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"Hahahaha, having you here made things easy... how about this, the next Succu-girl store is on me... we need to team up more often." Kazuma shouted out in joy as Naruto finished off the monster that had been troubling the town. He, Stunk, Naruto, and Zel had formed a temporary party on his request. Easiest mission ever.

"Nice, free sex is always best sex." Stunk grinned, with Zel nodding.

"Even more so after a nice work out like that. Not that we had to do much." Zel nudged Naruto's side as they walked through the town. They had already gotten paid for the quest they took, and Naruto had his arms crossed.

He only agreed to the quest since Kazuma wouldn't be able to handle it himself.

Isekai Experience

"That store looks fine to me, it seems like it's theme is Isekai girls." Naruto pointed out the nearest succu-girl brothel. He didn't really care where they went, since after this he, Stunk, and Zel were going to be going on a minor quest together for some vampire dude. He was doing it as a favor to Zel, who asked the trio of reviewers to come with him. "Maybe one of them has experience with helping heal angels in another world." Naruto was still looking for a way to let Crim return to Heaven and make his fellow blond happy.

Unlike him, Crim could still return home... that is if they didn't kick him out for turning into a pervert.

'Man, I've had so much sex... I've had sex with like 19 different girls now since coming to this awesome world!' Kazuma had become a super regular visitor of brothels since he didn't have a party of girls to keep him from them. He didn't need to hide his pervertedness and desire for sex, which he barely hid even with them. "Having Aqua laugh at my small pen..."


"You said that part out loud." Stunk chuckled at Kazuma switching from his internal to external voice.

"So... your Excalibur reall is a Chunchunmaru..." Naruto joked with a small smirk on his face.

"Meh, he's about the same size as me, so I don't see a... oh right, my species has smaller sizes than adult humans." Zel muttered that part to himself. Considering he was average elf size, which was smaller than average human size, that made Kazuma smaller than the average human. "... Oh well, it's not like your size is stopping you from getting laid. Look at this asshole, his size has stopped him from getting laid like... 5-"

"6 times, it's now up to 6... about half of the halfling species can take me, when I went to Halflings Only when Piltia wasn't there, the other girls had too much trouble. So, lets review this store before we go back to town." Naruto gestured to the very store as they walked inside of it.

The theme was "Other World".

"Hello, welcome to the Guild what class of adventurer do you pick today... ah... new customers. Since you're new, can I interest you in a discount?"

Everyone looked suspicious.

"... A discount?"

"Yes, but only if you pick High Priestess, Arch Wizard, or Crusader class... for your Isekai adventure."

"Fuck it, I'll bite with the Crusader class then. Lets see what a Crusader will do." Stunk called out with a grin.

Kazuma froze when a girl came out.

"Ooooh, a big and strong perverted male with lustful eyes is here to ravage me, no matter how much I reject him." A blond girl came forward in armor, and Naruto looked at Kazuma with a raised eyebrow when he started to hide behind Naruto. He didn't want this girl to see him for some reason, and his face had all of the color drained out of it.

Kazuma seemed terrified.

"High Priestess then, seems like she will have a lot of magic." Zel picked based on that, and the receptionist called for the girl.

A blue haired girl was dragged.

"No, I'm a goddess and I don't want to stoop so low as to do this anymore! Why should I have to pay with my body just because we owe so much money!? I mean, it's not my fault that alchohol was so good and I borrowed money to buy more!" The blue haired girl was dragged out of the room by a girl wearing red clothes.

"Yeah, well it's your fault we had to resort to this. So go with the elf guy, and we can pay back out debt."

Kazuma seemed to have even MORE of his color drain from his face when he saw two more people come into the room, one of them dragging another.

'I fucking knew these idiots would get themselves into serious shit if I wasn't around to be the voice of reason... but selling their bodies... I mean this is Darkness' dream job to be forced into prostitution, and Aqua is only good for her hot looks... but damnit... why are they here!?' Kazuma made sure that none of the girls could see him as Aqua walked off with Zel and Stunk went into a private room with Darkness.

He poked Naruto in the back and started to write out using his finger.

'... Hide... me... don't... let them... see... me?' Naruto felt each word getting written on him. "... I'll go with the Arch Wizard... give me your most expensive course. I'll pay for the difference in price." Naruto stated as he crossed his arms.

It would seem Kazuma would get into a lot of trouble if these girls saw him.

The bruenette bowed.

"Thanks a bunch, that helps us out with our debt a lot. You're a super kind guy, right? I know I'm not exactly as hot as the other two."

"Not a problem, it's my pleasure. Anyway, don't look down on yourself, you've got your own charm."

-6 Hours Later-

"Can... barely... breath." Megumin was flat out exhausted and covered in more sweat than she had ever been covered with in her life. She wouldn't be able to use her legs for what felt like a week, and she was going to be super sore for awhile after this. Even when she couldn't move and started to lose herself, he just didn't stop fucking her. "... That... was... I felt like small explosions kept going... off in my belly."

Naruto saw her splayed out on the bed in an unsexy way, and he chuckled to himself.

"Well, I'm not done just yet, lets get that debt paid off a bit more. So, how did you girls get into so much debt that you were forced to work here?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow.

She needed time to catch her breath.

"... Well,. Aqua wasted all our money on alchohol and got us into debt with some guys. Then, when they forced us to go on a quest... my super strong and amazing magic... destroyed a couple buildings... and our debt increased, and another person offered to pay our debt... and Aqua signed the paper without reading it. So, we accidentally sold ourselves into sexual slavery... but nobody wanted to buy us as sex slaves, so we get rented out to this store... but we don't get any return customers so we are barely making any money." Megumin got more and more depressed and angry as she spoke.

"Ah... so you fell for a scheme. Let me guess, he got you our of your debt, but now your debt is to him-"

"Her... we now owe even more money to the lady who cleared our last debt... and every time we get some money to pay it back, most of it is wasted by Aqua... these last 3 weeks have sucked. Thanks... it helps to talk about it." Megumin couldn't move her legs, but she rolled onto her side and held Naruto's hand.

Naruto put some thought into it.

"... Sounds like you guys kind of fucked yourselves over on this one, how much do you girls owe?"

"7,000,000,000 Gold."

Naruto's jaw dropped.

"Aqua owes 5,000,000,000 gold and I owe 2,000,000,000 gold."

"What about that Darkness girl?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow.

Megumin gave him deadpan eyes.

"She is doing this to help us... and because she is a perverted masochist, who gets a sick pleasure from being treated poorly. She isn't in any debt at all technically, but she likes to pretend she is. She paid back her debt before we sold ourselves into slavery." Megumin couldn't help but deadpan at the crusader and her perverted ways.


'It would take almost all my money, but I can buy them... but should I help these idiots?' Naruto thought to himself as he sympathized with them to some degree.

They kind of got themselves into their current mess.

-A Week Later-

Naruto, the Dimension Hopping Ninja: 5
These girls aren't exactly the best at sex, but their bodies are trained from adventurers, so they are better than other girls when it comes to stamina... is what I would like to say. I got an Arch Wizard and after 30 minutes she was a dead fish, and for the 15 hours after that we had to keep taking breaks. This place was perhaps the most expensive store I've ever been to, since I ended up buying my girl as a sex slave.

Stunk, the Human: 3
At first, the thought of a girl who can take a sadistic beating sounds great, but this girl is TOO freaky. Do NOT order the Crusader, because the words she will say go beyond simple perversion. She isn't that skilled at sex either, and pretty much just let all the work to me. I'm not afraid to punch a girl, but this girl was asking me to strangle her, punch her, kick her, and do brutal things to her that creeped me the fuck out. I still busted a nut though.

Zel, the Elf: 10
This girl was amazing with her hands in ways I couldn't imagine, but my god is she absolutely retarded. Order the High Priestess, she has amazingly high mana and it's almost divine in nature I would say. She's great at shaking her hips, but damn is she stupid, like amazingly stupid. When she told me how she started to work at this store, I couldn't help but pity how stupid she was. She's great at sex though.

Kazuma, the Dimension Hopping Human: 0
For reasons I don't want to explain, my penis did not get hard at all once I walked into the store, and I had some very uncomfortable realizations. When Stunk got the Crusader, Zel got the High Priestess, and Naruto got the Arch Wizard. I had the conflicted feelings that I was being cucked, but also I was very happy that those girls didn't see me and drag me into their debt. I think I prefer this feeling that I got cucked to being dragged back into their stupid.

"We cucked you?" Zel asked Kazuma as they looked at his part of the review.

"Those girls were from my world... and it seems that without me to push the blame onto, they got themselves into too much deb-... Naruto? You... bought your girl as a sex slave?" Kazuma looked towards Naruto.

Naruto was trying not to laugh.

"... Yeah... and she's paying me back by working at the pub for free. I emptied out a ton of my savings, since she seems like a good girl. I might have to go back and try those other two girls out, got any tips for me Stunk, Zel?" Naruto asked with a tilt of his head.

Megumin wearing a maid uniform walked by, and she locked eyes with Kazuma for a second.

"Megumin, you've got 7 rooms to clean still, and you haven't finished the one you were cleaning before! If you're here to work, then I'm going to work your ass to the bone!"

"Heheheheheh..." Naruto chuckled as he saw Meidri and Tanya grab Megumin by the arms and carry her off. "Man, these girls are great amusement. I'm going to go see if Ivy is free this afternoon, there is this store I wanted to check out that I thought she would like. We still going to that vampire guy's castle?" Naruto asked Zel as he got up.

He got a thumbs up, and Naruto put his hand on Kazuma's shoulder.

"... By the by Kazuma, I know you didn't think those girls were in this world, and you were glad to be rid of them... but visit them and let them know you're okay. They were really worried about you, and you'll feel less guilty." Naruto offered his advice to his fellow man.

Kazuma shook his head quickly.

"Okay Naruto, let me just tell you... I'm pissed that they are here, not happy. I'm finally going on real adventurers, having lots of real sex, not getting insulted or killed constantly. I've been killed a few times because of those girls, enough times that I wished I could stay dead... yeah, I missed them and was worried about them, but they are more trouble than they are worth-"

"Megumin, I'm ordering you to kick Kazuma in the nuts whenever he is being lazy until the day he makes up with you girls."


"Those girls mean a lot to you, and as your friend, I think you should make up with them. Megumin is pissed at you right now, and those other two are... Aqua is as well... the pervert not so much." Naruto bonked Kazuma on the dead. "Trust me, even if you part ways with them... do it on good terms. I never got to say goodbye to my friends, and it haunts me. You've got the chance to at least part ways with them on better terms." Naruto offered genuine advice.

Kazuma just nodded his head, a small smile on his face.

"... Right..." Kazuma put some thought into it.

He felt horrible, but he did want to part ways with the girls on better terms than this. Leaving them to pay back their debts with their bodies like they were.


"Why did you only buy Megumin?"

"... Because I'm not made of fucking money, and Darkness is enjoying her new life. Aqua is, as you described her, horrible luck... and I don't need that. Seems most of their situation is her fault anyway... so I bought the only girl that seemed to have a good head on her shoulders... CRIM!" Naruto jumped and grabbed Crim out of the air, before he pulled him down to ground level.

"Naruto, you're back!"

"You're right I'm back, and I've got a wicked idea. I'm in the mood for some BBQ, so lets go to that store again... but this time lets each get our own girl."


Naruto had been a MUCH happier person lately, and Crim was excited to see his friend so filled with a love for life.

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