*Warning* Potential spoilers contained. For optimal reading, read Into Thin Air up to Chapter 23.

Into the Darkness: The Seifer Almasy Trial

Beta: [Queen] Bebedora

If everything he did up to this point were to fade away from recorded history—which, admittedly, seemed unlikely given his homicidal slips of passion, Seifer wanted history to take note of one crucial detail.

He looked fucking good in an orange jumpsuit.

Granted, this wasn't the noblest of feats—or even his most notorious—but in his opinion, it was merely something he doubted anyone else could pull off in the same way. A color meant to bring humiliation and indicate the differential between the innocent and accused only served to illuminate the flawless shards of cyan in his eyes. Even unshaven, with snarled flaxen hair, he knew precisely how absurdly attractive he was. While that may not have been the leading reason why Garden didn't want their sham of a trial televised, Seifer damn well knew it had to be an influencing factor.

The world didn't seem to notice that time— with its parallel universes— had collided just long enough for him to survive another hellish war while not missing anything for it in return. It was irritatingly inconvenient that not only had he managed to survive—again—but the only other person on this forsaken island with any concept of what just transpired was located where everyone wanted him dead.

It took nearly three hours for Seifer to find his way back to Garden without anyone the wiser. Hyne knows there were enough search parties out there looking for him that could have delivered him there sooner, but in how many parts were a logistical concern for Seifer. Despite the delay, he found it oddly unsettling how simple it was for the most wanted man on the planet to walk up to Garden's gates unnoticed.

He knew the time he had appropriated was almost up. If his exploitations in the other timeline had primed him for anything, it was to prepare for a fate that might no longer include him on this plane. If their combined actions had any impact on the future, Seifer could only guess, but his life now rested in a single testimony.

When he had arrived at the place that had molded him, shaped him, tried to make him who they wanted him to be, he looked up to see that it still bore scars of his war on its fragile siding. Although blemished, the iridescent beauty of its centered tiers cascading towards the sky as if greeting the early morning light commanded his silence. Its captivating halos brought solace to the weary time-traveler. For a short time, a different kind of magic brought him to memories when life was less complicated— or maybe when he was less complicated.

Like all nostalgic moments, it came to an end too soon.

An envoy of SeeDs took his all-too-willing body down to the ground. Seifer's laughter was lost amongst cheers of victory the SeeDs didn't earn. They had no idea. No one— except for her— knew what he had just done for them. If they had, Hyne knows, this reception would have looked very different.

Layla's notes

Hi Everyone!

So to recap: 2020 Sucked

I finished another semester, so while I'm on break, I made a goal of starting/finishing this "mini-series" while also working on the next chapter of ITA. I had this roughed out today, and while there is much more to this, I decided to just post it in honor of Seifer's bday. I will probably condense chapters in the future for a more seamless reading experience but I felt like I needed to celebrate our favorite narcissistic psychopath. I hope you enjoy it.