My Christmas Surprise to you all. Also, kinda a prequel to my first one-shot, For the Dancing and Dreaming. Thank you, everyone, you guys made this year bearable. Happy Holidays, and here's to a better year.

Izuku really got bullied. You'd think that after he stopped babysitting Bakugo, graduated U.A with honors, and established his own agency, it wouldn't happen. But after a year of working hard, establishing his "turf", fanbase and identity as a pro hero, his sidekicks, all his kohais from U.A finally bullied him into taking a vacation.

Then again who could really fend off a Uravity-Froppy team-up? They sat him down, showed him a masterfully made PowerPoint presentation of all he's done in the year, since going pro, including but not limited to helping Lemilion defeat PLF in its budding stages, stall Gigantomachia enough for the ultra-powerful sedatives created by Creati to knock the giant out, actively participate in community programs, volunteer every month at the homeless kitchen, raising awareness and decreasing, plan his mother's wedding to one happy retired pro hero, donate blood 4 times, and even spending a day with kids from Make A Wish foundation in the All Might Mighty All Land.

After the presentation ended, they placed a globe, and spun it, letting him decide his destination at random. And the place Univers sent him too was… Iceland. Weren't Vikings from Iceland? Or were they from Greenland? And wasn't Greenland a frozen wasteland? And Iceland green and warm and volcanic? Why weren't the names switched? And why-

He was whacked. By Froppy. He should have expected that, really. They knew his muttering habit well by now, and how to snap him out of it. Then sent him on his way to his apartment. In which he spent so little time, the only thing unpacked was some dishes and the bed. At least it made packing easier. He found the box with winter clothes, switched it to his red suitcase, added some more clothes like socks, shirts, and underwear, before looking up the best way to spend time in Iceland.

Ryuko was packing away her clothes, preparing for a family reunion, this time being organized by the Icelandic branch. Not many people knew this, but dragon quirk users lived longer, so her family was rather numerous, and spread out over the globe. From her great great great grandmother, who was 420, to her youngest baby cousin who just turned 10.

They gathered once every 5 years for an all-family celebration. They exchanged gifts for birthdays they missed, talked for hours upon hours about their lives, and ended it all with a Dance of Dragons, awing their non-dragon spouses and children who were yet too young for the stunts and turns they pulled.

It was also gonna be her first time in the land of glaciers and hot springs, so she decided to go a week early and take a look at the place. This was her first vacation in a while, so she was gonna make the most of it. All her things packed neatly in her red suitcase, she went to bed carefree.

"Shit shit shit!" Izuku was intending to just browse some fun stuff to do. Then someone made a new All Might AVM video and suddenly he fell down a rabbit hole that ended with him passing out during a conspiracy of how the U.A principal is trying to take over the world using tea and mental trauma.

Grabbing his suitcase, he managed to barely catch his train that dropped him off at the Tokyo airport. He did bump into a blonde lady on the way, making him drop his suitcase, but he quickly bowed and apologized, before continuing to his gate, and boarding, his luggage being a carry-on.

Settling down and even having the good luck of finding his headphones inside his jacket, he watched one of the many many All Might movies on his phone, tuning out the clapping form first-class, letting the plane carry him to his destination.

Ryukyu went to bed carefree. So carefree in fact that setting an alarm didn't even register in her mind. She was woken up by her work alarm, which gave her half the time she wanted to get to the airport.

Rushing through the morning crowd she was floored by a green-haired gentleman, making her drop her suitcase. The man quickly bowed and apologized, before rushing away, not giving her the chance to do the same.

All was right though. She managed to get to the airport in time and flying first-class meant she got to board first. She wanted to stay low-key, but one of the flight attendants recognized her and made the announcement that had all of the first-class give her applause. She managed not to blush too brightly, before letting her worries be washed away with some delightful sparkling wine and immersing herself in the lunch menu. This was gonna be a long flight after all.

Leaving the plane was a bit of a hassle since one guy decided to be an asshole, but it was taken care of, and he stepped foot in the cold Icelandic air. He hailed a cab and showed him the address of his inn. He was about to book a hotel but some people on the forum he was browsing swore by this neat little inn near the capital, so he decided to go there, pulling some of his hero clout to get a room.

Driving there was amazing and he was blown away by the landscape. Grassy plains, littered with herds of sheep. Mossy fields, with many warnings not to walk on them. The breathtaking mountains, and chill-inducing glaciers. Lively rivers, and steaming hot springs. It seemed that Iceland had it all.

Parking inside, he went to talk to the innkeeper, this nice old lady, who through some pretty fluent English told him that he was bunking with another Japanese tourist, but that their room had separate beds. he thanked her and then gave her his singed picture which she hanged on the wall, next to some others. Most seemed to be local, but Izuku recognizes some which had achieved international fame, like Tornado of Terror, Iron Fist, and Booster Gold. There was also a curious number of wedding photos, but Izuku brushed it off as family pictures. Getting his key, he went upstairs and entered what was to be his lodgings.

Deciding to unpack early, he opened his red suitcase, and started pulling out his pantyhose, his woolen sweater, his matching lace bra, and panties… Wait. Something was not right here. With a startled look he gazed upon the mighty fine women's garments.

"Oh crap, this is not my suitcase."

Grabbing the suitcase he quickly rushed out of the inn, and after managing to get another cab, he sped off towards the airport.

Just as Ryukyu arrived at the inn her cousin recommended, a cap cut across, driving like a madman in the opposite direction. She wondered what that was about but it ultimately didn't matter.

Getting her key, and delivering the bribe (her autographed picture) she entered her room and seeing as no one was there decided that her roommate surely wouldn't mind if she picked out the bed and the dresser.

She also decided to unpack opening her red suitcase, and sorting through her pants, her sweaters, her boxers, her shaving kit… Wait. Something wasn't right.

Soon another cab drove off from the inn, racing towards the airport, and in it Ryukyu bemoaned the loss of her suitcase, and also regretting she packed her fancy underwear. And the old inn lady watched it all with a smile on her face.

Astrid wasn't prepared for a massive green-haired giant to stroll to her counter, slamming a red suitcase on it and reporting that it wasn't his own. She asked him if he searched the suitcase for any information about the owner, which sent some red on his cheeks. Opening the suitcase explained it.

"We are terribly sorry sir, and we will endeavor to find your luggage."

Technology came far in the last few decades even if most was aimed towards quirks and hero work. So finding someone's luggage was no big deal. As long as your suitcase entered the plane with you, it could be found. Which as it turns out was NOT a solution to Izuku's problem.

I'm very sorry sir, but it appears that this is the suitcase you boarded with. Did you by any chance confuse your luggage with your wife's?

"I'm not married."

"That so… Maybe then we could-"

"What do you mean this is the suitcase I boarded with?!" the yell turned both their heads, and at the next counter stood an annoyed and pissed off Ryukyu, holding onto… HIS SUITCASE! he'd recognize that all might hoodie sleeve anywhere with how many times he chewed on it when he struggled with paperwork.

Thanking the disappointed worker he approached the dragoness who ranted about something or other and taped her on the shoulder.

"-and now that I'm here, you fu- WHAT?"

It was a testament to Izuku's courage that he did not flinch while staring at the snarling maw full of sharp teeth.

"I believe you have my suitcase, Ryukyu."

Heroine looked the kid up and down and remembered from where she knew him.

"Ahh. Deku, right? This is yours then? And you have mine?"

"It would appear so."

They switched the luggage, and after checking it, they found everything. And both were embarrassed to learn that the other saw the underwear. Deciding to not speak another word on the matter, they said a few quick goodbyes, before going their separate ways to hail a cab.

It was a surprise when they learned they were staying at the same inn, and felt a bit stupid, the economical way of sharing a cab crossing both their minds. But the biggest surprise was yet to come.

"It appears that we share a room, Ryukyu."

"Indeed it does, Deku."

"You don't have a problem with that do you?"

"Not at all."

"Great. Since I'm gonna be late for my tour soon,l yo don't mind if I leave my things unpacked?"

"Not in the slightest. I was planning to do the same."

The conversation felt wooden even to Izuku who was so, let's say not so good socially.

Both leaving their suitcases inside the room, they rushed to meet the tour guide, where they were honestly not surprised anymore to have booked the tour with the same agency. Since they arrived last and already kinda-sorta knew each other, they had no problem forming a couple as the guide asked them to.

"Our first stop is to my cousin's ranch where you all will be able to ride true born and raised Icelandic horses. Now while you outsiders may sometimes refer to them as ponies, do so here, and you will forever be banished from ever stepping on Icelandic soil."

The tourists laughed uneasily, not sure if the guide was joking or not. While they boarded the bus that would take them on a short ride there, the guide explained a bit about the breed. How it was brought in by the Norse, how natural selection and selective breeding made them what they are today.

Arriving at the location, the pairs were split up, each being guided by the ranch handler, to the animals they would mount. Izuku and Ryuko got a palomino colored mare, which was apparently around 12 years old, and mother of 2 very happy foals. It was also very tall for the breed, which Izuku assumed was due to his taller than average frame.

Ryuko let the green-haired man take the first turn and he had to admit, it was kinda fun. The animal was docile and kind, and he even got to feed her a carrot, after the handler showed him how to do it without losing his fingers.

But once it was the heroine's turn, the mare would not let herself be mounted and tried it's hardest to move away. It was probably the animal instinct, recognizing the apex predator. Ryukyu was trying to deal with the fact that there was gonna be no riding for her, when Izuku approached the frightened animal and started expertly stroking it, and whispered in its ear.

The animal calmed down, and Ryuko got her turn. And she enjoyed it, even if it was not better than flying. But what made everything just a tiny bit better was Deku's steady hand, holding hers, and guiding the mare.

It was after six that the tour guide collected them all back at the bus and took them to a karaoke bar. Both Izuku and Ryuko were familiar with it. There it took a couple of drinks to loosen everyone up, and the guide suggested they try their hands at the "World's Hardest karaoke Song" Izuku and Ryuko both stepped up to the challenge.

"This is the a-ö of Iceland
So try to sing along
This is the a-ö of Iceland
What could possibly go wrong?"

They butchered it. Terribly. Everyone laughed, and Izuku did too. If you can't laugh at yourself, what's the point? But Ryuko took it as a challenge. Once it was her turn again, she tried her best to follow the lyrics as closely as possible.

"Our sundlaugar are cozy, afklæðast all the way
But don't forget sundskýla before you go and play (ok?)
You might see a torfbær or hike in the þjóðgarð
And you must say hi to Villi, because that is my dad?"

Absolute bloodbath. Izuku couldn't help but laugh. But seeing her on that stage, trying her hardest, stoked something within him. So he clapped encouragingly when she stepped up again.

"Since the upphaf alda, the sheep has been around
Vinaleg and gracious, every man's best friend
We cuddle them and klappa and then take all their ull
We wear them like the kappar and they've always kept us... full!"

She gave up. This was impossible. It especially stung that Deku laughed the loudest. But she had perfect revenge in mind. Stepping to the bar, and whispering something to the barman, she sat down across from the green-haired hero.

"So, Deku, you think it's funny?" Maybe she should ask for his name...

"No offense, Ryukyu, but your persistence was amazingly adorable." The compliment sent a faint rush of warmth through her body, but she ignored it.

"I'd challenge you to do better, but that would be pointless seeing as you got to hear the song more times than me. So instead, how about a drinking competition. The loser has to sing again."

Izuku had a lot of reasons to decline, but seeing the challenging look the dragoness gave him, set something alight inside of him. He could not back down.

"You're on."

On point the waiter slammed down a tray full of pint-sized mugs, brimming with ale. Ryuku grabbed one closest to her and raised her in a challenge. Izuku did the same and they clung them together, before both chugging down the bitter foamy beverage.

Izuku felt confident that this larger build would give him an advantage. He also ate a lot at the evening meal on the ranch, so he was sure that the heroine was going down. He drank 5 mugs, feeling the strong buzz. At about 9th one he was properly drunk, but he still kept going. Just as he was reaching to grasp the 13th one his head slammed down, clean through the table.

"I win!" Ryukyu slammed the last empty mug down and relished the cheers of other patrons. Izuku stumbled his way onto the stage, and after giving himself a couple of slaps, he started singing.

Ryukyu was blown away. Somehow, even inebriated, Izuku's voice was clear and loud, as he did his best to follow the lyrics, and surprisingly did pretty well. And when he suddenly turned around and looked her in the eye, something shivered inside of her.

"This is the a-ö of Ísland
So reyndu að syngja með
This is the a-ö of Ísland
Now memorize this lag!"

The song ended and so did their stay. After paying the tabs the tourist group boarded the bus and were dropped off at the inn. Izuku and Ryuko quickly settled on whose bed is who's and Izuku politely stepped outside so the dragoness could unpack. Sleep was alright, and the hangover cured with a greasy breakfast.

Izuku really seemed to like the breakfast sausages.

"This is really good," he spoke excitedly, on his third serving. Ryuko was enjoying her breakfast as well, but suddenly got the idea of how to enjoy it more.

"I imagine so, with the meat used." she knew it would make him curious.

"What meat are they made of?"

"Remember the ranch?"

"Uff. Don't tell me they're horse ones. It seems weird to be eating a horse."

"Not a horse one. Remember the little lambs that liked you so much?" Izuku, with another sausage halfway to his mouth, looked at her, horrified.


"Oh yes." Izuku hid his face in his palms, and Ryuko almost fell off the chair, laughing. When she managed to calm down, Izuku was picking at his place, gloom in his eyes.

"Why'd ya stop eating? You ordered it, now finish it."

Izuku had to admit she had a point, and after a moment of hesitation, he resumed cleaning up his plate. He didn't ask for fourths though.

After breakfast, they got on the bus for a 20-minute drive to reach the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik. Arriving there, the tour guide gave them a few minutes to look around, before again pairing them off with individual guides, for a bike tour of the city.

It was a delightful exercise that both Izuku and Ryuko enjoyed. The freshens of the cold air, the lively beat of the city, and delightful sights one could stare at forever. Cycling down Laugavegur, with its many boutiques, passing past Harpa Concert Hall.

Since Izuku and Ryuko were both in shape they managed to squeeze in the time to visit the Sun Voyager, which symbolized the tantalization of adventure, the desire for discovery, the need to move forward, and the bridge between the realms of dream and wake.

"Step next to it, I wanna take a photo." Ryukyu did so, and in the glow of the setting sun, Izuku could almost feel his heart stop. Her beautiful blonde hair glistening with the last rays of light, her eyes seemingly seeing through him, and that smirk made even more tantalizing by the sharpness of her teeth.

"Stop staring, and take the photo!" Izuku snapped out of his dreams and took the shot. HE shared it with the dragoness, and she had to admit, it looked pretty amazing. How weird that the light made her cheeks look like they were blushing tough.

On the way, they got to try some of the dried fish, not something Izuku enjoyed a lot. But Plokkfiskur, some type of sea stew served with some delightful hearty bread, quickly improved his mood. Some chocolate with lakkrís was also right up his alley, but Ryuko politely declined after taking the first bite.

Once returning to the in, they were also having a bread-making workshop. Working in pairs (again) to make some traditional Icelandic bread, and then the tour guide would carry them over to a hot spring to get baked in the soil overnight.

Ryuko struggled a bit when kneading the dough. Izuku stepped behind her to show her how.

"You're doing it wrong, you have to use your full body."

Ruko felt a bit embarrassed. Household stuff was never her forte. But what embarrassed her even more, was how nice it felt to be leaning against the wall of solid muscle that was Deku. Crap, she never even asked him for his name!

Her body was basking in his warmth when he suddenly moved away, and lo and behold, in her arms was a perfectly kneaded loaf. Looking back at him, he was looking through the window. That nonchalance of his ignited the fierce dragon pride inside her, to embarrass him in turn. Soon afterward the old inn lady announced that their hot springs were open for the night. And Ryuko thought it was the perfect chance for revenge.

People were gladly soaking in the warm water, especially Izuku. He was never in a hot spring, his mom could never afford it, and later when he became a pro hero, he just never had the time. Who would have thought his first experience like this would be halfway around the world?

Suddenly the chatter died down, and he took a look to see what happened and felt his jaw drop. He thought Ryuko was pretty before when she was wearing a thick parka and earmuffs. But what she was wearing now could only be described as sexy. Her hair styled like she was on duty, and her eyes sharp and dangerous, lips curled into a fatal smirk.

Proudly on display, standing high were her breasts, covered by a dark red one-piece, with kanji for dragon and hero on each mound respectively, as they bounced with every step. There was a hole in the abdomen, showing off her navel, hiding immense draconic strength in the muscles beneath, while at the same time giving the impression of softness.

Almost as inviting as her chest were the curves of her hips, with firm thighs that promised a behind just as if not more firm. All and all, the figure that was until now hiding beneath heavy winter clothing was almost the death of Izuku.

She walked right towards him, hips swaying provocatively, and slid in the pool, sitting down across from him.

"What's wrong, Deku? Cat got your tongue?"

"A dragoness, actually. You look absolutely stunning." he gazed from her eyes to her lips, and down the rest of her body, before quickly darting up to eyes again.

The confident facade broke down like a bag of dominos, and blush formed on her cheeks. A compliment was all it took? She quickly tried to regain control.

"So, Deku. How'd you find yourself here on Iceland?"

"Well, my sidekicks decided I need a vacation. And now that I'm here, I have to admit they were right."

"Froppy and Uravity, right? Still can't believe you snagged them. I was their mentor when they were still just U.A firsties." she was teasing and he knew it. Still, he replied with full seriousness.

"It's dental. At least if they are to believe."

"But I offer dental."

"Yea, but my mom is better than any dentist you have listed."

"Oh yeah? I'll have to make sure."

"Be my guest, I'll set you an appointment."

"It's a date then."

Suddenly the spring had two blushing heroes. they looked everywhere but them and soon found their gazes peered into the endless sky above, glittering with stars.

"I really love the sky like this." Ryuko broke the silence.


"Yup. When I was young, my grandma took me flying above the clouds. The sky she showed me was similar to this one tonight. To this day when it's cloudy outside, I like to take a soar above the clouds, to enjoy such a view." she explained with a smile on her face.

Izuku had to admit. That smile, it was the prettiest one he had ever seen. Seeing the heroine blush, he realized what he did.

"I said that out loud, didn't I?"

"You did."

"I meant it tough." He was done dancing around the bush.

"Did you. You know, you should be careful, Deku."


"Because when dragons like something, they will claim it." the look she gave him spoke clearly how she would claim him. And suddenly all blood rushed south. She was done playing around as well.

"And what happens to those who like dragons?"

"People who like dragons too much usually get burned."

"Then, shall we walk through fire together?"

There underneath the starlight Icelandic sky, their lips sealed together in a first kiss. Followed soon by a thousand more. And yes, the morning after she did ask for his name.

For the last two days of their tourist experience, Izuku and Ryuko tried their best not to seem lovey-dovey. So of course everyone already knew they were together. Especially when Ryuko kicked the shit out of one mountainous dude who wanted to pluck Izuku's eyeballs out for not liking his great great great grandfather's vodka.

On their last night together, before they were forced to separate, Izuku flying back home, and Ryuko going to her family reunion, the old innkeeper lady stepped up on a pair of tables.

"This inn is famous for bringing people together. And this week another lucky couple found themselves under our roof. Now as is tradition, I would please like to invite them up here to sing us a song."

Izuku and Ryuko fought their blushes, as they climbed on up, while some people with instruments popped out of nowhere. With the music now on, Izuku started first.

"I'll swim and sail on savage seas
With never a fear of drowning
And gladly ride the waves of life
If you would marry me
No scorching sun nor freezing cold
Will stop me (on my journey, sorry!)
If you will promise me your heart."

Ryuko took over, unable to keep off her loving gaze from the greenette.

"And love me for eternity
My dearest one, my darling dear
Your mighty words astound me
But I've no need for mighty deeds
When I feel your arms around me."

As one they touched palms, and circled around, none knowing what dance this was, but their feet carrying them confidently through the steps. Izuku sang once more.

"But I would bring you rings of gold
I'd even sing you poetry
And I would keep you from all harm
If you would stay beside me."

Music stepped up, and so did their dance, laughter and cheer echoing from the other guests as they clapped with the rhythm. Ryuko also laughed, as she took over.

"I have no use for rings of gold
I care not for your poetry
I only want your hand to hold
I only want you near me!"

Both laughed loudly and twisted and turned down the table that shook beneath them, this time both of them singing their hearts out.

"To love and kiss to sweetly hold
For the dancing and the dreaming
Through all life's sorrows
And delights
I'll keep your laugh inside me
I'll swim and sail a savage seas
With never a fear of drowning
I'll gladly ride the waves so white
if you will marry me!"

Done with the song, they kissed, caring not for the cheers and whistles, just for each other. The inn beds were seriously tested that night.

The next morning both made their way to the airport. Ryuko's grandma found the climate way too cold, so the whole reunion was rescheduled. No one had the balls to argue with the 420-year-old old woman. Ryuko also may or may not have coaxed him into entering themselves as members of the "Mile-High club."

They dated long, neither of them in any rush. But after four years, it finally happened. Izuku got on his knees and popped the question. And after a few months, it finally happened.

Nothing more to say, no wise words. Enjoy this December, be it alone, with people you love, or people you hate. Read, review, and happy holidays. NPGamer out.