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"/reboot successful/"(Symphony's perspective)

We finally cleared away what once was a war zone. All that was left was some scrap scattered lightly across the expanse and empty crevasses in an endless sand sea.

After we killed Megatron, Deceptigod scattered everywhere, ceasing to function. Every undead Decepticon, Autobot, and Insecticon died for good.

Predaking then surrendered, being completely outnumbered by our 4 combiners, Omega Supreme, Infestor, and all the Guardians.

The rest of the Decepticons surrendered as well now that their leader has perished.

Now that the Guardians fulfilled their code of protecting Cybertron, they returned to their settlement, Victorion returned to the Temple of Knowledge, and Predaking and the Decepticons were set free, besides, they aren't stupid enough to come after us now.

I watched atop the ruins of the hive as the termites all got to work around me, repairing what was destroyed. Tremor rose out of the ground before me.

"I see you've been doing well after the battle," I said to her.

She rumbled in confirmation.

Then she seemed to look cautiously at the Autobots walking on their way to rebuild the cities.

"But you're nervous of the future, and how they will treat a creature such as yourself," I noted.

She looked at me surprised before I tapped my helm twice.

She shook her head, before telling me, "my species are very secluded. I shall carve my own future."

She leaned closer, close enough for me to touch her.

"I can do nothing but bid you farewell," I said.

I placed a single Servo upon her lip.

She huffed, then turned and dove into the ground, a short distance later she leapt out and then burrowed beneath the ground, only to leap once more with a deafening roar, before she disappeared beneath the sea of dirt.


"Even with the Allspark still gone, our home flourishes. In ways, not even I could anticipate. We have no need to hide. The Decepticons are no more. And Cybertron has begun a new age. I am Optimus Prime, and I send this message to any surviving Autobots who have taken refuge among the stars. We are here, and we are waiting. We will not forget our history, we shall face the unknown future together. I send this message so we will always be remembered. We shall never again forsake Cybertron with the kind of storm we wrought upon our home. I hope to look up at the stars, and see Primus' children, all flocking home in droves. I wish not to be known as a legend, but as a survivor. As are all of you. Come. Come home, to a new Cybertron."


I dropped a bundle of scrap from the battle with the rest which is to be incinerated later.

"Is that the rest of it?" I asked my brother.

"Seems so." He concluded.

As we looked around a bit, Sharpshot approached.

"Hey there." I greeted.

"Hello, Infestor. Omega." He responded, "Infestor, can we talk?"

"Sure, what's up?"

"When we found you, our deal was to leave you alone once Cybertron was saved. Would you like us to escort you back to the caves?" He asked.

I thought about that for a moment.

"Y'know… The whole reason I wanted to be left alone was because I didn't trust myself with others, and I was containing the pain I had from my mistakes in the past. Now that you have shown me what it's like to have a family again, and reuniting me with my brother, I couldn't be more grateful." I said, slapping Omega's back, "I think I might stay a while, if that's ok."

"You could not be more welcome," Sharpshot replied with a gleaming smile.


After I talked with Infestor, I approached Optimus about another matter. I saw Venom approach the gargantuan on my way to meet Optimus, I cringed internally thinking about what's gonna happen with those two.

"Greetings Sharpshot, what can I do for you?" He asked.

"I was wondering what we were going to do with Megatron's body," I replied.

"Ah, I have given this some thought as well… I believe we should bury his body on Cybertron rather than eject him into space."

"Why is that?"

"I feel we should at least pay him some respect as the start of the war was for a good cause. It would also signify us burying the war with him to signify that peace has finally arisen."

"Well said," I replied.

We later buried Megatron in the center of the battlefield with many Autobots and Insecticons around us. After the burial and after everyone left I stayed for a moment and took in the fact that the war was finally over and that our mission was finally complete.

I then noticed a blue light illuminated the sand around the body of Megatron. Then the light quickly dimmed as if it was shooting down toward the core.

"What was that?" I asked myself aloud.

'What was what?' Hardshell asked through the hive mind.

'Nothing. Nevermind.' I replied.


I walked back into the core chamber after the burial of Megatron, I'll admit he was still scary even though he was dead.

"I can't believe the war is over for good good good." I mused.

"Me neither, what are we gonna do now?" Hardshell asked.

"We'd probably start by repairing Cybertron, or what's left of it," Widowmaker replied as she walked toward us.

"Would we get rid of all the sand too?" Hardshell asked.

"Uh, no. That would be next to impossible, Hardshell." She replied.

"Oh… ok."

We talked for a couple of cycles before I noticed Hardshell had a sad expression on his face.

"What's up up up?" I asked.

"Ooh, I know this one, it's a trick question… Uh… the sky?" he exclaimed excitedly.

"No, I mean is there something wrong wrong wrong. You look sad sad sad."

"Oh, I'm alright I think, I just wish Buzzkill were here." he dropped back to his somber state.

"Me too pal…" I replied without my repetitiveness.

Widowmaker then adopted the same sad expression and walked off without a word.

I started to follow her but realized it would be a waste of breath, there was no comforting her. She took Buzzkill's death the hardest.

I then noticed a group of Insecticons gathering outside with another group of Autobots

"What's going on on on?" I asked.

"My liege, we have decided to go with some of the Autobots and help repair the rest of the planet. Do we have your blessing?" One of them asked.

"Of course you do do do. You will be missed…"

I stood in front of all the Insecticons that decided to leave. I felt as though I'd never see them again.

"Goo-" I choked. "Goodb" I tried again. "Goodbye." I finally choked out.


"I really like it when he says 'I'll be back'," I said to Shockwave as I watched the Terminator.

"That is one of my favorite lines as well." He replied.

"I wonder what it would be like."

"To what are you referring?"

"Y'know… going to Earth."

"Humans are as chaotic as you have seen in your movies, they attempt to motivate themselves to fix their mistakes with these dystopian-like movies showing what could become of Earth if they do not."

"Ok great, now say it in a way I can understand."

Shockwave sighed and replied, "Humans can't maintain their world in the way they should so they make these movies to try and fix their minds so they fix their planet."

"Close enough," I replied as I turned back to watch my movie.

After it was done, I noticed Shockwave toying around with his Synthetic Energon samples.

I walked into his lab to see him.

"Hey, Shockwave." I introduced.

"Greetings Hardshell." He answered.

"Can I talk to you for a second?" I asked.

"Of course." He replied as he set down a beaker of SynthEN.

"Listen, I just wanted to say thank you, for everything. For welcoming me and my brothers on the moon, and helping us rebuild our hive. You have no idea how much that means to me."

"Wow…" He responded.

"I know right? I practiced that like three times!"

"Impressive. I also would like to thank you in return for showing me the light in the tunnel when it came to the aptly named deceptive Decepticons. You've given me a chance to fix all the errors I've caused, now I can fulfill my purpose of protecting and rebuilding our world."

"I wish I could've understood all of that, but you said thank you to me so I'm going to say you're welcome."

Then Shockwave made a sound that I've never heard come out of him before.

"Did you just chuckle?"

"I've realized that emotions are an expression of one's inner feelings rather than a distraction toward a main goal. I had ignored the concept of emotions having some… logic… behind them. I am now attempting to rectify that false understanding."


At the burial, we all gathered around Megatron's body as it was placed into the grave. We sort of paid our respects, most were hesitant to do so. Shockwave and Optimus seemed to be the only ones who didn't hesitate.

"Brother, I thank you, for rekindling the spirit of salvation and protection in all of you, my brothers. Serving as a common enemy to unite the children of Primus. For your role in the resurrection of Primus, we've decided to bury you, where you once lived, where it all started." he spoke.

"Megatron started out with the ambitious task of reformatting the society of Cybertron, he wanted the caste system abolished. Which in a way, he accomplished. In a war, no one is unneeded or purely disposable. He also brought all kinds of Cybertronians together, minicons, Insecticons, miners, soldiers, medics and many more. While we mourn his descent into madness, he must be respected for being responsible for setting the course for a new Cybertron to be formed. Though he may never know it, he will be remembered for it." Shockwave said.

Then the hole was filled in and people began to disperse. Those that remained were the Brood, Shockwave, and Optimus. Soon they too dispersed. Until it was just myself and Sharpshot.

I walked away to view all the other graves which had been set up for all the other lives lost.

Sharpshot muttered something through the hive mind before walking away, I wasn't paying too much attention as I was thinking.

Once he left I returned to the grave and transformed.

I poured out a tall mound of clay, then I transformed and began to mold it into a figure. It formed with large spiked armor and an imposing stance over his own grave. I stepped back to see Megatron. I turned around to view all the other graves, every single one either had a statue of the resident below them or was currently being formed by the other Termites. All except one had a statue. I walked towards that one, reading the name on the plaque nearly knocked me to my knees.


"I guess... I guess I really will see you on the other side next time," I told the plaque.

Right beside the plaque was a thin orange plate, I quickly averted my optics as if I realized what it was I surely would be unable to carry out my duty. One no other Termite could accomplish.

I then began to form his statue, taking as much time and effort as possible to ensure it looked perfect. After so long I was finally done, I turned and found that there were no more statues being built, they'd all been completed. I turned back to look at my most recent work. Buzz standing, with 2 dual machine guns looking like a hero.


I leaped backward from my opponent and launched a pillar of fire at them. It weaved around their armor and dispersed behind them. The figure stood up and stomped towards me. It then slammed me to the ground. My frame burst into flames and the behemoth leaped back and kicked me into a rock.

I stumbled to my peds and glared at him with a devilish grin.

I whipped out my scatter blaster and let the bullets fly.

They pinged off Razorhorn's armor and kicked up dust in the ground around him.

I ignited a single fist and rocketed it at his chest as hard as I could, surprisingly I actually managed to push him back.

Then Razorhorn tilted his helm down. The adorning horn glinted in the light. Then, in just a few seconds filled with stomping, I was slammed backward onto my back.

My vision shook as the ground beneath me bounced as Razorhorn waltzed up.

"Good spar…" he rumbled slowly as he leaned down and hefted me up onto his shoulder.

"Put me down, we're not finished," I grumbled to my sparring partner.

He didn't do as I told, and he didn't answer. He simply walked away from where we'd been sparring and a little ways from the hive. I couldn't tell exactly where we were going as I was facing backward, but I did understand we weren't going back to the hive.

Soon I heard a lot of voices, though they remained resigned and reserved, somber.

Razorhorn finally put me down.

I turned to find myself in a massive gathering around the graves.

My frame shuddered in rage.

"I don't want to be here." I seethed.

"Razorhorn don't care, you stay." he declared firmly.

I went to walk away, but Razorhorn planted a massive servo somehow on both my shoulders and steered me back around.

"Brother, I thank you…" That's how Optimus started his speech. I toned it out after that, I couldn't listen to Optimus spin Megatron in a good light, not when Buzzkill's death was caused by their war.

"He must be respected for being responsible for setting the course for a new Cybertron to be formed…" I snapped back to attention upon realizing Shockwave had also prepared a speech… one also for Megatron. I couldn't listen to this scrap.

I could already feel my armor heating up to a temperature I doubt was very comfortable for Razorhorn's servo. He must have noticed because he turned and guided me somewhere else.

I didn't care, as long as I didn't have to hear everyone prattle on about how 'Megatron brought about the new age' or how we should be 'thankful he did what no other bot could do.' the voices slowly drifted away until there was not a sound but my own sizzling armor and Razorhorns huffs.

I finally calmed down and the sizzling faded away. My vision also cleared up a bit and Razorhorn felt I was calm enough to remove his servo.

The two of us looked down at a single plaque.


The two of us stood in silence before the plaque for quite a while, for so long that most of the people left Megatron's grave.

"No one around." Razorhorn encouraged.

He then knelt down on one knee and pressed a single fist into the dirt and hung his helm low.

I looked around as well. It wasn't that I didn't trust him, but I didn't trust myself to be able to compose myself if anyone were to suddenly show up. Seeing no one was around, I dropped wordlessly to my knees and dropped my hands to rest on my thighs. My head hung low with Razorhorn's as we both mourned in silence.


I stood up a short while after Ransack left. I was about to head back to the hive. But just as I stood up, I heard some tinkling. I assumed Ransack actually had managed to knock something loose inside of me. I reached around to my back and brushed my servos over my shoulders. A single shard of metal dropped out of the plates on my shoulder. I turned around, intending to pick it up and bring it to Shockwave so he can put it back or replace it if it's important. What I found… was certainly knocked loose by Ransack… but it isn't a part of me… not physically at least.

I gingerly knelt down and gently picked up the tiny orange shard. No, this was far more life-threatening than I'd anticipated. This was a vital spark wound. I clutched a hand over my chest as I placed the orange shard on Buzzkill's plaque. As I let go, I instinctively curled my servo into a fist. The servo clinging to my chest plate wrinkled the smooth plating and caused it to bend, showing my pain for all to see, as a massive servo right over my spark.


After leaving the core chamber, I sat on a protruding building near the core entrance, watching the sunrise.

All I could think about was Buzzkill, how we avenged him and ultimately saved our world.

I then noticed Symphony approaching behind me.

"Hey, we just finished cleaning up and Hound is throwing a party at the new bar we built."

"Not that I'd be going there…" she grumbled under her breath.

She knew what I was thinking, she was just trying to lighten the mood.

"I'll be there soon, I just need a minute."

"Thinking about him huh?"


"I'm glad you're focusing on the fact we avenged him, it's better than holding onto his death. It's better to just let go. We were at war, we lost soldiers all the time."

"He wasn't just a soldier. He was my brother." I replied sternly, "I don't know if I'll ever be able to let go."

"You'll learn to eventually. I sometimes like to think he's still-"

She suddenly stopped mid-sentence.

I looked behind me to see her staring into the distance as if she was trying to see something in the distance.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Oh… My… Primus…"


With my swords sheathed, I sat atop the remains of the hive, cross-legged atop the highest point of the ruins. I sat and meditated on the past, the present, and the future. With nothing to aim my blades for, and nowhere to slice through. I looked down, searching for my next goal… then I found it, I shall cut myself a piece of life, for me alone to possess. A sliver of existence for me to inherit.


In my insect mode I helped clean up the hive after Trypticons assault, I lifted a large plate of metal with my legs and flew it over to the pile where the Termites would break it down into their clay-metal I flew back to where I'd gotten the plate and found a lot of tiny orange shards, they must have been under the plate. And I knew exactly what they were and exactly where they'd come from. And more importantly, I knew whose they were and who I should give them to.

I quickly asked Prowl to be excused from duty, he sighed and reluctantly permitted me to leave. I then collected the shards and entered Razorhorn's room, I then placed it onto his massive berth, then turned and left, with a far slower pace and a much dimmer glow.


I've been fairly composed for the duration of the time I've been with the Brood.

I normally don't open up to people that much, and it was a struggle hiding my inner thoughts from the rest of the hive once I was connected to it. I could feel them trying to reach out to me, but I didn't want them to see what I had seen.

My backstory is a little heavy-handed, it began in the hive. I was a normal worker doing what was required of me.

There were other bullet ants such as myself that also stood guard to protect the hive while the second wall was being constructed.

I was directed to bring resources to the termites on the day the hive was destroyed.

All my friends were on that guard, all my family.

They didn't stand a chance.

Once Bruticus burst through, he wiped out every bullet Ant with one swipe of his rotor like they were nothing.

While I watched.

Once the hornets came in to hold off the attackers, I had no choice but to run away.

I scurried away from the hive as I heard explosions and gunfire behind me.

I couldn't bear to look back.

I eventually found a cave-ridden cavern not far from the war zone I just escaped, maybe a good place for another hive.

I took shelter in one of the caves and waited for the gunfire to stop.

It took cycles and cycles but it did stop eventually. I slowly crawled out and saw our hive in the distance in flames, while the Decepticons victoriously boarded their dropship and flew away.

That day scarred me. I never wanted to connect with anyone because I couldn't risk losing them and getting hurt again.

I just couldn't.

That is until I met the Brood. They welcomed me with open arms. Sure we were all Insecticons so we were basically family already, but after a while, I really felt like we were brothers and sisters, closer than just friends.

I was always silent around them, but I did start to really get to know everyone after the war was over. Even being connected in Pestilence helped.

There were no castes, no controlling queen, but instead, the combined conscience of multiple different species of Insecticons lead the hive by example, and while the brood is known for creating the hive, they didn't receive any privileges or rewards purely for that. Everything and everyone was equal and understanding.

Once I opened up my thoughts to everyone, there were no unending questions or pestering, there was care, comfort, and love.

That's what a family is.


I had finished cleaning up the weapons storage, replacing guns onto their respective shelves and into their pods. And organizing the ammo that was spilled all over the room. I then turned, left the room, and snuck into my personal chamber. To anyone not accustomed to the state of my room, they would have been assaulted as their optics tried to find one single part of the wall to focus on. Much of my walls had carvings in them, one corner where I stored my weapons was filled with a plethora of tiny scars representing the number of sparks I've snuffed. Just above the doorway, I had carvings of Insecticon insignias I'd designed. Of course, due to the dividing wall between the doorway and the rest of the room, no one but me has ever seen these. I'd never show Ransack, he'd only use it to make sarcastic comments. Flashback wouldn't care, he'd only have optics for my tinkering table, where I would sometimes augment my weapons. Terrormite may appreciate my art, but where he sculpts I carve, he would also look at it from a structural or a construction point of view, while I see it as art. Symphony and Widowmaker would pressure me to show my 'talent' to the others, something I don't want to do. Hardshell would find some way to accidentally trip over the non-existent air on Cybertron and would damage my carvings. Razorhorn, while not as clumsy as Hardshell, also seems to be extremely destructive, either he doesn't know his own size, or his own strength… or both. Sharpshot would probably find some way to make it inspiring to the team, he always thinks of the hive. Kickback would probably lose himself in trying to find some kind of meaning in some of the swirls, standing on the wall for an innumerable number of cycles, trying to find the hidden meaning in a bunch of aesthetic lines. Antagony might be somewhat interested but he wouldn't be for long, he kind of lives in his own world. Venom would appreciate the art… I think, but I feel she would start giving me suggestions on how to rearrange my room to compliment my art and how to best use the remaining non-carved walls. Buzzkill obviously was unable to see it as he was dead. That and we never met. Honestly, Scythe may be the one I'd be most comfortable showing as he would see the value in the art and may compliment me a little, but also won't spaz out about it and become overly excited. He also wouldn't care enough to tell the others, he would respect my decision to show them when I feel like it.

I walked over to a blank part of the wall and raised my tail to begin a new project.

However, after thinking about what I wanted to carve I turned and picked up a large flat rectangular-ish piece of clay that had fallen from the ceiling under Trypticon's assault. I then once again raised my tail, split it into four tails, and began to carve out a large circular indent in the middle near the top. Then I went over to my tinkering table and grabbed a dimensional decimator, I then cautiously pulled the bomb apart and disarmed the fuse and the detonator. Then I slammed the grenade into the indention so it stayed in place. I then carved 13 figures below the grenade and carved them in the likeness of their real-life counterparts. On either side of the main group of 13 I sketched two other figures, one was a cyclops, with a very intimidating gaze, and the other had a softer expression, as well as softened edges. Much softer than the lines that form everyone else. I then sketched a much larger figure on the side of the grenade. With deep lines similar to the 13. On the opposite side of the sphere, I drew another figure. This one with the faded lines that the calm expressions one had. This one had plenty of detail, many overlapping lines, and shapes. It was by far the most complex figure here. Then there was one final person for me to sketch. I was about to touch my barb to the clay when I pulled it back. I left the chamber and ran down to Shockwave's lab. I got there just as Hardshell was leaving.

"Shockwave," I called, grabbing his attention.

"What can I assist you with?" he asked.

"What did Buzzkill look like?"

"His appearance?" Shockwave asked.

I nodded.

He walked around to one of the few computer consoles not already packed away and brought up an image. It was a short Insecticon. He was orange with yellow and black highlights. He had this grin, one which seemed like he was invincible purely for having it. Megatron bore one similar to it in many fights. And sadly, both wore the grin during their respective final battles. I observed more details about him. Like how his optics glowed with confidence. I took these observations and rushed back to my chamber. Once inside I picked up the tablet of clay. I quickly sketched in some optics. Then a slight grin. Then I formed the body, this one in even thinner details. He looked as though he was jumping off of the grenade, with his knees tucked up under his wide-spread arms. Then, I used gunpowder to shade in shadows and Energon dust to color any parts that were supposed to be blue energy. I used rust to color parts that were supposed to be red or brown. And for green, I used the liquid in my stinger. Then I would mix the colors to make little parts that were colored. For the large faded figure on one side of the grenade, I used muted and dulled colors. For the other two faded figures, I used a mix of gunpowder and Energon dust to give them a greyish blue, and because of the gunpowder, it turned out to give them a smokey appearance. Which was exactly what I was aiming for. All the others had a slightly more colorful appearance, but they weren't blindingly so. I then stood up, with my masterpiece complete. I walked over to my tinkering table and set it down on top. I raised a single stinger and brought it down onto the back of the tablet, I then engraved two words. 'Cybertron's Saviours.'


The great big behemoth stood before me. I also had a table brought up to the surface, around it were many other tables all of which were mostly clear and translucent with smooth white edging around the rim and the stand. Only one of them had a single chair, which was also mostly clear with smooth white edging. I sat on the chair and made sure the skirt formed by my armor was properly covering my legs and didn't look too out of place. I crossed my legs and held my hands in my lap. Turning slightly in the chair I faced the titan.

"Now, I'd like to see some modesty." I declared.

Infestor seemed unsure of what I expected of him. Typical.

"Due to your size, it will be quite difficult for you to show grace. Perhaps your separate components will fare better?" I suggested.

He quickly transformed before each component rushed to hoard around the table I sat at.

"Firstly, do not ever rush a femme, especially one as high priority as myself. Secondly, there are many tables around me. Do not crowd around one table."

They spread out to the other tables until only the Queen Ant and the Wolf Spider remained at my table.

"Now, ensure any sparklings will not disturb other guests of the establishment and are aware of their manners when speaking," I said gesturing at the babies swarming the Wolf Spider.

I raised my right servo and snapped my fingers.

Instantly the Earwig got up and returned a short moment later with an additional chair, which it placed between the Wolf Spider and the Ant Queen. Infestor then sent the baby spiders to sit on the chair. Suddenly the Atlas Moth fluttered its wings, kicking up a cloud of dust that flew into my face.

I glared before composing myself.

"Please ensure you are being courteous to your fellow patrons." I supplied.

The Moth's wings then folded tightly together.

After a few cycles, I had a glass of Energon in my hand, with my fifth digit stuck out and all the components acting like proper gentlemen.

(Unknown perspective)

I saw everything. Them killing Overlord, fighting the Autobots, fighting the Decepticons twice…

I could not be more overjoyed that they won, they saved Cybertron.

Even though I am now just a bystander, I couldn't help but feel closer to them.

I just wish I could be with my family one more day, just one.

Wait. How am I…

Am I part of the Allspark? Is this the afterlife? How can I still see everyone?

It only occurred to me now to wonder how I am able to watch my family save Cybertron if I was supposed to be dead. Symphony and Widowmaker certainly thought so. So… how was I able to witness them, talking about me? I couldn't look down and see my peds or my chest, and I couldn't hold my servo to my face. I simply could not see myself. No matter how hard I tried.

As I looked at Widow and Symphony again, It seemed like Symphony could…


Can she… see me?

I tried to move closer to them.

I slowly drifted closer and closer until Symphony got up with a servo covering her mouth.

"Buzz?!" She called out.

"Yeah..?" I said as I slowly lowered to the protruding building they were on.

"OH MY-"

"Wait… You see Buzz?" Widow asked as she got up in a panic. (1)

Symphony placed her servos on both of Widowmaker's shoulders. Symphony kept her optics closed for a little while. Widow's optics remained firmly open to see me.

Widow looked at me and slowly walked forward, Symphony following behind her.

"...Buzz?" She asked quietly, not believing what she's seeing.

"Hey, Widow..." I replied sheepishly.

By this point, Symphony had opened her optics.

I looked at her questioningly. I'm not sure if she saw my questioning gaze, but she must have read my thoughts, her answer was a subtle nod of her head...

In my typical nervous fashion, I scurried away to avoid the awkward situation.

I later found Barrage, the one who'd taken my place in Pestilence. I held no grudge against her, I'm sure the two of us would have gotten along. But I do wish things could have turned out different. And I'm certain the others did too. Barrage, Scythe, Flashback, and Antagony may not know who I was… am. But they certainly feel the loss just the same, only, they don't understand it. Unfortunately at this rate, I doubt they ever will.


Lab report 2585.

I have just siphoned the last portion of my purified Synthetic Energon into the core of Cybertron.

As expected, the Synthetic Energon in the core purged the Dark Energon within it, allowing the core to do the rest of the work purging the Dark Energon veins throughout Cybertron.

I turned back to my lab to begin deactivating all my consoles and packing away my experiments.

"Thank you Shockwave, you have successfully purged the Dark Energon and saved Cybertron from death." I jumped and turned, there was no one there.

"I know." I replied cautiously, "It was only logical to save one's own planet by any means necessary, so I did just so."

"And I thank you for that."

I noticed the core glowed brighter than it had moments before.

I examined the scene cautiously.

"Shockwave." The core declared.

"Primus…?" I asked nervously.

"Indeed." It replied.

If I had a jaw it would have come undone and fallen to the floor.

"Logic no longer has any bearing…" I murmured to myself.

"Nothing is logical…" I panicked.

"Your... unconventional experiments, have been forgiven." the core declared after a moment.

I was quite shocked. So much so that I stopped panicking. I expected Primus would disapprove and punish me for many of my experiments, and rightly so, I tried to play god. And failed royally so.

Now that I have conclusive evidence that the core has been purged of the poison that is Dark Energon, my experiments with Synthetic Energon are no longer required.

Now Cybertron has been revived back to its original state, to the point that Primus himself has been awoken.

I robotically finished packing up my things and left Primus' sacred place.

As I left I heard the booming voice behind me.


(1) "Because of Bayverse (2007), the Allspark is no longer a thing. So, here's my explanation of what happens to the sparks of all Cybertronians killed after its destruction.

The traditional scientific saying is "energy can neither be created nor destroyed." and I don't think it's wrong to assume their sparks are a form of energy. The second portion of that saying is "it can only be transferred or transformed" (pun not intended) the Allspark serves as a way to transfer or transform (once again pun not intended) their sparks. So with the Allspark destroyed, the sparks can no longer be destroyed, created, transferred/transformed (I don't think I need to say it a third time.)… Therefore every character killed after TF1 has an indestructible spark that literally can not do anything other than exist." - Jdog4161

Thank you one and all for reading Rebooting Cybertron!