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It been two weeks since the straw hats left Usopp and Kaya village. They have been sailing with no real destination. They did stop at one island to buy equipment and supplies there would need in their journey. During the past two weeks, the straw hats have been doing nothing but train with their new powers. Zoro bought some weight that he has been lifting in other to increase the power behind his swing. Couple that with his haki, he could easily slice a marine ship in two. He also trains his speed by sparing with Luffy and trying to land a scratch on him. His progress during this last two weeks was staggering in the sense that he could fight a marine vice admiral at equal footing if he wants.

Nami have been training hard as well. She had been focusing on her strength and stamina this last two weeks by weight lifting. She can now make up to 30 clones without feeling tired and all her clones can use haki in a fight. She also learned that she could clone anything she touched that is not a living being like people, animal or plants. Other than that, she could just about clone anything but it was different from the clone she makes of herself. Whereas her clones can last till she gets tired or cancel them, the clones she makes of things can only last for about 30 minutes. This doesn't bother her because she can just clone her money and buy stuff. Before the time runs out, she would have been gone from the store. She did this on the last island there were on and because of that, Luffy and his crew were able to buy everything they needed for their travel. She had also been training her strength in other to increase the power behind her swing. As she is now, she could KO a sea king with one punch if she uses haki. She is also training her speed with a technique she saw Kuro use when he stabbed Kaya. She is still working on it but if she masters it, she could give Zoro a run for his money in terms of speed.

Kaya have been practicing her new devil fruit powers. After Luffy explained to her and Usopp what haki is, she asked him to unlock hers which he did. She has been practicing how to maintain her haki but that was not her main focus. Her main focus was her devil fruit and ways she could use it in a fight. She discovered that the force field that she crates when she activate her devil fruit can be used as a form of defense. She learned that only those she wants in the force field can enter it but those she doesn't want can't enter. Kaya also learned that she could make her force field invisible which is useful when facing an opponent because there won't be able to see the force field that will be healing her in a fight. Her force field is also a barrier that is meant to protect her from attacks. Not even Zoro can cut it but it is not indestructible because Luffy broke it by flicking his finger. Talk about over powered huh.

Usopp is the one who did the most training this past two weeks. With his haki unlocked, Usopp have been mastering his devil fruit power combined with his observation haki. In terms of speed, he was the fastest in the crew just below Luffy whose speed has no limit. He learned to combine his teleportation with his sniper skill and the result was awesome. He could teleport anywhere he has seen before and could also teleport to places he could sense with his observation haki. In terms of fighting, he is one of the strongest in the crew just below Luffy and Zoro. In terms of strength, well he is still lacking in that regard but he can still fight due to his speed (picture Minato speed from Naruto).

There also did some changes in their ship like painting the Jolly Roger in the sails and on the ship flag. The Jolly Roger is a picture of a skeleton head wearing a straw hat. It was painted with a white paint. The straw hats were now the strongest pirate crew in the east blue but no one knew that right now.

After those two weeks, Luffy and the rest discovered an important thing that they all lack which is that none of them knew how to cook. Sure some of them like Kaya can make one dish but when you have been eating nothing but that one dish for two week, well let's just say that it sucks.

The crews were taking a break from constant training and were just relaxing when Luffy came out from his room with an annoyed look in his face. The crew noticed Luffy's look and they all turned to Nami

"What?" Nami asked them

"Well do something about him" Zoro said pointing to the still angry Luffy. The rest of them nodded at that

"Why me?" Nami asked with an annoyed tone

"Well he only listens to you when he is like this" Kaya explained to her

Nami sighed before she went to Luffy who is still angry for some reason "what's wrong Luffy?"

Luffy looked at her and then smiled with all his anger vanishing "it's nothing serious Nami. Don't worry"

Nami took his hand in hers "I can't help but worry about you when you seem annoyed"

Luffy was touched by Nami's kindness that she only shows toward him. He brought Nami close to him and placed his hand around her waist which caused Nami to blush "I always love this side of you Nami but like I said, it's nothing too serious. I promise to tell you first if it was something serious". Nami nodded and hugged him which he returned.

Luffy and Nami were too busy hugging each other that they didn't realized that the rest of the crew was looking at them.

"Am telling you guys, they are seriously dating" Usopp told Zoro and Kaya

"We know they are dating Usopp but there still want to keep it a secret from us even though they are failing miserably at it" Zoro said to him

"Well I still think there are cute together" Kaya said

Luffy and Nami broke their hug with each other before Luffy took Nami's hand and moved to the rest of the crew. The crew saw him approaching and kept quiet to know what he wants.

Luffy reached them still holding Nami's hand "Guys; I think we need a cook for our crew"

The whole crew looked at him in surprise. Finally, Zoro broke the silence "well who do you have in mind?"

Luffy let go of Nami and scratched his hair "I don't know yet, that's why I need your suggestion"

The whole crew stayed silent but Kaya raised her hand. Luffy looked at Kaya and smiled "yes Kaya"

"Well I know this sea restaurant not far from our position right now. There have so many cooks there and their foods are very good. We could go there and see if anyone of them wants to join us" Kaya told him.

Luffy nodded his head at her "where is this restaurant located?"

Kaya brought their map and point at it "right there"

Nami looked at where Kaya is pointing and nodded "it will take us four day to reach it if we start going there now. What do we do Luffy?"

Luffy walked to the front of the deck "set sail to the floating restaurant"

The crew began to change their course to that of the floating restaurant.


Like Nami said, it took them four days to reach the restaurant. Upon seeing it, the straw hat crews were getting ready to go there for two reasons: one is to eat since there haven't eaten that day and two, is to see if a cook wants to join them. As there were approaching the restaurant, a marine ship was sailing besides them and from the looks of it, there were preparing to fire at them. Luffy and his crew stopped their ship and faced the marine ship to know what they want.

The captain of the marine ship came forward and shouted "IS THIS THE PIRATE CREW KNOWN AS STRAW HATS?"

Luffy stepped forward as well "that we are. Who's asking?"

"I am Lieutenant Fullbody and I am here to take down the straw hats. Who is your captain?" Fullbody asked them

Luffy sighed before he faced Zoro "sink this eyesore Zoro"

Zoro nodded at him before he disappeared and reappeared on the marine ship. The marines were surprised to see him on their ship but they didn't even have time to retaliate because Zoro unsheathed and re-sheathed his sword. The moment it clicked into its hilt, the marine ship got cut in two. Fullbody and the rest of the marines had their jaws on the ground with their eye popping out of its socket after seeing that display of power. Fullbody was warned by his captain to not engage the straw hats but out of pride and arrogance, he didn't listen. Now, look what happen to his ship because of his arrogance.

Zoro jumped back into Sunshine and was crowded by his crew.

"I knew you said you could cut a ship now but hearing it and seeing it are two different things" Usopp said to him with a smile.

Kaya nodded her head "wow Zoro, you have gotten so strong"

"I'm just surprised you didn't kill them all" Nami said to him

"Well I didn't see any point in killing those weaklings and besides Luffy only told me to sink the ship" Zoro explained

Luffy walk up to them and smiled at Zoro "there aren't what wasting our time over. After all we have a cook to find and we have just arrived at the restaurant".

After Luffy said that, the crew packed their ship by the side of the restaurant before getting down and going inside it. Once there were inside the restaurant, they saw that the place was full and that the entire waiters were busy. They went to a free table that there found and called a waiter. The waiter there called is a blond hair guy with cully eyebrows who is wearing a suit. He looked at Luffy's table and had star in his eye before he rushed to Luffy's table and took Kaya's hand.

"I never dreamed I will see my goddess hear again" the waiter said to Kaya

Kaya smiled sheepishly at him "you haven't changed one bit Sanji"

The now named Sanji smiled at her "how can I be anything but myself in front of my future soul mate"

Usopp was glaring at Sanji "ok! Who is this guy?"

Kaya just then realized that Usopp was there before she took back her hand from Sanji "I told you before Sanji that I am in love with someone else"

Sanji stood up and smiled at her "even if your heart is stolen by another, I can still win you back my love"

Kaya sighed before she pulled Usopp close to her and hugged him to her side "this here is Usopp and he is the only man I will ever love" Usopp blushed after Kaya had said that.

Sanji glared at Usopp for a minute before he backed down. He knew when he was beaten in a fight. He turned around and saw Nami next to Luffy and was about to play his moves on her but stopped after he sensed a massive killing intent directed at him. He looked around and saw the boy wearing a straw hat looking at him coldly and he knew that he was the source of the killing intent. He wisely back away from Nami not wanting to get in the guy's bad side.

"Kaya, who is this?" Luffy asked still looking at Sanji with his menacing look.

Kaya remembered that her crew had no idea who Sanji is "this is Sanji and he is a cook that works in this restaurant. He makes the best dish I have ever seen and he is very strong"

Nami smiled after hearing that "a good cook and a fighter, what do you think Luffy?"

"Well let's odder our food first before we can decide on the next step. Sanji! We would like to odder" Luffy said to Sanji

Sanji nodded and took their odder before he went into the kitchen to get their food. After he was gone, the crew looked at Kaya for answers

"How do you know him Kaya?" Usopp asked her

Kaya sighed before she looked at her crew "I always come to this restaurant on my free day to eat and Sanji is the one who always serves me my food. He will always confess his love to me but no man can have my heart because it already belongs to another" she took Usopp hand as she said this which made him to blush.

"Well that's nice and all but you said he is strong right?" Zoro asked

"Yes, very strong. He took out a whole bunch of pirate who were causing problem in this place in an instant with nothing but his kicks" Kaya said to them.

Luffy nodded his head just as Sanji brought out their odder. The straw hats began to eat their food which tasted like heaven to them. Luffy smiled as he was eating his food before he turned to Sanji "Sanji; this is the best food I have eaten in my life"

Sanji placed a cigarette in his mouth and smiled "that's good because I made this entire dish"

Nami was crying anime tears as she had a taste of the food "This is so good. I wish you would join us Sanji"

Sanji was surprised from their reaction "I know it's good and all but you guys are acting like you haven't eaten a good food in like forever"

"That's because we haven't. We don't have a cook in our crew" Usopp who was still eating answered

"Wait crew! You guys are pirate?" Sanji asked them

Luffy finished his food before he looked at Sanji "that we are and I will like you to join us as our cook Sanji"

Sanji was again surprised by the offer. He considered it because of the two females in the crew but he had a dept to pay "sorry but I can't join you guys. I have things I must do here before I sail out to the sea"

Luffy was disappointed by his answer but he still smiled to him "well we will be here for some days. So if you change your mind you know where to find us"

Just then, an old man wearing a cook's uniform with a very tall cooks hat came to their table "it's there a problem here?"

Luffy looked at the man and smiled "nothing sir. Just introducing our self to our new cook"

Sanji got pissed "I told you I can't join and you geezer, what are you doing here?"

The old man hit Sanji on his head with his artificial wooded leg "its a hundred years to early for you to challenge me. Why don't you go with them you brat so that I can have my peace?"

"What you say you geezer?" Sanji asked in anger

Luffy looked at the old man for some time "are you the manager of this place?"

The old man looked at Luffy "that's right boy. My name is Zeff and I am indeed the owner"

"Well it's nice to meet you Zeff. Me and my crew will take our leave" Luffy and his crew stood up and left the restaurant leaving Zeff and Sanji to watch as they left.

Zeff looked at Sanji "you should really consider joining that boy Sanji. I sense a great power from him and he looks like the type with a heavy ambition"

Sanji didn't respond and just went back into the kitchen. Once there, he brought out his cigarette and placed it in his mouth before he went to work.


Two days has passed and the straw hats had been asking Sanji to join but he still refused their offer. Luffy decided that today will be their last day there since they still have things to do before there enter the grand line. So we find the straw hats inside the Baratie eating their food when all of a sudden; someone ran into the restaurant and screamed that Don Krieg is coming. Everyone in the Baratie began to panic except for the straw hats that were graining at the news.

"Well looks like we didn't have to find him" Nami said

Usopp looked at her in confusion "do we need him for something?"

"Our captain here wants to kill him for all the evil he has done in the east blue" Zoro explained to Usopp and Kaya who nodded at the information.

Just then, the door to the restaurant opened and Don Krieg entered. Everyone became quiet as there watched Don Krieg entering the restaurant fully. Krieg was an enormous man with short cut gray hair and long sideburns, with a thick gauze wrapped around his head. The most notable aspect of Krieg's appearance is his golden wootz steel armor that was made up of a chest plate, shoulder guards, and elbow guards, and it all seemed to be fur-lined.

He looked around the restaurant and smiled "I like this place, I think I will take it. Alright everyone, you have five minutes to exit this place or else. And you cooks; I will need enough food to feed my 100 men this instant"

Every single costumer in the Baratie ran out after hearing what Krieg said. The only one left were Luffy, his crew and the cooks. The cooks began to shout at Krieg but when Krieg brought out his gun which is attached to his armor, there all became quiet.

Don Krieg looked at the cooks in anger while pointing his gun at them "do you think that you have a choice you fools? I am Don Krieg, the man who will conquer the gland line and become the pirate king. I command an army of five thousand men who are all very loyal to me and you fools think you can talk back to me? Bring me the food to feed my one hundred men and leave this place or I will kill all of you"

Every cook where now scared of what Krieg will do to them but Sanji along with Zeff simply walked up to Krieg and dropped a huge bag in front of him.

"Take it. This is enough food to feed your men" Sanji told Krieg

The cooks became angry and started shouting at Sanji but Zeff shushed them all.

"But owner Zeff, if you give Krieg that food then his men after there are done eating will come and attack us" Patty one of the cook said

"It doesn't matter what the situation is, anybody who is hungry is a customer" Sanji explained to the cooks

"You brats have no idea what it means to be hungry. Sanji knows and it is why he is doing what he is doing now" Zeff told them

Krieg looked at Zeff for some minute before it clicked on who he is "You are red foot Zeff aren't you?"

Zeff looked at Krieg in confusion "Yes I am. What's it to you?"

Krieg smiled at him evilly "you have been to the grand line and have sailed in that cursed seas before. I want your log book which you recorded all information you had about the grand line"

"I will never give it to you. That book contained all info and memories of my previous crew. You who was defeated and ran from the grand line can never have it"

Krieg became angry after hearing of his defeat "shut your mouth you fool. I was never defeated but was simply caught off guard. I had the power, the men and money but all I lacked was information to conquer that sea. With your log book, I will easily conquer that sea and find the greatest treasure, the one piece."

Meanwhile, Luffy and his crew were simply watching Krieg and Zeff in silence. When Krieg said that he would find the one piece, Luffy stood up and walked to where Krieg is.

Krieg noticed Luffy approaching him "What do you want brat?" every cook including Sanji and Zeff noticed Luffy moving to Krieg

Luffy stopped besides Zeff and looked at Krieg "I came here to kill you of course but since you and your men are already beaten, guess I won't be doing much."

Every soul in the Baratie except for the straw hats had their jaws on the ground. No one could believe the nerve of this boy to say such things to Don Krieg.

Krieg looked at the boy in shock which later turned into anger "you think you can kill me boy? Well take this!" Krieg fired his guns at Luffy but Zoro appeared in front of Luffy with one of his sword and deflected the entire bullet.

After Krieg stopped shooting, Zoro looked at Luffy who was looking outside the window of the restaurant "should I kill him captain?"

Luffy shook his head "we don't have time for this weakling Zoro. Gather the crew and meet me outside. It seems we have a visitor"

Zoro nodded and went to call the rest of the crew like Luffy asked. Luffy looked back at Krieg who still have a surprised look from having all his bullet deflected by that green hair swordsman "you should feed your men while you have the chance"

Krieg looked at Luffy in hate but still left with the bag with a promise to kill him after he was done feeding his men.

Sanji could not believe how easily the swordsman deflected those bullets like it was nothing. And that same swordsman is not the captain. This crew just got interesting to him.


Luffy stepped outside the Baratie and didn't wait long before his crew joined him.

Nami walked up to Luffy in confusion "What's wrong Luffy?"

Luffy looked at them with a frown "it would seem that the navy has sent someone after us"

Nami, Usopp, Kaya and Zoro became surprised after hearing that. Kaya looked worried "is this person strong Luffy?"

Usopp took Kaya's hand which made Kaya to look at him and he smiled at smiled at her "don't worry Kaya. I will protect you from any danger"

Luffy smiled at Usopp and Kaya "the person coming is very strong, maybe as strong as or stronger than a marine admiral and he is alone. I don't know who it is but be on your guard just incase"

Zoro smiled and touched his swords in anticipation for the coming fight that might let him go all out. Nami looked a little worried but seeing Luffy's confident smile gave her the courage she needs. Usopp was still holding Kaya hands as there were waiting for the arrival of the new threat.

Krieg was still walking to his ship with the food for his men when a blade of wind moved through his ship, slicing it in two. It didn't end there; another blade of wind moved to the already destroyed ship and cut it again into four parts. The ship began to sink into the water with all of Krieg men who were too tired and hungry to swim onboard. So they all drowned in minutes.

Krieg and all the cooks were shocked at what happened. Krieg looked in front of the sea to see a lone boat heading his way. The boat or rather the raft was lit with several candles with eerily green flames. Krieg and everyone in the Baratie including the straw hats were surprised when there saw the man on the boat.

The man was a tall and lean man with a short beard, moustache and sideburns that point upwards. His clothing was made of a wide-brimmed black hat decorated with a large plume, and a long, open black coat with no shirt underneath, with red, flower-patterned sleeves and collar. There was a small, golden cross-shaped necklace hanging around his neck and a large, black sword on his back. It had a beautifully curved black blade, in the shape of a cross, and with a golden hand guard decorated by blue and green jewels, and a hilt wrapped in bandages, with a particularly big jewel at its edge. But underneath the hat, everyone could see his eyes… cold yellow eyes that resembled a hawk that was hunting its prey.

Krieg looked at the man with rage "How dare you kill all my men Dracule Mihawk"

Dracule Mihawk, the world strongest swordsmen looked at Krieg in annoyance "They were in the way of my objective so I cut them"

"What! But I don't see anything he could have used to cut that huge ship" one of the cooks shouted

"You brats are looking for the wrong thing" Zeff said to them which confused the entire cook.

"He's right. The only thing he used to cut that ship is that sword at his back" Luffy explained to them.

"WHAT!" all the cook shouted at the same time. Even Sanji was surprised after hearing what Luffy said.

Krieg wasn't paying attention to the cooks and straw hats. His only focus was Mihawk "you think I will let you get away with this after sinking my ships in the grand line and killing all my men now"

Mihawk looked at Krieg lazily "I don't have time for small fries"

Krieg glared at him in rage "I will show you who is a small fry" he brought out his Mighty Battle Spear that won him so many battles and with it, he rushed Mihawk. Before Krieg could reach his target, Mihawk appeared behind him with his small cross knife that was dripping down blood. Krieg stood still for sometime before his spear broke into pieces and he fell face down to the ground in a pool of his own blood. Mihawk turned around and kicked him into the ocean before facing Luffy and his crew.

Everybody there including Nami, Usopp and Kaya had their jaws on the ground after seeing how easy it was for Mihawk to kill Don Krieg. Sanji was shocked at the level of power the world strongest swordsman possesses and he seems to be looking at the straw hat boy who is also looking back at him. Zeff noticed who Mihawk was watching and also took interest in the boy.

Zoro could not believe the difference in strength between himself and Mihawk. Even though he has gotten stronger, it still isn't enough to beat the best swordsman. He knew this because he could sense the aura pouring out of Mihawk with his haki.

Mihawk watched Luffy and noticed that the marine's description about him were sport on. He moved closer to where Luffy was "so you are straw hat Luffy?"

Luffy glared at Mihawk "what does a government dog want with me?"

Mihawk showed no emotion on what Luffy called him "to kill you of course. The Navy HQ said that you are becoming too powerful to be left alone and I for one want to see what the navies are so worried about"

Every cook and Sanji were shocked to hear that Mihawk was sent after Luffy. 'How strong was Luffy that navy would send a warlord after him' were the thought of every cook there. Sanji looked at Luffy in a new light.

Luffy was surprised by the answer "So the fools at HQ considered me a threat that warrants a war lord? I can see they still underestimate me for not sending a navy admiral"

Mihawk looked offended by what Luffy said "are you suggesting that I'm no threat to you straw hat?"

Luffy laughed out loud which surprised and confused everyone there that was watching him. He stopped and looked at Mihawk with rage "no one in this world is a threat to me. Not the emperors, not the navy and not the warlords because I stand at the pinnacle of all human"

Everyone was speechless from what Luffy said. The funny thing is that the cooks were starting to believe him a little. I mean the navy sent a warlord after him, so he got to be strong.

Mihawk drew his black blade from his back and pointed it at Luffy "time for talk is over wouldn't you agree?"

Luffy smirked at him "I guess that is the one thing both of us can agree on"

Before Luffy could engage, Zoro stretched out his hand in his way. Luffy looked at Zoro who looked back at him. Nami, Usopp and Kaya were nervous on why there were staring at each other with such intensity.

Finally, Luffy broke his stare and sighed before backing up "his all yours Zoro. Make him pay"

Zoro smiled and jump down in front of Mihawk who is curious on who he is. Sanji told the cooks to raise the fins because these two swordsmen might destroy the old man's ship.

"Who are you boy?" Mihawk asked Zoro

"My name is Roronora Zoro…" Zoro tied his green bandana on his head and place his white sword in his mouth while holding the other two in both arms "and I am here to claim your title as the strongest swordsman"

The entire cooks were shocked to hear the name Zoro. The pirate hunter, said to be a true demon to pirate is now a pirate and is going to clash with the strongest swordsman. What a day this is for the cooks.

Mihawk observed Zoro's aura and was surprised to see the level of it "tell me, what is a swordsman of your caliber doing with that straw hat boy?"

Zoro looked at Luffy then back to Mihawk "to make his dream come true and to be the best in the world"

"Do you really want to fight me Roronora? Surly you have sensed the difference between us"

Zoro smiled at that "it's true that you are strong but…" he rushed to Mihawk who placed his black blade on guard and clashed with him with a loud boom which shook the ocean "I know that I can surpass you"

Sanji looked at the cooks in panic "hurry and raise the fins before things get's out of hand" the cooks didn't need to be told twice before they raised the fins which gave Zoro and Mihawk more room to fight.

Zoro jumped back after that first clash with Mihawk and coated his three blades with armament haki before rushing Mihawk again. Mihawk did the same to his huge sword and met Zoro three swords with his own creating a huge shock wave that sent most of the cooks into the ocean. The both of them began to clash with each other with their swords trying to get the upper hand over the other.

The speed that both swordsmen were moving left every cook including Sanji speechless. Try as they might, there just can't see the fighters because there were moving too fast for them to see. The only one that can see them are Luffy, Usopp and Nami though Nami had to stretch out her observation haki to keep up.

Zoro got down and slash upward causing Mihawk to jump in the air. While Mihawk was in the air, Zoro entered a stance "Three Swords Style: Tasumaki" he slashed and created a sharp tornado of wind that started heading straight for Mihawk who was still in the air. Mihawk brought his sword and slashed in the air, sending a blade of wind to the tornado that was heading for him. Both attacks met each other but Mihawk attack overpowered Zoro's own and started heading for him. Zoro jump out of the way but his hand got cut a little from the attack.

Mihawk landed and watched as Zoro entered into another stance. "Three Sword Style: Dragon Twister" Zoro rotated in the air and rushed Mihawk with a speed that is faster than lighting while creating an image of a dragon but Mihawk was not known as the strongest swordsmen in the world for show. He brought up his sword and slashed multiple times in front of him, creating a wind blade net that started heading to Zoro. Zoro saw the attack coming but he didn't stop his own attack. He met Mihawk wind net attack with his dragon twister and it caused a huge explosion where the both of them were.

The cooks all had a gobsmacked expression after witnessing the explosion caused by both swordsmen. The straw hats were shocked as well from watching Zoro fight

"Holy! I didn't think Zoro was this powerful" Usopp shouted watching the fight

"I have never seen anyone fight like this in my life. They are both so strong" Kaya said with a surprised tone

Nami also watched the fight with a shocked look "I knew he has been sneaking out at night to train when we all go to bed but I never thought it will make him this powerful to match the world strongest swordsman. What do you think Luffy?"

Luffy who never took his eyes off the fight answered "it is true that Zoro has gotten strong but he is still not ready to face the strongest swordsman. I let him fight because I want him to see the gap he has to surpass because the opponents we will be fighting in the future are all as strong as or even stronger than Mihawk. You guys should watch too because you all could learn from this fight"

The crew nodded before focusing on the fight again. Sanji heard what Luffy said before he too focused on the fight.

After the explosion died down, Zoro was seen with multiple cut all over his body which was dripping blood while Mihawk only had one slash wound at his chest but it was not dripping blood.

Mihawk look at his new chest wound and smiled "I never imagined that I will ever get a scratch from someone in the east blue. Roronora Zoro! As a thank you for giving me this wonderful fight, I will end you with one of my moves" he raised his sword with an image of a dark demon appearing behind him.

Zoro and everyone were surprised by what they were seeing. Zoro immediately brought two of his swords in front of him and began to spine it at a fast pace. Both fighters rushed each other with such speed that created a boom as they moved.

"Three Swords Style: Three Thousand Worlds"

"One Sword Style: Demon Slash"

Both fighters passed each other with their attacks and stood at the opposite of each other. Everyone was waiting in anticipation to see who won the fight. After some time passed, the two swords Zoro had broke into pieces and a huge diagonal cut appeared across his entire chest and Zoro fell down and passed out in a pool of his own blood. Mihawk turned back to Zoro and began to approach him but before he could reach him, Usopp appeared next to Zoro and disappeared with him.

Every cook plus Sanji were surprised by what they saw happen. Not only did Mihawk won that final clash but he did it without a scratch on him and if that wasn't enough, the guy next to straw hat Luffy disappeared, only to reappear with Zoro. Sanji and the cooks looked at Zoro in surprise and shock. Sanji went to where Zoro and Usopp are

"How did you do that?" Sanji asked Usopp

Usopp didn't look at him because he was still looking at Zoro "No time to explain, we need to treat him or he might die"

Kaya and Nami rushed to where Usopp and Zoro were. Kaya immediately knelt down next to Zoro who was lying on the ground with his face facing upward and brought out her hands above him. Her force field appeared and covered Zoro body and Zoro wounds began to close up.

Sanji and Usopp were surprised by what Kaya was doing. This was their first time seeing anyone heal another person. Nami made sure that Zoro was ok before she turned to where Luffy is but Luffy wasn't they anymore rather he was standing in front of Mihawk looking at him.

Everybody there realized the new fight that was about to take place. The cooks were still recovering from the shockwave of Zoro's fight and were not ready for another round of that kind of fight.

Zoro opened his eyes a little and weakly raised his sword in the air "Zoro what are you doing? You need to rest while I heal you" Kaya said to him

Zoro didn't pay her any mind and shouted "LUFFY!" Luffy, Mihawk and everyone there looked at Zoro "I KNOW THAT I DISAPPOINTED YOU IN THIS FIGHT…" tears began to come out of Zoro's eyes which shocked Kaya, Nami, Usopp and Sanji who was beside him "I PROMISE; UNTIL THE DAY I DEFEAT HIM, I WILL NEVER LOSE AGAIN. I WILL BECOME STRONGER TO HELP YOU ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS AND I WILL NOT STOP GETTING STRONGER TILL I BEAT HIM. YOU GOT ANY PROBLEM WITH THAT CAPTAIN"

Luffy smiled and turned back to face Mihawk "Nope; Zoro I believe in you."

Zoro smiled after he heard his captain's response before he passed out from exhaustion. The straw hats could not believe the kind of trust that Zoro had for his captain. There all smiled knowing that this will be a new learning experience for them.

Sanji watched the scene in shock. He saw the amount of trust that every single member of the straw hats had for their captain. He was envious of such bond "maybe joining them won't be so bad"


Mihawk turned back to Luffy after hearing what Zoro said "tell me boy. Just what is your dream that moves a man like Zoro so much?"

Luffy smile changed after Mihawk asked him that question "my dream is simple really…" Luffy pointed his finger to the sky "the destruction of the world government and all those who allies with them like the navy and the warlords"

Not only Mihawk was surprised but the entire cooks were as well. How can this straw hat boy say that so casually like that? Zeff looked at Luffy and had a smirk on his face. Sanji was speechless after hearing what Luffy said his dream was "can he really do it" were the thought running through his mind.

Mihawk looked at Luffy again as if this was the first time he has seen him "do you realized the depth of what you are saying? This world is bigger than you think boy. If you think a no name brat like you could change it then you are a fool leaving in fools dreams and ambition"

Luffy got into his stance "let me be the one to worry about that. For now, you should worry about me because after all, you will be the first warlord I kill"

Mihawk drew his blade "do you think I am so weak that I will lose to a brat like you? This fight won't last very long I assure you"

"Yeah, for you that is" Luffy told him

Mihawk rushed Luffy with a speed greater than the one he used against Zoro and slashed down at him but Luffy dodged him. Mihawk was surprised that he dodged him but it did not stop him. He slashed again this time aiming for Luffy legs but Luffy simply jump up and landed at the back of Mihawk. This angered Mihawk and he created the same wind blade net he used against Zoro and sent it to Luffy. Luffy saw the attack coming and just crossed his arms in front of him as the attack collided with him and caused a huge shock wave that spread throughout the ocean. After the dust cleared, Luffy was seen still with his arms cross but with no scratch on him whatsoever.

Every cook there had their eyes popping out of its socket after seeing Luffy with no scratch at all after taking that attack. Usopp and Kaya who was also watching the fight since she was done healing Zoro had their jaws on the ground.

"How is Luffy this strong?" Kaya shouted

"He took that attack like it was nothing" Usopp also shouted

Nami smiled with pride at her boyfriend power "He ate a devil fruit which removes all the limits his human body has such as: speed limit, strength limit, durability limit, sight limit and many more. He is a man who no longer have the limit humans like us have and that's why he always says that he stand at the pinnacle of all human"

Kaya and Usopp had a gobsmacked expression on their faces. Talk about OP devil fruit and it's what their captain is using. That would explain why Zoro couldn't scratch them during their sparring match in Sunshine.

Mihawk had a shocked look after seeing Luffy without a scratch on him. He wondered if it was armament haki but he would have sensed it if he used it. So, this means that this was his natural defense.

"What's with that look on your face?" Luffy asked him with a smack

Mihawk composed himself and look at Luffy "don't presume you've won just because you blocked one of my attacks" Mihawk coated his blade in haki but this time was different. His blade glowed a red color and looks as if it was about to melt off. The power and heat that the blade was releasing was felt by everyone.

"This heat is intense" one of the cooks said

"What is this power? It's burning everything" Sanji shouted in a panic voice

Zeff looked extremely worried "Everyone! Brace yourselves for what is coming"

"What do you mean old man?" Usopp asked

"That power is what earned him the title of the world strongest swordsman. It is said that he could split and burn a country in one slash if he uses that power. This boy must have angered him if he is using his strongest move on him"

Everybody became worried after hearing that. All the straw hats looked back at Luffy with concern in their face especially Nami.

Luffy looked at the red blade Mihawk was holding with a calm look. Mihawk noticed Luffy lack of reaction and frowned "do you still believe yourself able to survive my next attack"

Luffy didn't respond to him and this angered Mihawk. So without wasting time, he rushed to Luffy with his blazing red blade burning the part he ran through. He reached Luffy whose straw hat was shadowing his eyes and slashed his sword going for the kill but the most unexpected thing happened. Luffy caught his sword in his right hand which caused a massive shockwave of heat to burn the both Luffy and the ocean beyond the eye can see. After the super explosion passed, Luffy was seen still holding Mihawk's sword in his right hand without a scratch on his body.

For the first time in history, Mihawk had a gobsmacked expression on his face. The other spectators all had their jaws on the ground with some of the cook passing out from shock.

Luffy looked at Mihawk expression with a frown "is it so shocking to you that something you can't comprehend happened right before your eyes? Yes I did catch your sword but what of it"

Mihawk for the first time in a long time looked pissed off at someone. He tried to remove his sword from Luffy's hand but it wouldn't move an inch. He tried with all his might but the sword just wouldn't move.

Luffy looked at the still struggling Mihawk in anger "so this is the world strongest blade…" Luffy applied pressure and the strongest blade in the world broke in two "broken like the garbage it is"

Mihawk looked at his broken blade in rage and with a new power, tried to cut Luffy but Luffy disappeared. Luffy appeared behind Mihawk who immediately turned to look at him and punched. Mihawk life flashed before his eye as Luffy punch was coming down at him but Luffy stopped his punch a centimeter from Mihawk's face. A huge gust of wind hit Mihawk's face and caused a massive shockwave which divided the ocean in two with everybody being able to see the bottom of the ocean. Mihawk slowly turned his head only to see the devastation caused by the shockwave of Luffy's punch. Once he saw it, he fell down on his knees and bowed his head in defeat to Luffy.

Luffy looked at the defeated man in front of him "So this is all the world strongest swordsman had to offer? What a disappointment you turned out to be. You were so certain that you could beat me but after seeing how outmatched you were to me, you bow in defeat. The only reason I didn't kill you is because my crew mate wants to be the one to do the honors but with this crappy display, I don't think it will be necessary anymore. Now then; you will go back to the fools who sent you and tell them that I said there are all next once I enter the grand line. Now leave before I change mind about killing you"

Mihawk didn't respond. He just stood up, went to his raft and he left quietly. Once he was gone, Luffy turned back to his crew who were all looking at him in shock. Even the cooks were speechless after what there saw.

Luffy walked up to where his crew was and smiled at them "Hey guys. Sorry the fight took so long"

The straw hats crew snapped out of their shocked look and there all with the exception of Nami and Zoro rushed and tackled Luffy to the ground in a hug. There released him and started asking him different questions.

"How are you not hurt?" Usopp shouted

"How are you still alive?" Kaya asked him

Usopp tried to ask him another question but Zoro hit him on the head before he could asked. Zoro frowned at Usopp "can't even get enough sleep with all this shouting"

Luffy saw Zoro standing and smiled at him "You ok Zoro?"

Zoro smirked at Luffy "Yeah I am. Though I have Kaya to thank for it. Saw your fight by the way"

Before Luffy could respond, Nami threw herself into his arm which caused the both of them to fall on the ground with Nami in between his legs with her head on his chest and Luffy holding her tenderly with his head on her shoulder. He felt Nami trembling and became worried "What's wrong Nami?" he whispered in her ear.

Nami calmed down after she smelt Luffy's scent "I thought I lost you after Mihawk attacked you with that flaming attack" Nami whispered back still in his chest.

Luffy smiled a soft smile and brought Nami closer to him "It's okay Nami. No matter what happens and no matter what stands in my way, I will always come back to you"

Nami smiled after she heard the honesty in Luffy words. She relaxed in Luffy embrace with Luffy holding her softly "I will hold you to it my Luffy"

Usopp, Zoro and Kaya all smiled with a knowing smile after seeing Luffy and Nami having their moment. The moment didn't last because the cooks all moved to where Luffy is and began to cheer him for the good fight he had with Mihawk.

Luffy looked at the cooks and smiled "am hungry, got anything to eat around hear"

And with that, the straw hats and the cooks took the party inside the Baratie


A day passed and the straw hats were getting supplies for their journey. Luffy was about to enter Sunshine when Sanji approached him.

Luffy looked at Sanji curiously "you need something Sanji?"

Sanji was quiet for sometime before he answered "you said your dream is to destroy the government right?"

Luffy looked at him for a while "yes it is but why are you interested"

Sanji smoked his cigarette before he released the smoke from his mouth "let's just say I have a score to settle with some nobles and live it at that"

Luffy nodded at him but still asked "Do you have a dream Sanji?"

Sanji gave a small smile "Have you ever heard of the all blue?" Luffy shook his head "well it's no surprise that you haven't heard of it. It is a place where all the ocean waters connect to each other. They say that sea is a miracle because all the fish from the East Blue, the West Blue, the North Blue, and the South Blue come together there. That one stretch of ocean has it all! To us cooks, it's a culinary dream come true! A place that fantastic has got to be on the Grand Line somewhere right?"

Luffy smiled at him "and you will like to find this place right?"

"Yeah! If I could that is" Sanji told him

Luffy then stretched out his right hand to Sanji "Then come with us Sanji as a member of our crew. I promise to help you find this all blue in the grand line because just as my crew members are helping me to achieve my dream; I am also helping them to achieve theirs"

Sanji looked at Luffy's hand for a second before he stretched out his hand and shook it "I was going to ask you if the offer to join your crew still stands you know"

Luffy was surprised at that information "What changed your mind then?"

Sanji laughed a little "had a talk with the old man and he knocked some sense into me". Luffy nodded at that.

"So he finally joined huh" Luffy and Sanji looked up at Sunshine and saw Zoro, Nami, Usopp and Kaya all watching them "didn't think he would crack" Zoro smirked

"Enough Zoro. Can't you see there are having their moment" Kaya said to Zoro

"Yeah Zoro; Way to ruin a moment there" Nami said to him in annoyance

"You know, I'm just glad he joined since we will be having some good food everyday" Usopp said

Kaya sighed at Usopp "O Usopp; why can't you think of anything else other than food at this moment? Well I still love that side of you" Kaya hugged Usopp making him to blush.

"Get a room you love birds" Nami said to them

Kaya let go of Usopp and looked at Nami with a sly smile "What about you and Luffy then? You did hug him so passionately after his fight. It there something we should all know about?"

Nami face became as hot a red pot before she started waving her hand in front of herself "Th-th-there is no-no-no-nothing g-g-go-going on between u-u-us. What gave you that idea?"

Kaya smile never left her face "why are you blushing then?"

Nami didn't have any comeback and just looked away from Kaya "Leave me alone".

Luffy landed next to Nami and placed his hand on her waist before he faced Kaya "stop teasing Nami. Can't you see that she is getting uncomfortable?"

Kaya smiled at Luffy playfully "Well I've had my fun so I will leave her for now. By the way Luffy, where is Sanji?"

"He said he had to go get his stuff and he will be back soon. Once he gets here, we set sail"

Nami looked at Luffy and shyly asked "Luffy! Could you let go of my waist now?"

Luffy gave her a mock hurt look "don't you like my touch anymore"

Nami blushed at what Luffy said "it's not that I don't like it but I would prefer for you do it if we are alone"

Luffy smiled at Nami and let go of her waist "anything for you Nami"

"You two look so cute together" Kaya gushed at them

"So do you and Usopp" Luffy said to her making her to smile.

Sanji returned with his things and jumped into Sunshine. The crew set sail once Sanji entered the ship. Sanji looked back to see all the cooks waving goodbye at him with Zeff giving him a proud smile which made him to cry before he bowed his head and thank Zeff with a promise to find the all blue someday.

After the crew left the floating restaurant, Zoro walked up to Luffy and asked him where the next destination is.

"We are going to Cocoyasi Village. Arlong the saw tooth is there and we are going to kill him" Luffy told his crew.

"Is there a particular reason you want him dead" Sanji asked which made Nami to stiffen.

Luffy placed his hand at Nami's shoulders which calmed her down before he answered Sanji "He's been terrorizing the town his in for years and he bribed every marine to turn a blind eye to his evil act but the reason I really want him dead is more personal"

Nami smiled at Luffy before she moved to his side and took his hand in hers. Luffy looked at Nami and smiled back to her. The crew ignored them except for Sanji who was looking at Luffy in jealousy. They began sailing to Cocoyasi Village for their next adventure.


At the navy HQ in the grand line, we see someone having a meeting with three other men.

"I tried calling Mihawk several times but he wouldn't answer which means the report that our spy sent was accurate" the leader of the Navy said to the admirals

"What do we know about this pirate Fleet Admiral Sengoku?" one of the admirals asked

Sengoku sighed "according to the report, this pirate destroyed three marine ships with one punch, destroyed and killed every marine at base sector 116 in the east blue, beat Buggy the clown with a punch, killed Kuro of the thousand plan who we thought have died and his latest accomplishment is beating and humiliating Dracule Mihawk, the world strongest swordsmen who could fight red hair Shanks to a standstill with no clear winner between the two.

"Are you saying this new pirate is as strong as an emperor" another admiral shouted

"I don't want to admit it but facts are facts Akainu. The report also said that this pirate vowed to destroy the navy and challenged us to try and stop him" Sengoku said to them

"Well this is a mess we have here and the rest of the navy admiral are absent in this meeting" the last admiral in the room said

"Well I called them Kizaru but you know how there are. Anyway, I asked for his picture but our spy haven't been able to get close to them with the fear of being discovered" Sengoku said

Akainu looked at Sengoku "are you saying that only a navy admiral can face this crew"

Sengoku shook his head "there a various navy soldier that could ravel a navy admiral. Not because there don't have a rank yet doesn't mean they are not strong"

"Then what are we going to do about him then" Kizaru asked

Sengoku stood up and looked at them "for now we wait until we get his picture so that we could place a bounty on his head"

"What is this pirate name Sengoku?" Aokiji asked

"His name is Monkey D Luffy" the entire admiral gasps once there heard his name remembering their marine hero.

Seems the admirals are now aware of Luffy and his crew. What does fate has in store for him, find out next time.

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