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Mental link ( Rewritten)

Series 1. A Jump in the time stream.

Chapter one

Sandaime Hokage and the future Yondaime Hokage were sitting in the office going over the responsibilities of the leaders of Junín teams for Konohagakure No Sato. When there was a Fuinjutsu seal forming on the floor of the office. The Sandaime and Minato were patiently waiting. to see the Fuinjutsu seal to finish. Not long after a young teen appear standing in front of them. This teen had brilliant green eyes and black with red highlights throughout his hair. The three of them we're staring at each other. When the boy spoke I am in so much trouble. My apologies Sandaime Hokage and Junín its seems that I have… um how is your Fuinjutsu barrier for private conversations.

Before I tell you any thing can you please sent out your ANBU and um.. There are other people in this office that aren't your ANBU guard. The Sandaime and Namikaze Minato looked at the young teen then at each other. An Minato spoke what do you mean other then ANBU. Quicker than anyone could see the young teen's hands came up and red lights were shot from his hands. when the lights hit several blank faced masked men they hit the floor hard. You might want to remove there masks and look under there tongues because there's a Fuinjutsu seal on them and they can not talk with out it being removed. You should keep this under wraps so whoever sent them can be underestimated but be careful the teen warned.

May I please sit down I have traveled a long way. Yes you may the Hokage said. Thank you the teen bowed his head a little. He walked over an sat down on a chair next to Namikaze Minato. I am tired after using the seal. He patiently waited until they took care of the root members.

Then Minato and Hiruzen worked together.. they checked every single ANBU that was in the office. then they began to remove the Fuinjutsu seals from the root members. While the ANBU guards were subduing them. They were ready to take them to a closely guarded facility's to question the men with blank faced masked they we're ready. To be hauled off. the Hokage order the ANBU to quietly start to check the ranks. Then Minato check the Fuinjutsu barrier in the office for privacy and security leaks.

May I please sit down I have traveled a long way. Yes you may the Hokage said. Thank you the teen bowed his head a little. He walked over an sat down on a chair next to Namikaze Minato. I am tired after using the seal. He patiently waited until they took care of the root members.

while the Hokage and Minato was working out the root problem. Hari had closed his eyes and was meditating on his chakra. He couldn't feel the nine tails that was supposed to be in him was gone. He thought back when he was in the void he heard a voice say to him that the Death reaper who put the other part of Nine-Tails inside him will regret it.

The entity said that he had sent me into a different time in the timeline. Then the entityplaced a bracelet with a dimensional pocket around his wrist invisible so no one can see were it is secure. I see your father gave you a de-ageing potion. You will have to remember your clan secrets and laws. The information that you can only give is to your father / brother at the moment. You can. also give the bear minimum out to the Hokage.

someone's throat was cleared that brought Hari back into the present. He opened his eyes and apologized to them both I was meditating. before Hari spoke he sent out is chakra to see and he was happy with what Minato put up it was nice and felt safe with the new Fuinjutsu seals up for privacy. Hari looked both men in the eyes and said I can tell you somethings but please know that I do have my Clan laws to abide by.

An explanation, if you will

What I am about to tell I am I abide my Clan Law's.

My mother Pacifically made sure that if anything happened to her or my father I would go directly to Namikaze Minato. My mother made sure I would go to no one else. My biological parents were very good friends with Namikaze Minato. As Head of his Clan he adopted me. It took Namikaze Minato a month to find me and to take me in once he heard of my parents passing. When I was around 15 months old my biological parents were murdered right in front of my eyes. my name is Namikaze Hari.

After my long mission that was complete I had to report Back to Hokage sama. I decided to take the stairs to put my thoughts in order and to think about the request from Hokage Sama knowing it would be a good idea to take up his offer. As I was reaching near the office door. A series of Fuinjutsu barriers seals went off activating that brought me here. I am not sure of the timeline so I cant give you pacifically what happened I am sorry. Sandaime Hokage asked and who is your Hokage? The Yellow Flash Namikaze Minato Yondaime Hokage of Konohagakure No Sato sir. Minato was shocked still frozen after that statement. What was the request from your Hokage it was to sit down and have dinner. because it was three weeks since the last time I saw him.

Minato (POV)

Looking into those brilliant green eyes I know he telling the truth about his statements. He is apart of my clan. He is holding back a lot of information. I know I'm the only one who's going to hear all the whole entire truth. I can sense the truth in his chakra. There is pain to. I will have to look after him I love him he his mine.

End (POV)

Minato he his apart of your clan will you take him in? Yes Hokage sama I will take him in Before you both go do you think it's a possibility that you will be able to get back. I do not think I can get back sir. Those seals would only activate for a few reasons…

He looked away from them both and they saw a tear fall. I will go I am sorry for wasting your time Hokage Sama. He turn back bowed his head a decided to walk out the door of the office. Minato looked at the Hokage and he nodded his head. Then Minato stood left to go after the new member of his clan.

Minato found Hari outside the office. Minato put his hand on Hari shoulder to make him stop walking. He turn and faced Minato come on let us go to are clan compound and we can talk there. Hari nodded his head. They walked in silence all the their. Kit I am going to be keying you to my seals for security and other importance seals are you okay with this Kit. Hari nodded his head. He extended his hand to Minato. Minato Cut into is Kit hand for some blood and chakra as it landed on the security seals and the other. As Minato started to heal his kit. from the cut.. now he could feel seals place on his kit body. Let go inside shell we. As they past through Minato locked down his compound.

As they walk into the main courtyard Minato paused as he did so.. He extends his senses and could feel the way Hari chakra moved. As the leader of the Namikaze Clan each member has a seal inked into there skin when they are born into or adopted with the chakra of the one who brought them in. Also he felt and understood about his thoughts earlier in the Hokage office. No one has the knowledge of the clan. It passed down and given at birth or adoption.

Minato: I know there a lot that you could not say do to are clan laws. I can feel all the Fuinjutsu seal inked into your skin it was done by my hand or a counterpart of myself. I am going to ask you about looking at them so I can see what they do and are.

Minato had open his mental link. Can you hear me. Hari turn and look directly into Minato blue eyes Hari: yes I can! I am sorry for inconveniencing you. I should have not been sent here but the seal that is inked into me…

Hari: yes sir. You should know I have inked into my skin an invisibility seal so I can go undetected. I also have two trunks shrunken on a necklace around my neck invisible. I…tears fall and he look away from Minato.

Minato walk up close to his kit and wipe away the tears. Then. he pulled him into a hug and held onto him. Then use his Hiraishin technique. Took them into the house and led them to the couch sat down on it. held on tight.

Minato: my counterpart gave it to you before this all happen didn't he!

Hari: yes and he told me he love me and he made me drink a potion to de age me. He said this way I would still be able to live. Because the 4th war was going bad all wrong and we were losing. My brother your biological son after I save him by give him… you both used both of your chakra.. your after you gave me items. then were marking sure I had everything then you

More tears fall…Minato pulled him closer.. He waited because he new there was more to it…

Hari: when I was in the void I heard a voice that told me some things that will be given to you.

used that seal and I am here now…

A bracelet materializes around his wrist. Information flow into him.

Hari: I have one too see.

Minato: was shocked still frozen after as the information flow into his mind, body, heart, soul.

Hari: what if they don't make it. I know that they both made that choice because they love me…

Hari spoke out loud: Do I still have a family I did not mean to lay all this at your feet I will go now he try to leave.

Minato spoke out loud: STOP! You have me and I am not going to let you go. We are going to get through this together your not alone. Minato bathed Hari in his chakra to calm him down. He stop fighting Minato hold on him and collapsed into his hold I am so sorry. It hard because I can feel that they did not make it. I was the back up plan or something… I am just so tired. let's get you into a room and you can sleep I will be here when you wake up. Can you give me the trunk that my counterpart gave you to give me

Yes sir He took him to a room and got Hari started to settling in. Hari hand him his trunk that was on a a mithril chain necklace necklace. Then Minato wave his hand and his clothes changed to pajamas. As Minato started to leave he wave his hand once again placing a monitoring charm on the young kit in the bed. closing the door and wave one of his hand once again this time another charm layered it on onto the door so he would know when he open the door.