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The Jedi

Cara Dune can't believe what she is seeing.

"One X-Wing? Great! We're saved."

Her sarcastic comment dies a quick, painful death about a minute later, as the security cameras on the decks below capture a sight that few would believe.

A figure in black, striding down the corridors with a clear purpose in their stride. Occasionally, some of Gideon's Dark Troopers come upon the figure- who cuts them down in a moment, with a weapon that is clearly a lightsaber.

Few know of anyone that can wield such a weapon. Cara can think of one.


The man who blew up the Death Star that had murdered her world. The man who walked into a room with Darth Vader and the kriffing Emperor himself- and was the only one to walk out.

Yes, Cara thinks it is him. Her suspicion is confirmed a moment later when that blasted Mandalorian- Djarin, was it?- opens the kriffing blast doors.

A figure in black strides into the room, emerging from the smoke of a dozen Dark Troopers that now lie in pieces in the hallway. They take off their hood, and Cara is initially taken aback.

He looks so young.

Luke Skywalker is every bit as dashing as the holos made him out to be. He's smaller in build and height that the Alderaanian freedom fighter, but again, he just took out the droids that were coming to kill them. He's powerful.

And he's here.

Luke Skywalker surveys the room with an uncanny calm.

He senses the child- Grogu by name- who had called out to him just days ago. When the little one peeks out from behind a chair, Luke smiles.

Aww, he's so cute!

The smile vanishes in an instant, because Luke can sense the tension in the air- and that is without using the Force.

"Are you a Jedi?" A Mandalorian asks.

"I am," Luke answers patiently. He looks around. "Have I interrupted something?"

"No, no," another Mandalorian answers, a female voice reaching his ears. This Mandalorian appears to be injured, as she leans on another helmeted warrior just a tad too much to be friendliness. "We were about to defend ourselves from the Dark Troopers outside."

Luke glances back to the door he just walked in through. "Sorry about the mess," he says, coming around the tactical table to see a man sprawled out on the ground.

"You found Moff Gideon."

The female Mandalorian from before looks at him, surprise radiating off of her. "You know of him?"

Luke nods. "Yes. The New Republic wants him for crimes against the galaxy. You've done the galaxy a great service."

The woman nods. "Thank you, Master Jedi."

"Please- call me Luke."

"Very well, Luke- I am Bo-Katan, of Clan Kryze." Bo-Katan takes off her helmet as she does so.

"Kryze. Should you not be Mand'alor?" Luke asks.

"By rights, yes," Bo-Katan nods. "But another has the item I need to claim that title and that throne."

Luke turns back to the Mandalorian from before- the one whom Grogu seems… attached to.

"You have it?"

"Yes," the Mandalorian answers. "I fought Moff Gideon. By rights, it is mine. But I do not want it."

"So why not simply give it to Bo-Katan?" Luke asks.

"The Darksaber cannot be given- it must be won in combat," Bo-Katan answers.

"Hmmm…" Luke says, thoughtfully. I wonder…

"This combat- must it be to the death?"


Luke shrugs. "Very well- I can moderate this dispute."

"A Jedi? Helping Mandalorians?"

Luke shrugs. "Would it really be the first time?"

A short while later, an area is cleared in the hangar bay below.

Before the fight begins, Luke approaches Cara.

"I noticed your teardrop earlier."

Cara stiffens, readying to sock Luke Skywalker on the jaw if he says one more thing-

"My sister was raised on Alderaan."

Cara pauses. "I'm sorry," she says after a moment, the overwhelming grief managing to cross her face for a moment.

Luke shakes his head. "No, she is alive- but she watched Alderaan be destroyed. It still haunts her even today."

Cara is speechless, as her mind connects the dots. She remembers a speech given on the first anniversary of Alderaan's destruction. The woman was small, angelic, but spoke with a fire in her eyes the likes of which Cara had not seen before.

"Princess Organa?"

Luke nods. "Indeed. I am sorry that I could not save your home, truly I am. But never forget- as long as people like Leia and you are alive… then Alderaan is not truly dead, for a piece of it is in you."

Cara cries at this, falling into a welcome hug from the famed Jedi.

"Alright," Luke says, voice carrying across the hangar. "This is to be a fair fight. The first one to yield loses the fight. Lady Kryze," Luke says, striding over to the woman and handing her a shining spear, "this is your weapon in this fight. I understand it to be made of beskar metal?"

"Indeed," Bo-Katan confirms, lightly tapping her gauntlet with the shaft of the spear, a ringing sound echoing through the air.

Luke nods. "Very well. May the Force be with you. BEGIN!"

Bo-Katan, being Bo-Katan, strikes first. The Mandalorian parries the blow with the Darksaber.

Back and forth the two go, neither one wholly familiar with the weapon they currently wield, but not about to back down.

Until it happens. Bo-Katan manages to pull the same set of moves that the Mandalorian did on Gideon, kicking the spear over her shoulder, and driving her opponent back until she manages to get her spear into just the right position to send the Darksaber flying beyond his grasp.

"Do you yield?" Bo-Katan asks.

"I yield," the Mandalorian nods.

Luke taps the R2 unit at his side. "Did you catch all that, buddy?" A series of beeps has Luke smile. "Very well."

Luke strides over as Bo-Katan grabs the Darksaber off the ground from where it hand landed. "Lady Kryze," Luke states formally, as Artoo is still recording, "be it known on this day that you have defeated this challenger in honorable combat. The Darksaber is yours."

"ALL HAIL THE MAND'ALOR!" Someone shouts. Luke believes it to be the other female Mandalorian, but he isn't sure.

A series of cries of "ALL HAIL THE MAND'ALOR!" rise in response.

"Now then," Luke says. "Let's take this Cruiser home."

Several days later, Leia Organa is watching on a viewscreen as a most peculiar sight is displayed upon it.

An Imperial cruiser emerges from hyperspace over Coruscant- with an X-Wing fighter craft escorting it.

Han Solo, looking over her shoulder, whistles. "Karrabast," he mutters. "Whaddya think the Kid's story is gonna be this time?"

Leia doesn't ask how he knows Luke is involved. Frankly, she's getting a headache just thinking about the headache this is going to cause.

Din Djarin sits in a field.

Not too far away, little Grogu is levitating rocks, as Luke Skywalker watches.

"Good, Grogu, good," Luke says. "Now, can I have the ball?"

A moment later, a little silver ball floats through the air, into Luke's waiting palm. Din smiles, remembering his beloved Razorcrest ship, and the little ball that is really all that's left of it. He knows he looks like a dad watching his son score a goal in limmie for the first time, but he doesn't care.

This is the Way.

A/N: Limmie is Star Wars soccer. It's rather popular among Mandalorians, according to Wookiepedia. I made this simply to resolve a lingering dispute that Luke's arrival interrupted. Also, DaddyMando and Baby Yoda don't have to be separated! YAY!

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