as Itachi moved forward in his Anbu gear, "Everyone… stay back, protect Konoha's civilians, building can be rebuilt, roads repaved, walls repaired and repainted. However, its people are of utmost importance, go to them, guard them, and protect them with your lives. Not one civilian is to fall or die, is that understood? If we succeed in protecting Konoha's civilians… then we've already won." Itachi gave them all a reassuring smile, which made Kakashi and Tsunade stare at Itachi rather surprised. They couldn't believe that Itachi was truly here, and nonetheless on their side too.

Everyone began to shout, "Yeah! We got this!" "Konoha can always be rebuilt! Its people are important too!" "For Konoha!" "For Hokage-sama and everyone else!"

Itachi turned to Shikamaru and smiled, "Bolstering your forces is always the way to go when a situation seems grim. With that said, their spirits will be high, and they'll do their best to protect its people." Itachi turned to the Jonin that grew up with Shikamaru and everyone else, "Kiba, Tenten, Lee, Kiba, Choji, and Hanabi, you'll be on me and Shikamaru."

Kiba smirked and said, "That's right! Just let us Leaf Shinobi handle this!"

Lee smirked and said, "Of course! This is exactly the time to show them what the Leaf unity is all about!"

Kiba turned to the other Jonin, "YOU guys all agree too! Right?!"

The Jonins shouted, "Of course, we do!" "I'm all in!" "Leave this to us!" Regardless Tsunade smiled at Itachi's help along with Shikamaru's leadership. Kakashi had a double-eye smile on his face.


Minutes Later *Konoha Gates*

Ino who was with the barrier team called out to everyone, "Everyone there is an enemy at the front gates!" Isshiki landed on the roof of the gate as he said, "They might hand him over if I kill several people." He placed his right hand on his hip. Isshiki looked around until four shinobi landed in front of him. It was Lee, Tenten, Kiba, and Choji. Then Konohamaru landed in front of the four ready to take on Isshiki.

Choji shouted out, "We won't let you do what you want!"

Kiba added, "Yeah. Naruto doesn't need to deal with a guy like him."

Isshiki mumbled under his breath, "I wonder if their lives will suffice." Isshiki jumped back standing on top of a pole, "I guess I'll try killing them."

Konohamaru moved forward with a Rasengan in his hand, "We won't let you do that!" Konohamaru jumped as the others did following his lead. Konohamaru thrusted his attack forward as it made contact creating a large explosion and then a mist appeared.

However, Isshiki looked down as he shook his head. There lies the five shinobi that tried to stop him, on the ground, and unconscious lying next to giant pillars of concrete. Isshiki questioned, "Are they dead?"

Konohamaru slowly stood up as he sputtered out, "H-he did all this… in a single attack?!" Konohamaru felt a sting on his side, "Not yet! It's not over yet!"

Isshiki sighed as he narrowed his eyes bored, "I struggle to understand why you shinobi come at me knowing that you'll die."

Konohamaru glared at the Otsutsuki, "It's so… you don't get your hands on Kawaki! Even if we die!"

"I see then… then die." Isshiki stated coldly as Konohamaru looked up to see a giant pillar come flying down on him.

Just then a voice called out, Chou Odama Rasengan! Naruto smashed his attack destroying the pillar and sending debris flying at Isshiki. Naruto landed in front of Konohamaru and Itachi landed next to him. Isshiki nonchalantly said, "The Hokage!"

Naruto didn't turn back to Konohamaru, "Konohamaru, thank you for buying us time."

Konohamaru said, "N-Nanadaime!"

"Anyway, take everyone and get out of here." Naruto jumped off towards Isshiki along with Itachi, but not before Konohamaru shouted out, 'Yes sir!' Naruto and Itachi landed closer to Isshiki. Itachi staying quiet, he began to analyze his opponent to look for any signs of weakness. He looked back at the pillars, and he just saw not that long ago he summoned that pillar out of the sky. Itachi could only deduce one thing, Isshiki could manipulate objects like he and Issei could, however on a much stronger scale. A scale that allows him to change its size, but it seems only non-living objects can be manipulated. Naruto glared up at Isshiki, "How dare you…!"

Isshiki proudly said, "Glad you came here. This saves me some time… though I wonder who is that? And where is Kawaki?"

Naruto scoffed at his question, "As I'd tell you. Forget about that… Let's pick up where we left off and settle things once and for all! I have an extra backup to take down the likes of you."

Just then Ino chimed in Naruto's head, "Naruto, thanks to Konohamaru and the other's help. We were able to get everyone evacuated in time. We've finished. In some other areas it's almost cleared up, but… Ngh! You're free to go all out, Naruto!"

Itachi looked right to see Naruto enveloped in a golden chakra glow with black markings. As well as his eyes have vertical slits and horizontal ones as well. Itachi could feel the Kyuubi power radiating off of him. Along with senjutsu chakra, Itachi smirked as he closed his eyes and he drew in sage chakra, both his eyes turned into clocks. Itachi fell into the Uchiha interceptor fist as two white/blue wings appeared from his back.

Naruto looked at Itachi with interest wondering what was on his back, and they looked like a pair of wings, "Itachi! Let's go!"

"Right!" Itachi shouted at the two and jumped after him.

Naruto engaged Isshiki trying to throw two punches at him. Isshiki was able to kick him away, but Itachi was right up in his face. Itachi threw a punch which Isshiki easily dodged, however, Itachi brought his left foot up to kick him. Isshiki ducked under the attack and went to kick Itachi, but his attack phased through Itachi, "What?!" Isshiki stuttered out.

Itachi shouted out, Chrono Flash Step! The Itachi Isshiki phased through and disappeared as he appeared behind Isshiki slamming his heel into his back. This sent Isshiki careening into the ground kicking up dust. Itachi floated over towards Naruto near the ground as he fell through the roof. Just then through the dust, Jigen appeared in front of Naruto. Itachi quickly shouted out, Fire Style: Great Fire Ball Jutsu! A large behemoth size of fire shot toward Isshiki.

Isshiki went to absorb the attack until Itachi called out, Rewind! Itachi took his left hand as if he was controlling a dial and turned it left. Just then the fireball disappeared leaving a confused Isshiki and Naruto.

Itachi Shushined in front of Naruto and Isshiki delivering an up kick into the air. Isshiki was sent into the air at the same trajectory where Itachi spat out his fireball. Itachi turned an invisible knob right with his right hand, Time Resume! Just then Isshiki felt heat on his back as a fireball reappeared behind him causing an explosion to ring out.

Naruto was surprised, "I don't know where you learned sage mode and got those wings, but I think this fight just got a lot easier!" Naruto smirked as he got ready to fight.

Just then Sasuke appeared next to Itachi as Naruto looked at the two brothers standing together. Itachi smirked as he said, "Sasuke…You remember… when we fought against Kabuto… and the boar mission that I had?"

"Yeah… let's do it!" Sasuke smirked as his Susanoo sprang to life holding a crossbow with Amaterasu flames on them.

Itachi summoned his Susanoo as well; it was also complete with the flesh and armor. Sasuke fired one arrow which Isshiki went to dodge. However, Itachi appeared in front of Isshiki as the arrow went to pierce the both of them. Itachi dropped the Chronos Sage Mode and his Mangekyou Sharingan appeared. Itachi smirked as the arrow pierced his back, but it went through him instead. Isshiki's eyes widen as the arrow pierced his chest sending him flying off into the distance. There was a loud crash from the attack, Itachi flew up into the air and stuck both his hands out and fired two balls of magic and fire them at Isshiki. The attack caused a large purple and white explosion.

Itachi met up again with Sasuke as Naruto walked in between the two of them and smirked, "For brothers your teamwork is impeccable." Naruto punched his fist into his hand, "Let's do this guys!"

Itachi readied himself as Sasuke reached behind him and pulled out his sword. Sasuke did say, "Sorry, I had to get myself prepared."

Soon Isshiki came back with his cloak destroyed leaving his body left with burns and bruises, "What was that last attack?! I sense no chakra in that, and I couldn't absorb it!" Isshiki spat out annoyed, he didn't know who that kid was, but he had the Sharingan. Same as the Rinnegan user, "You just don't know when to give up… do you? Don't you remember how badly I beat you last time?"

Sasuke narrowed his eyes and he said, "Itachi, Naruto, cover my by throwing weapons at him. Kunai, shuriken, it doesn't matter."

Naruto looked at him confused, but Itachi smirked. Naruto said, "What?" Like that Itachi took off running towards Isshiki. Itachi and Naruto took out kunai and shuriken and began to hurl them at Isshiki. Sasuke threw a set of shuriken at Isshiki who flew up. Naruto and Itachi followed as Naruto threw two kunai, then Itachi threw some kunai as well. Itachi threw a single shuriken and made a single hand seal, Shuriken Shadow Clone Jutsu! The one shuriken multiplied into twenty shuriken hurling themselves at Isshiki. Isshiki closed his right eye and then opened it, Sukunahikona! The two kunai and the shurikens Naruto and Itachi threw at him disappeared once they got close to Isshiki.

Sasuke continued towards Isshiki as he threw more and more shuriken at him. Isshiki kept absorbing it trying to figure out what he was trying to do. Just then Sasuke pulled out his sword form his back and the hurled it at Isshiki. Isshiki simply chuckled at his efforts. Isshiki mumbled, "There's no difference, no matter what you do!" Isshiki went to use his ability, however the sword kept flying towards him not disappearing, "What?! I can't shrink it!"

Just then the sword changed as a cloud of some appeared in front of Isshiki. Itachi and Naruto saw Boruto up there with his Karma mark active.

Naruto shouted out with worry, "BORUTO!"

Sasuke narrowed his eyes at Isshiki and said, "You have the power to shrink anything, but…"

Boruto continued what Sasuke had to say, "That doesn't apply to living creatures, right?!"

Isshiki growled out annoyed, "Transformation jutsu! Such impudence!"

Just then Boruto extended his hand out using the Karama to create a portal. The portal sucked Isshiki and Boruto in. Naruto looked up worried as he then said, "That jutsu was just like the one Jigen used on me! How did Boruto-?!" Naruto turned to Sasuke, "Hey, Sasuke! What the hell is going on?!"

Itachi smirked as he said, "It's what he was prepared and trained for Hokage-sama… let's go after your son."

Sasuke smiled as he said, "I couldn't have said it better myself! Come on! We need to follow Boruto's chakra!"

Soon the three followed after Boruto as Sasuke created a portal as the three jumped in. Naruto quickly asked, "Boruto! Are you okay?!"

Boruto smirked behind him with the slashed out Konoha Hitaiate, "I'm find Tou-chan! This way you can go all out without destroying the village!"

Naruto still however scolded him, "You idiot! That was so reckless!"

Itachi however retorted back, "That really reminds me of a certain blonde-haired knucklehead such as yourself." Itachi smirked as Naruto rolled his eyes. Itachi stood behind Boruto and with his Mangekyou Sharingan he touched his shoulder, Kamui! Like that Itachi sucked Boruto into his Kamui dimension. Isshiki growled looking at the three stooges, in his eyes, stare him down.

Isshiki growled out looking at Itachi, Naruto, and Sasuke, "You impudent!... Inferior creatures! You'll regret this soon enough!"


A/N: Alright! The Isshiki fight is underway! Also, I figured you've all seen Boruto, and I was going to use a skip to have Sasuke explain everything to Sasuke. Itachi has not completely explained everything to Sasuke and Naruto. So for now, everyone is still rather confused why Itachi "Uchiha" Hyoudou is currently alive and in the village. Also Rias! Yes! I figured it would be rather funny is idk… Sarada not only met her Uncle… but her aunt! So yeah! I can't wait until that happens! Lol, the roles are reversed! RIAS IS SLEEPING ON THE COUCH! If we all know Itachi, he'll make her go through with it too. Anyways, I got nothing more to say! Sage of Prophecy OUT! Ja Ne!