Perry gave Della an hour lunch, for a change. Rather than get a quick lunch at a deli, she opted for a sit-down restaurant.

It was a typical hot midsummer LA day. Just as she was leaving, it started raining. The rain got pretty heavy pretty quickly, so she walked into the lobby of an office building and patiently waited.

Unfortunately, the rain didn't let up. Looking at her watch, she discovered it was 2:03pm; she was three minutes late!

"Well, I might as well get wet!" she said to herself.

She slipped her pumps off and picked them up. In her stocking feet, she walked out the door.

It was a good thing she was (nearly) barefoot, as the heavy rain caused flooding in the street. At first, she tried to run, but as she get wetter, she cared less about that.

Paul Drake was with Perry Mason. Perry looked at his watch with great concern. "2:05. Della is NEVER late from lunch! I hope she's ok."

"Well, it is raining pretty heavily out there," said Paul. "I'm sure that's delayed her."


At last, a drenched Della dashed in. "Hi, Chief. Hi, Paul."

"Della!" said Perry. "What happened to you?"

"I went swimming!"

He smiled. "Yes, I can see that!"

"I'm sorry, Chief! The rain started just as I was leaving the Vineyard. I waited for it to subside, but it didn't, so I just decide to brave it."

"You're a brave girl!" joke Paul.

She smiled. "Yeah, I guess so!"

"Now, Della," said her boss. "There's no need to work in your condition. You can take the rest of the day off—with pay!"

She smiled. "Thank you so much, Chief!"

"I'm leaving, now," said Paul. "Can I escort you to your car?"

"Thanks, Paul. Bye, Chief."

"Goodbye, Della."

She put her shoes on. Paul shook Perry's hand, and the two of them left. He walked with her to her car.

"Thanks, Paul."

"I'll bet you don't often go swimming with your clothes on!"

She laughed. "No, I don't!"

He gave her a light hug and left.