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I learned that Hoto is not yet very drunk. Let's give the guy more wine!

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Drunk Chapter 4

The young emperor pulled away from his intimate kiss with the miko of his empire. He can't do this, he thought. If he took the chastity of the miko away, then they'll never be able to summon the god.

He looked at the young girl. She was so innocent, so sweet. She's too sweet, despite the smell of sake.

Heck, who cares if they never be able to call Suzaku?! He was to drunk to care! and besides, he needed a wife if they want to remain in peace. so let the legendary Suzaku no Miko be his woman for the night! And what if they have a kid after this? a child out of wedlock is still his child! it's still an heir!

He knows what to do. He knows it, even if nobody told him how to. You don't need a manual in these kind of things! you have to explore, stubbornly like a child! after all, that's how they found out that the world was round, why not explore? she's just a girl, not the world.

Even though, this theory doesn't really apply here since we don't even know if they know that the world is round, Hotohori continued anyway. He kissed our Miaka once more, even if it is disgusting. he loved her too much!

Ah, such passion he felt! All the alcohol he had consumed had warmed his insides, and the sight of the naked drunk miko warmed him even more.

Gently, he caressed Miaka's tender skin, wanting her to feel what he feels. And she moaned in respond! such happiness he felt.

Miaka moaned her lover's name. And, no, it's not Hotohori that she moaned for. It was Tamahome!

"Oh Tama-chan!" she moaned, "why the hell did you left me? and you left with an ugly girl!"

And she turned to her side, and snored unladylike-ly.

Hotohori, annoyed and embarrassed, got off of Miaka, and folded his arms. This girl had caused lots of trouble, though, most of them, he can't really remember. he managed to produce another bottle of wine out of nowhere, and begin drinking. In times like this, when a woman turns her back on you, or turns you on, then sleeps, you have to let the alcohol calm you. besides, it weakens the male genitalia.

After the third bottle, Hotohori, still feel aroused to Miaka. Why does she have to be so damn lovely?

He brought the damn bottle to his damn bed. Maybe he'll fall asleep just like Miaka if he drank alot. He wasn't sre of course, but he can try.

He sat beside Miaka and began chugging the bottle. But Miaka had woken up before he even realized it. Somehow, Miaka woke at the scent of the alcohol. it looks like wine becomes food in her eyes.

she managed to steal the bottle and drank it all in one gulp. let's just say, she's capable of consuming anything edible in surprising speed.

She wailed all to cheerfully, and began running about again in Hoto's room. One doesn't know why that happened.

Hotohori stopped her. He grabbed her waist and brought her down to his bed.

"Yield to me, Miaka." he murmured to her ear, "Let me love you"

"Okay!" Miaka cried cheerfully. It looks like she lost her comprehension as well as her sanity.

Hotohori laid her once again in his bed. Their silly little chase shall be over right then and there. He got on top of her, and began kissing her once again, intimately. She have to surrender to his love. After all, her lover is gone. He ran away with some girl we don't even know of.

He caressed her cheeks with his thumb, murmuring "I love you,"'s for every breath he takes. But what surprised him more is the fact that Miaka let him do what he wanted.

"Miaka, are you alright?" he had to ask.

"Of course, hoto-chan!" Miaka said, giggling.

At that our emperor smiled, and kissed Miaka once again. She's so cute!

"I love you Miaka" he said. And he meant it with all his body, heart and soul.

Miaka smiled at her lover. He had his arms over her tiny waist.

She punched her lover HARD on the face with her brass knuckless. "You pervert!"

Even though it was hard and spiky, Hotohori didn't receive any injury. he was still beautiful. So rest assured, fans! But this only made Hotohori want the miko more.

Somehow, he managed to seduced our drunk miko. It was easy.

And with that, the author closes her eyes and leaves the two alone. Don't worry we'll come back to them

**After an hour**

The auhor is too shocked to write it down.

** After another hour**

Wow, they're still at it. Too bad the author is too lazy to document what is happening.

** six hours later excluding the first two hours mentioned above **

Finally! They're done! Back to our story!

Hotohori lay beside our Miaka. He was exhausted at what he did. And he did that for eight hours straight! Miaka finally yielded to him. And he didn't want to move. although it came late, the drunkness, came a few hours ago. it was hard to even talk.

But he had to. Miaka was the best thing that ever happened to him. He must take care of her!

"You're very beautiful Miaka," Hotohori murmured, "And you're the best thing I ever had"

Miaka just stared. the silence that she responded made Hotohori worried.

Once again, he asked her, "are you alright?"

Miaka smiled softly. "Hotohori you're so sweet!" she said. With that, she slapped Hotohori. "You're quite tempting to slap."

She's at it again -_-

But this last action knocked her out. she's too tired. and the alcohol has already reached her brain since her first sip of sake. It was too much! she was drooling and snoring in no time.

Hotohori smiled. and soon, he too fell asleep from the exhaustion.

Once the two woke up, extreme pain hit them. one word: hangover.

And so, they were not able to call Suzaku, just like Hotohori predicted. But their empire managed to become strong, and they defeated the neighboring empire since it turns out that the general wanted to kill the emperor (not hotohori) and he, the general, succeeded. and now, that empire is in chaos.

Meanwhile, Miaka becomes the empress. After all, since she is no longer a miko, and she wasn't capable to summon the god, she ended up as Hotohori's wife, special thanks to some perverted teen emperor!

SO they lived happily ever after. Miaka never touched any kind of alcoholic beverage after that incident.

The End.

Moral of the story:

Never drink too much, and lose your sanity from drinking, unless you want to have sex with some handsome teen emperor who can kick some ass (*starts chugging a bottle of wine*).


I know you're saying, "That's it?! You made me wait for how many months and you give me that?!" well, sorry! something is holding me back from writing something good! I have my morals and beliefs you know!

Anyway, Drink moderately! or just don't drink.