The Following Trailer Is Rated P For Positive!

From the company that singlehandedly turned the shotgun into a virtual iron, comes the sequel to the cultural phenomenon that got more office employees fired than weed, HR, and nepotism combined!

Doom II!

The poster boy of 90s gaming is back for a brand new adventure that is exactly like the last one, but with bigger guns, bigger baddies and bigger… something...something… who the Hell cares? Its Doom! Praise the Lord and pass the BFG!

Apparently all the shit you went through in the first game didn't mean a damn thing, cause the hordes of hell are bitch-slapping earth into oblivion, and the only thing standing between the human race and complete extinction is the guy, "Too tough for Hell to contain." Bitchin'.

Take on the famed rogues gallery of Doom for a second time, chainsawing your way through flesh like Ted Bundy at a barbecue, and meet the new additions to the Hell family: The Mancubus, a naked load of lard whose massive arm mounted cannons are exceeded only by the size of its fat ass; The Hell Knight, basically the Baron Of Hell with brown pants; The Pain Elemental, because the Cacodemon wasn't enough of a creepy floating hell tomato with teeth; And the Arch-vile. F##k him.

Revel in the first appearance of the most beloved gun in virtual history, the mystical Super Shotgun, as the massive amount of upgraded demons and monsters suddenly feel inconsequential as you stick the most badass double barrels ever conceived up their red asses and blast their goddamn sphincters into oblivion. Ah, the catharsis.

So re-experience the only video game in history that was virtually identical to its predecessor without feeling like a cheap, EA level cop out. That also had the balls to include its own creator as the final boss.


Space Kratos- Doomguy

Goat Simulator- Icon of Sin

Pain-In-The-Ass-Son-Of-A-Bitch!- Arch-vile

Cyclops- Pain Elemental

Adiposians- Mancubus

Mr. Tumnus- Hell Knight

Retro Hell Rampage!

Okay, time for a public opinion poll. Were the Arch-viles more of a kick to the balls in Doom II, Doom 64, or Doom: Eternal?