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***Hotohori's Room***

"I - I ha- I hate him!" cried Miaka. It's been a week since Tamahome ran away with some chic. Of course, Hotohori was there to comfort her.

"There, there Miaka," comforted Hotohori sweetly.

As the emperor comforted Miaka, Tasuki came with a bottle of sake. He placed the bottle at the table, and went at Hotohri's bed where Miaka was sitting.

"Quit yer cryin', Mi-chan *hic*. We're still he- *hic* here" he said, then passed out (from too many alcohol)

The two sweatdropped at Tasuki.

"I'll get you something to drink," said Hotohori.

Hotohori looked at the table where he found a bottle (a sake bottle, in fact!). He assumed it was water, since (I think) he have never drank sake before(well he's an emperor, so I assumed he only drinks wine. No Sakes for emperors!).

He poured sake on a big cup and gave it to Miaka.

Miaka drank the whole cup, not noticing that it tastes different. After a second, she was completely drunk.

"I hate him, Hotohori," she wailed in a slurred voice, then sobbed harder. Hotohori got her another cup of "water" and gave it to the girl. Immediately, she drank it with one gulp, causing her to be more drunk than ever.

Miaka cried "Why is he like that?" to Hotohori.

Hotohori gave Miaka a hug. He looked down when he heard her giggled.

"Ihihihihih- *hic* hihihihi." she giggled like an idiot." Look Hotohori! There's a big bottle of *hic* of water over there at the *hic* at the table."

She broke free from Hotohori and drank the whole bottle of sake. Within seconds, she finished the whole bottle. Now, she was really drunk.

"*hic* Look at my hand; it's all blurry!" She sang cheerfully. She lost her footing and stumbled on the floor.

Hotohori, went to Miaka and smelled the scent of sake on Miaka. He grabbed the sake bottle and sniffed it. "Sake?"

Miaka began to cry again. Hotohori went to the girl and patted her back. Next thing he knew Miaka was laughing again, hiccuping every now and then.

Miaka began to singas she loosened her uniform:

"I feel pretty

Oh so *hic* pretty

I feel pretty and witty and bright *hic*

And I pity any girl who isn't me tonight!"

She took off her jacket, bow/ribbon, and bagan singing again:

"I feel charming *hic*

Oh so charming

It's alarming *hic*how charming I feel!

And so pretty that *hic* that I hardly can believe I'm real! *hic*"

She loosened his the top three buttons on her shirt and began singing again as she swayed and looked at Hotohori's mirror:

"See the pretty girl in that mirror there

Who can *hic* that attractive girl be?

Such a pretty face

Such a pretty dress

Such a pretty smile

Such a pretty meeeeee! *Hic!* "

Hotohori stared at Miaka in awe.

"Hotohori!" yelled Miaka "I *hic* prettier than you! Hahahahahaha, Hihihihihihihihihih"

She skipped cheerfully, while dancing around and around at the hallway, singing:

"I feel stunning

And entrancing

Feel like running and dancing for joy

For I'm loved by a pretty wonderful boy!"

At least she had stopped hiccuping, thought Hotohori.

Hotohori followed Miaka, since the girl was barely dressed.

"Lalalalalalalalalalaaa!" Sang Miaka, as she fell down the stairs.

Hotohori chased Miaka, as she stood up as if falling down the stairs was the normalest thing to do.

"Have you met my good friend Maria?

The craziest girl on the block?

You'll know her the minute you see her

She's the one who is in an advanced state of shock!"

Miaka danced cheerfully at the garden, not caring if she looked stupid.

"She thinks she's in love

She thinks she's in Spain

She isn't in love

She's merely insane!

It must be the heat

Or some rare disease

Or too much to eat

Or maybe it's fleas!

Keep away from her

Send for Chino

This is not the Maria we know!


Hotohori panted, tired from chasing the girl. Miaka, took off her bra(no, she didn't took her shirt off) and danced again. This time she was now on the throne room. She skipped towards the throne and sang:

"Honest and pure

Polite and refined

Well-bred and mature

and out of her mind!"

Everyone looked at the red-faced, panting emperor, and the drunken dancing Miko as Miaka sang:

"I feel pretty

Oh so pretty

That the city should give me its key!

A committee should be organized to honor me!


Miaka skipped further down the building, where the executions takes place, and sang:

"I feel dizzy

I feel sunny

I feel fizzy and funny and fine!

And so pretty, Miss America can just resign!


While Hotohori tried to catch the drunken dancing miko, all the executioners and executoinees sweatdropped at the skipping and dancing Miaka.

Miaka skipped further towards the garden where the great fountain was found. The peace and serenity was disrupted when Miaka began to sang:

"See the pretty girl in that mirror there

Who can that attractive girl be?

Such a pretty face

Such a pretty dress

Such a pretty smile

Such a pretty meeeeeeee!"

Miaka tripped over and landed over at a man-made river. Hotohori finally caught up with Miaka. He took the drunken soaking girl into his arms while she sang:

"I feel stunning !

And entrancing

Feel like running and dancing for joy!

For I'm loved by a pretty wonderful boy!"

as Hotohori walked home. . .

The next day,Miaka had a headache due to too much sake.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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