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Author's note: This is dedicated to Lexi Bomb, Jane Fuck, Emma Orgasm, Jessica Sunshine, Tom Duulder, Marcus Fucktonius and Roxy XXX.

Let's Girl It Up!

After a few years apart, Rocky Blue and CeCe Jones meet again.

They are now 26 years old.

On this day both are back in Chicago and they meet outside the mall.

Both of them have matured and look very different from how they looked as teens, but they do both recognize each other, since they are such close friends.

Even if it's been over 4 years since last time they saw each other, they still consider each other BFFs to this day.

"CeCe, so sweet to see you again." says Rocky.

"Thanks, Rocky. Nice seein' you as well." says CeCe.

Rocky and CeCe hug each other and smile.

"What you've been doin' for the past 4 years?" says CeCe.

"I teach dance and I also dance myself at certain events." says Rocky.

"Nice. I dance too and I also do a little bit of 'exotic dancing' too sometimes." says CeCe.

"Cannot say that I'm that surprised. You were always kinda kinky." says Roxy.

"Yeah and I still am so." says CeCe.

"Alright. I like you anyways, just the way you are. You're my best friend." says Rocky.

"Great. You're my best friend too, girl." says CeCe.

"Wonderful." says Rocky.

Rocky wear a violet crop top leather jacket, a black leather tank top, tight blue denim jeans and black shoes.

CeCe wear a neon-green leather jacket, a baggy yellow t-shirt, pink baggy sweatpants and brown boots.

"Where do you live now?" says Rocky.

"In Miami." says CeCe.

"Oh, I live in Houston." says Rocky.

"Nice." says CeCe.

"Yeah." says Rocky.

"Do you have anyone?" says CeCe.

"I'm single. What about you?" says Rocky.

"All single-lady here too. I only hook up and such." says CeCe.

"Same old CeCe, it seems." says Rocky.

"Uh...yeah, guess so..." says CeCe.

"You're so funny." says Rocky.

"Thanks." says CeCe.

Rocky and CeCe hug each other again.

"Awwww!" says Rocky.

"Yup, Rocky." says CeCe.

"Cute." says Rocky.

"My friend, you're still you too." says CeCe.

"Yeah." says Rocky.

"I like you the way you are." says CeCe.

"Nice. And I feel the same for you in return, CeCe." says Rocky.

"Sexy." says CeCe.

"You love me?" says Rocky.

"I sure do...as my best friend. Not in a sexual or romantic way. For that I prefer a macho man. When it comes to friendship though...I prefer you and only you." says CeCe.

"Thanks. That's wonderful." says Rocky.

"Yup, girl." says CeCe.

"Cannot even tell how many times I've heard the phrase 'yup, girl' from your mouth, but I honestly never get tired of it." says Rocky.

"Yay!" says a happy CeCe.

"Indeed." says Rocky, being happy also.

"Let's go grab coffee." says CeCe.

"Sounds nice." says Rocky.

"Good me didn't suggest alcohol." says CeCe.

"Yeah." says Rocky.

CeCe and Rocky goes to Starbucks.

"Rocks, we shouldn't have avoided each other for years." says CeCe.

"I highly agree. Honestly the reason for us doing so I don't even know." says Rocky.

"Me don't know either." says CeCe.

"At least we're back here side by side now. Better late than never, I guess." says Rocky.

"Yeah, girl." says CeCe.

When they get to Starbucks, CeCe get a jumbo black coffee and Rocky get a medium coffee with cream.

Rocky and CeCe find a table in a corner.

"Are you going to the reunion next month?" says Rocky.

"Yes, are you?" says CeCe.

"I sure am." says Rocky.

"Cool. It's gonna be nice to see everyone again." says CeCe.

"So true. I wonder what all of our friends are like these days." says Rocky.

"One thing I wanna see is if some people's gotten fat over the years." says CeCe.

"Don't be so harsh, CeCe." says Rocky.

"Alright, for you, Rocky Blue." says CeCe.

"Thanks." says Rocky.

"Yup." says CeCe.

"Sweet." says Rocky.

"Opsss...!" says CeCe as she fart hard by accident.

"Not a fan of that, but I should've expected it. You're CeCe, after all." says Rocky.

"Sorry." says CeCe.

"It's fine. You and I are friends, that won't change." says Rocky.

"Definitely. I agree." says CeCe.

"Wonderful, no doubt." says Rocky.

"Sorry." says CeCe as another fart pop out against her will.

"Nothing to worry about. It could be worse." says Rocky.

"Yup." says CeCe.

"I like you just the way you are. Sure, you're a tiny bit disgusting and weird at times, but those things are part of what makes you who you truly are." says Rocky.

"Thanks so much." says CeCe.

"Anytime, girl." says Rocky.

"Cool." says CeCe.

"Yeah." says Rocky.

"You've grown into a very sexy woman." says CeCe.

"Have I really?" says Rocky.

"Look in a mirror. Your boobs have become big and your eyes are very seductive." says CeCe.

"Awww. Thanks...I think..." says Rocky.

"Don't worry. I know you're not as sexual as me." says CeCe.

"So cute." says Rocky.

"Yup." says CeCe.

"I'm glad you're still my friend." says Rocky.

"We'll always be friends. I'd hate to lose what we share." says CeCe.

"Sweet." says Rocky.

"True." says CeCe.

"Our friendship is solid and deep. We've been friends for a long time. So long that we can understand each other better than most people." says Rocky.

"Yeah, Rocky." says CeCe.

"Having you as my friend is comforting and so much fun. I truly appreciate the fact you are such a loyal friend to me." says Rocky.

"Cool." says CeCe.

"Indeed." says Rocky.

"Yup. You're awesome and so am I, for sure." says CeCe.

"Alright." says Rocky.

"Damn cozy voice ya have." says CeCe.

"Thanks." says Rocky.

"Rocks, do you like dudes or chicks?" says CeCe.

"I'm straight, but I'm rockin' the single-lady life. I've no need for romance at this point in time." says Rocky.

"Okay. Myself, I am bisexual." says CeCe.

"You're CeCe so I'm not surprised. And you can do what you want as long as you follow the law." says Rocky.

"Yup. Thank you for your support." says CeCe.

"No problem, girl. You are my friend." says Rocky.

"Me feel same stuff for you." says CeCe.

"I, not me. Use proper speech, CeCe Jones." says Rcoky.

"Opsss, sorry...uh...sorry." says CeCe.

CeCe fart by accident again.

"Sorry..." says CeCe.

"I accept you as you are so it's okay, but try to hold it in." says Rocky.

"Trying to, but it's kinda hard for me." says CeCe.

"Well, I guess you cannot do so in the same way as I cannot help crying when I watch classic romance movies." says Rocky.

"Probably true." says CeCe.

"Cute." says Rocky.

"Yeah, sweet." says CeCe.

Even if this is their first day together in a long time, Rocky and CeCe talk just like it hadn't been more than a week.

"It's awesome to sit and talk like this all over again." says CeCe.

"Yeah. I agree." says Rocky.

"Cool." says CeCe.

"Thank you." says Rocky.

"No problem." says CeCe.

A month later, it is a Shake It Up Chicago reunion in the old studio.

Everyone who's alive and free is there.

The only people who are missing are Gary, who is dead and Gunther, who is no longer allowed entry into the US because he's now more or less a criminal.

"Hi, ladies." says Tinka.

"Uh...hi." says Rocky and CeCe.

They don't know that it's Tinka, since she look nothing like she used to.

"Confused you seem. I am Tinka." says Tinka with a sweet smile.

"Okay. You look so different." says Rocky.

"I guess so. I'm a new person now." says Tinka.

Tinka wear sexual Goth clothes and her hair is black now instead of the blonde it once was.

"Are you a whore?" says CeCe.

"Oh, no. I get that my clothes may make it seem like that, but I'm not. I play bass guitar in a death metal band in Japan." says Tinka.

"Nice. Where's your brother?" says CeCe.

"In our original home country. He's not allowed in the US 'cause he's done stuff you'd go to prison for." says Tinka.

"Okay." says CeCe.

"I tried to have them let him be with us on video-chat, but my request was shut down. I wish he was still good." says Tinka.

"Exactly what did he do?" says Rocky.

"Things too dark to even mention." says Tinka.

"Alright." says Rocky.

"Yeah. My life's awesome though." says Tinka.

"That's great." says Rocky.

"Awww! Thanks, Blue." says Tinka.

"No need to be so formal. Just call me Rocky." says Rocky.

"Okay, Rocky." says Tinka.

Tinka give CeCe and Rocky drinks.

Rocky and CeCe join Tinka by her table.

The 3 of them talk about their days as teens.

The End.