Chapter 13

Ahsoka sat up with a start she had seen and experienced everything Harry and Assajj had. She also knew that Assajj was a Sith. However, that did not matter at the moment what mattered was Harry was deeply affected by the deaths of his childhood friends. Affected was a poor choice of words. She thought to herself as she climbed out of her bed, and went out into the kitchen area.

Noting the late time, Shmi nursing a cup of something with Master Fay, and Yaddle talking she did not want to disturb them. She turned and walked directly into her master. "Master Skywalker your brother and my new bond-mate have returned." She looked down knowing that she was never going to get out of this. Masters; Harry's best female friend from his old world died in his arms, and he was forced to kill her murderer who was another former friend. He is very much in conflict right now."

"There is more but it is not for me to tell." She said quietly. "He is hurting right now. He doubts himself, the worth of his life, and his place in the Jedi order." She said her tone sinking lower. "The only saving grace here Is they are coming home. They should arrive in a few minutes. They left his T-16 in Mos Eisley."

Fay knelt to the girl. "Is there anything else I need to know Ahsoka?" the master asked hands on her shoulder.

"There are many things you need to know Master." Ahsoka replied slowly exhaustion overcoming her. "There are things, yes but they are not my things to tell you. Harry just hurts right now. Assajj and I have been trying to get through to him. He has closed himself off. His anger, rage, and even hate which have been buried and dormant are there for the galaxy to see."

Fay's thoughts went to another time; another padawan. Could she help her padawan now? The force was silent for the first time in her long life. "Go back to bed Ahsoka. I will sort Harry and Assajj out."

Shmi walked up and put a hand on the young padawans shoulder. "Thank you Ahsoka." She said quietly as she walked out into the desert night, the various masters followed her out the walk to the landing pads.

"Closed himself off Harry has." Yaddle stated. "Try to protect everyone from himself he is."

"That would explain why I am getting nothing from him." Fay said as she looked toward the direction her padawan was coming from. She could feel the conflict raging in him whatever had happened scarred him on multiple levels. "Shmi When they land, I want you to take the lead. Tonight, he needs a family, not Jedi masters."

Shmi nodded looking at Anakin and Thantas who were talking with Ahsoka trying to calm her down.

Masters Hett, Kenobi, and Yaddle were also in deep discussion.

Cliegg came up behind Shmi. "He is not doing so, well, is he?" The old man asked tears sprang from Shmi's eyes.

"He lost so much. Now the last vestiges of his childhood stolen from him." She sobbed turning into her husband's embrace. "He only just started to heal."

Whatever he was about to say was drowned out by a freighter landing in on pad six. After the ship finished its landing procedures the dock dropped, and a young woman with chalky white skin and blue hair walked down the ramp.

The moment was interrupted by Harry's T-16 skipping off the landing pad, and crashing on the other side of the homestead.

Harry had said very little to Assajj other than to give her the coordinates to the farm. He pushed his air speeder to the redline. He was angry and lost. Ron had hurt Hermione, and Harry felt guilty for not being a better friend. For not paying attention. He did not notice when he lost a flap approaching their home. By the time he noticed all he could do adjust the angle to skip over the farm. He felt the first hit shatter his legs. He saw that he was going to skip into Owen's home. In desperation he pushed out with the force channeling all his rage and anger into the desert floor. Drawing on both force and magic he saw the pod flip over the homestead just barely missing landing on his canopy. The straps on his seat gave out on impact.

"Harry!" Assajj and Ahsoka both screamed took off toward his downed air speeder. Anakin, hot on their tails wasting no time he reached out with the force. The canopy resisted for a moment then with a shrieking tear the canopy came off flying. In his hurry did not take into account the force with which he tore it off. It would have slammed through the wall into his niece's bedroom if Obi-Wan had not caught it.

"Anakin!" Shmi screamed.

But Anakin was busy lifting and floating his unconscious younger brother to the sand gently. He started scanning him. "Fractured skull, broken nose, shattered bones in the arms, and legs. Internal damage to organs." Anakin called out as the rest of the family and friends gathered around. "We don't have what we need to heal him here. We will either have to take him to med center in Mos Eisley, or take him off-world."

"We can take him to Naboo. It dovetails into the news I wanted to give you all earlier." Padme said quietly. "The emigration paperwork went through. You, Shmi, Cliegg, Owen, Beru, and most importantly little Cassandra. Two of my former handmaidens will be assisting Owen and Beru as Nannies when they need them."

"Right! Beru get packed everything you think you need." Cliegg commanded. "Owen, I know you are going to argue, but think of it this way. If we are not here the Hutt cannot use us against your brother as leverage. Anakin, Thantas I know this is a big ask, but can you stay here and watch the property until we can get Harry back here? Now let's pack up everything we will need for say month stay."

"We can stay here dad!" Thantas said looking at Anakin who looked conflicted. Padme seeing her boyfriend looking like he wanted to go walked up and whispered in his ear. And his look changed from conflict to resolve.

"Yes, Father we can and will." He said seriously. "Holocall me when you have an update. Padme, Please."

"You won't need to bring anything until your entire family can come; you will be my guests. Bring Harry and his girlfriends." She said rolling her eyes. "We are going to get so much mileage out of that."

"My clan and I will patrol around here more often just in case." Sharrad Hett said letting Cliegg know how seriously he took this.

Assajj was looking kind of lost in the hustle and bustle. She was caught by surprise when a master Yaddle addressed her. "Your master Ky Narec was; yes?"

"umm…yeah for 10 of the 12 years on Rattattak. We were stranded there. At first I was a slave but master Narec freed me and took me under his wing." Assajj told the older master her story. "Two years ago he was killed by wee quay raiders. When I witnessed his death my fall to the dark side of the force began, and was later completed by a man called Tyranus."

"The dark side sense in you I do. But for another reason sent you were; yes?" Master Yaddle asked. "Sent you were to learn of Harry and his clan. To lead to our destruction, I think. Along the way, something changed."

"When I met him, I was on my way to the cantina in Mos Eisley. One of the Hutt's slaving parties took a liking to me."

'I bet they did, you are gorgeous!' She heard Ahsoka across their bond.

"They had me cornered in an alley and Harry walked into that alley and calmly blasted them. We got to talking about transporting the family and all their possession to Naboo. We were walking back to my ship when the force… Nudged us into the most passionate soul-filled kiss I have ever experienced and then we went to bed." She admitted shyly. "Fully clothed just holding one another. Then whatever it was that happened dragged us away. And having fallen to the dark side personally I do not want that for Harry. I need him, want him to be my light in the darkness."

"Know does he your past?" She asked kindly.

"No, but he suspects, and has said we need to talk to which I agree." The Dathomerian girl said. "What occurred there may break him. I kept him from reaching for the dark side. He is in so much pain, and the conflict within him is all-encompassing. I am hoping his master, and mother can reach him when he awakes."

"Any questions you have now you may ask." Yoda asked joining the conversation.

"What Happens to me now?" Assajj asked. "I no longer feel my training bond with Tyranus."

"Care you for Harry it seems." Yaddle stated.

"I do Masters." She admitted. "I share a bond with both Ahsoka, and Harry."

"Supplant the training bond it did." Yoda said with some sadness. "Strong the training bond was not. To Naboo with Ahsoka and Fay, you will go. Soon hopefully you will return. Train you, we will. Ready will you be when the dark comes to call padawan Narec."

A weight Assajj had not even known she was carrying lifted from her shoulders. Then she went to Ahsoka and pulled her into a hug. "It's Okay 'Soka he is tougher than he looks."

"I know, but just watching through your and his eyes, and the hurt he is feeling." The younger padawan sobbed. "For him to close himself off from me. He has never done that."

"Some things are harder to share sometimes." Assajj tried to explain to the girl who was four almost five years younger. "He was trying to protect us from the rage and vengeful aspects of himself."

"It hurt!" Ahsoka said. "Worse than not being chosen as a padawan, or as bad as Master Windu made me feel when he said I was damaged because of my bond with Harry."

"Come on Girls get on board Padmé's ship. We got to go now Fay and Yoda are keeping Harry alive but the damage is too great for them to heal." Shmi said panic threatening to overtake her evident in her voice.

"Yes Ma'am!" They both said. Boarding the yacht.

The next three weeks seemed to crawl as they kept Harry in Bacta; his body healed but he had yet to wake.

"He is in there but his mind is not with his body." Fay said. "But the conflict in his mind has grown."

"Have no choice we do enter his mind. We Must!" Master Yoda stated and Shmi lost her cool.

"No way in Kriffing hells you are going digging into his head. He needs his mother, not a Jedi master. Have you thought maybe if you push this, we could lose him?"

"Lost to us he already he is." Yoda said sadly. "Shmi lose him, the last thing I want."

"Master perhaps we could Bring Shmi in with us. When we go in." Fay asked she being near as aged the grandmaster.

"Is it dangerous could you lose yourselves and Shmi?" Cliegg asked not wanting to put his wife at risk, but wanting to hug his son.

"Danger there is, minimal though it is." Yoda said seriously. "With one master, with two the danger is much less."

"Pull him from the tank his body is fully healed." Shmi said deciding to get her sone back. "I swore to that boy I would not let anyone hurt him with impunity."

Cliegg dropped his head into his hand. "There is no talking you out of this? Is there?"

"No!" She said putting her foot down.

A half-hour later they were in the room that Padme set aside for Harry. Everyone was in his room. Padme and Sabe had taken both Assajj and Ahsoka under their wing, and was doing the Jedi masters a huge favor by keeping them busy.

Master Yoda and Fay had Harry and Shmi lying side by side. Their heads at the foot of a very large and comfortable bed. Master Yoda on the bed between mother and child. Master Fay standing behind Yoda. As one the master each put a hand on both those lying on the bed focusing on the force, each other, and the mother and son.

They appeared in a room with a Hologram of Harry's most recent encounters in his home reality. His defense of Assajj, the death of a much-beloved friend, and the toll it took on him.

"This is where I went wrong. Masters." Harry said not turning to talk to his masters. "I have been going over and over here. Trying to make sense of all of this. You want to know what does not make sense we were friends! how could he do this to a friend? How could I let this happen to someone I love?"

Shmi could hear the mania in his voice. This was not the boy who had been living with them for nearly a year. "Talk to me son! Walk me through how this is your fault. Because I remember the day, the moment you came into our lives. I promised that I would let no one hurt you with impunity. That includes when you are hurting yourself."

"Mom? What are you doing here?" Harry Sputtered. "I expected them. I can handle their judgment but…"

"Why judge you would we?" Master Yoda asked. "See anger, rage, and even hate here I do but, never once did you reach for the dark side when easy it would have been."

"Your dealings with Ron Weasely today have been above reproach." Master Fay gently replied. "I saw the flash of future you saw at the moment before Ron's life ended. There was no malice, no hate, no emotion whatsoever. At that moment you were a Jedi an arbiter of justice."

"I miss her, I loved her, and my selfish action to end my life consigned her to death." Harry said bitterly. "She thought the world of me, and I did not deserve her faith." He slowly turned toward the trio. "She was worth the galaxy to me, and I failed her." He stated keeping his eyes lowered.

Shmi walked up to her youngest instead of speaking she just wrapped him in a hug, and just held him.

"Honestly Harry!" Hermione's voice echoed in the room causing everyone to stop. "What happened to me was as much your fault as it is mine. The school turned its back on you, and it looked like I did to."

"Now I am losing my mind…I just buried my best friend." Harry sobbed. "Now I am hearing her voice!"

Then Hermione faded into existence She was in a simple dress and slave collar. "Harry, do you remember what the lady said? My life could not continue there. I think she transferred me to the same reality as you, but I do not know where I am. There is this green-skinned lady who is trying to teach me to dance. There are a lot of heavily armed, and armored people. I got a translation charm running, and all I am hearing is that someone by the name of Skywalker prevented them getting a Dathomiri girl."

Harry's head lifted and his eyes danced like a green flame looking at Hermione's visual representation. Her hair long but rather than bushy it fell in waves. "I thought I lost you!"

"For a moment you did." She replied her eyes shining. "Let them in Harry you are hurting them. Harry this Skywalker person they are talking about looks like you. The slug looking thing has dismissed everyone but the green-skinned girl and me. I have to go."

Harry winced, and as he did both Ahsoka and Assajj appeared. Assajj letting Ahsoka go she barreled into Harry. "Don't do that again! I get that you were whatever you were. But it was like you were dead!"

"I am sorry about all of it Ahsoka. I know we have a bond, and I betrayed that. The anger, the hate, the rage was all too close, and I did not want them getting turned on any of you. Better for me to suffer alone I thought."

"You thought wrong my padawan!" Master Fay said resolutely. "Even as a Jedi hearing and seeing what befell Hermione I would be hard-pressed to maintain a Jedi calm myself. And I have a lot of years."

The holograms disappeared. "Your Judgements masters, Mom?"

"Touch not the dark side. Did you." Master Yoda stated gravely. "Vigilant should you be, but somehow I don't think fall. You will many reasons not to you have."

"I have no concerns padawan well beyond that you crashed, and nearly hit your brothers' home." Unfortunately, in his zeal to get to you your brother destroyed your canopy." Master Fay said coming to the boy who was being fussed over by three females. "You had me worried for other reasons that we will discuss later during training."

"I was scared for you, my son. Sleeping with a girl we did not know in Mos Eisley, traveling back to your homeworld alone." Shmi admitted quietly. "Your father and I want to have a word with all four of you once we get back, and you retrieve Hermione from the Hut."

"Can the girls and I have some privacy? There are things that need to be said and I would rather not have an audience? Harry asked. "Please I ask that you trust me."

The adults nodded and vanished from his mental construct.

Harry hung his head. "I am sorry all three of you deserve someone better than me."

"I will let you know when I meet someone in the quadrant as you are." Assajj said embracing him and giving him a kiss that got his blood rushing. "Until then I am keeping you. got it!"

Ahsoka was overwhelmed with the feeling Assajj just elicited from Harry. She through caution to the wind, and jumping up wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his torso and gave him a kiss of her own. "This will have to do until I am older. Let's go get our girl back."

"yes! Let's." Assajj agreed.

"You both are taking this well…too well." He said more to himself than them. "Why?"

"Oh no reason." They both said with a giggle leaving Harry slightly suspicious.

"I will live to be a hundred years and never understand women." Harry muttered to himself. "We need to go. I…we cannot leave her in the hands of the Hutt."

The two girls came back to reality back-to-back in a meditative position.

"That kiss was really hot Assajj." Ahsoka said fanning herself.

"Yeah, but I got this picture of you a little older doing the same thing you just did in his mindscape." Assajj said blushing. "It makes concentrating a little hard."

"I can wait. I hate it but I can wait." Ahsoka admitted. "You and Hermione will get to have more opportunities for such encounters."

Then Harry groaned and began to sit up.

Padme, Sabe, and Cliegg were talking.

"So, Padme how are things going for you and Anakin?" Cliegg asked knowing his oldest was married and his youngest had two girlfriends at least. "I know I am prying but…"

Padme could not help it and broke into a laugh. "We are progressing along normal lines Dad." She said as she hugged the moisture farmer. "Seriously it will be easier when we get you all here."

"Well, there is hope for more grandchildren." Cliegg said with a smile making Padme blush. "Sabe how is Obi Wan? I see him less and less as time goes on. The Jedi council is moving him around a lot."

Sabe did blush. "Obi-Wan is very well; we are making arrangements for a more permanent union." Sabe admitted looking a little shy.

"Good for Master Kenobi you are Miss Sabe." Master Yoda stated surprising everyone. "A partner he needs, not a student or a friend."

"I did not realize you and he was so serious Sabe." Shmi commented wondering what had caused Cliegg to start this discussion. "I Know Anakin has a ring and is waiting for the right time."

Padme became a lovely shade of crimson. 'time to deflect!' She thought. "How is Harry? As you appear to be all here. I assume he and the girls are doing okay."

She saw the girls began to come out of their trance and talk amongst themselves. A moment later Harry rolled into a sitting position.

It took Harry a few minutes to orient himself and begin coming to terms with the events that had just occurred. He opened his eyes. "I am sorry." Was all he said.