2x21 – Summary

Shepherd and her team target the FBI NYO killing Director Pellington. It being too dangerous for Jane to return to her safehouse she is forced by Kurt to spend the night at the NYO in the cell used to hold Roman. Jane blames herself for what happened and in the heat of the moment Jane and Kurt share a kiss, before the Secret Services show up taking Kurt to an underground bunker, where they are locked in until they can rebuild the government.


Reading off of the folder given to them upon entry Keaton asks

'How did we not know about this? This is an official order. "In the event of all members in the line of succession are deceased the Continuity of Government Subcommittee or C.O.G.S, shall assume power"'

Looking around the room he took in the faces of the people they could be locked with for god knows how long.

'And why is everyone so damn calm' he continued in confusion

'I don't know, but Shepard knew about the subcommittee. She put us here.' Kurt said also looking around the room.

'How could she have known' expressed Keaton

'Every time a tattoo exposes corruption, somebody lost their job. I replaced Mayfair at the FBI, you replaced Carter at the CIA' Kurt said then glanced over at two females, one in a wheelchair and the other leaning over her shoulder. 'Those two are now deputy directors of the CDC and the DEA' he said looking back at Keaton

'So, all the tattoos were leading to this'

'Shepard said something about a reset. We are that reset.' Kurt said whilst gesturing around the room

'We're Shepard's new government'

'Which means that she's gonna try to wipe out the current administration, today. We can't stay down here' Kurt said moving from where they are standing.

Stepping through the broken glass door of the conference room, phone to her ear Jane tried to reach Kurt only to get his voice mail.

'Hey, Weller, it's me again, I was just… just calling to check in on you, make sure your okay, I'm worried about you so call me back.' As Jane ended the phone call a woman with short blond hair stepped through the broken doors she entered herself a few seconds ago.

Jane hears her footsteps and turns towards her.

'Eleanor Hirst, acting director' She said shaking Janes hand, 'I'm Sam Pellington replacement.'

'Oh, ah. I'm Jane' Jane said in a but of shock.

'Well, please I know who you are. How you holding up?' she asked with a small smile on her face after jane introduced herself.

'I, I'm fine' Jane said looking in a different direction

'Well, I'm sorry, what you all went through' Hirst said Jane looked back to her.

'Have you heard from Weller?' Jane asked

'Not since secret services picked him up last night, I'm sure her will check in when he can.' She told her Jane still not looking completely calm

'But I've been going over your file, this deal with Pellington and Nas Kamal, it essentially makes you prisoner of the FBI, but once the Sandstorm mess gets cleaned up, you'll be freed of any further obligations, given a new identity and relocated to wherever it is you'd like to go.' She told Jane nodding at the end of the sentence as Jane also nodded along.

At this point Jane has some sort of a flashforward of where she might like to be. This shows Kurt and Jane together smiles on their faces and kissing.

'I'm apart of this team.' Jane told Hirst

'Nobodys saying your not, but Jane, ever since you came out of that bag every aspect of your life has been decided for you. Hell, even your name. I think you need to ask yourself what you want?' Hirst said giving Jane a small smile with that she walked out leaving Jane alone.

'We need to get the hell out of here' Kurt said to Keaton walking side by side.

'Don't we have to tell these people what's really going on?' Keaton asked as they continued to walk down a dark hallway

'No, its to risky, what if they're with Shepard?'

'lets at least loop in these solders' Keaton said trying to convince Kurt

'No, alright Sandstorm's everywhere you understand?'

'Kurt were in an underground bunker with no weapons and no phones what other choice do we have'

'Look, if we trust the wrong person its over not just for us but for the whole country. I got to get back to my team.'

'Your team or Jane? I don't get you, you don't trust anyone, but after everything that's happened you still trust her.' Keaton said Kurt staring at him

'These got to be a phone down here. Let's find it.' Kurt said walking off

as Patterson walked through the destroyed NYO a lab teach walks up to her

'we got the preliminary reports on yesterdays explosives.' She told Patterson

'Let me guess HMX?' she asked

'No. Its actually this other type of nitroimine explosive.'

'CL-20?' Paterson then asks

'Wow, how did you know that?' the lab tech asks

'Please I know my nitroimine explosives. CL-20 makes HMX look like Pop Rocks. The good news is it's pretty exotic so run secondary tests' Patterson told the tech. at this point Jane walks out from the conference room

'Hey, Patterson. Is there anything I can do to…'

'I mean look around. It's over. Patterson said looking back at Jane

'Sorry. It's just these last few days and months have…'

'I get it. It's all been…'


'Yeah' they both nodded at each other before Jane continued 'But if you could walk away, you wouldn't right? You's stay'

'Where's this coming from?' Patterson asked

'I Just, uh, I just met with Director Hirst.'

'Is she firing people?'

'No, um… She was just pushing me to thing about the future. Once this is all over, she's giving me the option to relocate to wherever I want.'

'wow. Well, you… you deserve to do what you want.' Patterson said walking away

'What if I want this? Jane asks following her.

'How do you know if you've never done anything else? We can't all stay here forever. Reade's talking about teaching, and Weller … he's going to be a dad in a couple of months. And this kid is living in Colorado, so… '

'You think Kurt'll move?'

'I mean I would' with that Patterson entered the elevator turning to face Jane she said 'I'm sorry. I know that's not what… I don't know what he'll do.' with that the elevator doors closed.

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