The Enterprise established orbit around Terra to attend a conference at Starfleet headquarters. The entire crew were given a well-deserved full month shore leave while there.

One day, the crew hosted a special carnival day. It was patterned after an Earth 20th century carnival.

One of the events was a dunk tank—and Counselor Troi agreed to sit on it! She wore her uniform—but was barefooted—for the occasion.

First to try and dunk her was Captain Picard.

"Ok, you're taking a bath, Deana!" he said.

His first ball was too high. His second was too wide. And his third hit the target, but not without enough force.

She kicked the water. "I'm still dry, Luc!"

Next to try was Whorf.

"You're going down, Dee!"

His three balls were fast, but none of them hit the target.

"Not quite yet, Whorf!" she said.

He growled!

Next was Dr. Crusher.

"It takes a girl to knock down another girl!" she said.

Unfortunately, all three of her balls missed.

"Not quite, honey!" said Dee.

Next was Data.

"This needs a scientific approach," he said. He paused to think, for a few seconds, then he threw his ball.

It hit the target, dunking Dee!

People cheered. She reset the chair and sat back on it.

"You did it, Data!" she said. "See if you can do it again."

"The chances of my hitting the target a second time are 1 in 123,743."

His second ball also dunked her! Again, people cheered.

She reset the chair and sat on it. "And what are the chances of three in a row?"

"1 in 1,243,561."


People cheered. Data actually smiled!

Others were able to dunk her as well. After an hour, she got off and another crew member got on.

Afterwards, Data walked up to her.


"Hi, Data. You're good!"

"I trust I did not upset you too much, when I dunked you into the water."

"Now, Data, why should that have upset me? If I did mind getting wet, I wouldn't have gotten on the tank in the first place!"

He thought for a bit. "That idea did not occur to me! Yes, of course! Well then, I am not at all sorry that I dunked you into the water!"

She smiled. "That's better, Data!"