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Chapter 4 – Punching You Hard in the Arm

Shuichi held Kokichi tight in his arms as he followed Hajime and Nagito to their nurse friend's room. He was worried about how much damage that table had done to the smaller boy's back. While Kokichi may have gone a bit overboard taunting that jock, he didn't deserve to be tossed because of it! The small leader hung limply in his arms, totally unconscious.

"Here we are," Nagito said, stopping at a door. The plaque read "Mikan Tsumiki Ultimate Nurse." He knocked on the door and there was the sound of someone screaming in fear inside.

"Eek! Who is it?"

"It's Nagito Komaeda and Hajime Hinata, Mikan!" Nagito called, "The people you met earlier? We were hoping you could help us!"

There was a pause before the door finally opened. A scared looking young woman with long black hair peeked into the hallway, shivering. She gulped before speaking.

"W-What c-can I-I-I d-do f-for you?" she stuttered.

"Our friends were injured by some bully," Nagito explained, "We wanted you to look them over." Mikan blinked at him for a moment before fully opening the door.

"B-Bring them in," she ordered.

Makoto went in first, leading Byakuya inside. Shuichi carried Kokichi in behind and was surprised by Mikan's room. In the course of one week, she had completely remade it look like a nurse's office. Mikan looked rather embarrassed by it, really.

"Um, b-bring him over h-here," she ushered Makoto and Byakuya over to one of the beds. Byakuya muttered something, but Shuichi didn't hear what it was. "A-And what h-happened to him?"

"The bully smashed him into a table," Kaede answered for Shuichi, "We want to make sure he didn't permanently damage anything."

"O-Ok. P-Put him on that bed o-over there then," Mikan instructed, "O-On his stomach, please."

Shuichi and Kaede walked over to the bed she had indicated and carefully laid Kokichi down. Mikan went over to Makoto and Byakuya first while Hajime and Nagito hovered next to Shuichi and Kaede.

"I hope he's ok," Kaede murmured, staring down at Kokichi, "That horrible bully could've broken his back or something."

"That's what I'm worried about," Shuichi admitted. Kokichi had been a pain over the last week, and he didn't know if he would really call the shorter teen a friend, but that didn't mean he wanted him to get hurt.

Mikan came shuffling over a few minutes later after giving Byakuya some sort of breathing apparatus. She gently lifted Kokichi's shirt and Shuichi flinched when he saw the scratches running across his back.

"It d-doesn't seem t-too bad," Mikan concluded, "I think the sh-shock of the i-impact just knocked h-him out. S-Still, I'll give him something f-for these s-scratches."

"Thanks, Mikan," Nagito said with a smile.

She got to work patching Kokichi up, cleaning and disinfecting the wounds, then bandaging him up. As soon as she was done, she gently rolled him onto his back. There was a groan and Kokichi slowly opened his eyes.

"Ow…" he moaned, "What happened? Did I get wasted or something? I don't remember getting drunk, but I have a massive headache. And my back hurts."

"You don't remember?" Shuichi asked, "That big guy, Dorq, threw you into a table."

"Oh yeah," Kokichi said slowly, "That guy was a jerk. Ow. Wait, where am I?"

"You're in the Ultimate Nurse's room," Hajime explained, stepping forward, "Mikan Tsumiki. She's really good at what she does. She patched you up."

"Mmm, thanks," Kokichi said to the shaking nurse.

"EEP!" Mikan squeaked in response. She shyly shuffled back over to where Makoto and Byakuya were sitting.

"How are you feeling, Kokichi?" Shuichi asked him.

"Like my back has a million splinters in it," Kokichi sighed, "But I think I'll live. In agony. And suffering. Poor me!"

Shuichi rolled his eyes. Thank goodness he hadn't lost any of his sass.

Over the next two days, Makoto and Shuichi made sure Byakuya and Kokichi were recovering smoothly. Byakuya spent most of his time over the weekend following Makoto around and complaining about how his lungs were sore, but Makoto was pretty sure he was exaggerating.

As for Kokichi, he was back to his old pestering self by the time classes started on Monday.

On Sunday they all got together to compare their schedules and see if they had any classes together. Kaede and Sayaka had quite a few, seeing as they were both music students. Since Makoto and Nagito were both chosen to be the "Ultimate Lucky students" almost all of their classes were the same; only the electives were different. Hajime also shared a few classes with them, in fact, he seemed to share classes with everyone including Byakuya. Shuichi and Kokichi shared one class together but other than that they didn't share any classes with anyone besides Hajime. Well, actually, Kokichi shared two classes with Byakuya which annoyed the heir when the shorter teen tried to give him a high-five.

"Are you guys excited for our first day of classes tomorrow?" Kaede asked them all.

"Not really," Shuichi muttered, "I'm really nervous."

"Me too," Nagito admitted, "I'm sure everyone else in my classes will be so much better than I am. I'll look so incompetent compared to everyone else, I wouldn't be surprised if I was kicked out of school."

Hajime sighed. "You have to stop being so self-deprecating," he pleaded, "You have to be positive or you'll always hate yourself."

Nagito blinked at him then smiled gently. "You're so nice, Hajime," he said, "Even to a piece of human garbage like me."

"You don't even listen when I speak, do you?" Hajime muttered. Nagito's smile widened.

The next day, Makoto was woken early by Byakuya coming into his room and dumping a bucket of ice cold water on him. He yelped in surprise and shot out of bed, freezing, and dripping wet.

"What the hell did you do that for?!" Makoto screamed at his roommate.

"It's six forty-five am," Byakuya replied calmly, "You should be getting up and ready for the day."

"My first class doesn't start until eight!"

"That's irrelevant," Byakuya scoffed. Makoto sighed in annoyance.

"Great, now I'm going to have to dry my sheets, blanket, mattress, and clothes, and take a shower," he grumbled.

"You're welcome," Byakuya said in a completely straight voice.

Letting out a heavy breath of air, Makoto gently pushed Byakuya out of his room so he could start stripping everything. If nothing else, this would be a good time to find where the laundry room was. After figuring out the confusing pictures left over the machines (water + checkmark – do not sign = tree?) he put his load of laundry in the wash then went back to his room to take his shower. By the time he was done with all his morning chores it was seven thirty.

Byakuya was gone by the time Makoto left for his class, which was too bad because he had wanted to ask how he was feeling. He knew he had gotten better over the past few days, but he wanted to make sure.

Makoto was the second person to arrive to class, the first being Nagito. The white-haired boy smiled at him as he came in.

"Ah! Hello Makoto," he greeted, "I see you're one of the few who sees the value of arriving ten minutes early to class."

"I didn't want to, but Byakuya forced me to get up earlier than I would normally," Makoto confessed with a sigh. He went over and sat down next to Nagito.

"I wonder what kind of classes these are going to be like?" Nagito wondered, "How do you teach classes based on luck?"

Makoto hadn't really thought about that. Everyone was sorted into classes based on their talents. But how was luck teachable?

Before he could say anything, another student came in. A gothic Lolita styled girl strolled into the room, her long black hair styled into long curly drills. She gave a soft, small smile when she saw the two.

"Hello, boys," she greeted, "I'm Celestia Ludenburg, the Ultimate Gambler. You can call me Celeste, though. And whom might I have the pleasure of addressing?"

"Oh, uh, I'm Makoto Naegi," Makoto replied, "And this Nagito Komaeda. We're both Ultimate Lucky students."

"Ooh! So you were picked by the lottery system!" Celeste said cheerfully, coming over and taking a seat in front of them, "Interesting! You could say I'm a lucky student myself, actually! That's the secret to my success, you know." She put a finger to her lips and thought for a moment. "I wonder how your luck would hold up to mine?"

"Heh, I don't know," Nagito said with a little laugh, "My luck tends to fluctuate."

I have no idea what that means, Makoto thought to himself. Wasn't he just chosen at random? Come to think of it, Nagito hadn't really talked about himself much yet, unlike Hajime. He knew they both had rather low self-esteem, but other than that he didn't know anything about Nagito.

Hajime had told the group about how much he didn't feel like he really belonged anywhere, he grew up with virtually no friends, he had no siblings, and all in all he wasn't very outgoing. With Nagito however, Makoto knew he thought of himself as useless even though he had a perky attitude… and that was it. He hadn't talked about himself at all over the past few days.

"Um, what do you mean your luck tends to fluctuate?" Makoto decided to ask.

"Oh, right! I never told you! My luck goes in cycles," Nagito explained, "I'll have really bad luck that's followed by really good luck and vice-versa. I don't really have any control over it, but it is nice to know that if something really bad happens it can only be followed by something good."

Makoto stared at him, not really knowing how to respond to that. Celeste, however, looked fascinated.

"We must play cards together sometime!" she proposed, "I have to test your luck against mine!"

When Makoto looked at Nagito again, he was shocked to see him blushing slightly.

Shuichi was nervous as he entered his first class. It was a law enforcement class, which meant a detective like him was going to need it. He had contemplated staying in bed and pretending to be sick to skip his first day of classes, but Kokichi had decided to come pounding on his door and wouldn't leave until he got up.

The classroom was already almost full, with very few seats left. Tugging his hat down over his eyes, Shuichi shuffled to the back of the class and took a chair next to a lavender haired girl. The girl was reading a book but closed it when he sat down. She didn't say anything though, and that made Shuichi nervous.

"H-Hey," he greeted. The girl's eyes drifted over to him and he tensed up. Why was he so bad at this? "Um, I-I'm Shuichi Saihara." Still nothing. "S-Sorry, you clearly want to be left alone. I'll go sit somewhere else."

"No," the girl suddenly spoke, "Stay. Sorry if I'm making you nervous. My name is Kyoko Kirigiri. I just… don't interact with people well."

"Neither do I," Shuichi admitted, "I have really bad anxiety and it's rather hard for me to make friends most of the time."

Kyoko gave him a very soft smile. "Don't worry," she said, "I know that feeling very well. I always feel like if people got to know me they wouldn't actually want to be around me."

Shuichi felt like sighing in relief. It was like this girl was looking into his very soul! "I'm surprised I've actually managed to make a few friends here already," he said, "It must be by sheer luck that I met some people who actually don't mind hanging out with me."

"Well, maybe as this class goes on, I could be another one," Kyoko said.

Shuichi couldn't help but give her a small smile.

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