Chapter 1 New Dark Knight


A long figured rest within Crime Ally, worn out but started to open his white eyes and see what was around him. He was a young man who wore a black high-tech suit with a cowl that long pointed ears and a red bat symbol on his chest. This was Terry McGinnes aka Batman, The Tomorrow Knight.

Terry rubbed the back of his head as his eye-sights come back as he rose up from position to standing up and started to widen when he noticed what's around him.

Gotham, but different and older time than what the teen remembered from his era which made his brain lit up on what was going on.

"Could I? No it can't be. I need to be sure first," Terry thought, not panicking as it won't help, and remembered his training. Think on your feet, steady yourself, and then make the jump.

The Tomorrow Knight then grabbed an old brown coat that covered his whole body and pick a brown hat to cover his head while taking his mask off for the time being. He then exited out of Crime Alley and saw that Gotham was in a bad state than what he remembers reading from school and learning from the old man.

Terry noticed that Gotham was more San Diego feeling than New York classic style and more poor people living on the streets or ruin buildings. They are very lost and hopeless from the looks of it which made him sick to see them like this and wonder what's going on.

What happened to Bruce Wayne and Batman? Their work would have fixed the city. So what happens and where is Bruce?

Terry hummed in thought and decied to get some answers from a computer to search them up. He found a library that was closed and hummed in thought which he had to break in and wasn't a bad thing for now at least. He unlocked the door while making sure the alarms weren't triggered and started his search on a nearby computer.

Terry started to type and search up anything that could with his answers. The start would be what happen to Bruce and the Wayne Family. As he read, the young teen started to feel, well he doesn't know and felt hollow on what he found out.

The murder of Wayne's Family never happened and they move out of Gotham due to the failed robbery turned shootout. Bruce would take over his family company and the CEO in the Europe era while Gotham's Wayne Enterprise was given control by a certain Fox. He later married Selina Kyle and the two lived a happy family life somewhere in Europe, away from Gotham and its corruption.

Terry clenched his hands into fits and was close to breaking the computer before him but relax and calm down as he shouldn't let his anger get to him.

A world without a Batman, anyone's worst nightmare, and Terry's too.

However, there's still hope as Terry finally understands and opens his eyes to see the bigger picture.

Terry then left the library while covering his tracks and setting great covers from him in this strange and new past world. He decied to use everything he was taught by his mentor who was a father figured and a good man to him.

Terry then fired a grappling hook, having himself be pulled upwards and removed the hat/coat to suit up fully for his new path.

"The world will always need a Batman," Terry said, the words that Bruce in his world once told him to himself as he puts his mask up, starting his new path and gives the world a new Dark Knight, the first one.

Time Skip (Five Years Later)

Five years have passed.

Five years since the corruption in Gotham was coming down a lot and changing for the better. Criminals were becoming afraid of the night that was coming at them and people were having hope back within their darkest hour. Of course, some didn't like the appearance of the knight showing up and changing things, but a great number of people respect and loved their dark hero of the night, the Dark Knight of Gotham, Batman.

Even GCPD has a bat signal on top of their rooftop and the police work with Batman on rare and hard cases that need help. While they said they are not working with the Bat but the truth is that they are and the head of the GCPD is good friends with the Silent Guardian of Gotham as he believed that he was a hero that Gotham needs.

Of course, doing good had some bad coming back for our hero to face head-on, but Batman had faced them all and came up on top. Crime families to bosses, psychopaths, killers, and superpowered villains over the years have fallen by the Dark Knight's hands and justice was given.

However, while Batman is doing good work but what about his outside life?

We can see Terry who has grown well and matured over the five years of being in this alternated version past world, making the Dark Knight's legacy start and his own life outside his crusade against Gothams' underworld.

Terry was doing online college and aiming to be a private investigator which he does odd jobs on/off and is close to getting his PI license. He had harked the government and created files for himself to fit in with no problems and things to come at his face, normal life when outside his night patrols.

Terry was waiting for his date who was running a little late which was fine and can wait as he was in no hurry. Yeah, a date and happens to be in an interesting relationship that some would dream to have.

Then Terry suddenly felt a pair of delicate hands covering his eyes and someone press on his back, being familiar to him.

"Guess who?" A female voice asked which the black-haired knight know who.

"My beautiful girlfriend," Terry replied which he got a giggle and hands removed, allowing him to trun around to see his amazing red-haired girlfriend in a stunning dress for their date tonight. This was Barbara Gordon.

Now how did they meet you ask? Well let's go about that, shall we?

It started when Terry was in his two-year adventure as Batman and was starting college full time as he wanted to get his schooling time in, something his parents and old man would like for him to have. No matter what world he is in.

Now Terry was heading to the library to pick some books which he did and bumped into someone, causing their books to fall onto the ground and the black-haired knight meets the red-haired beauty herself.

Terry and Barbara hit it off great, starting as college study partners before friends and later full-time relationship.

Terry was very grateful for meeting this version of Barbara than the world he meets in his world and could tell the massive difference between the two. And he likes the young version better who is the love of his life now.

Now a great question is how Barbara found out that her boyfriend is Batman and her joining to fight alongside him. Well, let's start, shall we?

Barbar found out after a night walk where she saw Batman in action and was amazed by his skills. She later saw him injured, making him bleed, and escaped after the case was done.

The next day, Barbara found Terry injured, being in pain, and was in the same spot that Batman was injured last night. This made her be more careful about both Terry's and Batman's actions, starting to connect the clues.

After all the clues were clear and the connection pointed out, Barbara decied to talk with Terry on the top of a skyscraper after saving her from danger and revealed that she knows his secret, shocking him.

The two then talk for a great while until becoming very close and shared a loving kiss under the night sky, truly becoming a couple and agree with no more secrets.

"Ready for our date, Terry?" Barbara asked.

"Yeah, I'm ready," Terry replied as the pair head out for their date before any night patrols happened and this night was going to be about them for sure.

Time Skip

Clock Tower (Bat Crypt)

After their date and hanging out, we see Terry and Barbara heading to their base of operations which happens to be an abandoned clock tower. The old clock tower works and has rent but no one wants to be the landlord of a clock tower and do work around it which was no problem for our hero and his team/family. This base when putting the codes and changing for crime-fighting uses, it's called the Bat Crypt. (Clock Town from Arkham Series and DC Comics)

Calling it Batcave won't make sense, much less calling it as the nest either. So hence the name crypt instead.

Terry and Barbara got out of their nice suits into their patrol ones in case they have one tonight. They don't plan on doing crime-fighting tonight but it never hurts to be ready for the unknown and on guard.

Gone of the pure black suit with little protection and for an upgraded version of it. We now Terry coming out with an armored version of his old suit and was improved to better withstand heavily gunfire & strong metahumans. (Arkham Knight, Batman Beyond suit)

Soon enough Barbara came out with her suit on which she goes by the name Batgirl and has been fighting alongside her boyfriend for a good while now.

"Haven't I comment on how great your suit fits you?" Terry asked as he put on his helmet which locks on and puts a black faceguard on.

Barbara shook her head with a smile and said, "Yes, yes you have commented on that, a good number of times. And I like the new suit you have now. Makes more knight and a darker one but good choice of armor."

"Thanks," Terry said as his voice changes into his bat personal and was ready for another night of patrol.

"Where's Tim and the trio?" Batgirl asked, seeing it was just them at Bat Crypt tonight.

"Tim has school work which he staying at Rocky's place who was happy to help with his schooling, Sonia is at work late tonight and will meet us on the field, and Kathy is with her father's for a couple of days," Batman answered and where the other members of Team Bat/Family were located tonight.

Yeah, Terry has his own Batfamily during his five-year crusade, gaining three great allies who are a little more than that down the road and his own Robin which he had saved Tim Drake during one of his patrols. He also has another family, in his normal one which will be shown for another time as something was happening now.

The Bat Singel was let up in the night sky which the two Bats saw and know that another case was at large.

Time for another patrol and night for our Bats while not knowing that a pair of eyes were watching them leave the clock tower and smirked on seeing her farviote bat.

"Can't wait for our next chase, Batman," The figure said who was a female, wearing a cat theme suit and purred in excitement on meeting Batman again. This was Black Cat and was ready for the next bat & cat chase soon enough.


AN: Base around Batman: Gotham Adventures issue #33, A world without Batman where Bruce's parents were never killed and how the outcome happens which Terry ends up in a new world of the past and gained a new life in that world.

Pairings TBA in the next chapter