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"Wh-what is this?"

"This, Ivy, is what is looks like to run a profit for your business." Tanya stated as she gave a small salute to Ivy, a wide smile on her face. 'Yes, your choice to promote me into a manager position was the correct position.' Tanya knew that she only got promoted because her good work, level head, and the fact that Ivy wanted to spend more time with Naruto when they went steady.

She spent weeks secretely changing things up, and manipulating the business model in such a way that she could increase the profits of the Inn portion of the bar, and further increase bar profits at the same time.

Ivy was just stunned.

This was 3 months worth of profits laid out before her, and Tanya had made it for her in less than a month.


"No need to say anything, consider this a wedding present from me to you and Naruto. After all, I want you to be able to take a nice honeymoon. You can rest assured, I've already hired a chef that can handle multiple species, so you can take as long as you need for your honeymoon to be a success." Tanya smiled widely when she saw Ivy stare at her in a dumbfounded way. 'That's right, give me more power over the business model, and as this place expands, you can live in comfort with me working here... and as you live in comfort, I too will be able to reap benefits.'

The most successful business model was creating value for customers and employees, people would spend their money when it was on something they valued.


"Oh, it's simple, through the power of bundling. Since you've been working less and less, I've raised the prices of renting rooms for some who wish, but I also provide those who wish to spend more the option of getting free Continental breakfast in the morning. The increase in price covers the breakfast prices easily enough and then some... and it saves those who pay up money on ordering the more expensive breakfast options." Tanya stated as she explained the business model that she had been transforming the pub part of the store into.


"Oh, since you promoted me. Not only that, but there is an even higher plan for those who want deluxe. Now, I've used my own savings, but I got those perverts to bring in nicer furnature to decorate deluxe rooms with, and the construction of a pool behind the Inn has started." Tanya stated, and Ivy was just stunned by how well Tanya was doing.

"Eh? Eh? Eh?" Ivy's head was spinning.

She liked to save money by getting Stunk and Zel to buy her fire mana gems for her, but that was about it where she was concerned with saving up money.

"Now, I've noticed that we have some competition with an Inn nearby. I've been stealing their customers away from them using by using word of mouth campains. The free market is a truly remarkable thing is it not? When people see that we offer better service, they will naturally flock. People want the best for as cheap as they can get it... once I bleed our rival Inn dry, we can buy them out and expand."

"Eh?" Ivy was still confused as Tanya went into a rant, glancing out of the window at an Inn that was across the street. "Eh... but... eh?"

Tanya let out a chuckle.

"Heheheheh... don't worry, after all, I've increased employee wages using the profits as well. With the increased employee wages, with our rivals dying business, we can force them to let go of their employees and steal them as well... we will pay our employees better, treat our customers better, and offer better deals... as we expand our profits... with those profits we can expand more, increase those profits." Tanya laughed an joyous laugh as she thought about how she could move up in the ranks of a growing business. It was one thing to start from the bottom of a big business, but to take a small business and grow it into a big business was the ideal of success. "Yes, we can crush the monopoly that our rivals have enjoyed for so long." Tanya didn't care about their rivals, since there were so few of them.

Ivy just looked at the profits on the table in front of her.

"Eh?" Ivy really wished that she knew what to say to any of this.

Tanya walked to her and grabbed her hands.

"You just sit back and enjoy a nice life with your fiance, and leave the management to me. I assure you, with me here you will be able to start a family with Naruto in peace and quiet... and never worry about money."

"That sounds nice... thank you Tanya." Ivy could only say that.

Tanya mentally fist pumped.

'Yes, being friends with Naruto has paid off already. This is so much better than before, when no matter what I did I could never get off the battlefield... yes... it's so nice having the strongest man in the world and his lover as my bosses... fuck you Being X... if you could see me now, you would cry tears of blood at this success.' Tanya thought as she turned away from Ivy.

Yes, she would work hard, so that she could enjoy the easy life. That meant making her boss a happy woman, and happiness was quite the nice thing to share. She shared that happiness with Meidri and Crim with the increase to their wages, and she shared happiness with Ivy by ensuring that she could enjoy a nice honeymoon without having to worry about the inn at all. The harder she worked, the faster she could grow this business, and the less hard work she would need to put into the job in the future.

She was on her way to the life of success.

"I wish I could do something to thank you for this..." Ivy didn't know what she could do to return the favor for Tanya.

Tanya smiled.

"No need to thank me, consider this my thank you for the wonderful job experience. You've been a great employer, this hard work is my repayment of your kindness... so you and Naruto go have the best time you can." Tanya shook Ivy's hands quickly. "So-"

Tanya was lifted up off of her feet when Naruto's hand grabbed the back of her shirt, and like a cat she wasn't able to get her feet back to the ground, so her body curled up by reflex to maintain some sort of balance.

"I thought things were changing around here, but since I stopped paying attention to rent now that I don't have to pay it, I just thought I was losing my mind. Seems we've got ourselves somebody with an eye for business... good for you, happy to see you're taking this so seriously." Naruto dropped Tanya back down now that his suspicions were confirmed. He returned his attention to Ivy, the person he came to see. "Listen Ivy, do you mind if we keep this wedding small? Since neither of us have family, and only a few friends, I don't think a big wedding makes a lot of sense." Naruto wanted to go over wedding details with Ivy.

She nodded her head.

"I was thinking the same thing, my parents were married here by Zel. I kind of what to do the same thing, with Zel being the one to officiate our wedding, just like he did for my parents." Ivy just had that request. This Inn had a great importance to her, and she could think of no greater place for her to get married. It was also the place that she first met Naruto, just like how it was the place her parents met each other.

It just made sense for this to be the place where they got married.

"That sounds like a great idea, and it opens up the door for..." Tanya wasn't great at reading the mood, but she saw Naruto send her a look that kindly told her not to talk about business anymore. 'Right, it's not exactly polite of me to bring up business when they want to go over wedding details. Better save this stuff for after the honeymoon.' Tanya would put her ideas to the side for now. She had a lot of things she needed to get done if she wanted to make this place as successful as possible. "By the way, who is your best man going to be?" Tanya asked Naruto with a raised eyebrow.

Naruto crossed his arms in front of his chest with a grin.

-Another Location-

"So buddy, you want to do it? You want to be the best man at my wedding?"

"Really, you've chosen me for the job... and not Stunk or Zanchal, or even Crim?" Ainz asked Naruto's clone standing in front of him.

Naruto grinned.

"They're good friends, but Zel can't be the best man. I can predict that Ivy wants him to officiate the wedding, and Stunk is not best man material... and Crim is Crim... he's not exactly a man. Kazuma doesn't work, and thinks would be awkward since we've both fucked Megumin now... Subaru and I aren't that close... you're the best man for the best man job." Naruto put a hand on Ainz shoulder bone with a grin. "Come on, we both know you would make a great best man." Naruto stated with a giant grin. "Come on Bone Daddy, you know you want to." Naruto joked around with Ainz.

"Heh... I guess I have no other option, do I?"

"I would just pester you until you agreed."

"I didn't have an option!?"

"Nope!" Naruto stated when Ainz reacted exactly the way that he imagined he would. "You've got the best reactions to being teased." Naruto laughed as the skeleton just sighed and shrugged, as if he had been expecting Naruto to tease him.

"Very well, I accept."

That was easier than Naruto expected.

He thought he would need to pester Ainz a lot more.

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