Perry came into the office at 7:00am—his usual time—one morning. There, he was treated to a very unusual sight:

A girl was asleep on the couch in the reception area. She was barefoot and stretched across the cushions.

Della Street!

Smiling, he walked over to her.


She woke up. Seeing Perry, she straightened herself.

"Oh, Chief, I'm so sorry! I took a little break and went in here to relax for a bit. I guess I dozed off. I didn't get too much sleep, the night before."

"I see. What about that report you were supposed to type up for me?"

She looked very troubled. "Oh, Chief—I guess I didn't finish typing it! I'm so sorry!"

He shook his head. "Well, Della. I'm very sorry, but I'll just have to let you go—"


"—to dinner with me, tonight!"

This shocked her. "Huh?!"

"Let's say at 6:00? I'll take you to Frenchie's."

"Oh, Chief, thank you so much!"

"You go and finish that report."

"Yes, Chief! Let me put my shoes on."

"Fine. You can take them off in the restaurant if you'd like!"

"I just might do that!"

They both laughed. She put her shoes on. They walked together to his inner office.