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Thalia POV

So, Piper's coming now. That's how little Zeus respects women. Reyna is literally in his castle supposedly getting to know Jason better and he brings in another suitor for him. None of us mind because Reyna doesn't want to marry Jason and Jason wants to marry Piper, but it's the principle. Anyway, me and Reyna are supposed to stay in our rooms and not 'interfere' with Jason's feast or date. I'm not going to spend the whole night in my room. Nor do I want to get into an argument with Zeus - that's a total waste of time. I guess I'll go see Reyna. That will be enough to feel rebellious but will also allow me to get back to my room so I don't have to argue with him. I snuck out of my room and down the hall. Thankfully, I didn't bump into anyone and before in knew it I was at Rara's door. I knocked quietly on her door and waited for her answer. "Come in." I walked through the door and she pulled me into a hug. "Did you really miss me that much that you needed to come and see me an hour after we last saw each other?" She meant it as a joke but I started to blush as soon as she said it.

"No. I just got bored Rara. What do you want to talk about?"

We talked for practically the whole night. It was well-past midnight when we heard Jason and Piper go to bed. It was nice and by the time it was time to go I really didn't want to. I looked at Reyna's beautiful, regal face and could barely keep from kissing it.

Reyna POV

I looked at Thalia's beautiful, rebellious face and could barely keep from kissing it. Are these feelings even natural? I remembered something I read in one of my sisters letters. "Thalia?" I said cautiously, nervous about what was about to happen.


"I got a letter from Hylla a couple of days ago. She was telling me about life in the Amazons, trying to get me to join and she said something that interested me." I proceeded carefully.

"Yeah. What was it?"

"Some of the women there forsake men even romantically and marry other women. It's quite common and a lot of them are very happy. Some are happier than men and women." I finished, looking at her expectantly.

"That sounds very… interesting." There was some hopeful excitement in her eyes. "Why does that interest you?"

I laughed nervously. "Wouldn't you like to know?" I looked at her and she looked at me. She slowly leaned forward, never once taking her eyes off me. My eyes flicked down to her lips and back up at her eyes. Slowly but surely, the gap between us closed before our lips met. It was like heaven. Our lips moved in sync. I savoured every breath I shared with her. I pulled her closer until our bodies were touching. She ran her hand through my hair, combing her fingers through it again and again. I don't know how much time passed but it could have been years for all I cared. Suddenly the door opened and we jumped apart, panting.

"WHAT ON EARTH DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?" Zeus was standing at the door, his face red with fury and Jason stood behind him. It was the first time I'd seen him scared. Next to him stood a beautiful girl with choppy brown hair and kaleidoscope eyes that kept changing colour so I couldn't tell what they were.


"Actually father," Jason interrupted, very bravely I might add. "I knew Thalia liked Reyna this whole time. She wasn't playing with my feelings."

"YOU THINK THAT MAKES IT BETTER!?" He shouted, rounding on Jason. He lifted his hand as if to hit him but a large hand grabs it from behind.

"No one hurts Bob's friend." A warning voice says from behind Zeus.


"Dad wait!" Jason called but Zeus ignored him. We sat there in silence, in shock at what just happened.

We sat in silence for a while before Jason broke it. "I think it's best you guys get going soon," he suggested.

None of us responded. We just nodded our heads in silence.

Thalia's POV

Just my luck. The minute something good happens, Zeus runs in and ruins it. The next morning I got up and grabbed my breakfast straight from the kitchens and take it to my room. I heard a knock at my door and Reyna walked in with her breakfast.

"Hey Rara." I say gloomily, though I was a bit happier now that she was here.

"Morning Pinecone-face" she replied with a small grin threatening to break in her lips. She sat next to me and we ate our breakfast in silence.

When we'd finished, we walked down to the sword fighting arena where we found Percy and Annabethsparring. They noticed us, stopped and walked up to us, grinning widely.

"So," Percy said, "I hear you two are together now?" He didn't seem disgusted, confused or even slightly judgmental about it. He seemed genuinely happy about it.

"I guess we are but after Zeus found out I don't know how long we'll be able to last. I reply.

"Oh." Percy seemed to not know what to say to that. "Do you know where Bob is?"

"No we don't. He stopped Zeus from hitting Jason and now for all we know he could be dead." Thalia says sadly. She looks like she is about to cry. Annabeth gasps and pulls Thalia into a hug. They both go to sit and cry together while Percy stays with me, barely holding it together.

He looks at Annabeth and says, "We saved Bob and grew really close to him. He was like a father to us and especially to Thalia and Jason." He looks back at me, a defiant fire in his eyes. "And we can save him again."

A maid walks up to us. "My lord Zeus has demanded you come and see him immediately." She tells us.

"Thanks Edna," I say and begin, reluctantly, walking towards the castle.

"No - I meant all of you," she corrects, looking at Reyna, Annabeth and then Percy.

Confused, we all begin to make our way to the throne room. I grab Reyna's hand unconsciously and she gives it a reassuring squeeze. When we enter, I see Zeus sitting on his throne and, curiously, Reyna's father standing next to him, a massive grin on his face. Jason and Piper were standing at the foot of his throne and looked terrified. The most horrible thing I saw though was Bob, sat in the corner, wearing nothing but a loincloth and his back cut to ribbons. Zeus notices me looking and says, "Yes, it's magnificent isn't it? A slave in his rightful place."

I spit at him. "You monster! I am disgusted to even call you family!" I scream at him.

"Not very polite. I certainly didn't teach you those manners and I'm sure your new husband won't allow that sort of behaviour." I nearly choke at that. "Oh yes. I've decided to be merciful so you are both going to marry the same husband. And I'll even let you take your oh-so-beloved slave with you. I'm not so sure your husband will be so kind to him though." At that, the last person I wanted to see walks out from behind the throne. Octavian.

I fight back the bile rising in my throats and glare at the young prince. His smug smile and disgusting features make me want to puke.

"Yes - it turns out your little relationship has turned out for the better. I sent a letter to both kings and they were all very supportive of my chosen method of action. Now we can have a three way alliance so, really, I should be thanking you."

"I aim to please," Reyna mutters sarcastically. "Though I will not, under any circumstances, marry that slimeball"

"I am afraid that you have no choice in the matter. By this evening you will both be married to this so-called 'slimeball' whether you like it or not." His grin spread even wider at the look of my discomfort.

"I won't let you!" Percy stepped forward in front of me, staring down the royal guards themselves.

"And who are you to stop me? Your father may be a powerful man but I am king. How would you like it if your father's fishing industry was turned back into what it was. One fishing boat and a broken net. You stand alone against my royal guards and expect to win?" he said while trying to keep his laughter in.

"He's not alone though." Annabeth steps forward with her dagger, standing next to her boyfriend. She is followed by Jason with his sword, then Piper, who had pulled a concealed dagger out of nowhere, and then finally Bob, armed with his broomstick.

"A group of teenagers and a beaten slave with a broom!? This should be amusing. Guards, take them alive." He didn't even bother keeping his laughter in this time. The guards run forward but we run forward to meet them. Percy and Annabeth take down the first in seconds, fighting like a whirlwind in perfect synchronicity. Jason and Piper take down another as if they'd been fighting together all their life. Me and Reyna took down two more together and the final five were 'swept' up by Bob. We look triumphantly at Zeus' dumbfounded look.

"Wha… how…you…where…sweep?" He stuttered.

"Like I said, we are not, under any circumstances, marrying that slimeball," I gloated before we all turned and ran for the door.

"Guards! Raise the alarm! Don't let them out!" He shouted after us as the rest of the guards in the room ran to catch us. We kept running. Left, right, left again. We ran into a couple of guards who ran at us. They were no match. We barely stopped before they were on the floor groaning. When we made it to the stables, the guards still hadn't caught up with us and me and Reyna started getting a couple of horses ready whilst the rest guarded the door. Me and Reyna got on one one and Bob climbed on the other.

"Bob, my dad owns a floating village about two days from here," Percy told him, "if you hurry you can tell him I sent you."

I gave him a pack of food and grabbed a couple for me and Reyna. "Zeus is very carful so he keeps these packs here in case he needs to run quickly. They should last you till you get to the village and us till we reachthe Amazons." I told him

"We'll write to you as soon as we get there. My sister will make sure we are taken care of there." Reyna finished off before we raced out and into the streets. People ran to get out of our way and whooped with joy. I was finally free of my father.

Time skip

Reyna POV

When we arrived we learnt that Hylla had very quickly risen to the top and gave us the full care of the Amazons. We wrote to Jason and Percy as soon as possible. And they got back quickly.

My dear sister,

I'm so glad to hear that you made it safely to the Amazons. I'm currently at Piper's castle. We couldn't stay with Zeus - not after helping you. Her mum probably hasn't noticed I'm even here. Piper has had to look after herself for basically her whole life. The servants are nice and she respects them a lot. So far I haven't heard anything from Zeus.

Hope to talk again soon,


Dear Thalia and Reyna,

Me and Annabeth got safely to our dad's village and I can confirm that Bob is in safe hands. He's free and we spar almost every day. I'm glad to hear that you are safe and miss you both. We are keeping an eye out for Zeus to come and demand we hand over Bob but so far nothing. He won't try anything too big though, or risk angering my dad because he's a very powerful man and exports almost all the fish in Greece (maybe not that much but it's a lot) and he can't lose such a powerful ally.

Hope to hear from you soon.


P.S. Annabeth says hi

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