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Fuinjutsu seals part 1

Chapter 3

A Fuinjutsu seal appeared on Hari skin and it started to hurt. Hari mumbled sleepily that it hurt. it wasn't quite Audible but Minato answer automatically Knowing instinctively what to do and Minato started Channel his chakra into his hand and ran it over the seal. memories began to flow into Minato and he pulled Hari to hold on to him.

As the Fuinjutsu memories seal flowed into Minato from is chakra in put. He began to understand why the seals were place onto his Kit. Each Fuinjutsu seal has memories about certain situations. His future self wanted to make sure that Hari was taken care of as well as his present self. As the flow of memories eased off he truly understood now why he is the only one that can sense and release the Fuinjutsu seals because they are tie to his special chakra.

As Minato special chakra is only tie to his clan it will remain with in the walls of the compound only. Minato slowly reaching outward with his chakra towards his kit. The kits chakra reaching out and they are soothing each other from the experience knowing that this will happen often enough until all the seals are gone.

After Minato and Hari were both released from the Fuinjutsu seal experience neither of them wanted to let go of each other. they did not speak because it was not necessary. there chakra is what said it all. As they held each other they both new that the Fuinjutsu seal memories cannot be seen by anyone else it's helpful to know that they're the only one's that can see and feel the Fuinjutsu seals on Hari skin and will allow themselves to learn about each other.

Minato decided to break the silence. Kit I am glad that you're brought back to me. I know I am not the one that raised you.. the Fuinjutsu memory that we were both shown tells me that my Future Self truly love's you... and I am telling you now that I love you as your self.

Minato continued after a moment and said. My thoughts and feelings about you were a hurricane raging within me. Because after your sudden appearance in the office using the Fuinjutsu seals within moments afterwards ...I saw you all I could think to myself was that you are mine. I know now that you are. I will care for you kit and I can feel your pain that within your soul I will help heal you as long as you let me.

Tears fell from Hari and he apologizes and asks for forgiveness. I would like your help! I just don't know how to do it. Yes I will help you. Minato looked at his kit an asked will you stand by me? Hari looked Minato in the eyes and yes I will stand by you. I am sorry I lied to you in the Hokage office and to the Sandaime Hokage.

Will you help put the pieces of my heart back together. Yes Minato said. As long as you stay with me and help strengthen mine. We are family kit and I know we will be up set at each other once in a while. You will always have me.. You can have me as your father or brother that is up to you. I will never stop loving you. Hari locked eyes with his Alpha Minato and said love you with all my heart. Do I have to choose now. No My Kit you do not have to we have plenty of time.

Hari threw his arms around Minato and hung on for dear life and broke down crying. Minato Just Held On Tight giving him as much comfort as he needs. And Minato was getting comfort in return. The emotions going through them both were tremendous.