Izuku liked to think that his crush on Nejire had developed when she sat in his hospital room for a solid hour and asked him probably enough questions to figure out that he had been given All Might's quirk through context clues. He said probably because she literally asked him and then when he couldn't answer anything, she had just laughed.

He really wanted that to be the moment when he started to actually like her, and not the time he said that her body was well proportioned because he could get lost in her cleavage. Rather, that was the moment when his mind had finally decided that he was a boob man.

Despite his attraction to her, and Nejire's forwardness, he didn't get the chance to speak to her much, if at all. The reason was simple: he sucked at talking to girls.

Like, so bad.

Fighting a villain? Easy.

Saving the world? Easy.

Trying to explain how he has multiple quirks? Mild.

Posing for a pro hero charity calendar? Weird, but doable.

Talking to a girl he had a massive crush on? Fucking impossible.

That was why he made a promise to himself, if he ever made it as the number one hero, he would ask Nejire out.

And so he did.

And then.

He did.

And then. The worst possible thing happened.

She said yes.

Or more specifically she said. "Finally! Do you have any clue how many signals I've been sending you? I was starting to worry you didn't like me back!"

Which, more or less broke him for a solid thirty seven and a half minutes. During that time, he had agreed to everything Nejire had said, including, but not limited to, their date that weekend.

Which was where Izuku was.

He had arrived five (fifteen) minutes early for their date at one of the fanciest restaurants in Tokyo, known simply as Towers. Just by looking to his left, he could see the full beauty of Tokyo's nightlife going full swing despite the cold December air, or, perhaps because of it. In Japan at least, Christmas Eve was the biggest date night of the year.

And today was his first date with Nejire Hado.

Izuku fiddled with his sleeves as he tried not to work himself up into a nervous sweat. The last thing he needed was sweat stains showing through his dark green dress shirt. The slender black tie he had worn made him look like one of the staff, save for the fact that he had nerded himself out with an All Might tie clip that his father had sent him in the mail one time. All things considered, he was more dressed up and more nervous than he had been for the hero award ceremony.

Which spoke to just how nervous he was about this date.

He had been crushing on Nejire hard for years, and that made his natural weakness to cute girls giving him attention much, much worse.

His leg wouldn't stop twitching, and he was pretty sure that most of the voices inside his head were laughing at him in the nicest way possible, except for Nana. She was… actually, from what he knew about Nana, she was probably laughing the loudest.

"Water?" Izuku glanced up towards the tall waiter with long spiky white hair and a square face. He held up a different bottle of alcohol. "Or maybe something to calm your nerves?"

Izuku opened his mouth, and then let it drop.

He had always been hyper aware of Nejire Hado's very distinctive presence. She was so warm and bright, like being outside on a clear summer day—he could just tell where she was by simply feeling. It had saved him a few times as he had ducked out of the way in a panic, though other times he had found himself stunned as he basked in that light. And right now, every cell in his body was trying to commit photosynthesis using Nejire's vibes.

Nejire had appeared.

And all eyes were on her.

Her long blue hair was messy in a chaotic yet somehow planned way, with multiple waves crashing into and overlapping over each other in a way that made her look more mature than her normal double helix hair. Nejire had always been cute, nobody could deny that, but that cuteness often made people think of her as immature or childish.

The midnight blue dress, with a leg split that went from her ankle all the way up to her thigh and exposed shoulders that reached all the way to the swell of Nejire's breasts, screamed that she was mature. Every single part of that dress seemed to be directed towards making Nejire's cuteness into a lethal weapon of pure beauty and sexuality.

And that weapon had crushed Izuku's defenses like that hadn't even been there.

He stood and looked at her, his mouth lagging behind before it snapped shut.

"Water," the waiter said firmly. "With a date like that, you're going to need all of your senses."

Wasn't it supposed to be the other way around?

He held up his hand and waved to Nejire.

The pleasant smile on her face lit up when she saw him, and Izuku felt more powerless than he had back when he was some quirkless kid hitching a ride on All Might's pant leg. She all but skipped towards him; the sneakers she was wearing made her look ready for anything after the dinner.

Hopefully she brought a good jacket.

"Izuku~!" Nejire bounced over him, skipping past her seat and pulling him into a hug. He felt her chest press against his in the best way possible as he wrapped his arms around her to return that hug. She smelled pleasant. "I always knew that you would dress up good. Well, I mean, I saw you dress up good before, and you looked cute then, but now you look handsome! You even cut your hair. Oh, what do you think of my dress?"

The hug ended before Izuku could fully enjoy himself, but they'd probably have to be there a long time for that to happen.

Nejire spun, the hem of her dress floating up a bit and showing off the dark blue lining. She stopped and smiled at him. She leaned forward slightly, just enough to make her cleavage all the more apparent. "Well, what do you think?"

"You, umm."


He swallowed. "You, you look really good in it, Nejire, I think it suits you."

"Yay~" She clapped her hands for a second and then grabbed her breasts. "I really like how it holds my boobies, so I'm super glad you like it because it was so cold on the way over here. Here." She grabbed his hand. "Feel my thigh, it's so freezing out there and—"

"Ahem." The white haired waiter coughed loudly. "If the lovely young couple would take their seats, I'd be happy to take their orders."

"Oh," Nejire placed her hand over her mouth and looked around the room. "I forgot there were other people here."


They took their seat and were quickly handed their menus. The waiter placed his hand on Izuku's shoulder and leaned in close. "I can see why you're nervous, but she's way into you, so calm the fuck down."

Izuku swallowed and nodded. There was a good chance that this guy was just fishing for a good tip, but honestly, Izuku was ready to give it to him.

They placed their orders and were left to the magic of the night while they waited.

"So," Nejire placed her elbows onto the table and then held her head up. He could hear her feet tapping against the ground as she kicked her legs, the same boundless energy she always had now directed all at him. "What took you so long to ask me out? Was it the bikini selfie I sent you? Wait, that was in the summer. Well, tell me, tell me."

Izuku looked down for just a moment then his eyes were forced back to Nejire's smile. "Well, actually, I umm, promised myself that if I ever became the number one pro I'd ask you out, and, well, here we are."

"Oh, right, right, congrats by the way!" Nejire's eyes were locked onto his; they seemed to sparkle with as many questions as there were stars in the sky. "But why'd you wait so long? I would have said yes even if you were ranked one thousand and one."

"Well, I umm, I just figured that if I could become the number one hero then I'd have the confidence to ask you out. And umm, I was kind of, terrified."

"That's so weird," Nejire pouted and leaned forward slightly. "Why would you be afraid of me? The only time people are afraid of me is when they're bad guys and I beat them up."

"I mean, I've never really gone out on a date before, and I'm kind of nervous."

"I know, it's cute."

"And I'm not good at talking to girls,"

"You just think that."

"I don't know, I was just afraid that you'd say no, or something, I don't really know." Izuku closed his eyes and let out a long sigh. "Sorry, I—"

Nejire slapped him lightly with both hands and squished his cheeks. She was all but leaning on their table. "Well, I said yes, so stop worrying so much, and let's have a great time okay?"

"Kay," he muttered. Nejire let go of his face and sat back down, looking incredibly happy with herself. "But, umm, if you liked me too, why didn't you ask me out?"

"Oh, that's easy." Nejire held up her finger and smiled at him. "I wanted you to ask me out with the same confidence that you fought Mirio with."

"Oh." Izuku sat in his chair and tried to think about what that meant. Nejire wanted him to have confidence with her. He asked her out, so that was a start. But, what else was there? "Say, after we eat do you want to," go for a walk? It was too cold for that with her dress. Go watch a movie? Was there even anything playing? Go for Karaoke? Everywhere was probably booked. "Umm, come over to my place and talk?"

"Nope!" Nejire said, with the sweetest soul-crushing smile on earth. She tapped her fingers on the table and reached out to grab his hand. "We should go over to mine though, it's closer, and I recently cleaned the place and Yuyu's away on a business trip, so it'll just be us. Plus, as much as I love this dress, it would suck to walk home in in the morning."

One plus one equals error.

"Sure, that sounds like a lot of fun."

"Oh, it will be." Nejire licked her lips and Izuku sensed that he was going to be in danger.


Nejire could recite the exact moment that Izuku first made her go like 'woah.'

It was before she even knew his name, back during her second year at U.A. She had seen him charging against some slime villain that was trying to take over some other boy's body; apparently that body was Izuku's bff Kacchan or something, but he was a jerk and not important. Instead, she was so amazed by the green haired boy that had charged in seemingly without a quirk and did what all those other heroes couldn't do.

The first time Izuku had her like 'woah.' was during the first year sports festival. Just watching him fight against Shoto had been amazing, and then, she heard that after that fight Shoto actually started to use his fire quirk again and it was like 'woah.' all over again.

Then there was his fight with Mirio. Out of all of class 1-A, the only one that even came close to matching Mirio was Izuku, and she remembered that hungry, hungry look in his eyes.

That was when she really developed a crush on him.

Every single time she had seen him do anything heroic after that had her smiling ear to ear as she slowly came to accept that she was totally going to date Izuku the moment he decided to ask her out. Waiting was super hard at first, but the results spoke for themselves.

With a hum, she held onto his arm as they walked through the cold Tokyo Christmas Eve air. The way there she had been freezing her butt off because she decided to fly, now she was freezing her butt off because they were walking.

Luckly, she was pretty sure she was horny enough that it didn't matter.

She wondered what Izuku thought they were going to do back at their place. Probably just like relax and watch a movie or something, or talk, and if he was lucky, maybe get a smooch or something. Well, he was going to get lucky. In that there was going to be kissing. A lot of kissing. The best kinds of kissing, the kind of kissing that involved being naked, and boobs, and his hands all over her and preferably her up against the wall as she ran her fingers through his thick curly green hair.

They had a lot of time to make up for, after all.

"You're smiling more than normal." Izuku scratched the back of his head. The clean cut line of his jaw was hypnotizing. She remembered when he was her size; now he was like bigger than her size and that was very very super good. Near constant exposure to Mirio had taught her that she liked her dudes ripped.

And Izuku was one ripped dude.

"Of course I am." She stuck her tongue out at him and made sure to brush her chest up against his arm. She giggled when he looked down and then away; his freckles were ever so slightly more visible whenever he blushed. "I'm finally on a date with you, and dinner was amazing, oh, and I'm having a super awesome time right now, and all of this is super romantic, I've always wanted to go on a Christmas Eve date! Oh! And we should do something for New Year's too! Unless you're doing something with your mom! I just want an excuse to show you my super cute kimono!"

Izuku laughed, "We haven't even finished our first date and you're already planning our next."

She pouted and tugged on his arm again. "No, that's not our next date, we're going to have another date before that one! Maybe two."

"New Year's is like six days away."

"Oh, you're right, we can fit three dates in there." She bounced up and boosted with her quirk to kiss him on the cheek. "Or we could just call it one really long date."

"I can't tell if you're joking or not." Izuku muttered with a nearly crimson blush on his face, his hot breath vanishing into the air while his smile remained.

"About wanting to go on more dates with you? I'm 100% serious. About wanting to spend as much time with you as possible? I—"

She was going to say she never wanted to let him go, but those words died when all the streets went dark and a scream like thunder tore through the city. Surging like a moving ball of electricity, a large hulking man that was the size of a car was charging through the city and towards them. A large straight jacket was wrapped helplessly around his torso, keeping his arms bound.

Arcs of electricity seemed to be drawn from every single source around and into his body, increasing his size.

"Shit," Izuku swore and looked at her. "It's Shinra."

"Who?" Nejire unhooked her arm from Izuku and started to float again. She always hated having to fight in a dress, even if she did look like a badass if someone took a picture of them.

"He's not a villain, exactly; his quirk lets him feed off of electricity, and it turns him into a living lightning rod, a bit like my classmate Kaminari. Only downside is that unlike Kaminari who just gets a bit stupid when he uses his quirk," Izuku charged forward, one of his hero gloves on his hand, "he gets driven mad, so try not to hurt him too much!"

Nejire floated there for half a second. Watching Izuku charge into something like that was really, really hot. Okay, less fantasizing, more saving so they could bone later!

She followed Izuku's lead, watching as he blasted Shinra with a powerful blast of air that barely seemed to disrupt the swirling mass of energy around him. "Is it just electricity? Or is it any form of energy?"

"Just electricity! Your quirk should work on him!" Izuku letting out another blast. "I need you to keep him stunned while I try to ground him!"

"I can do that!" She flew up above and felt her body tingle with the sensation of using her quirk. Big guys were often tricky, but they were easy to hit. Surge output, 20% Gring Wave! She let out a double blast of her wave motion quirk, one from each hand. The backlash was enough to force her back two feet in the air before she managed to counter balance again.

One blast struck Shinra in the face, and the second caught him in his stomach, both direct hits. But instead of getting stunned or even caring about the blast, Shinra just turned to her, his large mouth opening like it was unhinged.

Nejire had seen enough anime to know where this was going. She let out a massive wave to her side, sending her flying and barely out of the way of a massive thunderbolt that shot up into the sky before arcing down and striking the lightning rod of a nearby skyscraper.

The effect on Shinra's body was apparent as his massive body shrunk and he swayed a bit.

Izuku, still down below, let out another blast of air, and then latched onto Shinra with part two of his quirk: the black squiggly lines.

Nejire let out another 20% blast and sent Shinra reeling towards Izuku.

The battle seemed to be going well. At least, until Shinra's straight jacket came undone and then slammed into the ground, grabbing a power line and doubling in size in a matter of moments. There was a good chance that he could see electricity as well.

"Nejire!" Izuku shouted from the ground. "Hit him with your biggest blast! Quick!"


Surge output, 110% Nejire Cataclysm! She channeled her quirk through her entire body, from the tips of her toes to the tips of her fingers and aimed towards Shinra. She focused everything into her core, bringing her arms and legs in until she was a ball floating in the sky. And then with a massive burst that sent her flying backwards, she unleashed it all.

The blast hit Shinra with enough force to shatter the ground beneath, cutting him off from the power line as Izuku pressed forward, black ropey stuff following his every punch as he continued to bash Shinra.

She felt sorry for him, Shinra that is. It always sucked running into people that couldn't control their quirks as a hero. But, it needed to be done.

Besides! What Bozo brought him into the city in the first place? Shouldn't a guy like this be living out in the woods? Or on a deserted island?

Shinra let out another scream and turned his head downwards towards Izuku, mouth opened.

The blast ended in a matter of seconds as Shinra's body shrunk down to that of a normal human.

Nejire rushed to the ground, in part because using Nejire Cataclysm always made her a little light headed for a bit, but also because she was worried about Izuku. Instead, she saw him standing there, perfectly fine. His shirt was ripped, but not burned or anything, and his hair was currently standing up in the air.

But he was shaking. A lot.

"Izuku?" Nejire walked towards him. "Are you okay?"

"I…" Izuku blinked and looked at his hand. "I feel really—"

He fell onto her. His body was vibrating.

With a glare, she looked at Shirna and pouted. "Because of you, we have to go to the hospital now."

The passed out boy looked so peaceful.


Normally when Izuku woke up at the hospital, he felt like he needed to be there, usually because of a massive headache, several broken bones, bruises on about every single part of his body, and the kind of grogginess that could only be obtained by an I.V. drip. But this time it was the exact opposite.

He felt like he could run a mile! No, that was normal. He felt like he could jump a mile! Wait, that was also normal. One for All made simple comparisons really really hard, but the point was that it felt like he could do all those things one million times without even breaking a sweat. It was like he had drank a thousand cups of espresso without the jitteriness or the need to pee.

"Oh, he's perfectly fine," Izuku glanced over towards the doctor that was talking to a very concerned looking Nejire. "Honestly, the only reason he passed out was likely because of the sudden surge."

"But what happened?" Nejire flailed her arms and pouted. "Shinra was all like zappy-boom cannon in his face and Izuku isn't even hurt? I mean, I'm super happy he's not hurt or anything, but he got hit with like twenty lightning bolts."

"Oh, well the answer is quite simple, Shinra's quirk allows him to turn electricity into energy that a human body can use. It's a bit like how our bodies store energy as fat; the only difference is that Shinra's is just pure energy, and right now Izuku is overloaded with that energy. I suspect the only downside is that he'll need to find some way to express that energy soon or else he might end up putting on about thirty pounds or so." The doctor gave a light shrug. "Given the nature of Izuku's quirk, I'd recommend he stay away from hero duty until most of Shinra's energy has been dissipated."

"Okay, but how's he supposed to get rid of the energy? Do I just plug my phone into him?"

The doctor laughed. "Oh, no, no, no, just any physical activity would be good, running is the easiest, swimming might be better, but he might not be able to sleep for a while. Think of him as just in a super energetic state, like how it feels after you drink a soda or something."

"So, any physical activity?"


Nejire turned to look Izuku in the eye, a smile spreading on her face that told him, well it told him something, but he really didn't know what it meant. Besides the fact that he kind of liked that. "Did you hear all that Izuku?"

Izuku nodded and sat up in the hospital bed. "Lots of exercise, got it. Anything else?"

"You might not have to eat for a while, but once you burn through the extra energy, you'll likely be starving."

Nejire gasped and clapped her hands over her mouth, bouncing and clearly excited for something.

"But, beyond that you're free to go."

"Great!" Nejire bounced over and grabbed his hand. "Ooh, vibrate-y, I know just how to use that. Now come on Izuku, we still need to finish our date."

By the time Izuku had made it outside, he had come to the conclusion that the sun shouldn't be out right now. "How long was I asleep?"

"About eight hours. I managed to talk to your mom; she's happy you're okay, and she left your health in my capable hands."

He wasn't sure if he should thank his mother or have a talk about who she could entrust his safety to. As much as Nejire meant the world to him, she was just a step below Mei on the crazy scale. Sure, it was big fucking step, but it was one step all the same.

"Did you sleep?" Izuku asked, as he didn't want Nejire to let go of his hand anytime soon.

She pouted and flapped her free arm. "Yeah, but they wouldn't let me cuddle with you while you were defenseless even though you were fine."

That step just got a little bit smaller.

"Now come on, let's go to my place, and then we can—" She paused, biting her lip and then letting out a big smile. "Talk about what we're going to do today."


Nejire's condo put Izuku's apartment to shame. From the modern, open floor plan, to the fact that it even had a launch pad for Nejire built into the balcony that allowed her to enter her home without having to travel through the elevators. It was everything a modern hero could ask for, at least compared to Izuku's own apartment that was roughly the same size as the one he had grown up in.

Maybe he should start house shopping.

More importantly.

He was now alone.

With Nejire.

In her apartment.

To do.


She had said that she would take care of the current overabundance of energy problem he had going on. Maybe she was going to switch into workout gear? That might kill him. Just seeing her with her hair in a ponytail might be dangerous, but her wearing activewear? Even if there was some kind of a loose shirt on top—that might actually make things worse—it was going to be rough. Really really rough.

And hard.

No. Bad brain. This was Nejire, she was, well she wasn't pure, but she was—


Nejire Hado was naked right in front of him. Her dress had fallen to the floor and she had unhooked her bra with ease, leaving only her periwinkle panties and socks on. She ran her hands through her long hair, stretching her body and showing of each and every single one of her curves in the process.

It would be so easy to compare Nejire to a model, to a famous painting, to a goddess, but he could compare nothing to Nejire. She was in a league of her own. Her waist was slender compared to her wide and commanding hips that seemed to be ready to sway at a moment's notice, with each motion more erotic than the last. Her thighs were powerful in every sense of the word, and even though he could only see the slightest hint of it when Nejire moved to the side, he was very familiar with the shape and size of her ass thanks to her hero suit.

But the real star of the show was Nejire's breasts. Large, shapely, perky, and perhaps most importantly, bouncy. They seemed to sway and jiggle with every single one of Nejire's motions, hypnotizing him into walking closer. Her breasts said touch me, her nipples said bite me.

And every single part of Nejire said hug me and never ever let go.

The shy kid inside Izuku told him to run away.

But, the mature adult in Izuku took control and stared dumbly at Nejire.

"Why are you naked?" He asked smartly.

Nejire tilted her head at him, and a predatory smile appeared on her face., s She leaned forward slightly, causing her plump boobs to dangle tantalizing in front of him. With her thumbs tucked under her panties, she pulled them out at her hips and leaned down just a bit, still staring him in the eyes.

Izuku could have sworn that he heard those dainty laces hit the ground like they weighed a hundred pounds.

"Well, you need to burn off a lot of energy right? And what's the best way for couples to burn off a lot of energy?"

"Sex?" Hhe asked., "We're going to have sex?"

"Yep! We're going to have sex until you drop! Now come on! We need to get cleaned off first!" She grabbed his hand again, and started to lead him towards her bathroom. Nejire's ass was practically screaming at him to follow her.

"But, won't you get tired?"

"If you manage to wear me out, I'll be super impressed! But don't worry about me! Wait, no, do, you need to make sure that I feel good the entire time, and that means kissing, and grabbing, and hugging, and picking me up against the wall and fucking my brains out."

"Why do I have the feeling I've been sexualy repressing you for years?"

"Because you have! We've got like six years of sex to make up for!"

Who was he to argue with that kind of logic?

He found himself hypnotized as he watched Nejire enter her shower., t The large glass box looked big enough for both of them and thenm some. There were two shower heads that activated via touch from a panel on the wall, one from above, one from the side. For a moment, all iIzuku could think about was how good Nejire's water pressure was, then he remembered that Nejire was naked and his mind reprioritized.

She walked over to him, her wide hips swaying with every single step as she strutted in all of her bare naked glory.

"Well?" She grabbed onto his tie and ran it through her fingers, sending a powerful sensation through Izuku's spine that seemed to make his limbs melt. "Are you going to stand there and watch, or are you going to join me?."

She walked back towards the shower with a grin that Izuku could swear he could see from behind. The swaying motion of Nejire was hypnotic. Her ass was on full display, moving and shaking with a taught firmness that just made him want to smack it. But, again, the real treat was when Nejire ran her hands through her hair and then pulled it up to let it fall: during that brief couple of moments, he saw something that would be burned into his mind forever.

He could see Nejire's breasts from behind.

That was simply amazing.

She turned back to him and winked.

And then he realized he was still wearing his shoes.

He scrambled to take his clothes off, his tie was tossed to the side, shirt unbuttoned at a pace that sent a few buttons flying, and his belt followed by pants were dropped to the ground. He chased Nejire into that shower with a smile on his face. The warm water blasted both of them, Nejire's small stature leaving him wondering if he was blocking her from the water.

She spun in the shower, her hand falling upon his chest was somehow much warmer than the water that blasted them. It was so stimulating feeling her touch any part of his naked body. Her smile twisted and she met his eyes for the hundredth time that day. She stepped in front of him, her hands exploring his body, as he could do little more than groan in appreciation and roll his eyes. One hand went down, down, down, moving from his arm, then to his obliques, and his abs, and then, his penis.

She wrapped her fingers around him gently, her eyes keeping him trapped like a whirlpool of lust and desire. The way she was biting her lip as she watched him, studying him with pure arousal, was pure eroticism. The lightest stroke made him whimper, her touch made him moan, and his penis seemed to be completely in love with Nejire's slightest touch.

Nejire's laugh was pure sex as her hand left his penis and moved back up his body. "I always knew that I would like your body, Izuku, but I can tell I'm going to like your penis too. It has a good shape. Thick, too." She wiggled her hips and pressed her chest up against his. Her hands locked behind his neck as she smiled. "I can't wait to feel it inside of me."

"Mmm," he groaned, eyes nearly rolling in his head. He probably shouldn't mention that he was practically on the verge of coming already. It had to be the endless energy running through his body that made him so ready to shoot his load. "I like yours too, Nejire."

"Oh?" She gave a light shove and stood in the water, looking like a waterborne creature of pure and utter sex. She ran her fingers up and down her body and gave him a playful wink. "I don't recall you ever touching me too much, so why don't you take this chance and explore me?"

That meant he could touch.

He reached forward and grabbed one boob.



Nejire boob.

He had heard people joke about boobs being like bags of sand, or even warm water balloons, but those words lacked the pure magic that was touching Nejire's breast. It was soft, but had some push back to it, and was heavier than he would have thought, he flipped it slightly watching as Nejire moaned and giggled at his touch. They were so wonderfully bouncy.

"You know Izuku," She smiled and grabbed his other hand. "I'm more than just one boob."

She grabbed his other hand and brought it towards her hip. He moved and grabbed a handful of her butt cheek. Nejire gave a light eep, then she smiled and placed a hand on his cheek. "There you go Izuku, you can touch me wherever," her lips parted, her head tilting to the side, "and however," she leaned forward, "you want."

His hand traveled along Nejire's body, reluctantly moving from her breast and down her waist where he planted it firmly on her back, holding her close as he leaned in.

Their first kiss.


In a shower.

Hours after their first date.

But that did not make it any less loving.

He felt that kiss, that passion fueled kiss that was nearly a frenzy of smooches throughout his entire body. Just when the first one ended, both of them taking greedy gasps of air, the second one started, Nejire's hands cupping his cheeks as he began to explore her body, his hands on her hips, grazing her waist, feeling her thigh, rubbing her nipples, and finally, touching her entrance.

Nejire gasped, breaking the kiss and breaking the spell for a few moments. "Careful Izuku," she warned as her hand went down to his rock hard penis. It felt so hard. It felt so big. Like every single erection he had ever had in the past was simply a tribute to this one. "If you touch me down there, I might want even more from you."

He found his voice at last and grabbed onto Nejire's waist, kissing her again. "What if I want to give you everything? And then some?"

He felt her smile against his lips. "Then, I think we need to finish up in the shower, unless—" She jumped up, freeing herself from his loose grip. Her legs wrapped around his waist, one arm held onto his shoulder, while the other hand went through his hair. Her voice was hot, hotter than the shower and heavier than she was. "We just do it here? Our first time, here, in the shower? What do you say, Izuku?"

There was no saying.

There was only kissing.

Kissing, nodding, touching, groping.

He felt Nejire move on top of him, her fit, agile body pressing up against his in so many wonderful ways that he couldn't keep track of all the sensations.

But, there was one he was keenly aware of. Her hand, reaching down below, her fingers barely able to hook onto the tip of his penis as she angled him into position, and let her hips sink.

"Ahh," Nejire gasped as his head entered her for the first time. The first of many, her face twisted into a delightful dopey smile that almost looked like she had just woken up. She was tight, very, very tight, and it honestly felt like she was trying to suck him inside of her. They eased into things, her warmth embracing him entirely, and then, when she got to the base, she gave a light, dopey smile. "I was right." She laughed and kissed him gently. "You do feel good inside of me. Do you feel good Izuku?"

"I…" His words died in his mouth, and instead he grabbed her, holding her still and kissing her while he let his dick do the talking. No sensation even came close to this feeling. He moved back and out, and then up and in, feeling Nejire as she moved around him. Tight. Wet. Warm. Good. Those were words that could describe individual parts of what he was experiencing that moment, but there was no word to properly describe everything as a whole.

Just a name.

That name was Nejire.

"Mmm." Nejire gave a light squeal, the back of her head pressing against the glass for a few moments, forcing her chest out towards him. Her breasts were bouncing. Bouncing more than before and right in front of his face. He had both hands holding onto her ass and thighs so that he could fuck her from this position.

But, he needed to touch those breasts as well.

Those wonderful




He dove in, opening his mouth and awkwardly moving around Nejire's breast until he got a nipple in his mouth.

The loud moan from Nejire coupled with the almost frenzied way that she grabbed his head, pushing him deeper into her breast, was all the motivation he needed to continue.

She gave a squeal, her legs locking around his torso harder and her fingers scratching at his shoulders. She pushed him away from her breast and then grabbed his face, pulling him into a deep, frenzied kiss that matched the tight squeezing sensation down below as her entire body seemed to pulse over and over again.

Nejire relaxed for a moment, but Izuku kept up his pace. If Nejire was bothered by it, it didn't show in the least. "You just made me cum, Izuku." She tapped him on the nose. "Let's see how many more times you can make me do that."

That was a bigger boost to his motivation than the time All Might said he could be a hero.

Only this time he didn't cry.

Nejire dropped her legs, pulling him out for a few seconds as she stood in the shower, her hands and chest against the glass wall as she presented her ass towards him. Her dripping pussy was waiting for him.

He walked forward, grabbed her by the hips, and then angled himself back into her. From behind, it felt different. Nejire felt different, and the sensation of her ass pressing up against him every single time he tried to go back in was amazing in its own right. And like this, he could grab onto her breasts whenever he wanted too.

The hot water of the shower blasted him in the back and Nejire's moans spurred him on.

He felt a familiar sensation shoot through him.


But unlike before, the sensation of relaxation, of finality, of this being it, only lasted for half a second before he actually came into Nejire. He could tell that he was already ready for more.

"I umm, should we be worried that I—"

"Came inside?" Nejire asked, turning to look at him. "No, it's fine, I have a birth control thingy. Besides," she hooked her arms around him and kissed him again, "if it fails, you'll just have to take responsibility.


They'd barely dried off by the time they made it to Nejire's bed. A pile of pillows and stuffed animals sat on one end of her bed, while the sheets were clean and a deep dark blue that might have matched her dress.

The only important thing was that Nejire's bed was large enough for both of them.

She guided him by the tips of his fingers, her still damp hair falling behind her as she took a step, and then a hop, and then floated onto her bed, where she laid, bare, exposed, and waiting for him. Her legs were spread as she touched herself lightly, spreading herself, as though to beckon him closer. One hand went towards her breasts where a mark from where he had suckled too aggressively had already formed, and she smiled at him.

Somehow, Nejire looked even more beautiful than she had earlier.

His knee sunk into the bed as he put his weight on it, and Nejire bit her lip and grinned, showing off just how eager she was for this. He moved slowly, deliberately, with the full awareness that he was holding back a beast that was ready to lash out and devour them both.

He kissed her thigh, watching as she mewled.

He kissed the entrance to her pussy, watching as her back arched.

He kissed her stomach, watching as she begged.

He kissed her breast, watching as she smiled.

He kissed her lips, and felt her embrace.

With his hand under her waist, he guided himself back into her once more. Lying down, the sensation was different, but still so amazing. From there, he could easily watch all of Nejire's cute faces, and find out what she liked the most. And what he liked the most.

He placed one hand on her face and she smiled up at him in a way that said she was all his. It was a sweet smile that would have been able to tell the world that she was in love if it had ever been captured. Instead, it was directed at him, and him alone. She tilted her head the slightest bit and began to suck on his thumb. It was odd, but incredibly sexy in its own right.

Every time he moved his hips inside of her, he felt her insides move against him, trying desperately to hold him in place while her hips matched his own motion. It felt so good, the flow of them matching each other, the intensity of constantly staring into each other, the smiles, the slight laughs, the loud moans. Like this, in its most basic form, sex was simply amazing.

He leaned down, kissing Nejire as he continued to move his hips, and continued to do his best to expel the energy that had been poured into him. And Nejire was so willing to accept it.

She gave another squeal, her face contorting as he pressed deep inside of her. She leaned forward, pulling him into another desperate kiss. The kiss, the sex, and the feeling of Nejire's fingers running through his hair once again was more than enough to make him cum a second time.

"Hehe," Nejire laughed as she flopped back down onto the bed. "That time, we came together, Izuku."

She grabbed his hand and entangled their fingers. She gave a long happy sigh. "Let's see how many more times we can do that."

Before he could even protest for her own safety, he was hard again. He was barely out of Nejire for a second before he had been put on his back and Nejire had sat down on top of him, her small hands touching his chest as she began to move, her expression contorting into one of pure lust that belonged in a hentai. Her smile was wide, open, and there was a crazed look in her eyes. Her large breasts bounced as she began to move her hips. There was something in her eyes that scared Izuku for half a second before his own horniness took over.

He grabbed Nejire's hips and began to thrust up into her, making her scream in pleasure again.

With her on top, sex had turned into a battle: a battle to see who could make the other cum first, with Nejire moving her hips in ways he didn't think possible. She was grinding him, taking him in deeper than ever, and squeezing him for all he was worth. Her every movement seemed to demand that he give her more, more, more, more.

He grabbed her breasts in a desperate ploy to not lose an ounce of ground in this battle, teasing her nipples with his fingers. The effect was apparent as Nejire hips began to slam down on him with amazing speed. Her tight thighs kept slapping against his hips, and her stomach seemed to be rolling like a storm.

He tried to move, tried to bring her into a kiss to finish her off, but she played dirty. Her own hands slid forward, moving towards his neglected nipples, and she teased them softly. His eyes rolled in his head as his back arched, a wave of pleasure slamming into him as he came inside of her yet again.

Nejire continued her assault, her hips still moving, faster and faster, until she came yet again.

This time the pause lasted longer. Both of them smiled at each other as she sat on top of him, his still hard dick inside of her.

"Look," she said softly and grabbed his hand. She made him sit up a bit before she touched his hand to her stomach. "You're still so hard inside of me, Izuku." She wiggled her hips and she could see and feel his erection through her stomach. "So, we're not done yet. Are we?"

She was teasing him.

And he wasn't going to let her get away with that.

Not in the slightest.

Nejire squealed in delight as he flipped her over, hooking his arms under her knees and pressing her against the mattress as he pumped her with all his might. Nejire's calves touched his thighs as he pressed his hand into the bed and kissed her again and again.

By the end of the first day, they had done it in every single position Izuku could think of, even one position where Nejire was laying down and he was pounding at her from behind while she googled up new sex positions.

By the end of the second day, they had done it on every surface in her house.

By the end of the third, Izuku lost track of time, but they did have more sex.

And then, eventually they managed to sleep.


"Holy shit! It smells like a fucking orgy in here!"

Izuku woke up with a snort, Nejire stirring in his arms as their naked bodies were still tangled around each other. The first thing he wanted to do was kiss her. So he did. It was a soft, tender, loving kiss that was perfect for something that happened first thing in the morning.

Even if Nejire's clock says that it was anything but the morning.

Nejire squirmed, kissing him deeper, and then rolled on top of him, her large breasts pressing against his chest as he grabbed a handful of her ass.


"Guh," Nejire smiled and pushed herself up a bit.

"Uhh, is that Yuyu?" Izuku asked as he looked down and saw Nejire's awesome cleavage. He'd never get tired of staring at her boobs. But, did they look different?

"Yeah." Nejire gave him a quick smooch and sat up in the bed with a bounce. "It must be the thirtieth. You wait here, I'll go deal with her."

Izuku wanted to freak out that they had sex for for five days straight, but something stopped him. The image that had been burned into his soul on Christmas day of seeing Nejire's breasts from behind her was wrong. Not wrong in a bad way, but wrong in that he could see more of Nejire's breasts from behind. Come to think of it, her hips looked bigger too.

Nejire donned a robe, and looked at her own chest for a few seconds before she shrugged and fluttered out of the room.

"Nejire? What happened? I mean, I figured your date would go well but this is—" Yuyu's voice was quickly silenced. Then it exploded again. "What the hell happened to your tits!? They've doubled in size!"

Izuku wouldn't say double, but he really didn't have a good side by side.

"I don't care how good the sex was! That doesn't mean your tits can, guh, whatever, do you have any idea how much it's going to cost to fix your costume? I'm going to need new measurements."

Izuku debated wandering out in front of Yuyu butt naked to watch Nejire get measured.

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