For and Magic: The Beginning
A Star Wars/Harry Potter Crossover

Chapter One

The day of the first task was a dismal day for Harry. The entire school had turned against him including his "closest" friends. Kicked out of the Gryffindor tower, and his name purged from the rolls of the house. However, Dobby the house elf came through with the most wondrous room; that had many different settings including what appeared to be a junk yard. He had found many books, a multi compartment trunk, and several tomes penned by the Hogwarts founders. Another book which the author claimed to be merlin. He Also found with a stave; finely crafted from a wood he did not recognize. It had runes engraved on the shaft and glyphed with a blue gem on the head. The headmaster's phoenix who had also become a close companion, which eased the burden of losing all of his friends.

Sitting in the champion's tent with Fawkes on one shoulder, and Hedwig on the other "Well guys I need to get going It is my turn to face the dragon. It has been nice knowing both of you. Thank you both for your friendship." Harry said in a shaky voice while trying to stand up, but both birds would not move. "Come on guys I don't want either of you to get hurt. Harry Potter has to die today so I can be free. Please just let me go!" Both birds took to flight, and Harry stepped out of tent toward the arena.

Albus Dumbledore was an unhappy man; caught in the net of his own making. He had placed Harry with relatives that he had come to realize were abusive. The very laws he had passed in order to keep harry safe kept him from helping now. This year had taken a turn for the worse as his name came out of the goblet, and the entire school lost its mind.

Hufflepuff was angry believing that Harry had entered to steal their glory. Slytherin had always hated Harry. Ravenclaw's reaction had been disappointing with the exception of one lone child; Luna Lovegood. Ravenclaw house had scorned Harry for something beyond his control. That Gryffindor house as a whole had turned against Harry was a complete surprise. When Harry had been excommunicated Dumbledore had sent both Dobby and Fawkes to aid the boy as they saw fit, which lead him to where he was now; worrying. That was until he saw Fawkes and Hedwig launch from his shoulders and Fawkes' song wafted in the air. He saw a mass of discomfort as the phoenix sang; save one person who collapsed and began to lose his form revealing a form long thought to be dead. Too late to stop harry from walking into the dragon's den.

As Luna Lovegood watched the boy she could feel magic surge and ebb around him. She saw that his treatment by the other students was worse than she endured. She also saw the moment he gave up. She caught him halfway to the stadium and stated "Are you sure you want to do this Harry?"

Harry looked at the shorter girl with dishwater blonde hair and silver eyes "Yes Luna I do! I need to be free, and this is the only way I can see it happening. Thank you for the last few weeks Luna; I have one thing left to do before I do this!" Harry then said quietly "I have seen how the other students treated you and I am sorry I did nothing to stop it! Dobby!"

"Yes, Harry Potter Sir?" asked the oddest elf Luna had ever seen popped into sight.

"This is Luna Lovegood, I claim her as my sister. Please serve her as you would me and take this to Gringotts now." Harry said as he handed a note to Dobby. The elf popped away as Harry called out "Hedwig, come here girl!" When the owl spiraled down to land on Harry's outstretched arm she leaned into his hand and he brushed her feathers. Harry began again "Hedwig my friend you can't go where I am going. I want you to be happy so go with Luna now and take care of her. I have it from here!" he finished with a tone of finality that carried through the air. Hedwig hopped to Luna's shoulder.

"Brother…" she started before wrapping her arms around him sobbing uncontrollably "Don't please. Mommy left and I have been alone since."

"Oh, Luna you won't be alone ever again; you just inherited a godfather, an uncle with a furry little problem, the craziest house elf in the universe, and the best friend money could not buy. Hold me here and here." He said while pointing at her head and heart. "I will always be with you; but please let me go. Even if I do not get to be with my family; I will be free. You and your family are now Potters; I have assure you are now the Lady Potter. Take your family and the Quibbler from Britain. Look for Creatures great and small around the world. All I ask is that you set me free!"

This only caused Luna to sob more. "Go My Brother, I will miss you!" Luna said with her arms gripping him if even more tightly than before. Luna released her brother turning her attention to Dobby who had returned with a small box and a scroll which he handed to Luna. Harry then nodded and went into the stadium.

Unrolling the scroll and reading it brought home just what Harry had done; both for and to her. This brought forth a fresh wave of sobs.

In the stadium, Fawkes kept circling and singing. Others Phoenixes joined his voice as they flashed in until what seemed like every phoenix in the world was flying above the stadium. They then landed at high places taking vigil over the proceedings. When the cannon went off Harry amplified his voice speaking in parsel tongue he cried out, "Great mother I seek not your eggs only freedom from this life please grant me your flame that I might rejoin my family!" The dragon hearing the low tongue of the snakes heard the request and raised its muzzle to the heaven's and gave out a roar that shook the stands in the stadium.

Harry took that to mean it agreed and stepped into the dragon's sight. Without pause the dragon took in a breath seconds later spewing fire hotter than any other ever seen by wizards. The gathered phoenixes took to the air singing a dirge. One by one they descended into the flames that had engulfed the young man, until the dragons red fire became white rising to the heavens like a great phoenix itself it streaked into the sky.

When the fire died down all that remained were hundreds of baby phoenixes and the nesting mother Dragon guarding them.

Across Britain, various artifacts burst into flames spontaneously until finally the homunculus and the snake became victims of the flame.

In the aftermath of Harry Potter's death, many tried to claim the potter legacy as their own; only for goblin steel to deny them. Luna Lovegood under the advice of her inherited godfather and uncle did as her brother suggested, and left Britain only to return decades later. While exploring she met Rolf Scamander whom she later married and bore many children who gave new blood to many old family lines.

In between worlds

Harry's eyes popped open and he took a breath "Damn I survived dragons' fire!"

"No, you did not son." A deep masculine voice said behind him causing him to jerk reach for his wand only to find it in the hand of the man who looked remarkably like his father. "You succeeded in dying.; much to your mother's and my dismay."

Harry closed his eyes repeating "Please be real!" Over and over again until he felt a pair of slim arms, and definitely feminine hands caress his face. Opening his eyes, he saw identical green eyes staring into his.

"My beautiful boy. While I understand why! I do not like it one bit! We have been granted this moment as reward for our families sacrifice." Lily said gently "However, you will be sent on to a place where there is a woman who gave up her son, so he could have a better life."

"How could he possibly have a better life without his mum?" Harry wracked his mind trying to find a scenario where this would apply and then it dawned on him! "Either she was abjectly poor or, she was a slave. If I am going to her at least I am used to being a slave."

Lily frowned at that. "I know what Dumbledore did, and trust me when he arrives for his next adventure; we will be having words!" Lily paused reigning in her temper she motions James to come towards them and join the family hug. "No; the woman is no longer a slave. The man who loved her bought out her contract and freed her. She is a good woman and in one way this will be the multiverses way of rewarding you both."

"How long do we have?" Harry asked reveling in his parent's hug knowing exactly what love felt like for the first time. He felt tied so he laid against his mother

"Until you fall asleep dear one." Lilly whispered in his ear running her fingers through his hair. Making his eyes grow heavy.

"Mum" was all he whined as exhaustion from his life, and death consumed his consciousness.

"Shush; my darling boy we will always be with you!" She whispered laying him down while looking to a being only she could see. She extended her arm out and a necklace with small trunk ornament appeared in her hands. Nodding her thanks; she leaned over her son and gently kissed his forehead while smoothing his hair one last time; before he faded from the realm in between. "I love you, we love you. Go my son and be the hero you were born to be."

Tatooine, 25 BBY

Cliegg Lars and his wife Shmi stood watching the suns of Tatooine set in the distance holding one another, when a bird of flame impacted the ground at their feet. The flame died out to reveal a naked boy save for a fine cloak, and a strange pendant that looked like a box. The boy looked like he was about twelve seasons if that. He was scrawny and looked malnourished. Before the man could say anything Shmi was on the ground cradling the boy. Her thoughts on her son who she missed and knew was out in the galaxy doing great things.

Cliegg wondered how they would feed another mouth but looking on the boy's scarred body; he himself would not turn the boy away. "Shmi we must get him into the house it will not be safe out here at night."

"Yes, love we do! Whoever did this to this child, I hope by the force they were punished!" Shmi said as she memorized every scar on the poor boy's body, "I know he is another mouth to feed Cliegg. Owen is old enough that he does not see me as a mother, and my own son; is the force knows where in the galaxy! This boy needs me, needs us!"

Cliegg Lars having been married before knew there was no way he could win this argument, and as he thought it out; he lost nothing and gained another son.

Harry awoke to an unusual feeling. He was warm and wearing clothes that fit him even though they were not of a style he had never seen. A hand kept running through his hair, and a hand rested on his cheek. He felt loved. It was with that feeling filling him; that he slipped back into slumber.

Cliegg Lars watched his wife with a smile on his face; thankful that he still had clothes from when Owen was younger.

"Father; Buru has breakfast on the table. Are you going to wake mom?" Owen asked for the first time using the word mom to describe Shmi. "Are we adopting him?"

"Yes, we are. Whoever had him before had to be evil given the scars that were on his body!" Cliegg said harshly anger crossing his face. "You and your friends are not to pick on him! In fact, you are going to help me show him the ropes." Cliegg stated in a protective manor. "Shmi, love it is time for breakfast. We have a long way to go to get that young man up to a healthy weight."

Harry Smiled as he sleepily listened to the two men talk. He opened his eyes as he sat up only to be captured in gentle hug, and a fierce whisper in his ear. "I don't know who you had for guardians but, I know they did poorly by you. The scars have healed since you arrived. I remember every one, and I will not hurt nor let you be hurt like that unchallenged. I know you are near enough to being a man, but I would like it if you would stay with us; maybe join our family. Now what is your name because I refuse to call you boy." She finished taking stock of the young man.

"My name is Harry, which is a shortened form of Harold. Harry is also a nickname for Henry which I never understood." He stopped; realizing he was rambling. He shuddered in a breath that made Shmi melt a little more as she continued to run a hand through his hair comforting him. "My full name is Harry James Potter; my Parents were Lily and James Potter. They were murdered by a mad man who was bent on a crusade based on the purity of blood. I was placed with my aunt and uncle, and they were…" he looked away. "Abusive; from the time I could stand I cooked, cleaned, and took care of the grounds of their house. I did not know my own name, until I heard it on my first day of school. Before that, I was boy! or freak! I did not understand until I was 11 years old why."

"What happened when you were 11?" Shmi asked curiously.

"I found out I was a wizard!" Harry said as he pointed his finger and exclaimed "Accio!" He was pointing at his pillow, and rather than just barely moving; it shot off as if shot from a gun hitting him full in the face. "I did not expect that honestly without a wand; I should not be able to do that!"

Shmi was awed, shocked, and saddened when Harry saw her face he seemed to collapse into himself. This shook Shmi out of her stupor. "You have powers similar to a Jedi! My son Anakin left to join their order 7 years ago, and tales of his adventures sometimes filter back here. You were saying about your aunt and uncle; I take it being a wizard was something they feared?"

"Yes" Harry said quietly "They don't matter now; I am here. Wherever here is; and they are back there." He paused for a moment struggling with what to tell her. Steeling his resolve, he whispered. "Where I came from; I can never return, even if I wanted to. I faced a dragon, and let it kill me just so I could be with my family. However; I only had a short time with them before I came here. My mum said we were the multiverses reward to each other. I …"

"You are not a replacement for my son nor a reward from the force. I did not carry you for nine months, and I did not raise your fourteen years. You are nearly full grown. It would be my honor if you became part of my family." Shmi said kindly again making the offer. "I have nothing to give you save love, care, and a surname of your choice; either Skywalker or Lars."

Harry turned the thought over in his head, then remembering that he had trunk full of books and other things he salvaged from the come and go room. He turned to Shmi and threw his arms around the woman's middle. Letting go the years of abuse; he sobbed into the woman's side. Not for the first time in her life Shmi offered comfort to a young man; who like her own son seemed destined for great things. "I would like to be known as Harry Skywalker. If it is any help; I had a necklace around my neck. When I did what I did to come here; there are many books, other items, and some precious metals from where I came from. One of those books is a book of familial rituals. One such ritual is called blood adoption; it means I would effectively be of your blood if you will have me."

Cliegg had been patient listening to everything that Harry's relatives had made him do. Even on Tatooine where the environment was harsh; no parent would have a child do such chores. He watched the demonstration of power, and the subsequent breakdown the lad had. When he heard the words blood adoption, his curiosity turned to dread! "How much blood is exchanged? We don't have access to much in the way of medical supplies out here."

"If I can have my necklace…" Harry asked looking around for it causing Shmi to smile as she held it up handing it to him. He then set the chest down and waved his hand. The trunk increased in size! He opened the first lock. "This my library such as it is I have books for the next few years to complete my education. I will help out around the house, but I would still like to study."

Cliegg smiled; the young man wanted to continue learning that told him he had a drive to him "I don't see that as being a problem as long as you are willing to help and learn other things as well. When I say help; I mean help not do everything for us. I am Cliegg Lars, and this is my son Owen, and his girlfriend Beru. Now I understand that some species have rituals that are not compatible with those of basic stock like us. I just want to ensure everyone is safe before we dive off; I am sure you can understand."

Harry looked sheepish as he grabbed a book out of his trunk. He turned opening it and leafing through the pages quickly until coming to the section he was looking for. "The only way harm will befall those involved in this ritual is one of those involved have intent to deliberately harm those they are adopting. All we need is a slice along our palms then I can heal the wounds. We just have to mix our blood; that is if you want to. I don't want to be a burden or to intrude."

"What are words for the ritual?" Shmi asked the fire in her eyes gave Harry pause but only for a moment before writing it out for her on a piece of paper. Shmi struggled with the reading while Harry took out his knife and pushed his magic into it. Once imbued Harry handed the blade to her with the handle first. She cut her palm and handed the knife back to Harry who mimicked her motion. She then started reading while they grasped hands. "I Shmi Skywalker do take you son of house Skywalker. You will be known as Harry Skywalker I promise to raise and protect as my own. So, I have spoken! So it shall be; even unto the end of days when all are one!"

"I Harry accept that which is given freely and promise to love and honor you my mother. I also promise to represent our family in both peace and war. Guarding carefully our Hearth and Home. So, I have spoken so it shall be even unto the end of days when all are one!" For a moment magic pulsed out from Harry toward Shmi and the force rose to meet it. Twin shockwaves raced out to the ended of the homestead causing everything to momentarily lose power. The force and Harry's own internal magic both vied for dominance for a time; until slowly they began to mesh. The energy which had burst forth from Harry suddenly crashed back into him. Causing both to be knocked backward. Without thinking he twisted himself around bearing the brunt of the impact, as the last of his magic integrated into the larger force.

"Mom are you okay? Sorry dad I did not realize that was going to happen is everyone else okay.

edited 4/9/2021 changed the word farm to house because it has been pointed out to me that harry did not know it was a farm.