Chapter Forty Three

August 22nd, 2077

Night City, Northern California

Aldecaldo Territory, Badlands

"Panam! What the fuck!"

V wasn't surprised to see an enraged Saul charging past a throng of Aldecaldo Nomads, steam pouring from his ears.

Panam and Mitch were prepared to respond to his irrational outburst with rational arguments, but V had a suspicion Panam would just shoot from the hip and say, "Fuck it, I'm right, and you're wrong."

The armed escort trailing after Saul's stern caught V's attention, and many of the Rangers who accompanied Panam brandished their rifles in response.

Only a sharp glance from Mitch and Cassidy prompted the Aldecaldos to loosen their postures, but it wasn't enough to calm them down.

As all eyes turned towards the impending showdown between Saul and Panam, a rift grew amongst surrounding Nomads.

V feared that the ongoing disagreements might lead to violence, and as two of the most stubborn nomads she had ever met came to blows, her worries intensified.

The Mercenary's grip on her sidearm became even more intense.

"What's the meaning of this?!" Several Aldecaldos flinched in alarm from Saul's outrage, and V was confident she saw several parents rushing their children into the safety of their habitation pods.

"Exactly what you see." Panam's bemused expression exacerbated her cynicism as she gestured towards their prize. "The Basilisk, in all its glory."

"All I see is two trucks with Militech logos parked outside my camp!"

Many of Saul's subordinates clenched their teeth in trepidation as he exploded in rage. Panam's stance softened for a split second as she wavered under Saul's storm of visceral emotions, but she'd come too far to back down now.

Saul paced to his right, eyeing the rogue Aldecaldo while she cleaned the muck out of her nails. Her apathetic expression sent the Clan Leader steaming towards unbridled rage.

"Goddamnit! Panam, you can see them from miles away!" Saul whirled on Panam and came dangerously close to bumping foreheads with her. "Do you think we don't have enough problems on our hands? The Raffens could rear their heads at any moment. And now we have Militech to worry about, too!"

"STOP IT! FUCK!" Her explosion of fury startled Saul enough to put him on the backfoot. The rest of the Aldecaldos shared his disbelief, and many of them shivered in apprehension as Panam tore into Saul.

"Just shut up already! Do you want to serve corporations like a fucking dog?!" Panam snarled out. "Because if that's the case, how about we just leave the Basilisk as a souvenir of what this family used to be! Or you know what? Maybe next time we're attacked, we'll be able to fight back instead of sitting on our ass and letting the Raffen tear us a new one!"

While Saul and Panam's argument drew most of the eyes inside the camp, V's eyes strayed away from the arguing pair towards their second in commands.

Castle and Mitch were dangerously eyeing one another throughout the argument. Both men were confidants to Saul and Panam, respectively, and distrusted what the other would do while their chosen leaders went at it.

V was certain that neither wanted to get directly involved in the argument, but they also wouldn't stand by to watch if the other decided to stop being a spectator.

All it would take was one misstep, and this whole camp would turn into a warzone. V moved a few steps to her left and leaned against her Avenger's passenger door, placing herself in Mitch's line of sight and putting an obstacle between herself and Castle.

She needed to restrain these two if there was any chance of ending this feud without bloodshed since behind each Chieftain stood a swarm of Aldecaldo Nomads who had fallen behind the camp they supported.

It was a near-even split between Panam's followers and Saul's, but the former had the luxury of veterans amongst their ranks while the latter possessed a numerical advantage. Either way, the Aldeclado encampment was a powder keg ready to be set off at any moment.

The Merc sent a silent gesture towards Mitch, communicating a need to step down before things got worse. The Aldecaldo nodded sharply without taking his eyes off Castle, and for a few moments, V was worried that Mitch was going to ignore her pleas.

Her heartbeat steadied when the tight grip Mitch had on his sidearm waned considerably, and Castle followed suit. The armed Aldecaldos on both sides allowed the tension in their arms to loosen, but the continued argument between Saul and Panam showed no signs of fading anytime soon.

Panam was purposely egging Saul into making a final decision on her faux exile. The former Afterlife Merc was recommissioned as Chieftain of the Aldecaldo raiding teams when the war broke out, but her status on the council was left up for debate.

V had a sneaking suspicion that this direct confrontation was exactly what Panam was looking for. She wanted to put Saul on the spot for the whole camp to spot and push him towards calling a clan meeting.

Saul was avoiding such a predicament because Panam had staunch supporters on her side. Mitch, Cassidy, and Carol comprised three of the five chieftains in the Aldecaldo council, with the Castle taking the fourth slot and the fifth remaining vacant since Panam's departure from the hierarchy.

Only Castle would take up Saul's side if a clan meeting were called, and the rest would no doubt stick to Panam. It was a near certainty that Saul would be forced to declare a major action and push the final verdict of Panam's activities to the entire family.

With everyone in camp focused solely on the confrontation, the third party in contract negotiations with Saul went completely ignored as they observed the fracturing clan with great interest.

Chaos is a ladder, and corpos practically thrived in anarchy, especially when they had no direct hand in it.

While the Biotechnica representatives observed the growing confrontation, Cyrus was snooping around the aerodyne parked just outside the camp.

A flash of blue caught her attention, and V's gaze was met with the grinning smirk from an irritating dead man.

"Well, this could go tits up at any moment." Johnny took a drag from the cigar held in between his fingers. "Panam's got balls. I'll give the girl that much."

"I'm sure she appreciates the compliment," V remarked under her breath and activated her commlink. "How we doing, CY?"

"Virus is complete." Cyrus supplied. "Is Panam still putting on a show?"

V snorted in amusement. "She's got the whole fucking valley tuning in on this episode of Aldecaldo drama. The Biotechnica suits are practically salivating at the fact Saul is losing his leverage in their negotiations by arguing with Panam like this."

"Saul never had control of Panam, to begin with," Cyrus replied. "Her desire for independence and a freethinking mindset make shackling her damn near impossible."

"I'm worried that this could turn for the worse at any moment." V's memory raced back to her old family and the chaos that erupted when the Bakker leaders chose to join snake nation. "I don't think Panam could survive if the clan fell at the seams because of her."

"I won't come to that."

"How do you know?" V couldn't help the uncertainty leaking into her voice.

"Because neither of them can afford the fracture." The Spartan remained steadfast in his words. "If the clan falls apart, then the Wraiths will tear into the survivors until there's nothing left but scraps. Their only option is to survive together or die alone. Saul will back down. Just watch."

"Hope your right." V continued to glance between the Nomads and the Corpos when a question crossed her mind. "Why are you going after Biotechnica anyway? I figured you'd aim a little higher after bringing down Night Corp."

The Merc eagerly awaited Cyrus's response, but when she received only silence, her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. In the midst of raising him on the commlink, a hand softly gripped her shoulder, sending a rush of adrenaline coursing through her system.

"There next on my list." Cyrus's voice ghosting over her right ear caused a surge of pleasure to crawl up V's spine. It wasn't intentional by any means on his part, but she relished it all the same.

The Merc allowed her weight to practically mold into his side while his attention was focused upon Panam and Saul. Cyrus didn't care for her close proximity and allowed V to make herself comfortable.

She leaned into his warmth and felt it linger upon her skin with ease. His odorless scent was an indescribable fragrance and only grew in frequency as she leaned into his shoulder.

"Figured you'd go for Militech since we just nabbed one of their Basilisks."

"No." V's heart skipped a beat when his crimson eyes bore into her amber orbs. "Militech is an issue for another time, and I have….assets in place to handle them outside the city."

"Assets?" Cyrus glanced around, unwilling to let even the tiniest slip of vital intelligence loose without the necessary precautions. He propped his full weight against her Avenger and deftly maneuvered the Merc to his front. V's shoulders were splayed out across his firm chest and the back of her head pressed against his heart.

This posture allowed him to naturally speak into her ear without drawing attention to their discussion. It also had the unintended consequence of V relishing the feeling of his broad frame against her taut back.

"Goddamn, V." Johnny groaned at his carrier's antics. "You've got it bad for him. Shit girl you're surrounded by over a thousand emotional Nomads sporting automatic weapons, and your thinking about what's in his pants. Fuck! Now I'm thinking about it fuck me!"

"Johnny, for the love of God, shut the fuck up!" V wished she had a gallon of Omega blockers to ingest right about now.

"Fuck you, woman!" Johnny insulted and tossed his spent cigar at V's face. "We share the same headspace! It's not like I want to be thinking of his cock, but you won't stop fantasizing about him!"

The Merc reached into her pocket and deftly threw back a pair of Omega blockers down her throat. Johnny sent her a condemning stare as the effects began to take root.

"What the fuck happened to not taking them anymore?!" V and Johnny had seen stark growth in their relationship since his internment, and she had made a promise not to take any more Omega blockers due to their cordial understanding of one another.

The Merc damn near went so far as to call him her friend.

But unfortunately for Johnny, embarrassment was a helluva motivator for V right about now. The effects took root almost immediately, but Johnny sent her two middle fingers and some parting words for her to hear.

"I hope you get an STD!" She grimaced at his condemning words and managed to playoff her displeasure by leaning into Cyrus a bit more.

"You ok?" The Spartan asked with a low tone.

"Yeah," V replied in earnest. "You were saying?"

If Cyrus took note of her odd behavior, he didn't comment on it.

"As I was saying, Chamber's been recruiting recently." He informed, his voice making V shiver in delight and draw her attention away from Johnny. "There's a new mercenary company making a name for itself in Venezuela. If you want more details, you can talk to Chamber back at the hideout."

"Why can't you tell me now?" V didn't actually care about Chamber's liaisons. She just craved this close proximity to Cyrus and all the benefits that came with it for a little while longer.

The Spartan gave her a pointed glance before taking a step back, and V had to physically restrain herself from tossing him into her Avenger and taking off for her apartment.

The bastard was a bigger tease than he'd realized. Both Merc and Spartan cautiously observed the growing tension in the encampment. Saul and Panam's argument was turning into quite the spectacle, but none of the Aldecaldo spectators were eager to turn it into a violent confrontation for their leader.

V was rubbing the holster to her Unity when a question crossed her mind. A few glances to her left and right revealed a missing companion that Cyrus had recently acquired.

"Where's the mutt?" V murmured under her breath loud enough for only him to hear.

"Sent her to the warehouse so Iwasaki could treat the rest of her wounds."

The Merc's brows furrowed with confusion before a shit-eating grin crossed her face. Cyrus dumped a highly territorial canine in the laps of his poor Bloodhounds, who were vastly ill-prepared to handle Luna.

"Do they even know how to take care of a War Hound?" V asked with a knowing smirk.

"They're quick learners," Cyrus replied with a neutral tone that contained hints of mild amusement.

"You're an asshole."

"So I've been told." Cyrus gestured towards the winding down confrontation. "Heads up."

Both of Saul and Panam's camps began to join in their leader's arguments, and soon heated discussions began to break out between them, causing the Aldecaldo clan leader to reach a breaking point.

"Enough," Saul's voice carried an authority that froze the bickering Nomads in place. "As soon as I'm done with Biotechnica, we call a family meeting to discuss this, discuss you. Until that time, I want these trucks out of my sight!"

The Clan Leader had finally reached his wit's end with his back and forth argument with Panam and immediately began dismissing their captive audience back to their duties.

"What about the Basilisk?" After their heated disagreement, Cyrus was astonished that Panam was prepared to poke at Saul once again. "Can we put it together?

"I don't care!" Saul snarled back and turned to leave."Do what you want. Just get out of my sight."

Panam didn't wait for Saul to get out of earshot before she started giving out orders. "Bob, Cassidy, take the trucks around back and start unloading our merchandise. I want this Basilisk up and running by the end of the week."

"Sure, but then what do we do with them?" The Cybernetic specialist asked with a shrug. " Army taught me how to drive the damn thing, not put it together from factory reset Panam."

"Don't worry, sport." Cassidy wrapped an arm around his fellow Nomad. "Carol and I have a very intimate understanding of this machine. We'll back you up."

Panam shifted her attention to Mitch after watching Cassidy pull Bob away to the trucks.

"Go talk to your Rangers." Panam motioned to the tense group of Aldecaldo fighters that were still coming down from their combat high and the tense confrontation with Saul's followers. "Get their heads on straight. I don't need them picking fights with Castle security teams."

"I'm on it." Mitch watched Panam turn away towards her, awaiting Choombas when he called out to her. "Panam!"

The Aldecaldo Chief furrowed her eyes in confusion but gave him her full attention.

"You did good today." His encouraging words struck a chord inside the stressed Aldecaldo. "Now go enjoy yourself. We'll pick up where we left off tomorrow, ok?"

When Mitch and the rest of the camp went about their work, Panam nodded slowly and took a long calming breath. Tonight was the most challenging night she would have in a long time, and going toe-to-toe with Saul felt both terrifying and righteous in the same breath.

"Got quite a pair of lungs on you, P," V remarked as the Nomad approached her and Cyrus. "Think half the valley could hear you."

"Thanks." Panam leaned against the Quadra's hood. "I believe the last time I pulled something like that, I was around ten years old."

V snorted in amusement. "Well, I don't think time has fucked with your vocal cords too much. Although, if you keep having these shouting matches with Saul, you'll start losing hair along with your voice."

"I hear that." Panam glanced around, watching her fellow Nomads fail the simple task of minding their own business. "…Can uhh…Can we get out of here?"

V took note of the watchful eyes from several of Castle's cronies. All of whom bore distrustful stares into Cyrus's skull.

The Headhunter was a sore subject for the clan and its leadership. Despite putting his life on the line to save Saul's skin all those weeks ago, Cyrus still wasn't welcome with open arms inside the encampment.

His presence was tolerated because of Panam's confrontation with Saul and for the pure fact that no one in the Aldecaldos could convince the Spartan to leave unless he wanted to or Panam asked.

Until they got used to him or grew a pair, Castle and his security teams chose to keep a watchful but distant eye on Cyrus.

"My place?" When Coyote Cujo was unavailable, the Merc's flat rapidly became a favorite retreat. Panam had already crashed at V's apartment a few times in the last few weeks, but Cyrus had only been there once or twice.

For Panam, V's place may as well have been a home away from home.

"Anywhere but here, V. I've had enough of Aldecaldo politics for one night." The Merc hopped into her driver seat and started her ignition, sparing a glance to Cyrus.

"Care to join us?" The Spartan tossed the idea in his head for a few moments, weighing the option of joining his companions or return to the warehouse. V could see the emotions play out in his eyes, and predictably, he was leaning towards the latter.

She spared Panam a knowing glance, and the Aldecaldo reached for a…..motivational tool on her hip.

"I have other duties to atten…."


The imperceptible snap of a pistol's safety being disengaged was accompanied by the end of a barrel being pressed into Cyrus's ribcage.

Clearly, his companions weren't taking no for an answer, and something told the Spartan that Chamber somehow had a hand in this.

"That wasn't an offer, Cyrus." Panam declared as she pressed herself and her stun pistol even deeper into his ribcage. "Now, get in."

The sardonic grin on V's face gave Cyrus the impression that she was enjoying this little abduction scheme, an expression undoubtedly shared by their Aldecaldo companion.

"Is this really necessary?" Cyrus found this entire situation just a tad bit ridiculous, especially for a regular get-together. Granted, he probably should have indulged in their demands in the first place just to save himself the headache.

Panam seemingly disagreed with his statement.

"This is you were talking about, Cyrus." Panam deadpanned while flexing the grip on her pistol. "Besides, there are only stun rounds baked into the magazine. Would you like to test them out for me? Please say yes."

"Not particularly." Cyrus bit out with a tension in his voice that went ignored by his companions. He sought a way out of this plight, and immediately his mind registered that V's Avenger was a two-seat vehicle.

Maybe that could be Cyrus's saving grace, and he could somehow walk away from this predicament with no one the wiser.

"You do know that this vehicle is only a two-seater, right?"

"Really? I hadn't notice." Panam gave him a sarcastic grin and gave Cyrus a love tap across the back of his head. "Now get in."

Critical failure.

A pleading look at V received a reassuring smirk that failed to comfort him; on the contrary, it produced a chilling shudder that rushed into his bones.

Could he escape this simple kidnapping attempt by V and Panam?


Was it worth drawing their ire for weeks on end?

Absolutely not.

Cyrus prayed to whatever god was out there that no one told Eliza or Chamber that a pair of Nomads had managed to kidnap him.

He would never hear the end of it.

"This is ridiculous." Cyrus acquiesced to their demands and climbed into the passenger seat. All the while grumbling his displeasure that only seemed to further delight V.

"Shut up and get comfy." Panam flung the stun gun behind Cyrus and crawled onto his lap, covering his torso with her entire body and brushing her cheek against his.

Any sense of personal space for Cyrus was rapidly displaced, and he had to adjust his position for the sake of comfort. The Nomad's back leaned back, allowing him to feel every subtle curve of well-defined muscle pressed against his torso.

A piece of Cyrus found this entire situation an afront to Spartans everywhere, but his mind was overwhelmed by Panam's intoxicating scent that reminded him of their private celebration inside Clouds.

And the foreign sensations that he unknowingly yearned to experience once more.

Panam's turned towards Cyrus, allowing his potent senses to be overwhelmed by her warm breath and natural aroma. She shot him a mischievous look, bolstered by a set of fierce chocolate brown orbs and her bated breath.

Anytime Cyrus sought to turn away, Panam would gently grasp his chin and bring him back towards her. The hunger laid bare within her eyes was apparent, and his attempts to move from her gaze only emboldened the Nomad further.

V threw her foot onto the accelerator pedal and thrust her Avenger onto the highway, tires screeching as it sped down the road and pinning Panam further into his torso.

As the Avenger sped well past the legal limit, V glanced towards Cyrus, who was growing more and more apprehensive under Panam's wicked grin. The Merc grinned at her choombas stubborn personality, and tonight the proprietor of their interest would

"Don't push your luck, P." The Merc playfully warned while swerving in between commuters. "You might make him uncomfortable."

"Might?" Cyrus looked at V with bemusement, earning a knock to the forehead from Panam.

"Quiet peasants." She bemoaned her friends with faux admonishment. "People of your stature should be honored that your Queen graces you with her presence. You are serving the realm well in your current form."

"As a cushion?" Cyrus sarcastically remarked.

"Well, you can choose to be a cushion I lay on or a tower I climb on." If Cyrus' puzzled expression was any indication, the innuendo went completely over his head.

"What's the difference?"

Panam and V glanced at each other, a knowing look passing between them. The driver of a Mizutani Shion gave her the one-finger salute as she sped them. On most occasions, the Merc would respond in kind, but tonight she was preoccupied with reaching her destination in a timely manner.

"One is for my comfort…." Panam stroked her hand through Cyrus' black hair, softly grasping the back of his head and turning her body towards him. "…The other benefits the both of us."

"You're evil, P." V's grin widened even as Cyrus glanced at Panam with a puzzled frown.

"Everything's relative, V." The Nomad shrugged her shoulders carelessly and turned her attention back towards her object of interest. " You gonna choose, or do I need to make an executive decision?"

Cyrus let out a sigh of pure resignation. "Is there an option C?"

"Executive decision it is." Panam dipped towards him, using a hand to nudge Cyrus closer and pressing her luscious lip against his.

The Nomad is in every way the definition of persistent.

If Panam wants something, she will do everything in her power to get it, a tenacity that tends to be mirrored by the bulk of Cryus's closest companions, particularly the women.

Shivers shot down his spine as he felt her tongue dart in between his lips and probe the oral cavity. Cyrus could taste Panam's intoxicating natural flavor for the second time upon his lips. She ran her gloved hands up the sides of his neck, grasping, touching, and wanting any and every piece of his exposed skin.

"Goddamn you, Panam." V felt a surge of frustration wash over her as she forced herself to glance away from the enticing performance in favor of keeping her eyes on the road ahead. "I so do not want to be playing taxi while you're getting handsy with him!"

This situation was an injustice that V would not stand for, but her hands were quite literally tied up with making sure they didn't crash into a car, and she didn't fancy getting frisky in a cramped Avenger.

V wasn't a college girl or teenager in high school, damnit! Sex was meant for the bedroom where one could tumble in the sheets with a loved one like a grown woman!

Panam managed to separate herself from Cyrus and allow the Spartan to breathe oxygen after their breathtaking embrace. She splayed her hands across his torso and pushed him further into the leather seat, leaning backward enough to regard the hot and bothered Merc.

"Then you better step on it." Panam cast a salacious glance towards V in an attempt to persuade the Merc into craking Quadra Avenger's engine into overdrive.

It worked.

"With pleasure." V took the lure and immediately expedited the journey to her apartment with all haste, gunning their two-seated sports car into speeds that only the most gifted of drivers could handle without crashing.

Night City, Northern California

Megabuilding H10, Little China

If V could describe what she felt towards Cyrus in a few words, it would be pure and unadulterated longing. In a more explicit sense, her desires most certainly reached a need… or a ravishing hunger that could only be sated with his personal touch.

There was a sensation in V's chest that had grown over the last few months, and it threatened to poison her mind into recklessly laying claim to what she wanted.

She did not deny her feelings in any way because he was a soothing influence next to her, blanketing her body in a tranquil atmosphere that no one could mimic. Cyrus is a pure soul she could devour because he is so delightfully harmless despite all evidence to the contrary.

Cyrus is ingrained with a genetically modified build that was perfect in her eyes. They weren't grotesquely large because his power and strength derived from the density of his muscles and the ossification process that hardened his skeleton structure.

V admired Cyrus's fortitude to acquire such a flawless specimen, for her nightmares were once consumed by the agony from such an invasive treatment. It was hard to truly understand that his suffering on the surgical table was one of the few memories where fear consumed his mind whole.

Such things were never meant to be experienced, but V knew that such pain was needed for Cyrus to endure.

But that's what he always did endure.

V ran her hands through her Spartan's locks, appreciating the short flowing threads in her grasp that framed his appealing features so well that she was not surprised in the slightest when women couldn't keep their eyes off him whenever he chose to forego his all-encompassing MJOLNIR.

What deterred them from approaching Cyrus was the same reason V was so enthralled by him in the first place: the crimson orbs that dissuaded anyone who could not understand the man underneath.

Those brilliant red orbs possessed a pearl of wisdom and fortitude that captivated or intimidated any who stared into them, and V was lucky to be one of the few who could stand up to it without flinching,

As for Panam, she was a curiosity that V could not stamp out or ignore any longer. For whatever reason, being around her fellow Nomad made her feel spirited and full of life whenever they were around one another.

The Aldecaldo brought the best out of V, matching her wit and sarcasm with such ease that they were practically a mirror image of one another. The Merc would do anything and everything to ensure that Panam didn't bite the dust as long as she was around.

V already enjoyed the pleasures of the flesh with Panam before, but the lynchpin to their bond was always Cyrus and his sustained endeavors at eluding both of them and their advances.

Cyrus wasn't dense to a ridiculous degree, but he was always cautious around V and Panam. He somehow managed to curtail that part of him that yearned for them as much as they longed for him for months on end.

But tonight, that stubborn will dissolved into nothing, and all that remained in its stead was a craving to experience emotions and pleasures that Cyrus had never felt before in his life.

Tonight the opportunity to snatch Cyrus up hurtled towards reality as she and Panam dragged him into her apartment. V shoved Cyrus through the doorway and used his momentary loss in balance to leap into his arms and lock her lips with his.

V's toned legs wrapped across his midsection, and Cyrus instinctively used his hands to catch her as she collided with his sternum. His fingers dug into her fleshy backside, eliciting a lust-filled moan from her in response.

While V enjoyed her time with Cyrus and his personal touch, Panam went about setting the mood for the evening. She was willing to allow the Merc a few moments in private with their Hunter until she'd grown tired of being uninvolved.

Because of how much teasing she did to V while enjoying Cyrus for herself, it was a sort of penance that she could momentarily allow.

Panam was in the midst of adjusting V's stereo when a message pinged her phone, and a glance down revealed a missive from an unknown number.

Take care of my boy, or I'll nuke your clan. :)

Straight and to the point, there was a reason why Panam liked Chamber so much.

The Aldecaldo chuckled to herself as she put aside the communication device. Panam didn't deny that Chamber was a very real deterrent for anyone who even thought of taking advantage of Cyrus.

Desperado Slowed (Remix)

Panam loved to hum along to this old tune, especially with her loved ones.

Speaking of.

A glance towards her intimate companions found both of them locked in a heated embrace that was very much directed by V. Cyrus was on somewhat shaky legs and managed to re-establish his balance by leaning against the back of the Merc's long couch.

V shook off her constricting bolero, revealing her alluring body, which was hidden only by a skin-tight compression shirt that eagerly defined the contours of her muscles. All the while never allowing Cyrus a moment's breath and maintaining their passionate session.

Panam approached the intimate pair just as V pulled her lips away to intake a precious amount of oxygen. Cyrus felt his heartbeat skyrocket when her hooded gaze bore into his eyes, and she was rearing from round three when a pair of hands grasped at his jacket.

"Jacket off. Now." As Panam began to remove Cyrus's jacket, V breathed a quiet sigh of acceptance and uncoiled her arms from around his neck, keeping her legs firmly fastened to his waist.

Once the offending apparel was discarded, Panam guided Cyrus towards the front end of the long couch and sat down, all the while V maintained her cocoon-like position attached to his upper body.

The Merc wasn't leaving her taken spot for anyone or anything for now, and Panam would have to make do with what she had available to her.

When the Merc glanced her way, Panam flashed her a canary smile while grabbing for Cyrus's waist. V immediately deduced her mischievous intent and sent a subtle nod her way while the Spartan fought to control his breathing.

A hitch in his breath formed when Panam undid his belt, and confusion rattled Cyrus's mind. The trio were moving rapidly towards uncharted territory and at any moment there shared experience could be ruptured if either V and Panam acted too quickly.

"Lift your hips." To combat his growing anxiety V leaned forward, ghosting over his right ear and causing shivers to run down his spine from her heated breath. "Do you trust us?"

The Spartan's eyes dilated, and V's amber gaze was filled with such love and adoration that he could not help but answer truthfully.

"Yes." It wasn't spoken in a heavy voice, but instead, a low whisper that maintained every bit of a resounding impact on V and Panam's confidence.

Time passed by in a crawl, and as Cyrus's breathing elevated once, Panam managed to free his lower body from its constraints. Every nerve in the Spartan's body was overwhelmed with a growing flow of anxiety, and he felt a touch of unease upon his skin.

V noticed his fraying nerves and immediately encompassed his full vision even as a pair of foreign lips trailed along his inner thigh. Panam's exploration between his legs remained a mystery to him, and only V's affectionate gaze kept Cyrus in place.

"Don't think. Close your eyes and embrace it." He followed the Merc's whispers to the letter even as a warm and wet sensation encompassed the anatomy given to all males. "Enjoy the feeling, experience the passion, and focus on me."

V dipped her head and stole a kiss from Cyrus, dragging her tongue across his lips and beckoning him for entry once more. Panam's ministrations elicited an unnatural reaction of pure bliss that pooled at the bottom of his stomach, causing his hands to involuntarily grasp V's hips.

Cyrus was undergoing a whirlwind of emotions that battered against his mental conditioning. Spartans weren't meant to experience the carnal desires that came with sex, and every fraying nerve fired off waves upon waves of harmonious ecstasy that threatened to take hold of him.

And it did.

The buildup of anticipation and hormones rushed out of his lower torso, and Panam eagerly indulged in the flow of liquid falling into her mouth. This feeling of release that Cyrus had never experienced before lit a spark in his eyes, and his reciprocating action delighted V to no end.

Her eyes bugged out with pleasant astonishment when he leaned forward, breaking their intense embrace, and sunk his teeth into her bare neck.

Cyrus's action was not particularly aggressive or delicate, but it aroused her fascination enough to want to reciprocate in kind. V and Panam were more than prepared for him to be a passive member of their tryst tonight, but his sudden boldness was a welcome change.

But not just yet, a menage a trois required an equal amount of pleasure, and Panam was certainly working overtime.

V reluctantly climbed out of Cyrus's lap, the sudden loss of his teeth upon her skin was sorely missed, but Panam needed some personal attention to herself.

"Panam." The Nomad's head shot up from her kneeling position, and the lust in her eyes had only grown in frequency. "Switch."

She gave no argument, and as soon as V extracted herself from Cyrus's grasp, Panam threw herself at him.

Panam cupped Cyrus's head and deepened their kiss while V moved to the side. She continued to run her hands through his midnight hair, her luscious lips meeting his hungry, breathless breath, while the Spartan's hands settled on the Aldecaldo's corded thighs.

V examined Panam's attire, disheveled in places but still committed the crime of hiding her alluring figure from V and Cyrus's gaze.

The Merc sought to rectify that.

"Take them off," V whispered to the Aldecaldo as she pulled at her clan jacket. Panam knelt on the couch, separating her lips from Cyrus for a brief moment while removing her coat and top, leaving her in nothing but a tight bra. V stared at Panam's taut cheeks and tightly corded thighs after helping to remove her jeans.

Truly, Night City Nomad's and Mercenary's violent lifestyle endowed them with bodies that most people would die to keep or hold tightly within their hands.

However, V and Panam's shapely forms paled in compared to Cyrus' adonis-like physique.

V leaned down and pressed herself against Panam's back, running her hands over every piece of exposed skin and nibbling at the side of her neck. She managed to find Panam's sweet spot and sent shivers of delight up and down her body.

"V-V, I...Jesus Christ!" Panam ripped herself away from Cyrus, and her gaze shot to the roof in pure ecstasy.

Cyrus's arms wrapped around Panam's waist, drawing her closer as the waves of bliss reached a crescendo and sent shaking quakes through her body. She moaned vivaciously, and Cyrus continued to meet her lips as their bodies pressed tight against each other.

Panam grasped each of her lover's heads tightly and continued to grind herself against Cyrus's abdomen, feeling every detail of his tight muscles upon her groin.

It didn't take long for Panam to reach her peak from the two-pronged assault upon her sensitive skin.

"Ohhh Fuck!" Panam instinctively bit her lower lip, attempting to stave off the wave of pleasure that was about to consume her. The hem of Cyrus's compression shirt was wet with Panam's fluids, and V rectified another injustice by removing the offending object.

As Panam came down from her high, V reached around her and grasped Cyrus's chin.

"Take us to the bed. Right. Now." Cyrus immediately answered her demand by wrapping an arm around her and Panam's waist and easily carrying them to the king-sized bed.

Cyrus was about to gently place them on the bedsheets when both women grabbed his arms and sent the three of them sprawling haphazardly onto the bed.

A twinkle in Panam's eyes passed over her, and she shared a hearty laugh with both of her lovers before darting forward and locking lips with Cyrus. V used her distraction to her advantage, climbing into Cyrus's lap and reaching for his sizeable shaft.

The anticipation in her eyes was only beset by her apprehension in possibly taking things a step too far. However, the desire in Cyrus's eye was plain for all to see, and a subtle nod from Panam was enough to settle her worries.

V was the first to give him her heart, and she would be the first to share it with him. Panam broke her liplock with Cyrus and cradled his head to her upper chest, threading her fingers through his hair as both watched the Merc adjust herself upon his laps.

Panam licked her lips in anticipation as V sat upon his legs. A moment of indecision came across the Merc's face, but she easily disregarded her hesitancy and sank herself upon his pulsating shaft, her thighs twitching as she slowly slid down until V had taken all that she could handle.

Tonight was everything V had dreamed of, and a subtle glance to Panam ensured that they were just beginning.

Cyrus was in for the time of his life.

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