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I'm going to be gone late tonight. I have to finish one last deadline for work before I can be officially done for Christmas. Why don't you spend dinner with Lisa and Larry downstairs? There's no need for you to spend Christmas Eve alone, even if I was called to work. I should be back after you go to sleep.

Love, Dad

Sal sighed at the note on the fridge. His dad often worked at odd or even bad hours, but he hadn't been at his job in Nockfell long enough to really be in a position to protest.

Still, Sal wasn't going to spend the night alone, nor did he intend to go for his friends in the basement. He grabbed his Super Gear Boy and began counting up the money stashed in his wallet. He had an idea.


The bus ride wasn't too bad, going back up to Jersey. After getting off, Sal silently trudge towards his destination in the freezing, snowy night. That destination was the graveyard where Diane Fisher was buried.

As the gates of the cemetery grew closer, Sal felt his stomach start to flip. however, he wasn't sure just what emotion was causing it. He'd never actually attempted this before, although with the Super Gear Boy in his possession, he would be lying if he said he hadn't considered. He swallowed any hesitation and slipped between the wide bars of the closer gates.

It unnerved even him how easy it was to recall just where his mother's grave was. In not time at all, he was staring at the grave of the woman who had saved his life. He sat down and took out the Super Gear Boy, which had been going crazy ever since he'd gotten close to the graveyard.

"I don't want anyone else," he mumbled, a pale thumb over the button as he extended the antenna. "I only want to see my mom." And then, a shock came from the game. Sal watched intently as he waited for any reaction.

It took a few minutes, but up from the grave came a woman with blonde hair and bullet holes tattering what was once the lovely dress she was wearing. "Mom..." Sal breathed, the Super Gear Boy falling into his lap.

Indeed, Diane Fisher was in front of him. She looked around the graveyard before realizing who had summoned her. "Sal?" she asked, voice soft with a mother's love.

"it's me," Sal said, smiling and feeling tears pool in his eye behind his mask. "I came to see you."

Diane smiled. "Can you take off your mask? I want to see your face again. It's been a long time," she said. Sal was a bit hesitant at first. Then, he took off his mask, the freezing air nipping at his scar tissue. "There's my handsome son," Diane said.

"Mom..." Sal said, even if pride was in his voice. "I wish I could hug you. After watching you for so long, I just want to hold you again. You and your father," Diane said.

Sal felt a pang in his heart. When he reached up for his mother's hand, his hand phased right through, sending a chill up his arm. "We both miss you too. Dad took it really hard when you died... but he's working on it. He's doing better now," he said.

"What a wonderful Christmas present this is. If your father working late again?" Diane asked. "Yeah. He works even more now than he did back in New Jersey. I... I figured I would come visit you," Sal said.

Diane smiled. "I think the only time Henry stopped working was around the time you were born," she said. She sat with her son, even though it was on her own grave, and seemed to be reminiscing. "You were the sweetest child when you were born, Sal. I had never seen such a perfect little boy until I held you in my arms for the first time," she recalled.

Sal drew his knees up to his chest. "I probably look a little less perfect now, huh?" he said. He felt a chill on his forehead as Diane attempted to give him a kiss. "You're still my perfect little boy. Never forget that," she said.

Sal didn't realize he had begun crying again until he felt the warmth of his tears hit his face.

It was then that Diane began to flicker. "Mom?" Sal asked, wiping his tears. "I'm afraid I have to go now... I'm never allowed to stay for long. It was nice to see you again. Have a good Christmas with your father, alright?" Diane said, her voice growing softer with each word.

"I will. I love you, Mom," Sal said. Diane gave him one last smile as she faded back into the grave. "I love you too, Sal."

And then, she was gone once again. Sal brushed the snow off of his mask and put it back on. He stood up and dusted himself off, then began to walk away from the graveyard.

Although bittersweet, this was definitely going down as one of his best Christmas Eves.

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