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The straw hats have been sailing for a week now to Cocoyasi Village. In that time, Sanji had been made aware of the brutal way his crew trains each other. He just couldn't believe the amount of training they put themselves through. Luffy had explained to him about haki and had even unlocked it for him. Sanji never imagined in all his life that powers like this exist. He joined the crew and trained like crazy because he doesn't want to be the liability of the crew in a fight. Sanji started his brutal training after learning that everybody in the crew has a devil power except Zoro but he has seen what Zoro could do in his fight with Mihawk and knew that Zoro was far above him in terms of power. After understanding how strong everyone is, he trains twice as much because his chivalry will never allow him to let a woman rescue him from a fight.

Sanji noticed how strong he is getting because Zoro now takes him far too seriously in a spar than he does to the other crew members. Sanji had no idea how strong he had gotten because he had nothing to compare himself to but if he should compare himself to how he was at the Baratie, then he would say that he is ten times stronger now. Sanji also became an invaluable member due to his cooking skill in the crew. His food was topnotch and he was always generous in the potions he served to the ladies which always pissed the guys in the crew off but they all still respect him… well, except for maybe Zoro.

Some days passed after they began sailing to Cocoyasi Village and Nami explained to the crew the situation in her village though she left out some details but the crew got the general idea. To say that the crews were pissed would be an understatement of the year. They, along with Luffy prepared themselves for the fight to come.

"I see a village" Usopp shouted from the control room.

Luffy moved in front of the ship "so that's your village Nami?"

Nami walked and stood beside him "yes it is Luffy. I hope everyone is ok"

Luffy took her hand in his in a reassuring way "don't worry Nami, just leave everything to us"

Zoro stood behind Luffy "what's our odder captain"

Luffy turned and saw all his crew mates looking at him "show them the power of the strongest crew in the world and take no prisoners"

Just then, Usopp's observation haki picked up something in the water. He closed his eyes and concentrated on what he was sensing. He was sensing some life form that were not human, approaching their ship from underwater "Guy's, we got company coming from underwater"

Everybody looked alarmed and prepared themselves "How many are there Usopp?" Zoro asked

"About seven people and there are really fast" Usopp answered

"It looks like there are not yet within the range of my haki" Sanji said to them

"Don't feel down Sanji kun, Usopp just has a very good observation Haki which rivals Luffy's own" Kaya said to him

Sanji had love in his eyes and started circling around Kaya "o miss Kaya, it feels my heart with joy to see you worrying about my feeling"

Usopp looked at Sanji with a little anger "get your eyes of my girl Sanji"

Sanji looked at Usopp with a pissed off look "What was that you bastard"

"Guy's, we don't have time for this. We got seven fishman coming at us from below the sea" Nami said to them with a panicked voice.

Luffy looked at Nami with confusion "Nami why are you so worried? You do know how strong we are right?"

Nami looked at Luffy with a deadpan look "you do realize that everyone here are devil fruit users right, how are we going to fight fishmans in the ocean?"

"Don't worry so much Nami. I can sense the fishmans now and they are not that strong. I will cut them in no time" Zoro told her as he drew his only remaining sword from its hilt.

The straw hats heard some noise in the ocean and they all looked to see what was happening only to see a huge water tornado coming at their ship at a fast rate.

"Well, I didn't see that coming" Sanji said

"Kaya…" she looked at Luffy "protect Sunshine from harm's way". She nodded and created her force field which covered the entire ship and was only visible to the straw hats. The water tornado hit the force field with full force but after the coalition, there was not a single scratch on Sunshine or the force field.

The fishmans resurfaced from the ocean and were surprised to see that their attack had no effect on the ship but before they could ponder on it; Zoro appeared in the air behind them and sent a massive wind blade at them. The wind blade hit the unsuspecting fishmans with full force and created a huge boom in the ocean. After that was done, Zoro jumped back into Sunshine and re-sheathed his sword.

"Well that takes care of that little problem. Let's dock somewhere and observe what's going on in this village" Luffy said to the crew.

They arrived at the other side of the island thanks to Nami's directions and docked before entering the island itself. Nami led them to her village in silence but when they reached it, she was shocked by what she saw. There were many destroyed buildings and for some reason, there weren't any women around. Nami looked around in shock and noticed that every man in the village was looking at her with a sorry look. She didn't understand why they were looking at her like that, so she ran and left her crew behind. Luffy and the rest were confused but they still ran after her. Nami ran to her house but stopped at the entrance in shock. Luffy reached her side first and saw her trembling. He couldn't take seeing her like this, so he hugged her from behind and brought her head to his chest. Nami began to cry silently into his chest with Luffy simply stocking her hair. The rest of the crew saw Luffy holding Nami in front of a destroyed house. They kept their distance to let Luffy handle the situation.

Luffy continued to stroke Nami's hair till he noticed her calming down a little "are you ok now?"

Nami nodded a little still in his chest "yeah"

"What happened to make you cry like that?" Luffy asked her

Nami slowly raised her head to look at Luffy's face and she saw the worry in them and it made her smile a little "I don't know but that house behind us is where I and my sister lived. I left to find a way to repay Arlong and my sister stayed behind in the house taking care of our tangerines"

Luffy looked at the destroyed house and could now understand Nami's worry "What do you think happened to your sister?"

"It was Arlong; he came here and destroyed the place and took your sister along with all the women in the village hostage".

Luffy, Nami and the rest of the straw hats turned around and saw a man wearing a kind of brown military uniform with a military hat but what set the hat apart is the spinning pinwheel attached to it.

The man approached Luffy and Nami and stopped in front of them "It's been a while Nami"

Nami looked at the man in shock "Genzo! What do you mean Arlong took my sister and all the women in the village?"

Genzo looked down at the ground in shame "a lot has happened since you left Nami and it's not pleasant"

Nami went up to him and grabbed him at the collar of his shirt in rage "WHAT HAPPENED TO MY SISTER?"

Luffy gently took Nami's hand away from the man and restrained her before she did something she would regret "Nami calm down and let him explain the situation to us"

Nami trashed about a little before she calmed down to let Genzo speak. Genzo thanked Luffy before he began to tell them what happened since Nami left. The rest of the crew joined Luffy and Nami in order to hear the story.

"It happened two weeks ago Nami. We were all doing our own thing when Arlong and his men came to the village and went to your house. We heard screaming and all of the villagers rushed in to see what's happening only to see Arlong holding Nojiko in the neck. Arlong said that he will be taking her as compensation since he thinks you ran away from him. He and his men also searched the house and took all the money you have been saving in order to save this village."

Nami was surprised by what she was hearing "you guys knew why I joined Arlong?"

Genzo looked at her with a kind fatherly eye "of course we knew Nami. We've always known but we didn't want to put you in any pressure in case the plan failed though it is all pointless now"

Nami wanted to cry but felt Luffy place a reassuring hand around her waist. She looked up at him and saw that he was looking at her with a reassuring smile which calmed her down a little.

Usopp wasn't paying attention to Luffy and Nami and looked at Genzo in seriousness "then what happened to Nami's sister?"

"Yeah; you never told us what happened to her and the women of this village" Sanji said to Genzo

Genzo sighed and looked up to the sky before he continued "we saw Arlong take Nojiko away with your money and it angered us. So we took up arms and went to Arlong Park to fight him in order to save Nojiko from him but…"

The straw hats looked at Genzo's sad face in shock. They all came to the same conclusion but it was Luffy who answered for him "you were all defeated right?"

Genzo looked at him before he nodded slowly "we didn't even stand a chance against him and his men. We did all we could but it just wasn't enough. Arlong took all the women as a way to send a message that we shouldn't mess with him again. He destroyed half of the village and left us to fend for ourselves"

"That's so cruel" Kaya said in sadness

Zoro walked up to Luffy who is still comforting Nami "Captain; what are your orders?"

Luffy turned around to face the crew with Nami still by his side "Usopp, see if you can sense any aura that is similar to Nami's in this island"

Usopp nodded but asked "I will try but why can't you do it Luffy? After all, your observation haki is far above mine"

Luffy shook his head "I have tried but all I'm getting is every living thing on this island and beyond. I can't pinpoint anyone with my haki unless I know who I'm looking for"

Usopp nodded before he closed his eyes. It took only a minute before he opened his eyes with a panicked look in them.

Kaya rushed to his side to calm him down "what's wrong Usopp?"

Usopp shook his head before he looked at Luffy with a serious look "I found an aura similar to Nami but it's in a really bad shape. There are multiple auras there as well but about six auras were doing something to the one that feels like Nami's"

Nami began to panic "what are they doing to my sister?"

"I don't know but it can't be good. We need to hurry there and save her" Usopp said

"Those bastards; if there do anything bad to Nami's sister, I will kill them all painfully" Sanji shouted in anger

Luffy looked at all his crew mates in seriousness "we will divide into two groups. Usopp, Kaya and Sanji will go and rescue the hostages along with Nami's sister. Meanwhile, Nami, Zoro and I will go and pay a visit to Arlong and his men. Like always, show no mercy and take no prisoners"

The straw hats nodded at Luffy and all shouted at the same time "RIGHT". Usopp stretched out his hand for Sanji and Kaya to take. Once they had taken his hand, he disappeared with them.

Genzo looked shocked by what is happening before his eyes "are you kids crazy! Arlong will kill you all if you challenge him."

Nami walked up to Genzo and gave a small smile to him "don't worry Genzo; my crew and I will make Arlong pay for what he has done. After all, my captain is very strong"

Genzo looked at Nami in worry "then let me get some men to help you out"

Luffy shook his head "No offence sir but you and the villagers will only get in our way. Just have faith in me and my crew and we will beat Arlong before you know it"

Genzo looked at the straw hat boy for sometime before he nodded "I will trust you since Nami here trusts you but be careful"

Luffy nodded at him. Nami began to run to the direction of Arlong Park with Luffy and Zoro following her. They reached the park in minutes with how fast they were going and stopped in front of a massive gate. Luffy walked up to the gate and lightly punched it. The gate got destroyed into pieces after his punch alerting everyone who was inside the park. Luffy, Nami and Zoro entered the park and saw that it was filled with fishmans everywhere. All the fishman were looking at them but they paid it no mind as they entered.

Luffy looked around and asked "which one of you is Arlong?"

"That will be me" a fishman sitting in a lawn chair said. He was a light blue saw-shark Fishman and his nose proved that for its saw-like shape. His black hair sprouted from the back of his neck and reached down past his shoulders but they could also make out a shark's fin on his back, and the gills on both the sides of his neck. Sporting the tattoo of the Sun Pirates on the left side of his chest, and the identical mark that he had given Nami was on his arm.

Luffy looked at him with hatred "so you are Arlong huh"

"That I am. What business do you have with me, human?" Arlong asked him

Luffy gave him and evil smile "to kill you and the rest of your crew"

"Shahahahaha" Arlong laughed "I would have questioned your sanity human but seeing how our dear Nami is besides you has cleared something's for me"

"I don't have time for this nonsense Arlong. I'm going to make you pay for all the evil you have done to Nami and her village" Luffy said to Arlong.

Arlong looked at Nami with an evil smile "Nami, so this is what you have been doing since you left. Do you honestly believe that this boy here can stop me?"

Arlong was disappointed because he didn't get the reaction he was hoping for. Instead of seeing a frightened Nami, he saw her with a smirk on her face and her next answer shocked him "without a doubt"

One fishman stepped in front of Arlong "Boss, let me handle this traitor"

Arlong smirked at his comrades "make her pay Kuroobi"

"I intend to," Kuroobi said before he started approaching the straw hats in a calm way.

Luffy was about to go but felt Nami hand on his shoulder. He looked at her and saw her looking at him with a smirk on her face. He sighed before he stepped back to let Nami handle the fishman. He looked at Zoro and nodded at him.

Zoro nodded back and drew his still remaining sword before he jumped over Kuroobi and landed in the middle of all the other fishmans cutting the heads of two fishmans in the process. The moment he cut off two of the fishmans heads, they knew the fight had begun. The fishmans rushed Zoro in order to get revenge for their two fallen comrades but Zoro simply cut another group of fishmans in an instant.

"One Sword Style: Tasumaki" Zoro rushed a group of fishman and created a tornado of sharp wind in their middle which cut them all. Five fishman saw what Zoro did which pissed them off, so there raised their weapons and rushed Zoro with it but before there reached him, Zoro disappeared and reappeared behind them while muttering "One Sword Style: Death Slash". The five fishman were cut in every part of their body before there fell down on the ground.

The other fishmans became frightened after seeing what Zoro could do.

"Wait! Green hair, three sword hilts at his waist… isn't that…" one of the fishman said with a frightened voice

"It Roronora Zoro, the pirate hunter. We can't win" another fishman shouted before running away but Zoro cut him down before he could run far.

"It doesn't matter if he is strong; he's just one guy…. CHARGE" one fishman shouted. The rest of the fishman all rushed Zoro whose eyes never left them.

"Time for the blood bath," Zoro said to himself before he rushed at the approaching fishmans.

Kuroobi watched as Zoro killed many of comrades in anger. He was about to attack Zoro but he stopped and blocked Nami staff that was aimed at his face. He looked at Nami in rage before he pushed her away from him with his bruit strength. Nami staggered back a little but she regained herself and looked at Kuroobi.

"Do you honestly think that you can beat me Nami?" Kuroobi asked her in anger

Nami brought her staff in front of her and got into her fighting stance "one way to find out".

Kuroobi rushed her with great speed and punched her face but Nami dodged the punch at the last second. His speed surprised Nami but it's nothing she hasn't seen before. Nami swiped his leg when he wasn't looking which tripped him and when he was falling, Nami hit him in his stomach which caused a crater to form in the ground.

All the fishman watched in shock and horror as Nami smashed Kuroobi into the ground. Arlong could not believe that Nami was this strong. He was shocked and angry at the same time but he has to wait and see what will happen next. After all, this fight was far from over.

Nami jumped back and waited for the dust to clear. Once the dust had cleared, Kuroobi stood up with blood coming out of his mouth which he whipped out with his left hand. He glared at Nami in anger "that was a lucky short but I assure you that it won't happen again"

Nami smirked at him "will see". She rushed Kuroobi and tried to hit him in the face again with her staff but Kuroobi side stepped her staff and hit her full force in the stomach which sent her flying to the wall of Arlong Park. Nami could not believe how strong Kuroobi is. If she had not protected her stomach with armament haki right before Kuroobi hit connected, then she would have been in trouble. She stood up from the debris and slowly walked back to where Kuroobi was.

Kuroobi was surprised to see Nami up again but he composed himself and got into another stance "I'm must say that I am surprised to see you up"

Nami looked at him with a small smirk which annoyed him "what can I say, I'm just hard to beat"

Luffy has been watching the fight of Nami and Kuroobi with small anger. He wanted to go and kill Kuroobi for touching his Nami but he knew that she needed this experience for the future fights to come. He didn't like it but it was necessary after all, he had faith in her power.

"I went easy on you before but not this time. I'm going to crush you with my full power bitch" Kuroobi said to her

Nami could feel that he was serious and smiled "if you are going full power then I guess I will do the same". After she said that, she started glowing before multiple clones of herself started jumping out from her back. The clones all stood besides the original Nami and glared at Kuroobi.

All the fishman there had their jaws on the ground after seeing so many Nami's appearing from thin air. Kuroobi looked at all the Nami and got ready "I don't know what you did but numbers won't save you".

The Nami's didn't respond to him and just activated their armament haki which darkened their hand and staff. Two Nami's rushed Kuroobi with their staff raised to hit him but he dodged them and tried to hit one of the Nami's but she dodged him by sliding under his leg. Kuroobi tried to kick the Nami that was sliding under him but three more Nami's appeared behind him and hit him at the back of his head with their staff which sent him flying. Kuroobi tried to balance his landing but one Nami appeared where he would have crashed and kicked him up into the air with her armament haki which coated her leg. As Kuroobi was flying up, he opened his eyes and saw a Nami above him with her staff raised. He quickly punched her but she disappeared and reappeared by his side still with her staff raised and this shocked him.

"How is she this fast?" were Kuroobi thought before the Nami brought down her staff directly at his face with such force which sent him down to the ground hard with a large boom. Kuroobi was lying in the crater his body formed after Nami hit in the face with almost every bone in his body broken but just when he thought it was over, he saw about thirty Nami coming down at him with their staff raised.

"This is my secret move" the original Nami who was leading the other Nami's that were coming down at Kuroobi with their staff shouted "Secret Technique: Unlimited Hit Combo". And all the Nami's started hitting Kuroobi in every part of his body with their staff at a fast rate. The hit was coming from everywhere and before they knew what was happening, Kuroobi was dead.

The Nami's finally stopped to see if Kuroobi was still ok but got disgusted after they saw that he was nothing but a bloody mass. The original Nami sighed before she canceled all of her clone and stumbled over to where Luffy is and fell into his arms in exhaustion.

Luffy caught her before she fell to the ground. He looked at her and smiled "you did well Nami"

Nami smiled back to him "I'm tired thou"

Luffy laughed silently "well, nothing a little rest won't fix"

"So you finished your fight Nami" Zoro walked up to her and Luffy.

Luffy looked at Zoro with a smirk "you took your time Zoro"

"Shut up Luffy, I was doing fine till this octopus with six swords sneaked up on me. Bastard got a lucky shot at my back but I cut him down all the same. I was about to kill him but some of his friends took him and fled into the ocean" Zoro explained to them

Nami was surprised by this information "you mean some got away?"

"Don't worry about a thing, Nami. With how I left them, they won't make it very far" Zoro told her.

"Zoro, could you take care of Nami for me?" Luffy passed Nami to Zoro and walked to Arlong who was looking at them with rage. Luffy walked and stood in front of Arlong.

"I will make you pay for this human" Arlong spat at him with venom

Luffy smile changed to anger "I should be the one telling you that Arlong. You die today, mark my word"


Usopp appeared at where he was sensing the aura that looks like Nami's with Sanji and Kaya by his side. Once they appeared, they were shocked by what they saw happening before them. They saw a girl with purple hair that was chained to a table naked but what shocked them was that six fishmans were raping the girl who was crying and begging them to stop. They could not believe the horror of what was happening before them. Before anyone knew what is happening, Sanji disappeared only to reappear above the fishman that was raping the girl that was still chained and kicked him in the neck with such force that instantly broke his neck and sent him crashing into the wall killing him instantly. Everybody in the room froze after Sanji kicked the fishman to the wall. The fishmans didn't understand how a human could kill one of their own with a kick while Usopp who was the fastest in the crew (not counting Luffy) could not believe the speed which Sanji used to kick that fishman.

Sanji lit his cigarette and turned to Usopp and Kaya "Usopp, I can still sense multiple auras in need of help in this place. Go and save them while I take care of these guys. Take Kaya with you in case there is anyone in need of treatment"

Usopp nodded and took Kaya's hand before he ran to one of the doors where the auras were coming from.

Sanji looked at the remaining fishmans who were still in shock because of the death of one of their comrades. "How dear you fishes do that to a lady who is begging you to stop?"

The fishmans looked at Sanji with hate in their eyes "you are going to pay for what you did to our friend human" one of the fish man said

Sanji looked at the fishman that said that to him "you will be the second I kill". Sanji disappeared and reappeared above the fishman that said that to him with his leg raised. He brought down his leg on the fishman head with such force that smashed the fishman face into the ground leaving a huge crater.

The other fishmans saw what happened to their friend which made them all rush Sanji blinded by anger. One of them tried to punch Sanji in the face but he dodged the punch and kicked the fishman in the chin which sent him flying to the wall with a loud boom. Another fishman with a sword tried to cut Sanji in the stomach but he bent down and kicked the sword out of his hands. Before the fishman could register what had happened to his weapon, Sanji kicked him in the jaw which sent him crashing into the saline with his head which killed him instantly. Sanji ran to the two remaining fishmans and jumped high in the air above them.

"Diable Jambel Poele a Frire: Spectre '' Where what the two fishman heard before their whole body was bombarded with kicks from all angles. There didn't stand a chance against Sanji's inhuman kicks that didn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. Once Sanji was done with his kicks, he sent a final kick which sent the two fishman crashing to a nearby wall. The two fishman were dead before they crashed into the wall.

Sanji looked around and noticed that all the fishman were dead before he turned to the girl that was still chained to the table.

Nojiko could not believe what she just saw happen before her. Just moments ago; she was begging those fishmans to stop raping her when all of a sudden, three people appeared from thin air behind the fishmans that was raping her. The one with the blond hair appeared above the fishman that was too busy raping her and kicked him hard into the wall which killed him. She still could not understand how a human was able to kill a fishman that was ten times stronger than humans with one kick but that was after she saw him fight the other fishmans. She was shocked and scared by how strong he was when he was killing the fishmans with nothing but kicks. And now, the same blond man was looking at her with an unreadable expression and this frightened her a lot

"Are you hurt anywhere?" Sanji asked her. Nojiko looked at Sanji with a frightened look and refused to answer him. Sanji seeing her reaction was not at all surprised; rather, he became more concerned "I'm not going to hurt you. I genuinely just want to help you and any other person trapped here"

Nojiko seeing the sincerity in his face nodded at him "my arms and thigh hurts a lot"

Just after she said that, Sanji remembered that the girl was naked before him. He fought back a nose bleed because the situation was serious. He moved to the chains that were binding her and kicked it with a little bit of his haki which shattered them instantly.

Just when Nojiko thought she could not be surprised by the blond anymore, he went and broke the chains binding her with his kick. She sat up in the table and felt how bruised her arms and legs where before she turned to look at her savior "Thank you sir"

Sanji removed his coat and placed it around the girl in other to cover her up "No need to thank me miss but may I at least know your name"

Nojiko looked at the coat around her and brought it closer in order to cover up her naked body. She looked at Sanji after she was done "its Nojiko sir"

Sanji was shocked after he heard her name but he composed himself "that's a beautiful name Nojiko. My name is Sanji; can I ask you a question if you don't mind?"

Nojiko looked confused but nodded her head "go ahead!"

"Do you know any girl named Nami by any chance?" Sanji asked her

Nojiko looked at Sanji with a shocked look before she grabbed his shirt with a panicked look in her eyes "she's my sister; is she alright?! Please tell me where she is?"

Sanji looked at the panicked look Nojiko had before he gently calmed her down. After she was calmed down, he answered "she is a member of my crew. She filled us in on what is happening and on who you are. She and my captain went to kill Arlong while I and the other guy with the lady came to rescue you ladies"

To say that Nojiko was shocked would be an understatement of the day. Nami! Her scared little sister that can't even go to the bathroom alone at night is going to fight Arlong with this so-called captain of theirs. She was very scared and worried for her safety because she knows firsthand how strong Arlong is.

Sanji as if reading her mind put a reassuring hand on her shoulder "you don't need to worry about Nami. Trust me when I say that she is in the hands of someone that won't lose no matter how strong Arlong is".

Nojiko nodded her head at him "so, what now?"

"Now we wait for my friends to free the others and meet us here" Sanji answered her.

Nojiko worried look returned to her face after she heard Sanji's answer "but the prisoners is being guarded by one of Arlong commanders"

Sanji smiled at her "trust me when I say this but Usopp and Kaya are the last people you should worry about"

Nojiko saw the unwavering trust that Sanji had for his friends. Seeing his happy smile made her smile as well.

Sanji may have been smiling on the outside but looking at the Nojiko that was covered only by his coat with nothing else brought some new desire within him "what is taking Usopp and Kaya so long? I can barely control my urges here. Sanji, you can't do anything to her. She is Nami's sister and she just got raped by fishmans. Calm down Sanji and count to 100. This will be my greatest challenge ever but I will overcome this trial" he was still smiling at her and praying that Usopp and Kaya will hurry up.


Usopp and Kaya were running to where they were sensing multiple auras. Looking around at where they are, they discovered that it was some kind of underground base. They reached the auras they were sensing and saw that it was coming from the many ladies that were locked inside a big cage. There saw a fishman with long lips sitting at a chair beside the cage. The fishman seems to have his back facing them

"Kaya, I want you to wait here while I take care of that fishman" Usopp whispered to her

Kaya looked at Usopp with an annoyed look "I can fight Usopp!"

Usopp face palmed himself for forgetting about her new devil fruit power "Ok well, why don't you support me in this fight!" Kaya nodded at him and there rushed the fishman together. The fishman heard some noise behind him but when he turned to see what was wrong; he received a punch in the face which sent him flying off his chair.

He crashed to the ground and looked up in anger to see who had the gut to punch him. He saw a skinny guy with a blond girl that was beside him and they were looking at him in anger. He stood up and glared at them "Who are you guys supposed to be?"

Usopp walked in front of Kaya "I'm god speed Usopp, a member of the straw hats pirate"

Kaya chuckled a little before she too looked at the fishman "and you can call me the untouchable Kaya, also a member of the straw hats pirate. What might your name be fishman?"

"You can call me Choo" Choo answered her

"Well Choo, prepare to die" Usopp told him.

Usopp brought out his sling short and fired his attack at Choo. Choo didn't see what Usopp shot him till it exploded in his face knocking him to the ground. He got up and looked at Usopp with anger before he fired a huge torrent of water at Usopp. Usopp saw the attack coming and disappeared from view. Choo was confused on how he disappeared before he heard someone calling out an attack behind him.

"Special attack: Super Flame Star" Usopp fired his attack at Choo from behind him. Choo tried to jump out of the way but he hit an invisible wall. He tried again but he couldn't get out in time before Usopp's attack connected with him, setting him on fire. He screamed and began rolling on the ground in an attempt to put out the fire. Usopp fired another attack at Choo but this one exploded when it connected with him killing him in the process.

Kaya averted her eyes from the burned fishman and went to Usopp's side "now what Usopp?"

"We free the ladies and send them home" Usopp answered her "by the way, nice move you used there Kaya" Usopp told her which made her blush from the compliment. They approached the cage and saw that all the ladies in it were looking at them with hope. "Must be from how I and Kaya easily killed Choo" Usopp thought to himself.

"I want all of you to grab each other's hand and come closer to the cage" Usopp instructed them. They all immediately did what Usopp told them in a hurry. Usopp grabbed Kaya's hand with his left hand and used his right hand to grab one of the ladies in the cage before he disappeared with all of them.

He appeared beside Sanji with Kaya and all the village women by his side. Sanji immediately had a nose bleed from seeing this many women in one room with him. Kaya looked at Sanji with concern while Usopp looked at him with a knowing look. Sanji immediately turned around to wipe his bloody nose before he faced Usopp and Kaya.

"So; these are all the hostages?" Sanji asked them with a serious tone

Usopp nodded his head to him "Yeah it is and Kaya and I had to fight a fishman to free them"

He nodded and turned to Kaya "Kaya, could you please heal Nojiko's injuries?"

Kaya nodded and moved to Nojiko that was behind Sanji. Sanji moved out of the way to give them more space to work. Kaya approached Nojiko and smiled at her in order to ease her tension "Hi Nojiko, my name is Kaya. Could you show me where you are hurt?"

Nojiko looked at the kind girl whose name is Kaya and asked "are you a doctor, miss?"

Kaya had an embarrassed look on her face after hearing what Nojiko called her "please just call me Kaya and for your question, not yet but I would like to be. For now, I have a power that allows me to heal people"

Nojiko wanted to ask her about her power but held back in order not to pry. She shyly looked at Sanji and Usopp then back to Kaya "I can't show you where I'm hurt with so many people around"

Kaya understood what she meant after she saw her look at Usopp and Sanji. She created her force field and it expanded till only her and Nojiko were inside it. She and Nojiko disappeared from everyone's view after she created her force field.

Everyone was shocked when Kaya and Nojiko disappeared from view. Sanji looked at Usopp for some explanation and he sighed "Kaya has the ability to make herself and anyone inside her force field invisible" Usopp explained to him.

Sanji nodded at him before he faced all the women that were looking at him and Usopp "is anyone of you ladies hurt?"

Usopp turned to the women as well "those that are hurt please move to the right and those that aren't hurt please move to the left"

The women began to move as they were instructed while Sanji and Usopp directed them.

Nojiko looked at the force field in wonder and shock before she looked back to Kaya "what did you do?"

"This is my devil fruit power. I can create a healing force field at will and I can make anyone inside it invisible to those outside my force field" Kaya explained to her.

Nojiko looked at her with a surprised look, "devil fruit! I thought those were only mints"

Kaya laughed a little at her expression "I get what you mean because I too thought there were mints not too long ago but there are real"

"So no one can see us now?" Nojiko asked her

Kaya nodded her head "not only can there not see us but your injuries should be healed by now"

Nojiko looked at herself and found out that all her wounds were healed. She looked at Kaya with a shocked look "how…?"

Kaya interrupts her "I was healing you while we were talking"

Nojiko accepted her answer with a nod of her head. Kaya released her force field and she and Nojiko became visible to everyone there.

Sanji immediately swooned to her with love struck eyes "Miss Kaya, miss Nojiko, how did it go?"

Kaya sighed at him while Nojiko looked at him with confusion "I healed all her injuries. What about the rest of the ladies?"

Usopp came next to her "the ones on the right are injured while the ones on the left are ok. You should go and heal them"

She nodded and went to the ladies on the right in order to heal them. It took a few minutes for her to heal all of them but when she was done, all the women there thanked them repeatedly for their help.

Sanji looked at Usopp "can you teleport this many people out of here?"

Usopp nodded at him "I can but I will need some rest after I am done teleporting them"

Kaya went to Usopp and took his hands in hers "don't push yourself Usopp, remember that I'm here to support you if you need it"

Usopp looked at her in the eyes and smiled at her "thanks Kaya; what will I ever do without you in my life"

Sanji was glaring daggers at Usopp when he felt someone grab his hand. He looked and saw Nojiko holding his hand with a blush on her face. Nojiko looked at him with a shy look "could I hold your hands Sanji, I'm still shocked from the whole experience I went through"

Love appeared in Sanji eyes and he eagerly nodded his head at her "anything for you miss Nojiko"

Usopp told everyone to hold each other and there did. He grabbed Kaya's hand and teleported to where he was sensing Luffy and the rest.


Luffy was looking at Arlong in anger when Usopp, Sanji, Kaya and all the village women appeared behind him. The women looked around and noticed that they were outside. They began to shout in joy when they noticed that they were all free. Nami and Zoro looked surprised at the new arrivals before they sported Usopp, Kaya and Sanji in the group. They moved to their side but Nami stopped in shock when she saw Nojiko holding Sanji's hand. With tears in her eyes, she rushed to Nojiko and embraced her.

Nojiko was still shocked from the teleporting when she felt someone hogging her. She looked down and saw her little sister Nami hogging her while crying and it brought tears to her own eyes from seeing that she was ok.

Zoro, moved past the two crying sisters and went to Usopp who was panting and leaning on Kaya "what happened to you?"

Usopp looked at Zoro before he answered "I teleported too many people at once and now I'm tired. What's going on here, why are there so many dead fishmans around us?"

Zoro smirked a little "were you expecting to finish before us?"

Usopp shook his head "no just surprised there still had a body"

"Well Luffy didn't fight them. Nami and I were the one who fought them"

Sanji looked around as well "well it seems that you have some talent after all you stupid moss head"

"Say that again, I dare you" Zoro challenged

Kaya sighed "we don't have time for this. Is Arlong dead yet?"

Zoro pointed at his front "see for yourself"

They looked and saw Arlong and Luffy in a stare down. They could feel the anger pouring out from their captain and they knew that Arlong was screwed.

Nami released Nojiko and looked at her eyes "I was so worried when I came home and saw our home destroyed"

Nojiko gave her a sad look "it wasn't easy and what I went through has scared me but I have your friends to thank for my freedom especially Sanji"

Nami nodded at her not really caring about what Sanji did, just that her sister was safe. She turned and faced Luffy "well, Arlong is the only fishman left"

Nojiko looked ahead and noticed a boy wearing a straw hat looking at Arlong who was also looking at him "who is that boy Nami?"

"That's my Captain and his name is Luffy. He's the one that brought us all together and now, he is going to kill Arlong and free this village for us"

Nojiko looked at Nami and saw the same look she saw on Sanji when he talked about his friends. She smiled and decided to believe in her sister and watch what is happening.

Arlong glared at Luffy "so your crew managed to free all my prisoners"

Luffy rage intensified after Arlong asked that "so there are prisoners to you"

Arlong smiled evilly at Luffy "what else are human to us fishman if not prisoners. There should be lucky I let them live as my slave because the other option is death. After I kill you hear, I will kill that traitor Nami along with that swordsman of yours and all the women of this village will be sent back to their cage"

Luffy calmly looked at Arlong "what does life mean to you that you take it away without batting an eye?"

Arlong began to laugh and looked at Luffy "human life means nothing to me. All I care about is my own race"

"Enough of this nonsense, prepare to die Arlong" Luffy told him

Arlong anger returned to his face "you think you can kill me boy? I am Arlong, the greatest fishman in existence and I command many….." but he was interrupted by Luffy

"Bla bla bla, I don't care what your proclaim titles are. All I care about is you being dead at my feet"

Arlong looked at Luffy with hatred. He immediately brought out a pill and swallowed it. After he swallowed the pill, he began to increase in size and his appearance began to change. When the transformation was over, he looked more like a shark than he did before and his size was that of a giant but what stood out the most was the mark of armament haki which covered his hands, legs and stomach (Picture a giant Kisame's shark form in Naruto but with markings of haki that looks like gear fourth Luffy).

Everybody there except Luffy had their jaws in the ground from seeing Arlong transformation. Zoro, Sanji were looking at Arlong with a shocked look, not believing what their haki was sensing. Nami, Usopp and Kaya were shaking with fear while looking at Arlong because the aura they were feeling coming out from him is almost on par with Mihawk's aura. The rest of the village women were all shaking with fear with some of them even peeing their pants. Nojiko was no exception with her openly crying from fear while looking at the transformed Arlong.

Luffy was looking at Arlong with a surprised look after he transformed "I didn't think anybody from the east blue would have haki. Tell me Arlong, how did you get this strong so suddenly?"

"Sha ha ha ha ha" Arlong laughed while looking down on Luffy like he was nothing but ant "why would I reveal my secrets to a soon to be dead man?"

"Well it really doesn't matter what your secrets are because I'm going to kill you anyway" Luffy said to him while getting into his battle stance.

Arlong looked at Luffy like he just said something stupid "you still think you can kill me human, even in this form?" Luffy didn't answer and this greatly angered him.

Nojiko could not believe what she was seeing and hearing. Was this straw hats boy stupid or does he not see what she is seeing. She grabbed Nami shoulder which got her attention "Nami! We need to get out of this island before Arlong kills us all"

Nami looked at the frightened look on Nojiko's face with compassion. She could understand where her sister was coming from because she too was a little scared but after seeing the calm look on Luffy's face, it gave her hope. She gently took Nojiko's hand that was in her shoulder and held it in her own hands. She looked Nojiko directly in the eyes "Nojiko! Do you trust me?"

Nojiko was taken aback from the serious look that Nami had on her face but she composed herself and looked at her with her own serious look "of course I trust you Nami but we don't have time for this. We need to get away and warn the villagers"

Nami shook her head and looked at her "if you trust me then please trust my captain. After all, I trust him with all my life and the rest of my crew does as well"

Nojiko could not believe what Nami just said to her. She wanted to shout at her for being naïve and stupid but she stopped and thought about what Nami told her. She turned and looked at the rest of the straw hats and was shocked to see all of them looking at Luffy with an unshakeable trust written on their face. Not one of the straw hats seems even remotely scared and this included her little sister. She turned back to Nami and saw the seriousness in her eyes and this shocked her more "when did you get this strong Nami? Look at you, staring at this monster without any fear and I, your older sister that should be protecting you is here shaking like a little frightened kid. I wish I had your strength Nami" Nojiko thought sadly.

"Nami! What is this straw hat boy to you?" Nojiko asked her softly

Nami gave her a small smiled with a blush on her face "he's everything to me"

Nojiko looked at Nami and saw the smile she had on her face before she nodded at her "I will believe in whatever you believe in Nami and if you believe in this boy then I will believe in him too"

Nami hugged her sister and both of them turned back to watch the fight between Luffy and Arlong.

Arlong glared at Luffy with hate "I will crush you human and your pathetic group as well" he said as he threw a punch at Luffy with all his power. The punch that carried a great gust of wind that was pushing everybody back, was coming at Luffy and he was still watching it without moving. The punch made contact with where Luffy was and the entire island shook from the impact.

Everybody there had their jaw on the ground from seeing the damage one punch from Arlong could do. They all thought that the straw hat boy was crushed except for Luffy's crew member. Nojiko was shaking with fear after seeing the destruction Arlong could do with one punch. She looked at Nami and saw her looking up along with the rest of the straw hat crew and It confused her on why they were looking up. She looked up as well and was shocked to see Luffy falling to Arlong's face.

Luffy at the last second, jumped up and avoided Arlong's punch which destroyed the entire Arlong Park and shook the island. He saw that Arlong had already brought back his hand and was preparing to punch him again in the air. Luffy began to descend to Arlong as Arlong threw another punch at him. He met Arlong's punch with his own punch and he managed to destroy Arlong's right arm. Arlong screamed in pain from having his hand destroyed but Luffy didn't give him a chance as he appeared in front of his face. He brought back his hand and looked at Arlong who was looking at him with hate and a slight fear.

"Consecutive Normal Punches" he gave Arlong multiple punches in a second and it completely destroyed him along with the forest directly behind Arlong. After he was done, he landed on the ground and turned around only to feel a pair of lips on his. Nami didn't care that everyone was watching, she just wanted to be with Luffy at the moment and she smiled when she felt Luffy wrapping his hands around her waist while bringing her closer to deepen the kiss. They kissed for a few minutes before they slowly separated and looked at each other's eyes.

"What was that for Nami?" Luffy asked her softly

Nami smiled at him with a blush "that was for keeping your promise to me"

Luffy smiled back at her and brought his hand to caress her chin. Nami leaned into his hand that was caressing her chin as both of them got lost in their moment. As usual, someone interrupts them

"So you decided to make it public huh?" Zoro asked as he approached them. Nami and Luffy separated from each other but they didn't let go of each other's hands. Usopp, Kaya and Sanji came to where Luffy and Nami were after seeing that they were done with their kissing.

"I guess you guys won't be hiding again when you want to kiss" Usopp said to them

Kaya lightly pinched Usopp's side which got his attention and she kissed him in the mouth. She continued to kiss him for a few minutes before she pulled back from lack of air. She looked at Usopp and smiled at him "just didn't want to be left out"

Sanji was openly crying tears of sorrow from seeing Luffy and Usopp getting kissed by the two beautiful girls in their crew. He controlled his tears as he walked up to Luffy and Usopp and glared at them "you two better make sure you treat them right or I will kick both of your asses"

Luffy nodded at him even though he was confused a little. He noticed a girl wearing nothing but an oversize coat which covered her body and a little of her thigh coming to him and Nami.

Nojiko could not believe what she saw happen before her eyes. This straw hat boy took down giant monster Arlong like it was nothing. She became afraid of the boy's power but that changed after she saw Nami kiss him on the lips. She saw the love they both had for the other as they spoke with one another. It made her happy and sad at the same time from seeing her little sister moving on. She began to approach them until she was in front of them. She looked at Luffy for a few minute before she bowed to him "Thank you for saving my village and for protecting my sister"

Luffy could tell that this was Nami's sister from her aura and it made him smile "No problem. I was only keeping a promise I made to her"

Nojiko raised her head and looked at him "no matter what your reason is, I am grateful to you for saving us"

"Hold it right there straw hats Luffy" a voice said to them,

Luffy and the rest including Nojiko looked behind them to see a bunch of marines pointing their gun at the women of the village while their captain was looking at Luffy with a smug look.

Luffy got angry from seeing the marines "what are you guys doing?"

"Greetings straw hat Luffy, I am Captain Nezumi and I am here to arrest you and your crew for the crimes you committed against the navy" Nezumi said to them with a cocky smile

Luffy became angry again after he heard what the idiot captain said "if you want me and my crew, then why are your men pointing their gun at those women"

"I am not stupid you know. I saw your fight with Arlong and I must say that I was surprised. I know that there is no way for me to take you on but if I had hostages with me then I could use the hostages against you" Nezumi answered him

"You would take an innocent hostage just to get me!" Luffy shouted at him

"Yes! Whatever it takes to catch you straw hat Luffy'' Nezumi said to him "now surrender or the women dies"

Before Nezumi could comprehend what was happening, Sanji appeared before his men and he began to kick them all in different places. The soldiers didn't know what hit them because it was too fast for their eyes to see. In less than a minute, all of Nezumi's men have been killed by Sanji.

Nezumi looked at Sanji who was slowly approaching him in fear "please, we could talk about this!"

Sanji rushed Nezumi and kicked him in his neck hard which broke his neck and sent him flying into the ocean. He lit his cigarette before he went back to Luffy and the rest.

Luffy looked at Sanji with a confused look "I was going to handle that you know"

Sanji blew out smoke from his mouth "I hate anyone that's points their weapon at a defenseless woman"

"Of course only you will get this mad over that" Zoro mocked him

"You wanna fight shitty marimo?" Sanji shouted

"Bring it on you love cook" Zoro shouted back

"Will you two knock it out" Nami shouted at them

Just then, the straw hats heard some noise at the entrance of Arlong Park and they turned to see what was going on. It turns out that all the men in the village rushed to Arlong Park when they saw a giant shark appear from nowhere. The village men approached the park but stopped when they saw the women of their village standing in what remains of Arlong Park. The women saw the men approaching them and it brought tears to their eyes as they rushed to the men. The husbands embraced their wives while the daughters rushed to their fathers.

Genzo noticed the straw hats standing at a Corner with Nojiko and he approached them. Luffy saw Genzo coming their way and he waved at him "I told you that I will take down Arlong''

"That you did Luffy and you have this village's gratitude. Nojiko, are you alight?" Genzo asked

Nojiko looked at the sad look that Genzo had and it pained her to see that look on the face of her father figure "I'm alright Genzo. All my wounds are healed and I feel better than ever now that Arlong is dead"

Genzo smiled after he heard her answer "That's good to hear" he turned and faced the villagers "this calls for a celebration" he shouted

The villagers cheered along with the straw hats.


Inside a submarine in the ocean, a call was being made.

"Sir; I have obtained the straw hats pictures" The spy that has been following them for a long time said.

"Good work soldier! I hope they did nothing drastic recently?" The voice on the other line asked

"Yes sir there did. There took down Arlong and his crew" the spy said

"Well it's to be expected from a crew like this" the voice said

"But sir! The captain killed Arlong after he ate the Sukinomi pill" the spy said

"What! How did Arlong get his hands on those pills? I thought Vegapunk destroyed them because of their side effect" The voice shouted

"I don't know how Arlong got it sir but I saw him swallow it before he face the captain of the straw hats" the spy said

"That drug can temporarily boost a person's power to the point that he or she will be able to rival a navy admiral and you are telling me that this straw hat Luffy was able to kill Arlong even after he took that drug?" the voice asked

"Yes sir!" the spy answered

The voice sighed "it would seem that this Luffy is more dangerous than we anticipated"

"What do you want me to do sir?" the spy asked

"Send the pictures of their crew to the navy HQ and keep on monitoring their movement" the voice said

"Right away sir!" the spy pressed some buttons on the transponder snail "I have sent the pictures sir"

"Good work! Is there any other thing you want to report" the voice asked

"Yes sir, there…" but the spy didn't finish what he wanted to say because a hand pierced through his heart killing the spy instantly.

"What is going on there soldier?" the voice shouted through the transponder snail

A man picked up the snail that the spy was using before "is this fleet admiral Sengoku?"

"Who is this?" Sengoku asked with rage

"What do you mean who is this? You have been spying on me for a while now haven't you" the mysterious man said

"Monkey D Luffy" Sengoku said

Luffy laughed when he heard his name "good guess! Did you really think I wouldn't notice this little spy snooping around me and my crew for the past few weeks since I left shell town"

"If you knew then why didn't you stop him till now!?" Sengoku asked him

"That simple really, I wanted him to send the information to you navies so that you will all know the dangers that is coming for you all" Luffy told him

"Do you really want to challenge the navy?" Sengoku asked

"Not challenge but destroy. I will not only destroy you navies but the entire celestial dragon as well" Luffy said to him

"The navy would never lose to you and your crew" Sengoku shouted at him

"Can you really say that after what I did to Dracule Mihawk? He was your strongest warlord after all" Luffy mocked him

"You may have beaten him but the navy has so many soldiers that are far above him in power" Sengoku said to him

"Well you better call upon those soldiers of yours because once I enter the grand line, I will unleash hell on you navies" Luffy cut the call after he said that.

He turned to Usopp who have been quiet for sometime "sorry for dragging you here Usopp"

Usopp shook his head at Luffy "no worries! Do you really believe that we can beat the navy's Luffy?"

"Without a doubt Usopp; we will win and I will make sure of it" Luffy answered him

Usopp nodded and placed his hand at Luffy's shoulder before disappearing.


Sengoku dropped the transponder snail and look at the other admiral with him when he made the call "you all head what he said"

Akainu growled in anger "I still don't see why you can't send me to deal with this pirate"

Kizaru looked at Sengoku "how are we going to deal with this threat Sengoku?"

Sengoku sighed "the only people from the navy that can challenge this pirate head on are vice admirals or an admiral. So who do you think we should send?"

"Why don't you send vice admiral Charla to stop him? She was supposed to be an admiral but she declined our offer many times" Aokiji said

"You have a point there Aokiji and she has yet to fail a single mission" Sengoku said

"I still want to be the one to take down this Monkey D Luffy but I can accept it if it is her that you are sending" Akainu said

"Then it's decided that we will send vice admiral Charla to deal with Straw hats Luffy" Sengoku said to them "and we will make his bounty clear so that everyone will understand how dangerous he and his crew are"

The admirals nodded their head after hearing what Sengoku said.


Back in Cocoyashi village, the villagers have been partying for three days now. The straw hats were mingling in the party and enjoying themselves. Usopp and Kaya sometimes go into the forest to make out and do other things while Nami has been clinging to Luffy now that everybody knows about their relationship. Zoro has been drinking so much booze and Sanji has been flirting with any woman he can find.

Nami approached Luffy, who was busy eating from a large table "Luffy have you seen Nojiko?"

Luffy swallowed before he answered her "I saw her going into the forest in that direction"

Nami kissed him on the lips and then went into the forest that Luffy pointed to. She walked for a while until she reached a cliff with a tombstone on it. There, she saw Nojiko sitting near the tombstone with her body shaking a little. Nami approached her sister and was shocked to see her crying. She quietly sat down next to her and this alerted Nojiko of her presence.

Nojiko dried her eyes and looked at Nami "what are you doing here Nami?"

"Can't I worry about my sister who is obviously hurting?" Nami answered her softly

Nojiko turned back to the grave with a sad look "this is where mom was buried" Nami kept silent to let her continue "I made a promise here in her grave when you went out to sea to try and find the money that will save our village. I promised mom that I will protect you with everything I have as your big sister but…" new fresh tears started falling from her eyes "I couldn't protect you. I watched as you went out to sea to try and find the money that will save us and I couldn't follow you. You would return home with new wounds on your body and all I could do was watch as you suffered alone by the hands of Arlong"

"But that's not true Nojiko, you were suffering as well!" Nami said to her

Nojiko shook her head with more tears pouring out of her eyes "not compared to your suffering. I knew that I was not strong enough to follow you, so I made a vow to at least protect our home but I couldn't even do that much. I was beaten and raped along with all the other girls that monster took. It was during those moments of torture that I realized what you have been going through and it made me to hate myself for being weak. I was prepared to kill myself that day after those fishman where done raping me but Sanji came to my rescue. He would never have come if you didn't ask your crew for help. I was saved yet again by the sacrifice of my little sister who I should be protecting. Maybe it best if I just die"

Nami could not believe what she was hearing coming from her big sister that she always looked up too. She grabbed Nojiko's hand and made her look her in the eyes "don't say that sis! You have always been my light that keeps me going during those hard times. Whenever I'm in trouble, I would always think of you and it will give me the strength to continue because I know that my pain and suffering is nowhere close to yours. If it weren't for your support big sis then I would have given up a long time ago. So please…" Nami began to cry "don't say that you want to die because I won't let you leave me all alone"

Nojiko looked at the pained look her sister had and it made her feel worse "then what am I supposed to do? I don't have anything left to protect in this village"

Nami hugged her and smiled in the hug "You could come with us and go on all kinds of adventures"

Nojiko was surprised by what Nami said "I can't go, I'm weak and will only be a burden to your crew"

Nami released her sister and looked her in the eyes "you will never be a burden to us and my captain will tell you the exact same thing that I just said, Right Luffy?" Nami turned behind her and saw Luffy sitting in a branch of a tree near them.

Luffy jumped down and landed next to Nami startling Nojiko a bit "am sorry for eavesdropping but I got worried when Nami took her time"

Nami blushed after he said that "Baka"

Nojiko looked at Luffy "so you heard everything?"

Luffy nodded at her "yes and for the offer that Nami made to you, yes I would like you to join my crew. If you still think that you are too weak to join then you can have this" Luffy brought out a fruit from his backpack and showed it to Nojiko

Nami gasps from seeing the fruit "Luffy, that's the last devil fruit you have. Do you really want to give it to Nojiko?"

Nojiko was confused "what's a devil fruit?"

"Devil fruits are fruits that give anybody who eats them different powers. This one that I'm holding is called the gum gum fruit and it turns anybody who eats it into rubber. This fruit is the beginning of a new life experience for you Nojiko and it will give you the power you need to protect your sister when she needs it" Luffy explained to her

Nojiko took the fruit and looked at it "and you are giving me this fruit just like that?"

"Why not; you are the sister of someone that means the world to me, so I don't see the problem," Luffy said, making Nami blush.

Nojiko nodded and ate the fruit. It was bitter but she had eaten worse things in her life. After she was done, she looked at herself and saw nothing different "I don't feel any different from before"

Luffy moved to her and took her finger and stretched it which surprised Nojiko and Nami. Nojiko looked at her stretched finger in surprise and shock but she composed herself "so that's what it can do"

Luffy nodded at her and released her finger "you would need to train how to use this power but I will help you in that aspect. For now, will you join my crew?"

Nojiko looked at her hand then to Nami who is smiling at her then back to Luffy "if you would have me, I would gladly join you"

Luffy smiled at her "welcome to the crew Nojiko. We set sail in the morning so you better be ready"

Nojiko nodded at him as he began to leave. She looked at Nami and smiled at her "guess I'm in your crew now"

Nami smiled at her "and I love that you are Nojiko. You will definitely be happy with our crew"

The two sisters laughed at each other in happiness. Seems that things are looking good for the both of them.


The next morning reached and Luffy and the rest were inside Sunshine waiting for Nojiko and Nami to arrive. The villagers were gathered to say goodbye to their saviors and to also say goodbye to Nami and Nojiko.

"There sure are taking their time" Usopp said

"There must be doing something important" Kaya said to Usopp

Zoro who was sitting down looked up and saw two figure running to them "I think that's them"

The rest of the straw hats looked up and saw Nami and Nojiko running to them. They were running past the villagers who were trying to stop them.

"Set sail guys" Nami shouted

Luffy immediately understood what she meant, so he turned to his crew "set sail"

The straw hats got to work after Luffy gave his order and soon, Sunshine began sailing away from the village. Nami and Nojiko avoided all the villagers and reached the cliff of the island and then, they jumped together. While in the air, Nami created two clones and the two clones gave her a boost which she used to jump into Sunshine while Nojiko stretched her hand and propelled herself into Sunshine. Both of them landed at the deck of Sunshine at the same time. There both turned around and waved goodbye at the villagers as Sunshine sailed away.

"I can see you're getting used to your new powers Nojiko" Luffy said to her as he approached them

Nojiko turned to him and smiled "it's still a little weird to stretch like that but I'll get used to it"

"Nojiko san, you are as beautiful as always and that new power of yours makes you a diamond in my eyes" Sanji said while noodling around her.

"Stop, you are embarrassing me Sanji" Nojiko said with a blush on her face.

"Yeah love cook, can't you see that she doesn't like you" Zoro said to him with a smirk

"That's it you stupid marimo, I'm gonna kick your ass" Sanji shouted as he and Zoro began to fight.

Kaya went to Nojiko and smiled to her "welcome to the crew Nojiko, I'm Kaya, Usopp's girlfriend"

Nojiko was surprised from hearing this "you mean that guy with the long nose actually managed to get a girl like you?"

"What's that supposed to mean" Usopp shouted

Kaya chuckled after hearing Usopp outburst "well, he may not look like much but to me, his everything"

Nojiko smiled at her "well I'm happy for you then. Kinda wish that I could have what you and my sister have"

Nami smiled at her "you will find the right guy sis, trust me"

"She's right Nojiko; you never know, he might be closer than you think" Kaya said to her

Nojiko nodded at them while secretly watching Sanji fighting with Zoro.

"We better hurry to our next stop before we enter the grand line" Luffy told his crew.

"What's our next stop Luffy?" Usopp asked

Luffy smiled before he motioned for all his crew to listen "our next stop is an island known as Loguetown. It is known as the town of beginning and the end"

"Why is it called that?" Zoro asked

"Because, it is where the pirate king was born and executed 20 years ago. Nami, how long till we reach there?" Luffy asked Nami

Nam looked at the compass and her map for a few minute "it will take about 3 weeks if we don't run into any trouble"

"Then everyone, prepare yourselves for some hardcore training before we reach Loguetown" Luffy told them.

There all nodded at Luffy and went about their own business. Luffy looked out at the sea and smiled "we are almost to the grand line, our real adventure is about to begin".

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